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Economics with Calculus

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Why don't universities teach economics with calculus? It makes economic principles so much easier to understand.

For example, in the introductory microeconomics class at my university, it's not calculus based. So when the professor wants you to find the optimum quantity and price for maximizing a monopolistic competitive firm's profit, you have to use a graph and remember which square is the profit for the firm.

In a later class using calculus, it's as simple as
>take the derivative of total revenue and total cost
>set them equal
>solve for quantity
>solve for price

Maximization is incredibly easy this way. And when students learn it this way, it makes so much more sense.

Why do schools even bother with economics without calculus?
Because integrals and derivatives make most people weep, and most of the little sorority girls and frat bros couldn't pass if you did that.
Perhaps there should be two types of econ classes:

>A class for business majors who plan on not using econ for the rest of their lives
>A class for math, finance, and econ majors who want to go further, ie, graduate school

This would work so much better. Then, phrat boys could pass the class and those of us that care could get a real education.
>tfw most Americans don't understand basic mainstream economic principles
>even college-educated people don't understand
>tfw hack frauds like bernie sanders get supporters because of this ignorance
>tfw america will die within our lifetime
Because then I would fail all my economics classes lmao

i can't understand calculus, sue me or shoot me
wtf are you talking about? Of course they teach economics with calculus.

At least here in new Zealand they do and we don't have thosee 'grand' business schools the US brags about.
Don't they teach you how to fuck sheep in New Zealand too?

If your school doesn't have this it's absolute garbage.

Also are we talking fucking econ 101? AKA first semester freshmen shit?
Yes. I know that in upper division courses you utilize calculus, but honestly, simply doing problems with graphs and not understanding the ideas behind things like maximization makes econ much harder than it needs to be.

At my school we had requirements for everybody to learn basic econ, and some majors to go deeper than the basics, but in order to qualify for a minor in the subject calculus was required.

Basically it distinguished between the people qualified to do economics stuff and the people who were just taking the required econ courses.
its a money grab. 95% of students <= calculus
My economics degree required us to take Calc up to multivariate. In micro and macro we had to utilize derivatives and integrals often. A lot of partial derivatives too.
Go to a better school
You go to a shit school. I had a music class that used calculus at my school.

What kind of class?
Alestorm is the shit. I saw them play in SoCal and they invited me onto their tour bus to play magic cards

get wrekt
That's a great idea, actually, and that other anon who mentioned having separate classes is also good. They should just have a "survey of Econ" type class for non majors and then a majors economics. Other disciplines do stuff like that.
What deck you play?

The econ program at my school is shut. It's geared towards business people, so the only upper division econ classes are explicitly created for business guys. It's not "intermediate micro and industrial organization and labor econ", it's "managerial economics". It's not " intermediate macro", it's "macro for business decisions", etc... I got a math minor because I needed actual rigor in my life.

You do utilize calculus in these though. I was just complaining that many concepts in basic economics are easier with an understanding of calculus.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 1

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