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Can someone give me the blackpill
infinite slit theory
The world is going to end soon but not in the way you imagine it. We'll all go back to being primitive and that's why you should start getting /fit/. Once you're the ubermensch and you look like a greek sculpture, all you have to do is wait for the end.

What's cool is that we'll all see the rebirth of humanity in our lifetimes.

here you go, fag
death is a permanent unconsciousness 99.9999% guarantee it
I get no results when I search that.

Is this /x/ shit no one gives a fuck about?
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Yeah, it's scary.

It's the sun man. It's going to kill us all. Climate change is not from people, its from cosmic influences.
there was this really spooky blackpill picture with the iceberg and the levels of blackpill. wish i could find it again, but it was weird cause almost none of the stuff on there showed up on google
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I know what image you're talking about I think. If I remember correctly, the bottom most level only had made-up terms.

I looked through my /x/ folder and didn't find it, and only skimmed my main folder and didn't find it.

I'll keep looking.
if you can find it that would be dope, im looking through /x/
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It's a tough pill to swallow>>864871
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I hope you know what blackpill is but here is a taste:

Humans overpopulation is a problem that nature tries to fix at every disease and every catastrophe, its not enough... unlike other animals it often deals with we have become too clever and numerous to die by that so nature is forced into alternative methods to achieve its goal, much like bullying is natural selection enforcing its quality control on a social level, that voice that tells you to murder people is also natural selection choosing to repurpose you for the benefit of all the non-human planet inhabitants, you see, nature is a complex yet fragile self reliant system that is currently spiriling out of balance, as an intelligent being you know that obeying that call WILL cause ruin to you personally but can help the collective (both system and creatures) into achieving balance.

Thats where the true blackpill lies, you cannot do enough simply by killing yourself, suicide is not enough... you must take with you as many as you can and you must survive the longest you can while doing it so.

It its humanly immoral, but you are playing by nature rules here, so anything goes, its not personal, its pure math... gotta shorten up these numbers

Humans are animals, and as part of nature we must obey when it calls.

Do your fucking job.
You need to deep for most
what's the blackhole jupiter theory?
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thanks anon, ive been searching for a while. Ive got nothing really to give back but heres some knowlage: everytime the capcha says to find clothes you can just press skip
im not sure if some of these actually exist, couldnt find anything really relevant except some black hole thats eating a planet called 'super jupiter' in another galaxy.

The Hands thing sounds really fucking creepy as well as the tri brain. Last time i saw this was a few months ago, and the infinite slit experiment stuck in my head for some reason
is that why brazillians kill each other all the time?
what is the infinite slit experiment? I'm familiar with double slit but not this one
ive though about it for a while and the obscurity still gets to me. The double slit experiment is spooky enough since it doesnt even make sense unless you use quantum mechanics.
>What would happen to something we barely understand in a field of something we dont even know to be possible (infinity). Maybe it sounds kind of dumb this way, and i admit i'm a newfag to /x/ related stuff, but its obscure and makes me uncomfortable. which i guess is kinda what the black pill is supposed to be
Uhhh, anyone care to elaborate?
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how do they work
Pic is related to fever room btw
> Level 0
I believe whatever the government and TV tells me.

> Level 1
Nasa is withholding information about space. Maybe hiding something big.
Moon landing was faked because of the cold war. We can't send humans past the Van allen belt.
Mars and Venus are full of dead alien technology.
There are many underwater and underground ancient cities here on earth that are hidden.
Ancient civilizations had greater technology than we do now.

> Level 2
Nasa isn't even going to space.
Nothing can get past the vacuum of space, no radiowaves, no satellites, no spaceships.
ISS is fake. Sattelites are fake. All NASA footage is fake.
UFOs don't come from outer space, they come from inside the earth.
Aliens are are just different spieces who live underground and are more evolved than us.
Earth is not a ball, it is infinite. Shape undefined.

> Level 3
We are not. This is a simulation. Earth is just an interface.
There is nothing else out there. There is no me or you, there is no us,
We are just a thought experiment of the same machine. No one runs this simulation. It just is. And it will never stop.

> Level 4
what exactly?
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