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>gee fur Submissive Fembois, Lets Go!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>gee fur

Submissive Fembois, Lets Go!
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Guess everyone else is at work.
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Its a shame, they get to miss all this gayness

I mean, I'm not gay, but god damn these are fucking arousing...
this thread better be alive when i get home from work in 30 mins
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Got any hardblush comics?
coks for bois
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i only want one cok
I personally don't. I just save any image that looks good. I don't wanna be a dick and post bits of comics, that would be gay.

No other gay porn besides this is arousing to me, which i find odd.
cok for slutty bois
Fair enough.

Actual gay porn is pretty gross looking.
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not slut
99% of it sucks
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THAT and the idea of getting it on with another man disturbs me greatly. Dunno why this doesnt.
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yes slut

coks for bois

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I mean, my experiences with it irl have been pretty nice.

I was never the bottom, but sucking his cock was pretty fun.
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I 1+ this sentiment
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Wait, are you talking to me?
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Forgot to tag. My apologies.
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that's not gay fur...
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back over to /h
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Don't sweat it. Well, it was awhile ago and I was hammered but alright.

>Be me drinking with an old highschool buddy about 4 years ago.
>Both fucked up beyond repair and decide to get a cab to drive us straight back to my place.
>The driver was some old fuck whos eyes where glued to the road so I decided to say fuck it and started rubbing friends dick over his jeans.
>Mouth watered just thinking about it there in the cab.
>Kept feeling it for the entire half an hour ride home.
>Stumble through front door and slam it, we both strip as soon as I closed the door.
>Somehow end up on the floor kissing, start kissing down his chest, mouth still watering while thinking about his dick.
>finally get to dick.
>shit was fucking huge, atleast 9 inches, and fucking thick. Somehow super thin at the head but gets thicker as you go down the shaft.
>Lick from the shaft to head and pull his foreskin back with my tongue and try my best to take it all.
>only got halfway before I gagged, still, tasted fucking amazing.
>jerk him off into my mouth as I play with his balls.

Pretty sure I fucked him after that, right there on the floor. It was a pretty good night. Awkward morning though. It's always a spur of the moment thing for me. Oh, and I lived alone at the time. Sorry for shitty greentext.
Bumpin meow
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>shitty greetext

That was actually pretty good mate. Sounded hot as fuck. If you dont mind me asking; was he black or white?
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 33

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