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ASX market

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Hey /biz/,

Thinking about putting 2k into a stock tomorrow when the market opens but want to do abit of research before I go ahead and do this. Is there a way to access reports and why are positive reports so important to a company growing in value? This will be my first time properly investing real money, should I be looking out for any particular stocks at the moment if so why?
any help would be much appreciated

I'm looking for atleast a 2% gain within a day, I have nothing else to do tomorrow but to watch my money go up/down
from my understanding after my 19.95 brokerage fee I can profit a small 20 dollars which obviously isn't much but it's not a loss so that's my first target.
thats a very unorthodox way to trade. usually stocks are long term if you have no leverage
had my eye on this for awhile since it was at 0.455 per share... know nothing about it unfortunately

yes I don't have much leverage at all but it's still possible to trade a more volatile stock and make a succeful 2% gain within a day then close the trade... it's not much profit at all but it's all the money I have right now I just finished paying off a loan I don't feel like borrowing more right now till I really have a good understanding of what I'm putting my money into then I might get a loan to trade with

its been stagnant for a while.

i reckon it will go up 2% tomorrow.

hahah dude it went up today 2% multiple times and what are your reasons for believing it will go up tomorrow just because it's hasn't been so volatile like the past few weeks?
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New financial... year lets plan a new expedition to the moon!
ajm asx????

All reports are accessible on the asx website when you search for the company.
This has to be bullshit. RAP died in the arse when everyone realized how stupid it is to cough into your phone
rap up 5%
gxy down 2%

cnj down 16%

what will tomorrow bring.
(screencap this)
this has to be bullshit.
everyone saying this kind of thing doesn't realised they are now trailing their software in the number one ranked US hospital with more hospitals to be announced.
or that big funds are starting to buy in.
or that RAP are finalists in the talent unleashed awards that has wozniak and branson on the judging panel.
If you trade on the ASX keep an eye out for BGS, a lithium miner with a large gold interest.

New results are out which are likely to draw interest with more over the next few weeks. If it does anything like KDR it'll happen fast.
BGS is pissing me off desu. Held since April and I haven't made any money.

If gold and silver continues to fall I'm fucked. Already down a bunch a money today and I bought at highs
once trumpcoin moons I'll be starting my local band merch startup
Best thing to do is plan an investment days in advance


pick up on a trend. Think about it.

What if you had picked up on the pok3mon go thing? Find out who the owner and company is invested and start there. It's not rocket science..
The joys of being heavily invested in low-cap mining stocks. So much damn potential though, however there are really only a few that can be viable in the long term. BGS's sites are amongst the best and most easily accessible.

Just don't panic sell is my advice, there is plenty more fun to be had out of the EU to drive the gold price back up.

Tesla's Li-Ion car design and orderbook have put fuel to the fire in Lithium mining but just wait till another company announces a similar design.

What are our thoughts on Cobalt stocks? Anyone else riding the CNJ bandwagon?
Really wish I got on this wagon as I had it in a list of interesting stocks to watch but then I went overseas on a bender.

AKP up from $7 to $31 in less than 6 months.

No fucking idea why.
Remember you pay taxes on your 40 dollar gain then pay fees which are not deductible. So say you pay 30% in short term capital gains plus fees you're looking at a net 8 dollars. Still a good return for a day for the given risk, liquidity and cash posted but not as good as you think
What price did you buy BGS?
THX had some interesting movement this week. Hope they strike gold .

Bought in at 32c, that drop in price today is confusing the shit out of me. The announcement was as good as it gets, maybe people were hoping for them to dig up a Stargate or something.

A few million shares were dumped which seemed to really tip the apple cart. Expecting a decent buyback tomorrow but it'll take a bit to recover.

Not sure what is causing the dip in the Lithium price though.

I'll hold, panic selling without cause is just a waste. Just looks like I'll be riding this one for longer than I anticipated.
my WHC has been doing a bit less than that since i bought it
I buy 10k worth of stocks at 0.28 a share and I sell after it goes up 2.8%, after my 19.95 brokerage fee and tax how much money do I actually get to spend?
How many shares you got? I've been watching this stock for months and some large company keeps selling to keep the price down. I was close to bailing before the capitulation at close. I've got 25% of my portfolio ~5k in this so I'm quite alarmed.
>basic mathematics
10000x0.028 = $280
- $40 brokerage =$240 before tax.
You sound like you're a NEET so you don't get taxed under 20k or something I think.
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again, stocks that will only gain:


all reliable asx stocks with future


also daylait.com .. will post more abou it
ay lmfao, so you don't get taxed for any profit you make on the market below 20k? what if I earn 35k yearly in part time position?
dayum completely forgot about the brokerage fee to buy AND to sell aswell
This is true, if you want the definitive UltraNEET experience the best way is to have a shitload of fully franked dividend stocks and ensure that your salary from wherever is under the threshold (roughly 20kAUD). Epic tax refund every year, basically a government funded shitposter.

Only have $1000 in BGS.

Pilot by trade, just not in a job at the moment. Studying Accounting at uni too, the aviation sector in this country is beyond fucked.
you saying it's true that whatever profit I make strictly in the stock market if it's below $20,000 I don't pay taxes for the gains? or are you saying, if I earnt 20k+ from my part time/full time job that gets taken into account and I have to pay taxes on all trades
I'm really not thinking about holding any stocks for any longer than a couple of weeks but will if the trade goes south and I have to wait for it to profit I cbf panic selling I'll just be patient
From the perspective of someone who trades and doesn't need to ask for advice from strangers on the internet.

Keep saving and paper trade for a little while. When you go to 5k get into it.

>Make 10% on 2k = $200 profit - $20

>Make 10% on 5k = $500 profit - 20

The downside on the 2k is larger plus you will get greedy and try to make more profit
You don't pay any tax on your salary, you get the withheld sum back as a refund. The franked dividend already has tax paid by the company. If you sold the shares any gain would be liable to capital gains tax.

If you never want to pax tax I would start a business or better yet, buy a farm. pretty much everything is deductible, you can get to a stage where you never pay income tax as its offset by your deductions.

Eg. A farm that makes 800k pa, you could go out and buy a damn aircraft and it'd effectively be free, or at the expense of the ATO. The best farmers and business families don't pay tax, that 30-40% would be better spent growing your empire.
NSL, trading again tomorrow, serious announcement coming guys
do the fucking math yourself you simpleton
I'm looking to get into this one. Very annoyed I didn't buy at 1.6c when I seriously looked into it a few weeks back.
what. the. fuck!

anyone know why this is priced so high?
no revenue. massive debt.
thats fucking crazy
ABX. pretty fuckin volatile
XPE showcasing @ a Microsoft tech conference.
MXC lads.

Currently fluctuating around 4.9 and 5.2, building up pressure for a break through once they get an announcement.

TGA approval expected soon, should bring the share price up to 8.
I should mention up 8% today
why? what do you see in this??

PGM has greater resources than nearby companies valued at multiples more.

I don't care tho I was in at 0.05 do just riding the good times, there is more to come.
I got in at 1.6, i got interested in it at 0.8 though, pretty upsetting.
I got busy with University, didn't realise it would grow so fast.
Read the hotcopper forums for it, a lot of users have done some really good research. especially timtator
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Thread images: 4

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