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i fukd up

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Just need someone to listen to me and call me a faggot (or give me advice).

So I applied for this exchange program called southwestern advantage. It basically involves europeans to go to USA and work as a door to door salespeople selling books. Seemed interesting. I joined up in hopes to cure my autism (read: anti-sociality). Been 3 weeks in USA and the country is shit. Everyone's friendly but dumb and I'm short on money because I don't make a salesman that can sell to anyone. Feel like screwed over since I was sent to desert in California. 120 fahrenheit and I have to work if I want to earn any money. And no, the work doesn't involve AC. Should I look for couchsurfing and get a real job?

Also peanut butter sucks and your chips taste worse than in Europe.
>door to door yuropoors
not likely. I don't get beggars asking for pittance.


see, there's your problem.
come visit me in NC, anon. i'll train you for a tech job.
Didn't get to choose where to go.
What device or whatever names pics as meh.rosomething?
Why is NC so god tier?
Your first mistake was expecting intelligent people in California. Seriously, though, does the program let you choose what you do or are you limited to selling books? Because if it's the latter, it kind of sounds like you got scammed.
>work as a door to door salespeople selling books.
What country are you from that made you think door to door salesman are still relevant? Especially books of all things. lol
I can do pretty much whatever I want, but I lose a lot of benefits if I quit book selling. Not scammed, since I haven't paid a single penny to the company. I just wasted a few hundreds on plane tickets, new baggage and so on.

Latvia. And it is relevant because everyone in my area thinks im selling solar panels.
>Americans are all so dumb
>I can survive selling books door to door

You can't make this shit up, folks.
You'd probably do well to check out other opportunities, honestly. Not a lot of people take kindly to solicitors, and speaking as a native, the southwest is the last part of the US where you want to be walking around outside in the summer. Try and see if there's something you can do indoors for similar benefits, if you can't get the same.
So glad I beat you to first post. This board is a fucking clownshow. You're all fucking faggots.
t. assblasted Commiefornian
Don't you have microaggressions to call out or something?
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>trying to sell americans anything
Is there anyone real on this board? Or are you all hilariously bad actors?

other than our public education, everything else is pretty good desu

>mountains, coast, AND flat areas
>world record holder for most sweet potatoes grown in a single area
>inventors of powered flight
>there's a nuclear bomb that got lost around here (it's still here)
>best damn catfish and trout you'll ever eat
>we create a very large amount of apples each year
>military bases
>the perfect combo of rednecks and city folk
>open carry state
>pretty nice gun laws
>inventors of the best bbq sauce
>krispy kreme
>pepsi & cheerwine were created here
>lots of pirates
>home of america's largest house
>we started the gold rush

if you'd like, i can name more reasons
I moved here recently and i agree with all of this except for your FUCKING BARBEQUE SAUCE IS FOR HEATHENS KC STYLE RIDE OR DIE NIGGA

off yourself
where are you from? Surely you aren't from any *good* european countries?

I'm betting you're a balkan nigger to actually have moved to the US
>Surely you aren't from any *good* european countries?

Surely not, since there are none left.
I'll fucking fight you about it. But i won't off myself because i like it here.
>says the 56% nation for the 6 gorillionth time
I respect the culture of my nation and I have pride in where I come from. I also hate the people who are bringing it down.

Besides at least I can boast not being a sub-100 IQ spic-nigger
Sorry Latvia, being in the Desert sucks. Where are you, Barstow? Come up to San Francisco and pursue the American dream by living in a van. Go up to Humboldt and work on a pot farm. Just get the hell of out of Southern California
Wait wait wait wait...
So you took a job with the intention of curing your anti-social tendencies, and now that you realize that you suck at it, rather than trying to get better at selling, get better at engaging with people you want to just give up?

You're entire attitude is wrong.
>everyone is friendly but dumb
GREAT, perfect targets to sell to
>I don't make a salesman that can sell to anyone

>and I have to work if I want to earn any money.
Kek. Oh come on Anon, you should have phrased that better.

Look at this as a baptism of fire (semi-literally if it's hot), a crucible, a state-change of matter: stick it out for another few weeks with the express purpose of becoming a more sociable person... Sales skills are indispensable both in real life when you aren't selling anything, and in basically every job you will ever have.
Not bad advice actually
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 2

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