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Lookin for oldfags - There was a game on /b/ years ago where

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Lookin for oldfags -

There was a game on /b/ years ago where you would scramble/descramble pictures that other good folk posted with a program

anyone have any pictures like that or willing to help me make some? I totally forgot the program as well.

shit was cash
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bumping with random shite until someone responds
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learning how to use photo editting tools was probably the best and worst decision of my life
bumpin up. really want to play that game again. havent seen anything but celebrity porn on b for awhile now
shit was all jumbled in a square i remember it,used gimp to undo. no idea as to what it was called tho.
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i swear to christ im not letting this fuckin thread 404
aye yeah at least someone else remembers

I know it wasnt gimp to undo it, it was some photo encryption program
you're right my bad. after digging i found it. gmask and you use FL mask i think . you're welcome anon
im guessing i got gimp because of the g lol
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bingo thanks man. yeah gimp/gmask sound similar. maybe we could teach these fuckin sweet summer fags a proper good time
Haha they're to fucking worried about trump and dicks mate. Used to have a bigfolder of them but they're all gone now. :(
Fuckin gmask eh

I remember back way when undoing one and finding some legit cheese pizza

I srs thought the party van was gonna come hey
You never knew what you were gonna get it was mildly terrifying sometimes
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Fuck it - we're goin to do some gmask

I dont have any OC porn to mask but i got some OC drawing/bullshit/ memes
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lets roll negros
If I weren't a mobilefag right now I'd be in on this anon
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no worries. i might do another thread tomorrow with better pics
About what time I'll get in on that I'm EST
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~1-2AM EST maybe a bit later depending

easier file here, hopefully SOMEONE is playing
Sounds good I'll keep an eye out for it. Off to bed gmaskfag
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is anyone trying to unmask these fookin pictures or am i just sitting here yanking my chain for no good fuckin reason?

summer fags go download gmask and try to crack these fookin pictures

maybe this pic will inspire you depraved bastards to play
if no fags are playing im gonna leave. shit's tiring yo
Anyone have a mirror for gmask?
All dl links i find are 404
I'll play but only if the pic is worth it
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i dont know if you haven't realized but /b/ has been dead for quite some time.

I found it on a website called software informer. has about 400 download buttons, but you're a smart lad, you'll figure it out
If it makes you feel any better I'm still lurking gmaskfag
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big fucking gun.png
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aye thanks lad
im trying my best mate
here's a good pic for ye
Can't sleep so might as well lurk here and see if there are any anons worth a fuck. Maybe an earlier start will get it better
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give me something harder faggot
Now we're cooking with gas.
yeah tomorrow should fare better.

ah someone's playing! fuck yeah! i was about to go to bed. try >>738942581

i made them pretty piss due to the fact i assumed no one knew how to play
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this one was harder but still pretty easy
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Yeah thats the case

Come back tomorrow i'll have some more to unmask. im goin to sign off for the night. it's fuckall in the AM and i have yet to sleep today

cheers for playing folks
I'm just coming here to say I remember this.
Night fag
cheers bud, I'm in CEST so i don't know if i'll see tomorrows thread but if I do, I'll play again.
how'd you do that? When I try to unmask it, the bewbs are pixelated?!
First, you have to use FL mask to remove the spiral thing and then you have to use horizontal and vertical glass blocks to remove the pixelated effect.
how often and in which order? Nothing what I do seem to solve the problem
Last bump
1. Select the exact square that was 'encrypted'
2. Use FL mask once
3. Use vertical glass blocks once
4. Use horizontal glass blocks once
ye, did that. Still pixellated

but thx anyway
Thread posts: 46
Thread images: 22

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