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/b/ Makes a Song w/Analog By Nature! Whatever you post, we'll

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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/b/ Makes a Song w/Analog By Nature!
Whatever you post, we'll throw into a sexy new track
>Dubs gets Chorus
>Trips names the Song
If you include links to vocaroo recordings of yourself, we'll throw you into the track, too!
We're sitting idly by in studio waiting for you guys. This is track number 64. We've been doing this for the past 4 or 5 years. Get the fuck in here anon, y'know the drill
File: dream axn.jpg (266KB, 1033x581px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dream axn.jpg
266KB, 1033x581px

Watch the stream while we work :)

File: 1365917723599.png (43KB, 381x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sexuya bump
File: homer trip.jpg (100KB, 800x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
homer trip.jpg
100KB, 800x450px
File: 1498888327825.gif (924KB, 319x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
924KB, 319x249px
saved by the bell
I fucked a whore horse so hard
I ate my dog out
File: anh headd.jpg (119KB, 399x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
anh headd.jpg
119KB, 399x399px

Song title is

"I ate my dog out"
File: 1482984345269.jpg (144KB, 1402x1622px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144KB, 1402x1622px
How come you didn't put this into the instrumental last time?

File: 1503432069629.jpg (54KB, 640x631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 640x631px
Andy sixx
File: 1503024179662.png (852KB, 2106x1367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
852KB, 2106x1367px
Sorry, typo.

*I ate my log out
File: 1503301891576.png (1MB, 2256x1276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2256x1276px
Because you touch yourself
Roll for this

pls include fairly
File: axe head dream.jpg (84KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
axe head dream.jpg
84KB, 400x400px
NoFap hardcore mode
Can I rape Muslims ?
File: ripped.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
Love you analog.
God's in heaven, all is right in the world
File: 1500075916024.jpg (122KB, 1176x1633px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 1176x1633px
Cat shit fuck pig
File: 1498880486618.jpg (166KB, 1987x966px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 1987x966px
Condom dildo peepee vagina
File: rsz_1503164654227.png (2MB, 1200x1452px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1200x1452px
Andy already got dubs, he will include if we don't spam, he's cool
Nocturnal emissions this my diss track submission
File: axnn.jpg (50KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 400x400px
File: 1498669846727.jpg (259KB, 1489x1934px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259KB, 1489x1934px
Bat shit rat shit
Dirty old twat
69 assholes tied in a knot
we already have trips
File: 1498583922213_1.jpg (300KB, 1732x1662px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
300KB, 1732x1662px
Poop poop poop poop
If we don't spam he'll include the first dubs. Anal-log is a bro
Don't spam
I am a necrophiliac and the world is my concentration camp
File: 1497582498998.jpg (74KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 500x500px
Shit shit shit shit shit
I'm kinda horny rn
File: 1499029270233.jpg (96KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96KB, 600x600px
Shita Logbutt
Man I'm telling you if you want Andy included in the song don't spam. It's the same every thread, he always includes us
File: 1498588426521.jpg (84KB, 476x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 476x700px
Shitty titty poopoo doggy
You cant teach these retards he gives soild oc and they replie with feces
Andy Sixx's log in the Shrek's swampy bog
File: 1495869043781_1.jpg (388KB, 1652x1162px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
388KB, 1652x1162px
Up log creek without a loggle
Analog, it's me the original logposter. I can't control the other loggers, I hope you still include the first dubs we earned tonight.
File: 1495458475732.png (2MB, 1152x1162px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1152x1162px
File: 1499312959849.jpg (22KB, 360x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 360x240px
Log light
Log bright
First dubs we earned tonight
File: dram peace Wood.jpg (74KB, 800x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dram peace Wood.jpg
74KB, 800x450px
Fuck niggas fuck Jews fuck spics and ayrabs too
Teach me to poop
Teach me to grow up
Teach me to share
Teach me to mature
Touch my ass
File: dream axn head.jpg (85KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dream axn head.jpg
85KB, 400x400px
File: 1493106923727.jpg (152KB, 1024x891px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152KB, 1024x891px
Take a shit, boy
Shit it all up
File: Ainsley Harrilog.jpg (71KB, 594x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ainsley Harrilog.jpg
71KB, 594x500px
Scoop the Poop
Talk to me analog.
File: DREAM LISA.jpg (91KB, 800x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 800x450px
Rolling for this shizz
File: link 1.jpg (28KB, 570x457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
link 1.jpg
28KB, 570x457px
we're here
File: eatalog.jpg (114KB, 920x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 920x1024px
Chew on the corn bits, tastes good, mmmm.
File: 1493187522641.jpg (155KB, 1184x1622px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155KB, 1184x1622px
Apologies for other log posters and their maturity. Maturity ruins everything. This is why we can't have nice logs
File: logpostersroom.jpg (179KB, 897x663px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179KB, 897x663px
Wash it all down with a glass of diarrhoea
What is this picture? Why am I seeing it lately?

I'm sorry for my fellow logposters. Please include the original dubs we got

I tried telling them you were fair about this
Goodnight everyone
File: 1492313181279.jpg (182KB, 2246x855px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182KB, 2246x855px
Does a body good
File: bubble-bobble.jpg (58KB, 1808x1796px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 1808x1796px
Shit Happens
File: stormpooper .jpg (115KB, 667x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
stormpooper .jpg
115KB, 667x1000px
Spray the shit, spray it good, cover the world in endless logs.
File: 1494045861415_1.jpg (196KB, 1632x1177px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
196KB, 1632x1177px
I shit therefore I am
File: Blaster Master.jpg (108KB, 693x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Blaster Master.jpg
108KB, 693x556px
File: growing sixxs.jpg (213KB, 877x961px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
growing sixxs.jpg
213KB, 877x961px
Open your throat and let the logs slidde in.
File: 269948963375939585.png (10KB, 112x112px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 112x112px
log poster=new fags retards and autism there is no hook just pure shit
File: LINK 2.jpg (121KB, 693x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
LINK 2.jpg
121KB, 693x556px
They're funny when analog includes one. I've tried telling them to cool it
File: the s cream.jpg (64KB, 360x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the s cream.jpg
64KB, 360x450px
Cream for me Longbeach.
File: Duck Hunt.png (22KB, 783x462px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Duck Hunt.png
22KB, 783x462px

cmon man
File: logbuster.jpg (236KB, 1080x1327px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236KB, 1080x1327px
Bust a log, b b bust a log, get in the groove.
to be fair, andy has been in like 10 of their songs. most repeated meme so far.
File: fecal2.png (537KB, 945x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
537KB, 945x720px
Yeah and that's why I'm trying to tell other log posters to calm down.
File: King Hippo.jpg (21KB, 340x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
King Hippo.jpg
21KB, 340x270px
File: logfathet.jpg (122KB, 1440x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 1440x1080px
You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me Logfather. Instead, you come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married, and you ask me to do logs for money
File: 017205725.jpg (30KB, 386x457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 386x457px
Logposter to logposter. If you want to be on the song, don't clog the thread with logs. We already won dubs.
You should try this shit out in mu and see if its any less aids
we tried it a few times, not a good turnout
File: neon 8.jpg (9KB, 237x212px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
neon 8.jpg
9KB, 237x212px


Reminder that the stream is still going, grab our discord link there
Include the chorus of true faith by new order

Re roll
Roll one more time :(
The log posters get 1000 dubs but I don't

File: queenlogs.jpg (199KB, 1600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199KB, 1600x800px
Is this the scat life?
Is this just fantasy
Caught in a log slide
No escape from reality
Open your throat
Under his ass and seee

He's just a log boy
He needs no sympathy
Cos he's easy crap
Easy poo
Little log
On the loo

Anyway that Andy goes
Doesn't really matter to me
Too me.

Momma, He shat on a man
Put his ring against his head
Let logs slide, now he's dead
Momma, his throat got clogged
Now his life did fade away
Momma Poo oh oh
I don't wanna slidde
I sometimes wish I'd never made logs at all.
You're not funny.
Do my trips even matter at this point?
File: Kirby.jpg (61KB, 573x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 573x475px
got i

and u got the third trips tonight
shed so many tears
File: 1495240846990_1.jpg (369KB, 1382x1390px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
369KB, 1382x1390px
Rogue shit
OMG thank you
File: bARNY sIMPSON.jpg (40KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 640x360px
just the intro tho, the chorus interfered with the song we have already made. but its in there 100%
Doesn't matter, it's my favorite song rn and I appreciate it
File: spook.jpg (17KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 400x300px

You can hear us working and talk to us on our discord. the instrumental is looping now
I see a little silowetto of a log
Scatta moosh scatt a moosh
Can you do the fandango
Thunder farts and shitlogs
Very very slidding me
Logilayo logilayo figero
He's just a log boy from a log family
Spare him a log sized monstrosity
Easy slidde
Easy go
Will you let him poo?
Is milla no we will not let him poo.
Let him poo
We will not let him poo
No no no
Momma mia let him poo
Andy Sixx has a shit log brewed inside for me
For me
For me.
I hope ne never puts another shit post in his music vids its old af
File: 1498320433605.jpg (267KB, 2349x817px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
267KB, 2349x817px
File: images (1).jpg (6KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (1).jpg
6KB, 225x225px
So you think you can log me and shit in my eye?
So you think you fart and leave me to cry?
Andy, can't do this to me Andy.
Just gotta get out
Just gotta get a shite log for me.
File: 1499491331152.png (588KB, 422x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
588KB, 422x650px
super fag
File: forrestdump.jpg (30KB, 445x312px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 445x312px
Nothing really matters
'cept Andy's logs you see
Nothing really matters
Nothing really matters to me

Any way the shit flows..........
File: maymay.jpg (38KB, 565x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 565x600px
I hope ur mom has a super late stage abortion
File: 1496085798199.jpg (125KB, 1184x1622px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125KB, 1184x1622px
File: 1495417133573.jpg (201KB, 1180x1627px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201KB, 1180x1627px
Dum dum dum
Another one eats a log
Duh duh dum dum dum
Another one eats a log
And another one gone
And another one gone
And another one eats a log yeah
Hey I'm gonna get you to
Another one eats a log
File: 1503598670818.jpg (194KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 640x480px
check it! no dubs!
File: stu.jpg (46KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 400x300px
File: 1498185189961.jpg (174KB, 1401x1362px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174KB, 1401x1362px
No, I don't want no dubs
A dub is a number that gets no logs from me
Slidding out the passenger's side
Of his best friend's ride
Trying to shit on me
Analog by nature blows double nigger dicks reinforced by faggot loving faggots in the 69 position
niggers toung my anus
suck a fat CHOOOOOODE
suck on trump's fat DIIIIIIIIICK
every slut loves IIIIIIIIIIIIT
don't deny you'd suck HIIIIIIIIIIm
File: andytac.jpg (369KB, 1080x1664px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
369KB, 1080x1664px
If yah have slidding problems
I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems
But my throat ain't one
Shit me.
File: anal log are shit.jpg (14KB, 250x140px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
anal log are shit.jpg
14KB, 250x140px
you could of at least cropped out the taco bell and put six over bad show faggot
its already better than when obongo was in
No, it's Andy's story about how he recieved a mortal wound to his anus from eating at Taco Bell, duhhhh!
but he is not the own injured in the pic poor show double faggot
recording vocals now
File: 1503621283054.jpg (10KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 320x320px
File: sullface.jpg (12KB, 189x266px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 189x266px
Stream cut out, new one is up now

File: gere-mex.jpg (72KB, 1500x797px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 1500x797px
>>743253925 log new fags killed it mate
Thread posts: 133
Thread images: 74

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