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Wait.. so hang on. "Snowflake" is an insult calling

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wait.. so hang on. "Snowflake" is an insult calling people fragile for being over sensitive about. But isn't that really just bad people being angry at others for being outspoken about their badness? Like the guys who complain about snowflakes are doing shitty things that bother people, and just don't want to stop so they insult anyone who they upset.

Doesn't that just make them terrible people? Why is there so much argument about this stuff?
When you're in America, there is no law or rule that says people can't be total asswads to you and make you feel like a pathetic cocksucker loser. That's why we poke fun at you, and make you feel terrible. It's everyone's God given right to be a douchebag to you. And there should never be a law that says you can't make people feel like shit. They're feelings, if they get hurt, it's up to the snowflake to grow up and be an adult.

Yeah but why you want to be cruel to people? I don't really care about the discussion, and am not part of it.

At the end of the day, you're being an asswad. So... you're the bad guy. So why be an asswad? Also why should anyone care what you think if you're an asswad?
The problem is 'badness' now means calling a fat person fat or suggesting Muslims are more prone to commit terrorism.
Last point first. Why should someone care if I'm an asswad? Why do you get bent out of shape and scream for prison or death because I call you a man or a woman instead of the gender you think you are for the day? They say gender is a construct, it's not, it's the words we use to differentiate between the sexes. Males have a dick, females a pussy. That's not gender in the way lefties want it to be. You're black, I'm white, race isn't a construct in the way that lefties see it. We quantify our differences, and give names to it. What I don't get is why people think their feelings must be before someone else's thoughts on the matter if theirs and yours don't align. First point next; take God out and instead say it's everyone's natural right to be a douchebag if they so choose. Why do lefties want to throw people in prison or outside of civilization over their feelings being hurt.

Well yeah. That's kind of always been the case. It used to be called politeness and was practiced to keep peace between neighbors by using a defined set of rules to ensure mutual respect. Generally people who were well versed in these behaviors were considered classy and respectable.

Sounds like people are just tired of being considerate and helpful to each other and just want to destroy everything that isn't themselves.
Quick run down for you coming off of this anons post>>739203142

>that kid you called gay? He takes cock up the ass.
>that girl you just called fat, she weighs 380 lbs.
>that guy out called stupid, he repeated second grade three times.
>that girl you called a who're? She fucked the entire football team in one night.

The problem is people don't want their shit shown for what it is. He's gay, she's fat, he's stupid, she's a slut.

I didn't say anything about gender, sexuality or race. That is literally all you. You attempted to answer my question by asking your own questions about several random topics, while still not answering anything.

My question were,

Why do you want to be cruel to people? And if you're a cruel person, why would your ideas on morality carry any weight?
It's not only about sensitivity, but also about considering yourself unique, special, relevant.
When the reality is most of those are bland generic idiots, that have little to nothing to do with the cause they pretend to care about. whose opinion shouldn't be considered at all and only are due to their artificially created relevance.
> i'm 1/16 indian
> women are a minority
> im not part of the 1%
> in fact everyone but white Christian males are oppressed and should be propped up in comparison
When a whole group of people are called enemies because they hold conservative views that aren't espoused by the other half and the news, you begin to break down the walls of civility. If you're not gonna respect me and many views, why should I do that for you. That's why it's falling apart. Saul Alinskys book says to break down those things and goad the other side into violence so as to set up a reason in the masses mind to confront political violence with over kill police response.

But if it's literally people just being blind to themselves and outright hypocritical, why would they matter? Like why try to fight them when they're immune to reality, and are totally self-destructive anyway.

I assume that someone actually has an agenda, and it's not just mass blind rage because people are tired of their stupidity having consequences.
Except the "badness" isn't bad, it's reality.
Snowflakes want everyone else to accommodate their insanity at their own inconvenience and detriment.
Like forcing people memorise 50 pronouns or hash-tag the shit out of every trigger warning.
It's not reasonable to consider the impact of your words and actions for every type of human.

If you're scared of spiders, it's not my job to not talk about them.
It's your job to either avoid the conversation or get over your fear.
They're just a bunch of faggy regressives shirking personal responsibility, as usual.

Kind of feels like that's a different issue altogether. I never read any of that stuff in the noise. Arrogance is too common to call out as an insult to one group or another.

Also no idea what the point of your greentexts were.
Ahem, because it's a natural right to be a douche. Is anything else really needed? We shouldn't be, but if you went and looked every piece up, you would come to realise that liberals tend to be alot less civil towards those who hold opposing views. Let's look at Berkeley, or Mizzou, or evergreen,. Or the it's whiteys fault. After a time, you begin to not care for civility anymore when your civility is rewarded with being called an enemy simply because you don't think it should be allowed to kill a 39 week fetus days before it's born. Or you believe marriage is religious, and the same ing could be done with civil unions.

That really doesn't feel like an issue. I mean maybe I'm not exposed to it, but generally I've not seen people getting run down and threatened on the sole basis of them identifying as conservative.

The whole right vs left thing has gone so nuts it's not really relevant. There are two groups for sure, but one is driven by emotion and faith, the other by understanding and knowledge.

Though I do agree that the knowledge side doesn't give enough respect to the emotional side. But the emotional side is definitely the aggressive force.
>green means imply,
He implied these are what's important, when in reality they're not.
Lurk more newfriend

Ooooohhhhh. So snowflakes are only the super aggressive, insanely outspoken types. Like whatever the left-wing version of Alex Jones is.

That explains why I can't figure out this snowflake thing. It applies to a very specific thing that I've never been exposed to before.

I didn't understand his usage of it. It just looked like random bits of information he tagged on for some reason.
Not to long ago, we had a presidential contender say that half the country is deplorable based on their views, Trump ain't no saint by any means. We have progressives teaching that for real equality, we need to rid ourselves of white people. In the 1600s it was religion, in the 2000s it's race. The problem now is, there's no where to go like there was back then.
Well now ya know, just lurk more, eventually any question you might have will be answered in some way, shape, or form. But we green text is you implying something. Which is a very broad definition, but the one that works.
>hey guys, sjws are bad but don't you think people that hate them are even worse

I'm struggling to understand what you're saying. It seems you're suggesting that a politician party is trying to get rid of white people as part of a racial crusade.

White people are gonna be around for a long time, don't worry. I'm asking why people are fighting so hard to be inconsiderate.

no... no. I understand what greentext is. HIS SPECIFIC USE OF IT is what confuses me. It's just random words that don't seem related to anything, or each other.

Yeah I'm not super into the sjw conversation. You took my original post, cut out the actual content, equated it to something similar and changed the meaning to make it seem like a bad argument while not actually addressing it.

I'm saying it's bad to be cruel to people, so how can you be on the right side of an argument when you're fighting in the name of being openly cruel
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You might not have encountered them but you've defo encountered the repurcussions of their whining.
>Websites giving a million gender/sexual orientation choices
>Shared bathrooms
>Forced diversity in video games
>Gender-ambiguious leads
>Obligatory gays in /tv/
>Obligatory "minorities", who are always the flawless good-guys
>"Stunning and brave"
>Getting banned or shadow banned for saying things that might offend a minority or liberal
>The youtube ad-apocalypse
>The exponential increase in child trannies
>Gay marriage
>[picture related]

So, people are making stuff you don't like.

I guess that about sums it up.

I think you're definition of snowflake might be a bit off what I was thinking. I thought it was making fun of people who were oversensitive. You're saying it's about people who are too aggressive and outspoken, but just about stuff you don't like.
I'm not the guy you've been speaking with. But I'm not fighting hard to be inconsiderate at all. But if I don't agree with other people's views, I won't be considerate towards them. I'll keep it to myself and be on my way. But if they decide they need to debate me on why I'm wrong and they're right, then I will tell them I think they're crazy for blah blah . Now if it is something small like "Plz call me by my middle name Michael because it's what I prefer, then np. But if you ask me to be considerate towards you for something that goes against a core belief of mine (i.e. a man asking me to call him angela because he hates his penis), I will refuse to do so. I won't start a fight with you, but I'll turn around and walk away because I will NOT challenge my core beliefs to make you feel better

Why is not addressing someone by their chosen name against your core belief? I mean I get you're obviously against transexuals for some reason (also why?), but if he changes his name to Angela, then it's just his name right? I'm guess you're mean more the his/her pronouns. But again, what is your core belief, and why is this against it?
The guy didn't wanna make a cake for the couple, due to his beliefs. Fine, go find a new baker. But having a judge threaten you with prison time because you don't see it the way they do, is okay in your eyes?

That sounds like an isolated indecent. And yes, it is wrong.

What does this have to do with calling people snowflakes?
Had to eat dinner real quick and I'm now I'm back.
When a group is trying to make it illegal for me to have an opinion or point of view that is outside of what they deem "appropriate" I've got a beef with them. When they call me a racist, or a facist, or a bigot, or an enemy, because I have my own beliefs and want to live by them, then I've got a problem. Why should I care what you feel, if you don't care how I feel? If you won't give an inch so that I can live my life, my way, so long as I don't physically assault you, why should you be treated with respect. A snowflake is someone who cannot fathom or live around people who are differently thinking about what they are passionate about. And who will go to extreme measures to block you from living the way you want to live.
Not entirely. A "special snowflake" or snowflake for short, implies individuality. They think that they're so special and uncompromisingly different from anyone else that they demand everyone else pay attention to them and bow to their whims. However, it's not always extreme cases like having to remember their specific, retarded pronouns and being yelled at for not doing so. It could be as simple as a glare for not opening a door for a black person. Anyone who thinks they deserve your utmost for the sole reason of them believing they are more special than anyone else.
>>739207657 I didn't clarify well. My fault. But you are correct in assuming that I meant pronouns. If you were clearly born a male, I will NOT refer to you as a woman. I am against it, simply due to the fact that I believe it's a mental disorder. Penis = boy , vagina = girl. Female = xx chromosome, male = xy. You can have surgeries, take hormones, whatever. But you cant change your chromosomes. Don't try to change fact to suit your feelings. I am gay, i wont ever be able to make a child with my boyfriend. But I also understand this. It's not a natural phenomenon in nature. But I also accept it. And am happy with myself. But I don't try to force the people around me to believe what I believe, to make myself feel better
Agreed brother. Isn't it funny they call you a fascist. When they are the ones being fascists in the first place?
Trans people are a problem, it's mental dissonance. Am I saying it's not real? Nope. For the past 30+ years we've been flushing growth hormones and birth control down right into our drinking water and into our foods. That's why we've got twelve year olds with dd tits now. It's probably a chem imbalance in the brain both in-utero, and post utero. But to give in and allow for it, instead of finding ways to mitigate it, I have a problem. Nowadays, there is no such thing as right or wrong, normal and abnormal. There is only, bow down to what we say is ok. So of course you're gonna get blow back on it. The snowflake part comes in hen those people who say bow down, lose their shit and won't even consider another view point.

So here's a question. What if you're actually the bad guy here?

Don't freak out... read on.

Like, being a racist or a bigot is a bad thing. If people are calling you that, you might be doing something bad.

So what is it that you're doing that they hate so much? And why is it so important that you keep doing it?

Yeah that's a totally different interpretation. If snowflakes are just 'arrogant people' then I don't really care.

I see. Well that's all really specific. None of these factors really matter to me in any way so I can't really comment.

I figure someone wants me to call them something, no skin off my ass.
Give you props my man, ballsy in the extreme. I see three different genetic genders myself. Xx, xy, and then the intersexed, xxy, xxx, and the rare, yy, or xyy. I agree with you though, even if with plastic surgery and hormones, undernaeth that veneer, you're still a guy or girl.
So if you call me a racist, or a bigot. Does it make me a racist or a bigot? Or was it just you calling me names because you were mad I didn't agree with you. Saying "racist" and "bigot" doesn't make you automatically correct. Why in your mind are the people doing the namecalling in the right?

No one has called me a racist or a bigot before. So I'm wondering who it is, how often it happens, and why.

Right, but you're not the subject. Like none of this stuff is happening to you, so why would you get to set the rules?
What I'm doing is saying that guys are guys and girls are girls. When I point out that more blacks kill blacks, or how if you were to adjust the population accordingly and then get stats from it, you would find that a higher proportion of Whites are killed by cops than blacks are. Or the fact that more Whites are on welfare. Or my fav, I got into a reparations debate once, I asked why I should be held responsible for the sins of my father. I got called a racist for that. Was I racist in your eyes for asking that? Or how about the white people who came after the civil war, should they have to pay?
I understand. I have an example. It has happened to me. I was in line at Wal-Mart. And the cashier was being friendly with me. My boyfriend went to the subway across from us (one of the ones in the store) and the cashier happened to ask me who he was. I pointed to the store front and said "the black guy right there", as he was the only black guy in the lobby of the subway and it clarified it all. The cashier, and I shit you not called me a racist asshole for saying "black guy". Now riddle me this, am I racist?
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It's not that I "don't like" it.
It's that it's designed to appease a vocal minority swamped with logical incongruency,
Cunts who, you give them an inch and they take a mile, 1 thing is never enough with those fuckers.

Things I "don't like" but haven't listed
>dark chocolate
>late night shows

You see the difference?
Someone who likes chess won't force every dev to add a chess mini-game in their shit would they?
I don't like chess and I can walk away.
I don't like saying "every tranny is beautiful", and now suddenly I can't speak on 90% of forums or comment sections.
See the difference?

Because they forced people to accommodate to their quirks
Wasn't there another story about a priest taken to court for not marry some gays?
I don't have the screenshot at hand.

Whew, you're all over the map with that one.

It seems like you're boiling down a lot of very complex issues into a couple of quotable stats from somewhere and drawing conclusions on it.

It's not racist to have a point of view or debate it, but if you're not actually part of the culture you're talking about then you better make sure you've got done a lot of homework before commenting.
>but if you're not actually part of the culture you're talking about then you better make sure you've got done a lot of homework before commenting

Same thing should apply to black people, Mexicans, whites, Asians, all ethnicities. Problem being, liberals think this should ONLY apply to whites. And that, is backwards thinking.

No of course not. That's just a stupid person. There are lots of those. Snowflake seems to be used to describe a collective movement that seems primarily progressive in its intent. Though it makes sense if it is also used to insult random stupid people too, since it helps damage the credibility of the more relevant side.

No one is forcing any of this stuff. Like you're whole argument is based on the four times in the last ten years something stupid happened. People include it in video games because that's what people want. They're staying relevant, not pushing an agenda.

I think you got the chicken and the egg backwards

The same thing does apply. Anyone who wants to comment on another person's culture has to tread carefully.
I agree. I merely pointed out that the progressive agenda doesn't believe this
ITT: OP is being willfully obtuse.

Please, don't feed the trolls.

Sure it does. Why doesn't it? Their whole thing is about equality.

I think at this point we're getting into strawman territory. When I started this thread, I had no ideas of racism or sexism or gender debates in mind. I just thought insulting people is bad, so why do people who hurl insults think they're the good guys.

Turns out it was full of all this stuff, and people are arguing all kinds of things that have nothing to do with my topic or my interests.

Still, it's interesting. But really I want to figure out why people think hating other people is the right thing to do. Cause... I mean it's not. Hating things is bad. Seems simple.

It seems that way, but I find it's the best way to get an actual dialogue going. If you're just sarcastic or insulting, then it turns into a regular shit fest.

If you pretend to be just a bit dumb and ask for explanations, people actually start exploring the "why"s.

There is cleverness in stupidity if you know how to use it.
Nigga what?
You never saw that sylvanas mess when they tried to cover her abs?
You never played overwatch?
You never watched GoT or TWD?
Never seen a youtube spotlight?
How about that pepsi ad the other day
>People want it

Holy fucking shit, what bubble are you living in?

>chicken and the egg backwards
Ever heard of "Anita Sarkeesian" and the whole gamergate?
Fuckin' no dude, you do your homework.
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Okay. Then sure , hating others is bad. But I don't stop. Because I don't have to. That simple.

Yeah, what I'm saying is just cause that stuff is in there, doesn't mean it was a secret conspiracy to trick people gay. I'm saying people like seeing characters like themselves sometimes. So they can attract a larger fan base by diversifying.

They don't make stuff specifically for you alone ya know.

Well then I'm a white troll. Srsly, this alt right, neonazi stuff makes no sense to me. I want to understand. I really do.

Okay. So you're the bad guy. Right? So that means you're wrong. But yeah, you don't have to stop. It just seems strange to live for the sole purpose of being spiteful.
Cruelty, or the lack thereof, does not in any way reduce or increase the validity of an argument.

Why not? Isn't that THE criteria of what constitutes as better? Whichever option is less cruel tends to be the right thing to do.

Or are you saying 'validity' in the sense that literally everything is valid and in a post modern society even pointless, mindlessness is equally valid?
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> doesn't mean it was a secret conspiracy to trick people gay
I wasn't going there at all.
But if you want to...
>Normalising degeneracy
[picture related]

No, I was just saying about how it's a forced meme and unpleasant at that.

>So they can attract a larger fan base by diversifying.
They have never once given a shit about weirdos or minorities.
They just want to LOOK like they give a shit to A) make themselves feel like they're doing something and B) stop themselves from being called racists or bigots by the regressive left.

If they ACTUALLY gave a shit they'd tell the gods honest truth so people could critize debate and make actual sociatal progress.
Every muslim, black and gay wouldn't be a saint.
And every single mother wouldn't be living the high life.

This shit fucking pissing me off dude.
Because I'm here trying to convince niggers not to nig and be a good rolemodel for non-whites,
then fucking ABC CBS BBC any other cucked 3 letter broadcaster or game dev tries to pretend everything's just peachy keen.
Every black is an up-standing citizen such as myself and for me to say otherwise w/o proving I'm black means I'm a racist white.
It pisses me off to NO end.

I'm saying an argument that is logically correct may be cruel, or be delivered in a cruel manner, without affecting the logic or the arguement.
>i have a dozen puppies
>they are terminally diseased
>they could spread the disease
>we should kill the pups to stop the spread of the disease

This is a logical argument, it is also cruel as it advocates killing innocent animals. The cruelty doesnt change the logic of the argument.

Oh god no. I was trying so hard to avoid triggering this. It's a fine line. You gotta stroke their ego just enough to keep them from freaking out, but still poke them to try and get to the root.

Looks like this one has gone full paranoid. I don't think I can de-escalate him.

Seriously though,

You're assuming all of this. Just because you instantly feel this is how something is, doesn't make it so. I like it when they throw in gay or racial stuff in video games. I personally enjoy variety, and get real tired of the same "standard white male shoots his way to glory" as a story. My opinion is different from your opinion, and lo and behold, I am not part of a collective organization pushing any particular agenda. I just like playing games sometimes.

Why does it make you angry anyway? Like what actual offense is it?

Logical arguments are immediately invalid as soon as humans are involved. Society is not a machine and cannot function like one. For example your puppy example doesn't offer any other solutions, like keep the puppies quarantined with each other so they can have full, long lives until they die of happiness overload.

Humans are squishy, and ignoring the needs of squishiness tends to lead to serious problems.
File: 1437460495229.jpg (81KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If physical, psychological and sexual traits can be subjective, so can traits regarding personality.
From what I understand, he's aggravated that no one seems to take his word for what it is.
Fucking burgers
So whats your point? Thats not a counter to the point I was making. Also, you cant dismiss logic just because people are involved. Making a decision based purely on an emotional argument is just as ludicrous. Middle ground must be found. This is why judges and arbitrators exist.

Yes and..?

wait... physical traits can be subjective? I'm pretty sure you either have an arm or don't.
Racial bias seems to be a recurring subtopic in this thread, so I wanted to lump that into something more generic.
Deal with it, snowflake.

The point is cruelty is kind of the number 1 enemy. It's a popular narrative that extinction is a greater option than living with cruelty.

So my initial question was "How can people behave with cruelty and claim to be righteous?"

I think you replied with "it's valid", and I'm saying "valid isn't nearly good enough".

but it's been a weird conversation that seems to have changed to be about semantics.

No one has touched racial bias. It's straight racsism in here. Honestly I feel if people did talk openly about racial bias it probably wouldn't be the powder keg it is.

I guess I don't know how to respond. You basically generalized it to a statement that is simply true, but holds no further discussion.
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>When they "bait" you into spilling the beans
>But you intentionally left the lid off
>And they can't produce an argument of their own
>Nor read what you've written
File: 1380697092809.jpg (42KB, 479x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cruelty can be valid, sometimes life is just not fair. What is best for the majority is not best for some. Is this cruel to the minority, who must live under the rules of the majority? Undoubtedly. But its just the way things are. Righteousness very rarely factors into human life

Ahh, so you were trolling the troll by trolling trolls trolling trolly trolls huh?

damn, you're a genius. Pity I foiled you buy not reading your nonsense post.
Both are correct.

On one side people are overly sensitive to even the most trivial forms of adversity, and on the other, people purposely do that which will trigger others and use the "snowflake" defense as justification for their unnecessary action.
No you stay out of my country and i stay out of yours, deal

Except I'm not talking about some kind of diabolical dilemma. This topic is about people who spout hateful rhetoric towards others while claiming virtue.

There's really no nuance to this. You see someone else, you insult them and walk away feeling better about yourself. How is this acceptable?

I really want to believe there's something more to all this than just shitty people fighting for their right to be shitty.

And not shitty in a "different opinion than me" shitty. I mean shitty like actively being a detriment to another person's life because of aesthetic preference.
How is it not? Do you not live in a free country? Grow up. Nobody is obligated to be nice to you.

Yeah that's the number one argument I've seen so far. "I'm a shitty person because I can be."

I'm not telling you stop. Be free, do what you want. I want to know why you want to hate on other people so much. Like what's in it for you?
This poster knows what a snowflake is.

Snowflake is a slur against people who think they are so unique and special when they are in fact mediocre and narcissistic. It gets applied to SJW's all the time for this reason, and now people seem to think it means anyone who has a problem or is sensitive.

"You are not a unique and beautiful snowflake"
-Tyler Durden

You say that, but there seem to be two definitions. I assumed only that it was about left-wing brand hypersensitivity and complaining, making them fragile like a snowflake.

This other one about uniqueness is kind of boring. Like it's just a new word for arrogance. That's kind of lame.

The fragility thing seems to hold a place with alt-right types. But then I didn't follow the whole sjw thing, so I don't know the history and relationship of that group with the alt-righties.
I dont want to hate on other people and in fact avoid doing so, but I will fight for peoples right to do so if they choose. What you are not taking into consideration is that people who firmly believe they are in the right will argue vehemenently for their side. They will not care about being an asshole because the other persons feelings are irrelivent to them. We are each resonsible for ourselves, if your feelings get hurt its your problem.
ITS another way of calling someone a "fucking pussy" without saying it. Lol.
File: spawn camping.jpg (38KB, 622x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spawn camping.jpg
38KB, 622x276px
>This other one about uniqueness is kind of boring. Like it's just a new word for arrogance. That's kind of lame

It's the origin of the term. The current common snowflakes have caused the meaning to be conflated with weakness because of who they are.

So my question is how do they not see that they're the bad guys in the scenario? Like they are actively seeking to harm people who they decided they don't like for some reason and they form a mob. It's 2017 ffs. If you're part of a torch mob, you're the bad guy.

nah, look at this thread. Snowflake is a hella loaded term. I didn't even know half the groups involved.

But looking at this thread, there seems to be a heavy association with the alt-right thing that's going on. there's definable more to it than just a new urban dictionary entry.
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394KB, 1366x2048px
Anyway, it's been fun fellas. OP OUT.

>white people have small penises
There are not bad guys in the scenerio. Hurting someone's feelings doesnt make you a "bad guy" or make your arguments " bad"

If you're just trying to be hurtful to people, you're a bad person. If someone is like "hey, I like red" and you're like "fuck you, blue only!" You're the dick in that situation.

So yeah, if you just go around hurting people's feelings with no remorse or empathy, you're a bad person. That's kind of what makes people bad people.
If you are calling people "bad people" because you don't like their opinions, you are such a dickhead you can't even see it. You must really want to deliberately hurt people's feelings.
Thats just your opinion. It doesnt mean you are right.

never said anything about anyone's opinions. I said if you as a human enjoy and/or generally are of the opinion that other humans should be harmed, you are in fact a bad person by the very definition of it.

Like hurting people is bad right? That shouldn't need to be debated.

How am I wrong? If willfully harming other people isn't bad, what is?
Emtional harm and physical harm are separate. Is it wrong to go around physically harming others? Yes. Is it wrong to emotionally damage others? Maybe, maybe not, but nobody should have to censure themselves for the benifit of others. If thats what you believe then you sir are a facist.
>Like hurting people is bad right?
The fag I was replying to was clearly talking about feelings, not physical harm.
There are many times where hurting someone is in fact the right and proper thing to do. You seem to want to lump the world into black and white when reality is grey.
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>never said anything about anyone's opinions. I said if you as a human enjoy and/or generally are of the opinion that-
Now this is trollposting

Harm is harm. You want to make someone else feel bad. That's pretty messed up. I mean killing people only makes their family's feelings hurt, so what's the big deal.

I just want to know why it's so important that you be openly be hurtful to people. Not why you should be allowed to be, but why that's even something you want to do.
Well, why do you want to do it?


baseline respect for people?

Sure, moral dilemmas are what the entirety of the government is meant to deal with. But this stuff seems like blind rage over superficial/petty nonsense.
So you're a facist then? People should only behave in a way that fits your morale code and everyone else is a "bad person"? Thats literally facism. Get fucked buddy.
WTF, you want to be openly hurtful to people out of "baseline respect for people"?
Respect for who?
If its superficial petty nonsense then people's feelings shouldnt be hurt to begin with.

You have that backwards. I want baseline respect so people don't openly hurt each other. Honestly not sure what you were reading.
>The problem is people don't want their shit shown for what it is. He's gay, she's fat, he's stupid, she's a slut.

>Implying telling the truth excuses you for being a dipshit

It's personal stuff. It's not petty to them, it's who they are. But from the outside looking in it doesn't really matter at all. Like why would it matter if some other person is a transexual? Literally no affect to me or my life. Yet people are enraged by it.
>I don't feel like being tolerant, I guess I'll be a dick instead.
I think "snowflake" is actually supposed to be used to insult people who aren't just being fragile or overly-sensitive, but who are using their outburst/tantrum to elevate themselves to a special status (often a special victim status) due to their perceived, unique characteristics.
Posted 4 hours ago.
>Honestly not sure what you were reading.

>You want to make someone else fell bad. That's pretty messed up
>Anon literally calls others anon disagrees with "bad people" in a deliberate attempt to make them feel bad
Oh the blindness of hypocrites, they are such special snowflakes they will probably never understand how being a douche can work both ways
File: 1485804190627.jpg (524KB, 1774x1602px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Im done. Replying to you is like talking to a wall.
>how being a douche can work both ways

a two way douche.

So you misunderstand and assume it's an error. That's definitely part of the problem.

I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad. It seems like not being a bad person should kind of be everyone's objective, despite politics or beliefs. It's simple terms everyone can understand. I'm not doing harm in questioning motives.
>>Obligatory "minorities", who are always the flawless good-guys

So only non-minorities can be the flawless good guys? I've seen plenty of this shit with non-minority characters and have yet to have someone who complains about this complain about it.

>Implying anything with a gay character in it is being forced when at the same time straight characters are almost always the ones forced in shows

What's the difference between forcing a gay character and forcing a straight one? Can people not make characters who are gay without it being because they want to force them in. I'd say there are more straight characters forced into TV than anything else because otherwise we'd have whiny bitches like you complaining about it.

>>Gender-ambiguious leads

Is this a fucking joke? Why does the gender have to be addressed for you to be happy?

>>Forced diversity in video games

>Any character who isn't white and male is forced
You seem upset.
>I am against it, simply due to the fact that I believe it's a mental disorder. Penis = boy , vagina = girl. Female = xx chromosome, male = xy.

And if you were born with both? What are you then?
>I'm not doing harm in questioning motives
Who else might be doing this? Oh right, your "bad people" who label some people "snowflakes", just like you label some as "bad people" which is really a more offensive and "harmful" name to call people.

But it's OK because <insert another hypocritical excuse>
>And if you were born with both? What are you then?
I think there's a medical technical term for it: a chimera.
File: 1499595175277.jpg (48KB, 660x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Snowflake" is an insult calling people fragile for being over sensitive about
That's not what snowflake means. It refers to the myth that each snowflake is unique, but when you look at them together, they all look the same. These "special snowflakes" all like to pretend they're unique but they are really just pretending, compensating for their lack of an actual personality. Fuck snowflakes.

Asking 'why' and insulting people are two different things. Dunno how you equate them.
They're not saying that you fucking idiot. It's hilarious seeing people twist others words in order to make themselves seem correct. They are asking why you choose to be an asshole. They're not saying that you shouldn't be one.

yeah apparently. I learned that in this thread. Also learned it's mostly just people fighting for their right to hate things they don't like.
Been pointed out several times, OP had head too far up own asshole to listen
Why are you such a disgusting faggot and wretched individual?

Asking questions is evil?
Satan is that you?
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