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comfy hangout thread Where do you live anon? Do you like it

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Chibi Ana 2.gif
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comfy hangout thread

Where do you live anon? Do you like it there? Where would you move to if you could?
Hell, no, still hell.
But why do you want to stay there if you don't like it
high desert of California, its definitely not the worst. i have no idea where id go. just anywhere but here you know?
i live in an agglomeration - im close to everything and id move only if i end up still having everything close to me
Shithole hick town in the middle of Canada.
Want to move to the west coast.
Middle of the desert in Cali. I want to move back home to Pennsylvania
It's home...I want to fix my home...
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Puzzled Ana 4b.png
398KB, 788x720px
What's so bad about it? I think deserts are comfy
Would you like to go someplace cold? Like Canada?

An agglomeration of what? Where is the agglomeration? I've never heard of the term before

Why do you want to go back there? Just family or...?

But I thought all canadians were nice. I know brit columb is pretty comfy, like endless spring

How do you think you could go about fixing it?
Yea, I'd love to be able to live near the beach and just go hang out there whenever.
The people here aren't bad; it's just boring as fuck.
Family. Culture. Environment. Just a generally better state than California
google the new word
im not gonna tell u where it is
actually cold sounds nice, i do prefer it. i dont know i just feel like here the situation as far as murders and crimes and shit is tame, feels safe to just stay here> just not home anymore.if that makes sense
Work my way up to my own business then give people jobs to improve their lives and help local law enforcement with funding to help with the crime problem, but, in the meantime, simply help people.
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Goldfish 210.png
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Do you not play vidya? I guess it can be pretty boring if you're just cooped up with nothing to do

Maybe if you aren't left wing it's pretty annoying to, I know a friend who lives there and he calls it commiefornia, he's trying to move to texas right now.

I did before I answered, but I still don't know an agglomeration of what. Villages? People? Towns? Buildings?

Not home anymore? Was it your home before?

That sounds like a good, achievable goal and generally worthwhile for yourself and others, good job anon.
Where might hell be? Is there another name for it?
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Small town by the coast. I like it here, but I'd rather live in a bigger city.
more like i live here now, and family are room mates i cant wait to get rid of. i dont like it here and i dont like the people here. they swear by loving me but i dont like them as people. so. doesnt feel like home for me.
urban agglomeration, u idiot...
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>Lower Michigan
>summer is still too hot for me
>would like to move somewhere like Alaska where it's pretty
>father expects me to take over family business
>have to go to a 4 year with business major or be disowned
It's not so bad though, i just am trying to thankful for all I have and enjoy life :)
Haven't really had time or energy to play much vidya.
Hopefully that'll change if I move.
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Goldfish 141.jpg
303KB, 842x1191px
Why? I would think a lot of people would enjoy smaller towns over big cities

I think I get what you mean, I feel the same way about my direct family, it's like the only thing between you is blood, right?
Well good luck to you man, hopefully you can move out asap, you saving up or is it a distant goal?

Well, at least you have a stable future in front of you, even if it's not preferrable
I think that even if I'm shovelling shit for eight hours of the day, as long as the rest of it is spent playing vidya and hanging out with friends, it's fine. Do you have the same mentality or do you really want a job that you enjoy?
And yes, a lot of people like to whine about bad luck but good on you for realising how good you have it, you must be a pretty enjoyable person to have around.

I can't really relate, I'm always down for some games
What's stopping you from playing? Nothing interesting? Do you play alone or with friends?
im still trying to figure out what im doing, i dont have goals i dont have dreams i dont have aspirations im just kinda here so i havent saved for much
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Goldfish 225.jpg
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You in college? Got a job? Still in school? Neet?
>Central Oregon
>Not really
>Oregon coast
I'm moving to Eugene in a month, so it'll be a bit nicer. Problem is I can't be obvious with my guns at all.
im going to college kinda fresh out of high school. i split wood for some cash but its not a job.
I'm in a small suburban area on the coast of Australia and its shit hot and not comfy at all, there are some nice people around but I'd rather live in a place like Canada
Hell is Selma, Alabama. We're dirt poor, and people keep shooting each other. The worst part are the faggots who come here once a year to "march" across our bridge and litter in our drinking water, but don't lift a single finger to help us. We have a new mayor who's trying his hardest, but the drug trade here is too deep-rooted and violent for him. I'm simply going to work my way up as an electrical apprentice until I become a general contractor then I plan to build things for people to do to lure them away from drugs and other stupidity. I give people jobs to build those things, and I give people jobs to work in those things after they are built. I also plan to create a state-of-the-art security force since burglary is such a major problem here. Once i get that going, I'm going to offer some of my security teams as local law enforcement. They'll work entirely for the city but I'll pay them myself. I'll also help with public funds any way i can. Sounds stupid i know but i have a realistic path to get to that point plus i have contacts who know some rather powerful people. All i have to do is be patient, work, and build my network.
>Do you have the same mentality or do you really want a job that you enjoy?

I feel pretty lucky especially talking to friends and people at college who don't have any guarantees. So I'm going to try my best with it and help as many people as I can along the way :3
Idk, everything kinda sucks lately.
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487KB, 781x593px
Live in a city, too many people, too much noise.
I'd love to live somewhere a bit remote, by the ocean.
>Selma, Alabama
Just Google Mapped it. It is quite the shithole.
Good luck on your quest.
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Happy Karen 63.jpg
197KB, 850x1448px
What are you planning to major in?

Worse gun control? What can you bring and what can't you?
Or is it just the concealed carry thing?
I don't know anything about oregon or eugene

I prefer the warmth and the sun honestly, though many people have told me that at least in the winter you can bundle up and stay inside and warm up
In the heat you can only turn on your ac and take your clothes off, skin stays on and at some point you're going to faint from heat.
Is the stuff about animals true? Dangerous?

That's pretty inspiring dude, you got the grit and everything it seems, I hope I see some headlines about alabama changes happening in some years.
Your plan seems solid but I guess the only issue is having enough money to build everything and pay for it, I sincerely hope you manage to do it though.

Good job Anon, I'm sure a bright future waits for you and your optimistic mentality. I know a lot of people tend to flock around people like you who spread happiness rather than complain about life.

What do you do most of the day then?

hey taiga
Where would that ocean be? Do you think you could move there soon?
nothing yet, like i said nothing i really want.
Yeah heat stroke is a very real thing, kids would pass out in whole school assemblys in the summer because of heat stroke and dehydration
>What do you do most of the day then?
Drink, get high, and watch videos and shit.

My computer also kinda sucks, so that is partially why I don't play many vidya.
Regarding firearms in Oregon, it's just a matter of culture, not law. I have a concealed carry permit, so I can legally carry anything nearly anywhere, but I'm more likely to be ostracized in Eugene for carrying than, say, Madras.
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784KB, 1264x991px
Hi Karen
Doesn't really matter. Maybe some dense forest not too far away too.
I have doubts I'll ever be able to.
File: IMG_0461.gif (1MB, 475x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 475x475px
Tell us more about OP please :D
>where ya from?
File: 1493359988586.jpg (42KB, 480x542px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 480x542px
I need to fuck that boy.
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Determined Karen 55.jpg
112KB, 1225x957px
Did you think about it yet? I guess the school system doesn't really help considering they teach you general shit for 12 years then toss you out and go "choose what you want to do for the rest of your life"
I made a mistake and wasted a semester on psychology before realising what a dead end it was, kek

That sounds really bad, I lived in saudi arabia for most of my life and I've literally never seen it happen, I wonder why, maybe something about the humidity?
At least they passed out in front of the teacher and not on the street

Sounds like a decently entertaining time, have you tried Darkest Dungeon? I feel you on the shit computer front, I've always ever had either a terrible computer or terrible internet or both. It really saps your will to want to do anything and just magnifies every little discomfort you have
Sometimes I call up some friends on discord or whatever voice program and we watch something together in one of those stream rooms, it's a fun thing to do, maybe you can try it at some point.

Well, safety first, always. Should be able to protect yourself, I don't agree with those people that want to take your guns away.
My friend showed me the stats and the crime rate is usually highest where the gun laws are the harshest

Forest would be comfy too, though the mosquitos and shit would be annoying and the internet connection probably wouldn't be great, maybe the ocean is your better bet, kek.

I'm a Lebanese student that hops countries occasionally due to family work. I like girls with bright hair colors and comfy people.
I like to live in desert countries, sadly I'm in lebanon now and the weather switches very quickly, heat is much worse when it's not dry. I don't know why.
We were having hailstorms during the start of summer up in the mountains, it was dumb and not very comfy to have during exam week.
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48KB, 1024x768px
Pedobear no D:
North Carolina. Not bad I guess
It is, I'll fix it though.
Like I said, I know people. The only problem will be getting people to trust me. I wasn't exactly a model citizen here not too long ago, but that's a part of it as well. I want to show people that if I of all people can make something of my life then they very much can too. I'm starting on the trust problem here shortly though, I'll be volunteering at my local nursing home today. I'm good with old people plus doing maintenance and heavy lifting for them will get my foot in the door with my career. My contacts will help me but i have to earn my way up just like everyone else.
nothing intrests me thats all i find it hard to find something that makes me happy. i dont know what i want. just trying to be pleased about something.
Yeah, but I could think of nothing better than cuddeling with someone in a bed on a cold night in a studio apartment, that's my kind of comfy
Spain. Coast region, pretty hot in here. I probably would travel to Alaska or Canada for a long period of time (like 3-5 years)
You wouldn't move anywhere?

I guess that's a bit of an issue, though I don't think it will be much of an issue considering your determination.
Plus, in a town like that, it's not really uncommon to fall to the bad side, right? What caused this change in you, though? Why are you suddenly crusading to make it so much better considering where you were before?

Well, I hope it falls into your lap soon, because unless you put in a tremendous amount of effort I dont think you're going to come out of this state soon, try to surround yourself with happy people who don't confirm your sadness.
I don't know what else to tell you, I hope life gets better for you soon.

Why not permanently? You still like spain?
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Love Karen 25b.png
375KB, 583x684px
Love is the best source of warmth my dude, do you have anyone?
How did you end up in Saudi Arabia anon?
Sadly no, I've been with one girl so far and I got ghosted after the first date, oh and don't ask my age, I kinda still want to talk in this thread
I experienced kindness.
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Happy Karen 125.png
383KB, 640x360px
My father needed work and Lebanon wasn't providing good opportunities, we applied for Canada and some other places but Saudi Arabia had the fastest response time. My parents had a very young me to take care of and so they moved asap. I wish it wasn't so hot there but I still prefer it over the cold and random lebanese climates.

i won't then, though I am curious now that you brought it up.
Do you still have your life ahead of you? There's always chances. I know people who went 40 years without ever dating then randomly found the love of their life.

Who showed it to you? How?
fuck no. chinky city with too many losers, idiots and weedlmao type people.

if i could move anywhere i'd probably consider somewhere like idaho, montana or wisconsin, but really i'd just like to go somewhere where the weather is nice, the people are nice, and that you can't find a starbucks on literally every street corner (robson st in downtown vancouver is fucking crazy, literally 3 starbucks all a block or so away from one another)
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Smug Karen 36.jpg
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I'm getting the feeling you don't like starbucks.
Is it the place itself or the people it attracts?
Italy, it's okay, Hawaii/any Polynesian island.
My grandfather, he gave me a home and an education even though he wanted nothing to do with me and completely expected me to fail.
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Love Karen 14.jpg
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Meu amor.
probably the people more. i don't even really mind getting a coffee from there every once and a while, but i dread every time i walk in. not sure if it was supposed to be or not, but that faggot on his macbook writing his groundbreaking novel while sipping on his latte is not a meme, not here atleast.
Replying for the top 2 people on your post (sorry for the samefag)

That's pretty cool, my auntie works there and makes some fine money from it, I believe it was a really good place to work 15-20 years ago and still is but their golden years have passed. As for my life I want to become a mechanical engineer and have a passion for something that won't leave me. Oh and with the age thing, it ends with 5 and it's double digits so you work it out.
Hell itself in the summer, wind colder than a nun in a whorehouse in winter. Straya. And Id probably have to stay put. Only place with good internet.

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I guess, mosquitoes are bitches.
If I live far enough away from the woods it shouldn't be a problem, I just enjoy the isolation of them, the silence and lack of people.

File: Chibi Karen 45.jpg (172KB, 850x895px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chibi Karen 45.jpg
172KB, 850x895px
What makes it okay and not great?
Why islands? Seems like a strange place to want to go.

I think this is one of those times where people put in a little kindness and get so much in return. Is your grandfather still alive?

Well, you never know, maybe he's going to write the next inception.
Probably not.
I guess living in that kind of place is very annoying, where you'd get ostracized for not being a "sheep" I guess?

Yeah, you're absolutely right, we moved out two days ago, packed up the house, transferred everything. I'm keeping my iqama though, might get a very good job there when I graduate.
kek alright, I guess I understand.

I think that goal is very attainable, a friend of my aunt's built his house on the edge of the cliff himself, put down the foundation and built the roof, just had to pay fees.
File: Happy Karen 16b.jpg (491KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Happy Karen 16b.jpg
491KB, 1920x1080px
I will go for a bit, will be back later.
File: 11.jpg (307KB, 1600x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
307KB, 1600x1136px
Oh, where are you/have you moving/moved to?
Yeah, he's alive. Things are pretty good between us now.
File: 7115.png (1MB, 1708x1046px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1708x1046px
I guess only time can tell.

Hey man, I'm outie for the night, I gotta get up early for school and this weird ass pneumonia treatment but you seem like a pretty cool bloke, if you want to msg me on kik @pixl_jr.jpg

>>739164742 << was the last post by me btw
File: 633747.1447431967.jpg (1009KB, 1590x2205px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1009KB, 1590x2205px
>suburbs in Malaysia.
>it's pretty comfy here. crime is rare, scenery's okay, lots of facilities.
>liked to move to the city, atleast get some exp. of living in the city.
Closest is Kuala Lumpur but I've got choices in other states.
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