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Tell me your fetishes and how you got them. They had better be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Tell me your fetishes and how you got them. They had better be pretty fucking degenerate.
My fetish is women who love me
Here's mine:

>tfw have never fapped to anything vanilla in my entire life
chicks wearing pantyhose
grew up in the 70s and 80s. chicks always wore them back then.
our world is poisoned
Old women with guns. Thanks a MILLION, OP! I'll be fapping all day!
Do you like when their guns are pointed at your temple?
Fatties, don't remember how i got it though.
that finger might come in handy
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Fucking gross nigger
amazon women
legs and feet
growing without a father i guess
Can you not? Even /b/ has standards
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I have a lipstick kissing/wearing/cross dressing fetish. I hate myself for having it but I'm assuming why I have it relates back to childhood. Constant exposure to cartoonishly red lips, lipstick kisses in the media, having an older sister who both me and her dressed up as girls, and the fact that my parents were against it had a huge adrenaline rush trying not to get caught. I've been less and less into that stuff over time, and I'm hoping in a few months I'll be out of it completely. I also used to be into inflation, but that's besides the point.
Chicks with upturned pig like noses. Mixed race girls with those noses are my fave.
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>Occasionally traps

Don't know how I got them I've just always been into diapers since a kid. traps on the other hand I can blame on /b/
Two most predomenant fetishes as I wanted to fuck my aunt. The whole thing started when I was about 10 or 11. Anal was my way of making it "right"
Are you me?
BDSM sex slave stuff

I guess i just look at too much porn
Babymetal all day, or any petite cute jap girl for that matter.

Fuck the haters.
Ok, I'll give...

I've never been a pregger's kinda guy until last month.
> Went to a strip club and they had a 7/10 stripper that was about 6 months pregnant.
> Her tits were engorged and easily a DD cup.
> Anywho... got some dances and she tells me she's horny (Yeah right, I'm in a titty bar. You're getting paid to say that shit and grind on me).
> I talk dirty back and she tells me keep going. > She starts rubbing my cock through my shorts, I'm rubbing her ass and she unzips me.
> Whoa... this is kinda different. You may proceed.
> undoes her bra and tits are glorious. Never been a tit guy, but these are perfect.
> I smirk and give her tit a squeeze, she moans.
> Pull her close and pop a nipple in my mouth (she better get used to it, right?)
> Starts fingering herself and stroking me, can hear the wetness over the shitty music the DJ is playing
> Ask her to slide her panties aside and let me fuck. She frowns, no condom.
> she starts bucking from her fingering and moans
> Fuuuuuuuck... Smiles at me and starts to stroke harder. Tell her I wanna nut on her amazing tits
> Gonna tip me, anon? Yeah baby. I got you.
> On her knees, puts my dick between her tits and says to cum for her.
> You got it. Sploosh.
> She tucks me back in, kisses my dick through my shorts and says that was fun. Gives me her number says "take out is available". Meh...

TL;DR - Pregnant stripper/escort let me cum on her tits in a titty bar. Now hooked on preggos.

Still have her number, and really contemplating fucking a preggo chick. Better get to deciding, I guess.
Am i you? I think im stuck in an alternate reality where im not aware of my embarrasing actions. Give me hints if you're the other me that i've been intending on finding and killing so i can be myself again.
shitting fetish.
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Slim/skinny girl
Shit am i a normie ?
sadistic tickle torture in heavy bondage

Hardwired from birth, would get aroused seeing depictions of tickling in cartoons as early as six

Regularly meet fellows weirdos from the internet for tickle sessions

I could go on if interested
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like my mixed chinese malay gf?
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Thigh highs because sexy
Disgusting natives
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What no gore for the casuals?
I honestly have no idea how this one came to be. I think I was 12-13 at the time. I had a girl I had a crush on and all I could think about was her laying on top of me in a hot tub and trying to drown me.

Since then, I've had a drowning fetish where a girl and I would wrestle and whoever drowns who first wins. I don't understand it, I don't know why I have it but I do.

I have a rape fetish which is pretty common.


Mini-skirts or tank tops

The drowning one is my biggest one though. I'm about 99.99% positive I'll never find a girl willing to meet up with some weird guy and try to drown each other. I've searched endlessly for drowning fetish videos and most of them are just poorly paid actors which does nothing for me. The forced drowning scenes in movies are a lot better.
>thick and chubby girls
>traps and CD
>Monster girls

>I've spent too much time at /k/
I like futa and inflation.

but like, the really degenerate kind. massive cocks shooting like hundreds of gallons of jizz and shit.

ive always been fascinated with growth since I was a kid, so I think I just like the idea of identifying with whatever massive cocked futa I'm watching. I kinda wish I could cum gallons. obviously not realistic but it makes me cum like crazy.

>what kinda stuff are you even talking about

look up "works of koufu"
Saw a family member jerking off one of her horses once. Hottest fap ever, horsecock does it for me now.
>Japanese / asian
Interesting. Out of curiosity, do you work in a position of management? Wanting to be dominated by the opposite sex is very common among people with power or people in a position of management. You have people kissing your ass all day and no one has the spine to tell you when you've done something wrong or put you in your place when you're out of hand.
Its more black mixed with white ive seen
this nigga
>fucking in public
i love the thrill of possibly being caught at any time, and I have been caught twice
I love the idea of a bad girl asking to be spanked and enjoying her punishment
I can't really explain this one but I'd rather be with a butter than an overall attractive girl
I have a few but I think my favorite is taking a cute, young, innocent, curious girl and training her to be a gangbang cumslut, completely corrupting her, turning her into a cock slave.

Always was ridiculed, embarrassed, and rejected by grills. Suppose the only way I could imagine some girl would fuck me is if I'm getting hurt in some way.


Girl who I played tag with in 4th grade always felt the need to tackle and pin me down. Eventually she caught on I liked it and started playing regular tag.
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Your more easily amused than me god damn
my fetish is normal girls
>tan lines
>disinterested sex
>public hair
I enjoy missionary intercourse for the sole purpose of procreation.
get professional help pedo
BDSM and I really love rape. I would never commit rape nor would I commit BDSM if a partner doesn't want to but I love the thought of it.

you probably just have a lot of underlying insecurity, and being with someone who's super duper "traditionally" attractive gives you the constant feeling in the back of your head that you are out of your league, and will lose her to the next "10/10"guy she runs into.

>source : experience

crossdressing, sissy, forced fem, humiliation

Was forced to wear girls clothes a couple times as a kid and was also abused. pretty much fucked my head for life and now Im addicted to sissy porn and want to basically recreate getting raped
By getting kneed in the balls.

How someone could have giantess or vore fetish is a mystery to me.

Started finding degenerate porn when I was 15, the more I watched, the worse it got. 35 years old now, and thats all I fap to.

Stop it. Get some help
I've done a roleplay-rape fetish with a girl I met on Fetlife. She was about 20 lbs heavier than her photo on there but w/e. She sucked at it. She didn't scream, barely struggled and about 1 minute into it, she just enjoyed it.
>be me
>12 years old
>before I discovered porn
>super conservative parents go out
>watching tv in living room
>infomercial comes on
>it's a work out video
>all those sexy sweaty girls were getting me so hard
>it was so hot
>start jacking off
>about to come
>didn't hear parents come home cause I was so into it
>bust right as it cut to a muscle dude
>parents are right behind me
>mom crys that I'm gay
>Dad takes off his belt says he's gonna kick my ass

That's how I got my bdsm fetish
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Holy shit, that face.
Roblox makes me moist.
Drugged rape, panties and submissive girls
that's hot
>submissive girls
Does it count if I raped a really submissive quiet girl at our county fair a few years back?
>anal play

I have some more but these are the ones I know that I got from somewhere.

Found moms dildo when I was like 7, started experimenting with assplay and ended up enjoying it quite a lot. Getting a prostate orgasm at 8 years old kinda fucked me up a bit I suppose.

>loli and incest
Had a 7 year old cousin that was very sexual. Constantly grabbed and stroked my cock at every opportunity when we were alone and also doing shit like sitting with her cunt on my face and rubbing her ass on my dick, and since I was 14 - 15 at the time, ended up being quite often.
Stroked her pussy and massaged her ass a few times, nothing came out of it though since I was a pussy.
Green text please.
Big tits, small tits, futa, gangbangs, reverse rape, I'm a bit of a sadist as well, tan lines, and thicc girls(got this from watching college women's softball). I'm slightly into some straight furry stuff(they have the best artists), but I think horses and lizards are pretty bad/overdone.
Thats not a fetish your just a regular southern lad
Idk, from my experience in the south most of the girls there aren't into any fetishes. They're really fucking easy to get into bed though.
>Does it count if I raped a really submissive quiet girl at our county fair a few years back?
wtf? you actually raped her? greentext?
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If these story about your cousin is real, greentext it in extreme detail.

MAKE SURE to include
>age ranges of her and you when it happened
>how often this happened
>what was said
>how you got alone
My new reaction pic, lol.
catgrils because animu
Right? They really don't have any fetishes down here
I'm not southern though, not from the US either.
Not that anon but I forced myself onto my cousin last Christmas and came inside of her. I hadn't seen her since she was young. She's 18-19 and I'm 29 now.
yea that counts, I dont know if i would ever rape a girl irl unless she was drugged/ wont remember me, I don't really like hurting people physically, just emotionally i guess also, scared? maybe idk
I think your right for the most part. I guess I also like that less attractive women are more humble and kind hearted which makes them better for relationships
She didn't really fight it. She just laid there and stared at me.

>emo/goth chick at county fair
>mini skirt and some weird ass shirt for one of those screamo bands
>fair is closing/11PM
>I sit down on the bench and am texting people looking for something to do
>she asks if I want company and sits down next to me
>say fuck it, I'm risking it
>run my hand up her leg
>she just stares off into the distance and doesn't say anything
>grab her hand and take her into a nearby building
>she asks what I'm doing
>lay her down on the ground
>lift her skirt up, put my hand over her mouth and rape her
>she just lays there and stares at me, making no noise

She told her friend about it and she doesn't know if she liked it or not. She said it hurt at first and didn't want it to happen but she feels guilty because she started to enjoy it after a couple of minutes.
what are monster girls?
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Oh, ans i got it because i got a huge benis
So huge>slim u no my dudes
Just get em drunk or a bunch of shots and hope they don't see any of their friends or else their ADD will kick in and you'll lose them.
Anthro beasts. Slimes, skeletons, Minotaurs, spiders, you name it
I'm pretty busy right now but I can probably type up the first incident, if we can call it that. Keep in mind that I'll try to be as detailed as possible but it was 12 - 13 years ago so some of what she said I've simply forgotten.
Also might be because I was concentrated on something entirely different.

>13 at the time
>family dragged me out to our summercabin with cousins family
>always felt that she was pretty annoying since she was always following me around and shit
>she had recently turned 6 IIRC, very giddy little girl that wasn't afraid of much and very curious
>bright blonde, usually blushy cheeks, blue hair and not really chubby but she had a pretty impressive bubble butt for her age
Come to think of it, I think she made me develop an ass fetish aswell.
Also, let's just call her Anne for posteritys sake.
>I was a very calm and collected kid, never really got into trouble so I was given a lot of trust
>Parents and cousins family decided to head into town to a café for some icecream and whatnot, about 1.5 hours drive away
>Anne decided she didn't really feel like icecream, again she was tailing me quite a lot
>Ended up being on babysitting duty to my utter dismay because as said earlier, always felt she was very goddamn annoying

>after some time trying to figure out what to do that'd give me some peace and quiet, decided we could bathe
>summercabin right at the edge of a lake that's usually quite warm in the summer
>sat down on the jetty and watched her swim around, splashing and having fun
I was confident that nothing would happen since I was a good swimmer and it was shallow for atleast 150 yards out.
>I lay down and rested for a while, baking in the sun
>heard her step up in the jetty and walk out towards me
>I open my eyes and she's standing right above me, fairly splayed legs
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Older Asian women.

Developed this from a lifetime of being treated well by them, as well as losing my virginity to one during a massage parlor visit while living in South Korea. After I did it the first time, it was hard to stop, right up until I went bankrupt from so many various prostitutes who were at least twice my age at the time (which was 21-23).

And so, I kiss-up to the local Korean and Chinese communities where I live, using their respective languages when talking to them and always expressing gratitude when they give me stuff. Just wish I could become a sugar-baby for at least one.
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Petplay and DD/lg and degradation
all pretty similar and BDSM related...

i have no idea why i started to like them... petplay and Dd/lg both have caring aspects... so i guess i was always attracted to someone who was more um... caring?
(also i just like being called kitten >.>)
But yea, i learned i liked degradation because somehow i found this guy online and the insults he called me made me feel happy for some reason... ((btw i mean verbal degradation, not someone shitting on me or watever))
yea, that's typically true too
unwanted dirty a2m
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Foot fetish. When I was in middle school this hot girl that sat behind me always would put her feet up on my chair and aginst the bottom of my back. She had 8/10 feet and would press her feet into me it was the hottest fuccking feeling and she made me cum so much that 7th grade year
>Apparently the lake was still fairly cold because she was rocking some hard nipples and her swimsuit had given her a pretty impressive cameltoe, outlining her fairly plump lips
>and by fairly plump lips I mean that she had an impressive large pussy for such a small body
I was wearing swimming trunks, and this gave me some real issues
>"it's still REALLY cold!" she said as she either tried to dig out her swimsuit and failed, or purposely stroked herself above my face, trailing her fingers between her lips

>Hella conflicted 13 year old at this point, hormones raging ofc
>Anne sat down next to me, still all smiles and slightly more blushed cheeks as she was warming up in the sun
>made some small talk, she glanced down from time to time to my swimming trunks which I was at this point desperately trying to hide under the blanket we brought out with us
>"Y'know, this boy in school ran around showing girls his weewee when we had lunch break yesterday!"
At this point I kinda realized that she was hinting at shit
>"He didn't show it to me though, I've never seen a weewee before besides my dads"
>I decided to call it quits on the swim, make sure she jumped into the shower to clean off and whatnot
>decided to take a cold shower aswell in the other cabin, because reasons
We ended up playing with some darts and whatnot for a while before heading inside again
>head inside, sit down on bed to pick out some comics she could read or so until parents get back
>find one, turn back and she's just walked in wearing a summerdress with a sunflower motif on it, I remember that pretty vividly
>she climbs up besides me, not really saying much and starts getting closer and closer, pushing me down on the bed
>thinking she wants to risk a kiss or something, I attempt to back away but it's kinda hard to shimmy out from under someone
>she might've planned a kiss at first but that wasn't her end goal I'd guess

2/3, making another one just to make sure.
Everything except:
>Old Women
>Gay Shit
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2MB, 396x278px
>"Y'know, this boy in school ran around showing girls his weewee when we had lunch break yesterday!"
>vaguely remember doing this myself when I was 5
the only way I can get hard and come now is by looking at pics of my sister shopped onto nudes the same shape as her.
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I'm a sick fuck, and I have accepted it
how did that make you cum?
I'm tryin' to get as much as I remember, you'll probably end up disappointed tho

>suddenly, small hand on dick
>full on grips it and starts stroking/massaging it
I wonder if she was just a curious girl or if her dad did shit to her.. never really thought about it
>amber alert in my head, no idea what to do
>violently confused because I was really getting into it but she was still my cousin AND fucking 6 years old
>her face was slightly lit up by the setting sun outside the curtained windows
>she was 100% sure of what she was doing, it feels cliché as fuck to say but her eyes looked pretty hungry for lack of a better description
>she was definitely into it in every way possible
>Anne was laying on my right side, on top of my right arm that was pretty much stretched out because my brain was shortfusing and I wasn't sure what to do
>Something that I was instantly reminded of was that I had from time to time heard her dad remind her to put on her panties
>Yeah she definitely hadn't remembered, or maybe not cared enough to put them on.

>took me about 5 seconds to realize where my hand was at, first reaction was thinking that it was incredibly smooth, definitely hadn't started getting hairs yet
>second reaction was that it was squishy and puffy, and third reaction was that it was also pretty sticky and moist
>my retard brain put that down to the fact that she had just taken a shower
>she stopped rubbing my dick and shoved her hand down my pants to grip it instead, I was leaking like a fucking faucet so I am pretty sure her hand got pretty messy
>we ended up fooling around for a bit, getting more and more hot and bothered
>unsure if it was just the excitement of this confusing ordeal or if she was actually pretty good but she ended up rubbing me real cumming
>hear car pulling up outside and doors slamming
>she definitely didn't stop but to her dismay, I tossed her off in panic and tried to play off the fact that we were alone in a bedroom
She made me cum in my pants when she would slip her feet under my shirt and rub them into my back she did it a couple times I never said anything to her about it but I wish she did
I know that feel. I can't do vanilla relationships and am constantly seeking out a master/slave dynamic. However, I don't want to obsess or control the finest detail and I don't want my slave obsessing over my control either.
I mean.. I'm not surprised. Boys at that age are fucking animals.
I definitely have memories of doing sketchy shit at that age.

Anyway, they ended up buying it thanks to my usual spotless demeanor and behaviour.
Still a bit pissed that I was cockblocked, still a bit confused.
Ended up jerking a LOT to that memory.

Also had some other incidents with her like playing hide and seek in our house and gripping/massaging her ass a fair bit and some other shit between the ages 6 to 8.
She ended up moving away with her family a long time ago and haven't really met her since.
Futa. They're like traps, but not gay. :3
skinny girls.

Then i mean really skinny girls. The more anorectic the better.

Don't know why, but i always hated fat people and it's cause i was once fat myself. Got a eating disorder, fought my way to normal size again and now i can't look at someone with a belly without finding them disgusting.

But really skinny girls turn me on, most of them are so small so i can basically lift them up in all different ways and while fucking them. But it's also the personality with eating disorder, anxiety, daddy issues and being too needy which just i find perfect.

I want a woman who looks at me like i am her world.

It's the only times i really feel loved.
socks or no socks?
Mostly no socks the class was in my last semester so it was warmer so she wore flip flops a lot. But the time I referred to she was barefoot
Yup I would of just loved to know why she did it tho..
>Phat asses
>Dicks going all the way through a woman (In the ass/ out the mouth)

Conkers' Bad Fur Day awakened something in me when I saw the girl cog get pushed onto the dick pole of the angry cog while she moans and muffled screams as she is pushed farther and farther to the base of his pole while he is in pure extacy.

That porn where the woman has a vagina on the back of her neck let me see a dildo popping out of her mouth like the doctor was fucking her lips on the inside, something that you never see, and it turned me on.
sad reacts only
>Public Hair
What are you, Arab?

>Rape role-play

I had no idea I was into either until I had a kinky fuckbuddy who wanted me to choke her nearly unconscious. Huge turn on for me now.
that's fucking hot as shit
rape, older guys and women, g fur, screams, moans, etc.

i also have a bad masturbation addiction but oh well lol

i masturbate to pretty vanilla shit tho as well as some of the things can be tiring/overdone
I get turned on when girls cry and talk to me. Maybe its because I was touched as a kid and i was the one crying, but now the tables have turned; sort of.
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File: 1498342591556877252.png (670KB, 1037x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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horses on females
idk how
File: tom.jpg (57KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 500x500px
Same but I'm more into dogs.

>Bestiality (dogs with chicks being my favorite)

>Get off to seeing the girl naked where you wouldn't normally/there's probably some dude that wants to see said girl nood but will never get to while we can easily see it

I also roleplay with whoever I'm dating generally. The last girl I fucked screamed "Make me a mommy!" and I lost my shit. I was never sure if she was on birth control or not but never saw her again, so here's hoping!

>I'm uh... I'm fucked up
Nah it just seems primal and turns me on
Holy fuck you are so unlucky
Doujinshis (femboy tomboy loli crossdressing shota shemale anal Inflation sm, especially when TH Woman is Like way older/dominant/taller/dominates the mc.) Normal shemale porn, stuff like prostate cummimg, petite lesbian bdsm exhibitionism bestiality. I think that was most of the stuff. Im Just really fucked up and have a wide variety of fetishes
not breast milk.
just milk.
File: 737863878.gif (2MB, 500x282px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x282px
Hypnosis, I had a babysitter pretend to hypnotize me with her keychain and order me around, then I'd do the same to her. At that age I guess it just cemented itself in my head as hot stuff.

jerking off to crackhead whores sucking dick in car.
ive been stealing my sisters panties for about ten years now, and i wear them while i jerk off to a fap folder i made of creeps i took and pics i stole from her phone. every time i find her dirty panties in the hamper i sniff them and lick them clean and cum so fucking hard.

i like to cum in her stolen panties cause of the taboo but its also started to get me heavily into crossdressing and sissification, i guess my ultimate fantasy is for her to find me out and peg me while im wearing her underwear. shes a bitch to me normally but i would fucking literally do the most depraved shit for her, i dont know why
File: Loved Tenderly.jpg (45KB, 355x355px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Loved Tenderly.jpg
45KB, 355x355px
> Bondage
Sure, everyone and their mum things that's cool now. 50 shades, fucker.
> Extremely rough choking bondage specifically by hand but including tight ropework. Preferably not jute. No passing out, just close. Nothing that would leave a mark for a month, but let's go with a week or so is okay.
That's why it's called a fetish?

Bravo for foot dude for actually having a real fetish. Fuckin' ace /b/ro.
first i ever fapped to was the face ripoff scene in the"book of blood" film.
Bascially a teen gets raped by ghosts and as the firemen enter they rip her face off and the viewer can listen how she dies in agony

don't know why, but this shit was hot af
wanna tell us about how you took her Last Christmas?
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File: 002.jpg (382KB, 920x1301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
382KB, 920x1301px
File: 003.jpg (349KB, 920x1301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
349KB, 920x1301px
File: 004.jpg (326KB, 920x1301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
326KB, 920x1301px
Most of my kinks were inherited from my reverse trap bf.
>be me
>15 year old horny boy
>moderatly attractive with lowest standards on planet
>(fingers a girl once and had green goop the consistency of snot all over. Washed hand and continued-low standards)
>severely suicidal. Just wanted to get that good nut before I offed myself
>reconnect over fb messenger with a friend
>he's trans ftm
>most right winged trap I've met
>turns out he's a kinky fuck
>I was so vanilla I saw regular choking as fetish level kinky
>month of oral and hand jobs in the woods go by
>he orgasms so hard he tells me he loves me
>two weeks later I've fallen in love too
>mfw I ask to fuck and he can barely fit a pinky in his little trap pussy
>4 months of dating later
>fingering has made him loose enough
>feels good man
>six months in I now have been given kinks from rape play to incest to piss
>one year in he now tells me his guilty kink is poop and farting
>mfw every other kink he had that I thought was gross I now have
>mfw I probably will be into it too in a few months
File: 005.jpg (415KB, 920x1301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Came in my flatmates heels
File: 007.jpg (376KB, 920x1301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 008.jpg (326KB, 920x1301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: siswet19.jpg (220KB, 663x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What the fuck is this shit?!
File: 1467290043086.jpg (49KB, 323x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw this retard's mom doesn't kidnap girls for him to rape
Have a hell of a underwear fetish. Love seeing guys in tight underwear that shows off their bulge or their ass. Probably got it from changing clothes in middle school gym. No working showers, so we just changed into gym clothes (athletic shorts and a t shirt).
File: 1496891424974.gif (996KB, 360x176px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw this retards mom kindnaps girls for him to rape
>still a virgin
>small penis humiliation
got it by having a small penis (5x3.5) and having my gf not feel me inside her several times...encouraged her from there
>huge tits/large shapely ass
i have testosterone in me, plus it goes well with sph/femdom
i have a decent ass and look good in panties, have had sex with a guy
File: 1448261658470.gif (512KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you tried
Same for me, almost exactly
feet because of /b/
Ones I have no clue about: futa, shemale
Ones I do know how I got:
> friends comes over for a sleepover, were 11-12 I think
> one brings his laptop
> he watches furry porn for like 3 fucking hours
> he straight up denies he's a furry
> find it kinda hot
>(BONUS EPISODE)few years later went over to same friends house
> hes showing me WoW since I never played it
> he created a panda character, but he went on a furry booru and based his character off of some porn
> wtf man.jpg
> I still use that booru sometimes
> got tired of normal porn because of how fake it is, could only enjoy it if they actually liked it (so hentai was main source of porn for awhile)
> be me, 13-14
> already furry
> accidently find some gay porn on the furry booru
> holy shit this is actually really fucking hot
> not turned on by most guys irl
> become closet gay
> on-off gay too
> still 80% sure I'm gay today
you misspelled traps anon.
Catfights, wrestling, wife fights. No idea where it came from. Spend all day jerking to fcf website.
What the fuck is wrong with most of you
Me >Traps
I stole my sisters clothing and put it on and then danced around my room
Thats Odd but what the fuck happened with all of you
That's fucked up dude, fags are the weirdest.
>sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation
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