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Have you ever seen a ghost? Greentext your Story.

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Have you ever seen a ghost?
Greentext your Story.
I lived in a haunted house when I was a kid. Not much to tell really, just saw some guy in the mirror sleeping on the couch sometimes. Apparently it might've been my grandfather because he wore the same clothes and was about the same size as him.

Well, there's one story, when I was going through a stealing phase:

>Buy a few toys with stolen money that I stole from parents
>Hide them underneath a chair cushion
>Get caught
>Still keep these toys hidden
>One day, get up really, really early for seemingly no reason (like 6AM)
>Find the toys just sitting on top of the chair
>Get freaked out, know it's the ghost, go outside and throw them in the trash
>It wasn't one of my parents, they didn't know where they were
>Never said anything about it
>Never stole another thing ever after that day
>I've never seen a ghost
>no one has ever seen a ghost
>ghosts aren't real
>tee dot adulthood
They are real, you have just never seen one or been affected by one. It's the reason I'm not an atheist.
is right
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Do you also believe in the boogieman?
Not a ghost, as it's not really the spirit of the dead or anything, but I've seen a Will o Wisp. Specifically the Joplin Spooklight. It's been investigated by FEMA since they were worried about a gas leak. No gas, no explanation. Just a light in a field for no reason- dated a half century before electric street lights.

There's probably a good explanation. But I don't know of one.
I only believe in things I see or things proven by scientific fact, or facts in general.

>Loch-ness monster
I think it would be interesting if ghost existed, but I have not seen any(at least not as an adult), I saw them a few times when I was a child but I think it might have been in my imagination.

I definitely believe in Aliens though.
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>I only believe in things I see or things proven by scientific fact, or facts in general.
Like ghosts and aliens? This generation is doomed.
I do see ghosts, but they don't look like in hollywood movies. It's more like an error in motion detection in brain, when a (pixie-size) region of viewfield is marked as moving and instantly stops, I think, this is where begins the belief that ghosts are invisible and pixies are shy and fast. You see it moving and then - nothing there. It also depends on particular body: my sister never experienced it.
> in hospital for a week
> enter john lennon, sitting in the chair beside me with a nail file
> "paul will never love you you bitch"
> run to bathroom and try to drown myself in sink
> get given meds that accidentally put me in a coma for 14 hours
> great success
No but the other night I had some weird shit happen. I went to bed early and had vivid dreams I kept waking up from. I was inbetween a dream and imagined someone shuffling outside my window staring up at me in the 2nd story window of my apartment. It was pretty loud and soon I completely woke up but still heard the leaves crunching outside. Where I live is quiet and I've never heard sound outside before from leaves brushing against my window or anything but when I woke up I was almost certain there was someone outside staring up at me from down below. I hid under the covers until I completely woke up, and as soon I slipped out of my half dream state the noise stopped. I looked outside in the space at the side of the building but no one was there. I wondered if my downstairs neighbor might have been bothered by it too but when I got up to lock all the doors because I was scared I heard them watching TV downstairs and it was around 12:30 at night, so I was the only one who could have heard it.

Might sound dumb but it reminded me of that scene from John dies at the end


It felt like I could control the sound outside with what was going on in my dream and it spooked me once I woke up. I've had stuff like that happen before, for example once I had a dream I was arguing with my dad and having a heated conversation, and going along with the conversation perfectly he yelled something at me in the dream but also I woke up to him yelling it at me in real life. Also once I had a dream about walking around in my quiet town and the cops rolled up and arrested me, and the next day I was telling my friend about the dream and I was like, "yeah and I walked right up here and the cops rolled up right here like this-" and then like 5 cop cars rolled up and we just stood there scared as they walked up and ended up going past us to a store owner who was locked out of their shop or something.
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satania fuck you.png
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fake and gay
I've seen ghosts, and seen UFO's.
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>Be 12
>Its divided by a small river and fields around it in half
>Coming back from friends house throug a fields at night
>Everything is in a thic fog
>Start hearing "ssssssssssssssssss"
>Look around, see a silhouette flying through a fog real fast
>Run real fast
>never seen that again
> i think it was some kind of wind trick
>i hope it was
Creepy dude. you think it was the baba yaga?
i used to have sleep paralysis, a gray lady usually tried to rip my jaw, ribs, guts or trachea out, i probably had few heart attacks or got close because of panic, physical pain was very real
i dont believe in ghosts though, it was just a reflection of stress disorder
It was a probably a bloodsucker
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>live alone
>wake up at 3 am
>go to get some water
>grab a glass from the cabinet
>a light down my hallway turns on
>go to turn on my bedroom light
>hallway light switch isn't responding to anything I do
>go back to get some water
>hear a deep ass voice like Satan
>"hello anon"
>didn't turn around but i could feel warm breath on my wrists
>turn my neck
>nothing is there
>hallway light is off
>mfw i still live here
Weird thing about sleep paralysis. I know everyone usually sees demons or aliens or something, I always see black people trying to rob my house.
We actually had a couple of scary places with local "memes" with it - Old abandoned school that had a fire accident with some deaths, local big lake with quite a lot drawned ppl for a rural shithole (swimmed it through and back for a bet at night at 14 its like 2kms), old church. But this thing never had any local lore around it, aunt said that a tractor driver drowned with his truck (drunk ofc) near that place - doesnt really make for a good meme.
saw a random moving shadow walking past my bedroom door, pretty stupid desu
hah, do they rape you or your wife as well? now that i put it in your mind, they ll next time. try to relax and go back to sleep, it will be nasty
>Playing Starcraft and listening to music late one night
>See motion and some light color out of the corner of my eye
>Turn head
>See the cat disappearing out of the room
>Ask him where he's going
>Cat makes the chirpy purr/meow cross sound he always does when I ask him questions at a certain pitch
>Go back to playing Starcraft
>Realize that the white cat has been dead for three years
>My new cat is a stone-deaf brown tabby who doesn't like sitting in my room with me
>Go downstairs, tabby cat wakes up and pokes his head out of his box fort
>Clearly it wasn't him in my room
aw, thats cute as fuck.
you ever thought of like ghosthunting and posting on YouTube? Your town sounds pretty cool to explore.
I live in moscow, its not a town its a big village i visited when i was a youngster, its 800kms away from me and no, there are nothing cool in those places i checked every sm of them as a teenager, just an old abandoned ruins, found some nice books at school tho, thats about only plus i got from lurking there, some status with local kiddos too but thats for normies.
I forgot people don't typically believe me on the internet. My mistake.
>be me
>see ghost
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Thread images: 7

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