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My country is better than your country

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My country is better than your country
wtf no its not!
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My country is better than your country.
This man is correct
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> be your country
> be worst example of your country
>tfw a mayor in your country just has his throat slit in a graveyard for literally (((no reason)))
That is one shit country if I do say so myself wew
Hang on, son, not so fast.
Tfw your country has terrorist attacks and my doesn't since we don't welcome muslims
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No terrorist attacks happen in your country because it is irrelevant. Same reason why ISIS doesn't attack Bosnia or Turkey because they know that gullible conservative nationalist in bigger EU countries will use it as ammo to attack the innocent Muslims.
The KSA is only a top tier cunt if you're a Saudi Royal. Are you a Saudi Royal or just some fucking expat making money shilling gold-plated doorstops?
Bro, China and Russia are more powerful than your army. You'd be even in aerial combat and you'd surpass them in the naval department, but when it comes to ground troops, you're shit out of luck.
I'm not even talking about how good this country is as compared to others, newfag. I'm just criticizing this Czech retard's statement.
Only newfags call people that bro.

You didn't answer the question either :)
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America is without a doubt one of the countries in the world
Innocent muslims... My dood, as 37 y.o. Serb I learned that no muslims are innocent... When I was 13 I saw my neighbour (Bosniak) nailing another neighbour's kid to door of their house, just because they were Orrhodox... Never let any muslims to your country or it eill end up like another middle-eastern shithole...
Ye it's good but mine's the best
Call me a newfag... Idc, but I know my shit...
I'm calling a newfag because you /are/ a newfag. It's pretty obvious that I'm an expat.
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> tfw your own youth throws acid in peoples faces for literally (((no reason)))
>He thinks land forces are the deciding factor in war in the year 2017
We have better tech and training than they do and our EW shits on theirs :)

You never know though. It's not unheard of for minor Saudi royalty.

So what are you in the KSA for then? Selling stuff? Military related shit? Private sector?
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>Implying they're British youth
My friend they are foreign diaspora.

>tfw Belgian leadership actively rapes and mutilates children on a daily basis and nothing happens
It's all same on West
Oh bullshit, you're just using your Yugoslavian War bias to excuse your xenophobia. During World War II, there were multiple camps in Syria and Egypt and Palestine to house all Eastern European refugees, including Serbs and Poles and ethnic Jews, to protect them from the harm of the Third Reich.

I find it rich that fags like you claim that all Muslims are barbaric, even though they were the very same people who fed your grandparents milk and bread when not even the USA wanted you and told you to fuck off. Ignorant prick.
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They offered me a scholarship when my family was starting to go through financial trouble, and unlike other companies, they offered housing and healthcare coverage. Of course, it came with the disadvantage of living in unfamiliar lands and giving up luxuries like movie theaters and alcoholic beverages, but I don't miss the latter anyway.
That's interesting. What part of KSA you in? Ever been up to Riyadh?
Don't bring WWII... Czechs and Serbs helped Egypt by fighting against Italians... I'm talking about the conflicts that happened recently.
Dhahran, and yeah, but just once. I can't really form a solid opinion on it besides the fact that the traffic density rivals that of LA's and most malls are female and family-only.
Which are the works of ISIS to delude the conservative nationalists to alienate and harass the refugees that are escaping from ISIS. Their goal is to get a reaction out of the politicians and public, deport all the escaping muslims, and murder them or radicalize them by using xenophobia as a propaganda tool.

You're literally being played like a chess piece.
Where are you from originally? If it was non-Arab, do you / did you find it hard to pick up the language?

Dhahran is right near the gulf too I think? Must be nice.
Texas, and yes, it's very difficult.

I tried to learn it for a few months before I decided to give up, I thought everyone was memeing about how hard it is to learn such a unique language. I only know very basic words like "Hello" (Marhaba and Salam Alakyum) and "Thank You" (Shukran).
How hard is the Shariah shit? I know there's stuff like no drinking etc. but there's gotta be some expats who can get you bootleg sauce.

My grandparents and my mother spent a lot of time in the KSA, they sometimes talk about the executions etc. You see any of that going on?
Executions only happen in Deerah Square (I think) and I literally don't know where it is, so obviously I never witnessed any.

The religious police, as far as I know, lost all their arresting power after they proven to be massive liabilities to funding and public image. There are bootleg alcoholic drinks being fermented in warehouses and random oasises in the desert of all places, but I'm still no longer interested in alcohol.
What the actual fuck, we don't need anyone to tell us that ''muslims are bad n shit''... We learned from our mistakes from the past and what we learned is that you should stay at your countries same as we do... Don't bring your culture to us. Don't force us. That's what EU is trying to do.
what do you think about other emirates?
The UAE?

Muslims aren't bad, you illiterate dumbass. I seriously don't get what's wrong with Muslims and other ethnicities practicing their own culture in their own circle and neighborhood, especially considering how the Westerners living in the Middle East can do as they please and practice their culture.

Sure, you can't drink in Saudi Arabia, but that doesn't disapprove the fact that there are churches here and that other Gulf Region countries allow alcohol consumption and even allow sale of pork and ham in some supermarket stores.

You learnt NOTHING from the past. Arabs were compassionate to us before and we have betrayed them with the creation of Israel, the constant wars over the petrodollar and oil, the installation of pro-Western yes-men puppet dictators, bombing them all to hell because our mistakes ruined their beautiful countries, and now a lot of ignorant EU citizens want to kick them out just for cultural differences?

20 years ago, people from Bosnia and Serbs and other former-Yugoslavia escaped to Syria to avoid the war, and they've been welcomed with open arms. Who the fuck are you to dictate they aren't allowed to have their favors returned?
why the king don't want to adopt the tide of khalifa? aslo are you a muslim?
No, and I honestly don't know. Thing is, there are a LOT of Syrian and Egyptian immigrants here, and in some areas, they're the dominant minority.

Don't ask me anything that the locals have better knowledge about, I'm just a burger.
hold ur horses
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Iceland is the best country. I win.
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Reminder that my country is the best.
Your thread has a distinct lack of burgers.
yes it is
Iceland is the best shop actually. They have good ready meals especially their chicken korma and rice.
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> shart in mart
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Maybe if you guys stopped bombing shit and stoning my babes we wouldn't BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!
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/bant/ is for niceposting
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Where is your country again?
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Well out of reach of your fecal matter, luckily
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You forgot about our 19 aircraft carriers.
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Does it have a benis?
Replace France with Russia, Russia ain't so bad, and just... fuck France.
Implying America has aircraft capable of flying Burgers.
>being this retarded to forget what nationality I am, even though I said it twice
Thanks for proving to everyone that our country's illiteracy isn't a meme, dumbfuck.

None of this shit would have happened if Israel didn't exist and if Eisenhower didn't stage a coup in Iran just because the Reds sympathized with its democratically-elected leader. That's literally it, all of these events are the cause of a never-ending domino effect that has been in full motion since the beginning of the Cold War. Our education has brainwashed us into making us think that we are a nation of heroes, but guess fucking what, we have done more harm to the works than the Soviets have ever done.

Go die of a heart-attack, autismo.
WTF I hate Australia now.
>done more harm to the world*** than...
Not sure about that, Ahmed. We're both fucked
Jesus, you faggots are so privileged that you seriously consider accepting a few more immigrants is the end of the world.
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Bin that knife, citizen!
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Blow it out your ass
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dude weed lmao
You'd get decimated by Russia and China, go back gramps. Gotta let your son handle big bois
Cool, so if I break that bin I get a shitload of free knives?
Just watch out for bombs when looking through garbage
Blow it in my ass anon :3 ^-^
It's ok, my thermite will eat through them.
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you don't own a country; you only live in one against your will

want a bf
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Thread images: 22

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