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So over the past couple of days i've sent out a lot of emails

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So over the past couple of days i've sent out a lot of emails to potential business clients, and fucking none of them have replied. I sent 50 emails to 50 people in total and non of them even replied with "fuck off you cunt, i'm not interested". Why?
Send more. Phone them and be nice to the receptionist
Clients are like children. You need to physically grab them, shake them vigorously, and tell them to buy your shit
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I work in a finance department of a big company, occasionally we get sales calls usually asking to speak to a manager that's already left. I just take their number and say we will ring them back if interested and never tell anyone. The bosses would not want me bothering them with that shit, there are people whose job it is to source the best suppliers we don't need cold calls or emails.
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I remember interning at a place, and we had specific instructions that if we weren't doing anything productive, we were to waste as much time as humanly possible with cold callers. One of the interns actually got an award for convincing a company to fly out a representative out for a consultation. The location he gave him was an abandoned lot in a commercial center on the opposite side of the country. Then he got them to apologize for making a mistake.

The kid sucked at everything else, but god damn he had a career in marketing. He could play anyone to his tune.
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>Get cold call from salesperson
>Tell them I'll contact them after speaking to my supervisor
>Put their number on our phone system's blacklist immediately
>They won't even know they're blocked because they get a free-line signal
For a well written cold email, the response rate is usually 1% to 3%.

Sounds like you need to up your cold email skills.
It's actually that high? I can't imagine why anyone would bother reading it.

My current company makes it a point not to work with companies that cold calls us. Anyone sending email spam is automatically and permanently blacklisted. All of our vendor contracts use a special email unique to the vendor. All email communication must be sent through that address, and if it needs to go to someone specifically, they include codes to have it automatically forwarded to that person. If that email address EVER receives any spam, the vendor is contractually subjected to fines. We may just accept delivery and then drop them after taking the fine out of their paycheck. Sometimes the fine is bigger than the paycheck would be.

We are in a heavily regulated industry with a metric shiton of fake Chinese equipment, and practically none of it is actually compliant with all the standards. Any spam from a vendor email means we have to do a full audit and QC check of everything they have sent us in the past 6-12 months. It's stupid expensive. It's better to drop a long term good vendor than to find out that they've started slipping Chinese knock-offs mixed into the rest of the stuff down the line.
I do b2b sales emails to small-medium sized enterprises.

Keep your emails conversational, make them seem like you were just checking out their website, then realized you need to know something from a high level exec. Then ask a loaded question or something to give you a start of a value prop. Then leave a little hint at what you could do for them.

Honestly getting replies is easy, the hard part is closing.
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Honestly, watching you guys showcase your ignorance amuses me. I don't hate you, I just can't do anything but laugh at how badly most b2b sales people handle themselves. Here's our extensive process for screening this stuff.

>Email with whatever vague statements
What are you looking to buy?
>They give some equivocation
But what are you looking to buy?
>No followup or more equivocation.
Into the trash it goes. We don't care anymore.

Idiots who think they can sweet talk their way into a conversation are the worst. They are always peddling shit and calling it chocolate. If you aren't interested in purchasing something, we have no interest in talking to you. We contact our suppliers because we have fucking asinine tolerances for everything. Add to that that you need specialized knowledge to be able to start an order, and we have little incentive to beat around the bush. Most spammers flounder around and fail after the first response because they don't have any idea what they are pretending to order, or what we need to build it, so they to make some vague open ended statement to keep the conversation rolling and nothing ever comes of it.
The real amusing bit is watching them try to worm their way to anyone on the board, or a handful of other upper management positions. You will never get to a high level executive here. They don't care.

The email servers here were configured by a sys admin that got committed for having a schizophrenic meltdown a few years ago, and let me tell you, it shows in everything he touched. Good luck taking potshots to track down someone's email address when the address itself is a randomly generated string of garbage. I've been here 3 years and I still have no fucking clue how the email servers work, but we've got some form of cryptographically validated automated forwarding, so every vendor gets a custom email to send stuff to that can be configured to forward stuff to the appropriate parties. If stuff comes in from a different email, it never gets forwarded and they never see it.

It's straight jacket wearing levels of insanity, but it's shockingly effective. Nobody outside the company has any idea what any address is if it's not publicly listed on the website, unless they have a contract. Everything is done through proxy emails, so even if something leaks the proxy just gets nuked and we generate a new one.
This. Since 2013 I've received over 40 calls with some cunt trying to sell me a different merchant services account or debit machine. I hate them all.

at my dads mfg plant we run 7-5 Monday thru Thursday. I have schedule the cold calling credit card processors to come on friday.

I have the main line forwarded to a cell on the weekends and they usually call 3-4 times and leave voicemails wondering where the fuck we are.
>schizophrenic cryptography
How the fuck do I bottle this and sell it?
I'm not the IT guy, but my understanding is that he does some crypto math to mean that each email address is some form of hashed validation signature. Then some magic forwarding happens, and some magic decryption happens, so internally the email addresses appear normal to everyone inside the company, but externally everything gets handled through disposable emails.

If a vendor starts spamming us, we just push a button and generate a new proxy address and push another button to nuke the old one. Our website randomly generates new contact us pages and emails every couple of weeks, so we know when someone first seriously looked at our site before contacting us, which is actually very useful. If someone wants to purchase something, and is using a contact us address from forever ago, they are either a spammer, or someone who got referred to us by an older client. Even if they don't tell us who referred us, we can probably narrow it down to 1 or 2 companies at most.

Again, it's all fucking crazy, and I've never even heard of a system like this elsewhere. sys admin guys here get paid stupid amounts of money, but you can't argue that it doesn't work. The redundant layers of protection mean nobody but a couple of poor interns in the mailroom have to deal with anything other than someone who occasionally manages to bluff their way through 2 or 3 rounds of, but what are you trying to buy?
I need a system like that. Fucking metal.

Also is it any wonder that Boomer's advice about p2p, p2b, or b2b is out-dated and useless.
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I got a business email about a week ago for outsourcing IT services.
>mfw i run an IT outsourcing company
I mean, if you are shoveling mediocre piles of trash, it's totally viable. You sell garbage to people that don't know much, or just don't need anything specific, and simply want something that works well enough. As long as you can't be easily undercut, you've got them. The Indian/Chinese scams with fake printer cartridges and post-its that don't have real glue are mad profitable because bean counters can pretend that they are useful. For some companies, it actually is useful.

For us, any real bean counting starts to actually cost you money because it costs you time. There is MASSIVE money in tons of industries if you can slice turnaround times while your competitors can't. Validating QC from spammers costs time.

A leak in the money pipe isn't a leak if fixing it reduces the flow of money.
Is he undercutting you by a lot?

>Outsource your job
>Step in once in a while to do a few things and make sure things are done right.

You'd be like that guy that made national news for outsourcing his job to a guy in India for something like a fifth of his takehome pay. He just remoted in from home, and then took a multi year vacation.
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It's mostly office setups and managment, i already don't do a lot of the work, i hire just out of highschool kids that know how to do most shit in windows and i have 1 guy for networking, most of the setups i do takes little to no work and i pay accordingly. Most revenue is monthly contracts with offices ~1400 per client, currently have 6 clients.
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 7

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