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Get back here boy

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Take the test, post results

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No, pol isnt worth posting in
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How did I do /bant/?

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This man asks you for your ID.
>White = Der Führer (take over the thread)
>Green = High ranking Nazi Reich official (Pass)
>Blue = Waffen SS (Pass)
>Yellow = Wehrmacht (Pass)
>Purple = Allied soldier of the Reich (pass)
>Orange = Enemy soldier (arrest on sight)
>Red = Communist (Arrest on sight)
>Black = Nigger (Arrest on sight)
>Brown = Juden (Arrest on sight)
>Pink = Homosexual (Arrest on sight)

>0-2 Sent to the Western Front
>3-6 Sent to the Eastern Front
>7-9 Sent to North Africa
>Doubles = Sent to a comfy position in Berlin
>Triples = You personally lead the Axis invasion of the country flag above your post
>88 = Promoted to Obergruppenführer (General) and lead your own RWDS
>1488 = Become the new Reichsführer (Himmler) and genocide the country flag above your post
>Quads= Axis wins

>0-2 shot on site
>3-6 sent to Auschwitz
>7-9 tortured for information
>Doubles = You become an Honorary Aryan and are conscripted into the German Army. Reroll for your deployment.
>Triples = the country flag above your post invades the Reich on the side of the Allies to rescue you
>Quads = Allies win
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Alright, I'll play your game

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>coloring books for adults
>bouncy castles for adults
>ice-cream cry-ins for adults

>now this.

Why the fuck is this popular? Are people really fucking stupid enough that "IT SPINS!" is sufficient entertainment?
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What the fuck is an ice cream cry in?
what's that?

It's like everyone is a teenager at best these days.

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I would like to take this opportunity to teach some of you motherfuckers how to sage. If you're going to share this website with me, at least learn how it fucking works before making absolutely abhorrent posts (something I am an expert in)
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I will now dump some spicy memes and red pills to attract newfags and oldfags alike. By bumping this thread, you are helping my cause and I appreciate it.
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Dump for your ass
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Is there a particular reason why the EU isn't bending over backwards to make sure we stay when we vote this year? The impression I'm getting from most of the continent is that a vote isn't going to even happen even though it's already law will be held 20 weeks after negotiations are finished. If anything it seems like France and Germany MEPs are under the impression we won't leave and that opinion polls are 90% when they hover around the 40% area and the result remains completely unknown.

The EU is not a community of equal nations, the conduct of Germany towards Greece and eastern europe has made this crystal clear. We are better and more valuable than anything south of the pyrenees and Alps.
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i wanna fuck that frog

The impression is that that issue is probably considered top relevant and 24/7 discussion hot topic in the UK. Outside UK though, few know about it and of those who do know don't give a flying fuck about the UK's desperate attempts at attention whoring.

At a EU/guvernmental level, looks more like the attitude is "the deal is this. You like it take it, don't like it, you're welcome to fuck off".
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>You lose the £70 billion we pay you and other southern european shitholes annually in development EU funds
sounds like a good deal to me senpai

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are there any books that goes in depth into the american civil war that's good to read? i am fairly new to history so im not familiar much with the starting point. If there are any good books for starters, that would be great.
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just watch gone with the wind
Homer of US Americas
Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era by James M. McPherson.


The main thing about McPherson's book is that it covers the 20 years going into the American Civil war, and actually gives you a context why the nation went to war. So many try and dumb down the war to slavery and slavery alone because that gives the war great pathos.

While acknowledging that Slavery was a prime mover of the War, Pherson covers like 20 other factors that contributed to tension between the Northern and Southern states that set them against each other.

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What was your most recent ban/warn?
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I got a perma a long time ago on /fit/ for posting a gif(this was pre webm) of a horse sucking a guy's dick. I didn't post for like a year and then I jokingly submitted an appeal saying I selected the wrong image and got unbanned.
I've only ever been banned for dubs.
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I got banned on /v/ for asking what manga I should read with my wife's son on an offtopic thread at like 3 in the morning. Mods are cracking down on that now.

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