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Hello guys, I got promoted to the top position on a company

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Hello guys,
I got promoted to the top position on a company kindof like Staples, with 8 employees, 3 of them are fucking useless cockroaches... who happen to be 18 to 20 years old....

These guys often show childish behaviors and altho I know anger is not the answer, sometimes I just want to kill them slowly at the building's basement.

Anyway, how do i deal with people like this?

I would fire them and hire more experience people but I can't at the momment because I have to take care of bigger problems... most of them have been fixed by now but these anoying little vermin... jesus fucking christ I just want to put a glue gun on their eyes and shoot them.

They trashtalk, avoid working, take longer hours in lunch time - 50% of the work days, they work well, the other 50 I just want to cut their testicles off and make them eat each other's.

The rest of employees are amazing tho. Vermin problem has been in the company for a couple years now. They used to steal as well. I took care of that with some security measures.

I try to show them the right way to do things, I don't want to be the evil asshole boss like the ones I had before but they get the worst of me sometimes.

Maybe I need to manage my anger but I also need tips on these motherfuckers.

I think I will eventually fire them but I just want to have hope I won't have to...
Is this a start up?
no, I hate startups.

the company is 30 years old, owned by a jewish family. I'm myself not jewish tho
Stealing gives immedieate dismissal with cause if you happen to catch them stealing, you can fire them on the spot.
Document the bad behaviours/unproductivity. Send them letters saying that they have a warning for such behaviours (granted they are actually bad behaviours) and then fired them if they dont comply
I haven't been able to caught them stealing, and the fucking camera system only saves up to 1 week in of video. besides, have you tried checking on video recordings? it takes soooo fucking long and there are just so many cameras.

I have done the warning letters because to fire them I need to legally give them that first so I'm just preparing the field... to what the answer with childish behaviors like "you don't own the company why do u even care".

To what I start thinking: Oh you little fucking cockroach, just give me enough and I will make a cake with your shit and will make you eat it.

And then I have to deal with a day work of bad mood from whoever got the letter
I was gonna say. If it's a startup You could just say you're not getting the expecte venture funding. Gotta cut some people.
Just sit them down and ask them what exactly they want to do with this company and why they are even here.

Let them know that you just want consistency from them and you will leave them alone if they can deliver that.
>Maybe I need to manage my anger
i'd say less of that and more you need to know how to deal with pieces of shit.
you have to be tougher, you're the boss and you have to get things done. anyone who gets in the way of that needs to be removed asap.
also, they stole, fuck security measures, that should've been grounds for immediate dismissal.
One time I was working for a union and there were some scumbags that management wanted to get rid of but couldn't because of the union.
What they did was they created a performance test specificially designed so those guys would fail. It wasn't completetly objective, the managers scored them based on how they felt about their abilities, not on their actual abilities. This way if someone they wanted to keep didn't do well they coud still keep him, and if the asshole did well they could say they didn't like how he did it. Something like a verbal test of how they would handle different situations would be good because its very subjective.
Maybe just fucking grow a pair. If they are that shit, they aren't productive to you, and they're just leeching wages. Cull a few, the rest will wake up. Or cull them all if they don't. There's a shit load of eager talent in the market that can do much better for you. Step up and control your business
Young/new employees are difficult to coerce because they usually don't have mortgages/children and can still move back with their folks, or are living with them already. Also you're probably paying them no different to what every other business in the area pays entry level shitkickers.
Perhaps you should make their position there more enticing to them, so that they feel that if they fuck it up they will have lost something of actual value; thus they will attempt to not fuck up.
Thread posts: 11
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