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fuck up in the rat race already

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Hey guys I am in need of some serious career advice.

I'm basically the biggest cuck at my job right now. I am a temp-to-hire who has been there for half a year, getting paid $16 as a "data analyst" excel jockey.

I work under the actual Data Analyst who creates reports and dashboard, which I then learn how to make based on her excel filters and basically reproduce every week.

I have been passed over for promotion to full-time even tho almost everyone who gets hired there gets fulltime within the month and/or comes on as a fulltime.

I don't blame the company, the reason I am getting cucked so hard is because I'm basically a bitch and I haven't stepped up for shit since I got there; I just do what I am told and nothing more.

I realized this too late, and I'm 75% sure I'm gonna get laid off within the month.

The reason I'm sure I'm gonna lose my job is because they have hired contractors to come and implement an automated reporting system with Microsoft Power BI

My question to you guys is this:

1) Do I attempt to show my worth to the company in a final hurrah by finally stepping up as an employee and being proactive about my own personal project?

2) Cut my losses, learn to program for myself and either try to self-employ myself or look for employment elsewhere since I'm obviously in the cuckzone for my current employer?

I'd really appreciate this because I honestly feel like right now is a very important time in my life and I can't fuck up my youth by wasting any more time than I already have.

Looking for personal advice from anyone who has experience with carving a professional career for themselves. Thanks.
You just gotta believe
Not to be edgy but I'm not sure what to believe in at this point.

On the one hand I really like all my coworkers and my boss is also very intelligent and nice, but on the other hand I cant help but feel like I let everyone down with my laziness and lack of initiative.

Don't get me wrong, I do good work there and I'm always on time with my work, everything is performed to my highest ability and accuracy. The problem is that my job requires no special qualifications on my part, and it is easily replaceable.

I'm not really even afraid of being fired since I'm sure I can find work elsewhere, it's just the direction that I choose to take from here on out I think will be very important. Try and prove myself or cut my losses; it's a tough decision.
apply elsewhere
when you have a position available that you would accept, hold a meeting with a manager and explain your issue---word it such that you want more challenge and you would thrive with responsibility and involvement. It goes without saying that your heart needs to be in this too, I'm reading between the lines here and thinking maybe you don't like your job... Would you like what it could be? Can you see the opportunity for a better position in your company?
Bro it sounds like the managers tried to diy implement a BI system b/c anybody w/ excel could do that honestly... but realized with you there that that was basically a pipedream and a half and they hired real people to do the work. b/c they realized there's actually serious work to be done
I don't dislike my job; like I said the people there are great and that helps a lot, but on the other hand I feel like they don't really know what they want and they are just fishing for answers to questions that don't need to be answered. I'm certain that the metrics they are looking to monitor and develop with the new contractors will not be the end all solution.

As far as a better position in my company; I'm sure there was one at some point (maybe there still is) but I've been a Data Analyst for a long time as a temp worker and they are hiring contractors to implement the system that will make my job obsolete.

My dilemma now is:

I don't know if I should step up and do what >>1005183
refers to as "real work" since I know they are trying to replace me and my work so why should I give them anything that could potentially be beneficial for them? If I was going to do that I should've done it when they brought me on board before I cuckzoned myself as a non-productive drone.

Or maybe now is a great chance to prevent them from hiring other people and to show them what I'm truly made of.

I just don't know.
do you have a college degree
unfortunately i also cucked myself with a D-tier degree: business administration
I vote 2)
1. Learn SQL
2. Learn Tableau
3. Rebrand yourself as a BI Analyst
4. Look for some real jobs
Sounds like you're too good at your job OP. If you're too good, you won't get promoted to a non-job (anything above what you're doing is likely to be a non-job, in which you're paid to jerk off and play Minecraft).

Next time, don't try so hard. See how much work your colleagues are doing, and fit the median, unless you know there is a clear path you can see hard work would get you to.
>Microsoft Power BI
You'll be fine OP that product is shit
Hello OP. Senior Business Intelligence Engineer for a major telecom here. I've done BI work for IBM, Home Depot and a non profit who did contract work for Red Cross International. I gross a little under $100k/year before bonuses and I'm on a good track for either an architect position or a product manager position, with an eye toward first a director spot and eventually VP.

I've been in exactly your position.

You can climb out.

In 2008 I was stuck in a dead end rut doing precisely what you did since 2006. At about $45k/year.

I was laid off 2 days after Barack Obama was sworn in. I was our of work for six months until getting the non profit job in summer 2009.

2009. Data Manager for non profit, $45k
2011. BI Developer for IBM. Entered at $60k exited at $79
2014. Sr Data Analyst, Home Depot, $89k
2015. Current spot, $95k

^ do you see how I made such a rapid ascension? By quitting.
Continued. With career advice.

First of all, every opportunity you have to take on more responsibility and grow your skills, fucking do it.

You're not being taken advantage of. You're not overworked and underpaid. You're bustling your boss. He's paying you to get an education.

If you're being exposed to PowerBI then by god throw yourself into PowerBI. Although. Take heed to what this guy said. >>1005577 - PowerBI is shit. It lends itself to Cartesians, the joins are all fucked up, the drivers are dodgy, and it's slow as fuck to load.

But of you're stuck with Excel then fucking automate that shit. I hate to say it, but learn some VBA. Any repetitive or simple task you do over and over should be codified and scheduled. Get in to work with half your tasks done so you can focus on your education.

Now. Your education. Follow what these gentlemen said. >>1005432 - Excel is baby tier. Learn SQL (as well as SSIS, SSIS and SSAS). Learn Tableau. For that matter, learn the fundamentals of statistics. If you want to get serious about BI you have to learn to use serious BI tools.

Network. Get to know your DBAs. Learn performance enhancement tricks, learn better modeling habits. Let them enhance your education. These guys aren't your professors but they're your tutors.

Volunteer. Apply yourself. Create a passion for what you do.
Shit, you're doing better than I am. I've been out of the work force for two years.
Finally, once you've grown your experience, fucking quit.

Your boss is not your friend and he's not loyal. He is only loyal to positive figures. You need to be loyal to this as well.

I read an article in Forbes a year or two ago. If you take two men, same skill set, same title, same salary .. and in a 10 year window, if guy #A gets a new job/employer every 2 years while guy #B stays put, in ten years time, guy #A will be making about twice as much.

Look at my career path. $45k to $95k in 10 years.

Don't freak out if you feel on the bubble.

Learn an important daily/weekly task that's complicated and nobody else understands. Become un-expendable. Make friends with the consultants, so that collaborating with you becomes part of their project plans.

Then devise an exit strategy.

Don't get shuffled around.

Become the CEO of your own life.
>new job every 2 years.
This is key. It's either suffer through a 0-4% yearly raise for working your ass off. Or get a new job every couple years and make 15-50% more each time.
Its okay to change your job every two years in your 20s. In your 30s this would be career suicide.
>In your 30s this would be career suicide.
Quit your job when you aren't making 10% more each year.
You get a raise every 3-5 years. Not every year you stupid millennial. Jumping jobs every two years will make a hiring manager hesitant to hire you. Your 20s are your kill time.
>You get a raise every 3-5 years.
lmao this guy.
I've worked at the same place for four years because I get 8-10% more each year.
>Jumping jobs every two years will make a hiring manager hesitant to hire you.
Hiring managers take what they can get, and they are glad if they can get two years out of you.
It's those fuckers that jump from job to job every 8 months that deserve that get the cold shoulder.
I'm 42.

Jumping every couple years is just fine for me.

Execs are dying to get skilled BI staff they don't give a fuck about my loyalty they want me to make them richer and more powerful.
OP you are in my nightmare scenario but I don't see you as anything other than lazy. Don't think that you're especially stupid or anything like that. Your position is the natural order of things. Learn useful skills in your free time and get your CV in order and apply for other stuff
First you say:
Then you say:
I think I'll take what you say with a grain of salt.
Talk to your manager, tell them how much you like working at the company and that you want to step up and take on more responsibility.

Really just voicing that you want to be there is a big thing
1 is always best but I would get your resume ready, because if you could do #1 you already would be
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Find new job willing to hire, tell current management u found said job. If they promote you, go back tell the other job that u got promoted but will keep in touch, if they don't promote you then change jobs right away.
>tell current management u found said job. If they promote you, go back tell the other job that u got promoted but will keep in touch, if they don't promote you then change jobs right away.
Are you fucking retarded?
>tell current management u found said job. If they don't fire you immediately but promote you (only to fire you later), go back tell the other job that u got promoted but will keep in touch (and which they won't care about), if they don't promote you then change jobs right away and become NEET as you successfully sabotaged not one, but two opportunities.
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 2

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