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Gayest childhood story thread, big bonus for greentext

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Gayest childhood story thread, big bonus for greentext
i saw a dingus once at camp
masturbated to traps
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>I started this thread
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When I was 6 my 9 year old neighbor convinced me to rub my penis against his and he played with my dick for a while. I'm gay now, but I always wonder if I would still be if that never happened.
Earlier this week i posted greentext of a situation that once happened to me. I was a few years older than the other person. Not comfortable with what happened and should have stopped it but hey. I was staying at my uncles and a cousin jumped into bed with me. Stuff went down.
I'll see how the thread goes and how my conscience plays. May re post it.
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>be me
> 6 or 7
>go to my only friends house
>steal beers from his dad
>we both drink one or two
>didn't feel shit
>friend starts saying stuff about how girls like it when guys kiss
>kisses me
i was on /b/ once, and I saw this thread
>be me
>walking in a highly metro area
>going to store to get talenti ice cream
>feel quesy
>go to public bathroom and take a shit
>feels good.jpg
>get out
>go to store
>get ice cream
>nice hot cashier says "is that all"
>smile and pay
>leave store
>walk back to apartment
>open door
>get inside
>close door
>eat ice cream and watch tranny porn
thats.. thats about it
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>Be me
>10 or so
>Not long after fapping was discovered
>Fap in mom's silky clothing
>Wear silky clothing I find of nearly every female I'm around
>Friend's mothers
>Their siblings
>Went on for a few years until mom found an article of lingerie that belonged to my friend's mom I had stashed under my mattress
>Stop all shenanigans from that point onward
Shit was cash and mom never mentioned it, so no fucks given. I'm 30 now lol.
In the 4th grade all the way up until 5th i would sit on my friend's face after school with no underwear and have him eat my ass while i played his video games.
Lol tht mfw
Not gonna lie, that's pretty damn homo. At least you're not OP though, that fag was sucking dick while still in the womb.
>Show me your wee wee and I'll show you mine
Living the dream
File: 2fe.png (178KB, 300x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Show me your dick and I'll show you mine.

>MFW Jokes on him mine was bigger.

It wasn't like once or twice it was like 12-15 times.
same thing then
>I suck yours you suck mine ?
Fucking rejected
>be me like 8 years or 7 i dunno
>neighbord friend he was like 7 or 6
>he told me , hey anon my parents where doing this crazy stuff (Sex)do you know how it feels they looked like enjoying it!
>Me:i don't know
>He: wanna try it?
>Me: well ok
we kind of like fuck i was bottom
didn't fucking felt nothing
Shota is a lie
Your friend was a very lucky boy.
>Hey anon my parents where doing this crazy stuff (Sex)
>they looked like enjoying it
No sherlock
>Not gonna lie, that's pretty damn hot
>be me, 8 y/o
>playing with knock-off barbie dolls at friends house
>also a girl
>both in her room, putting the dolls in weird "innapropriate" positions for shits and giggles
>friend makes dialogue with the dolls to make it more funny
>"oh that feels good" "lol yes right there"
>start feeling tingly
>"do you wanna try that lol
>she lays down on the floor inbetween her bed and the wall
>start basically dry humping the crap out of her
>still laughing since we're joking around even though it feels good
>door is wide open
>her grandma is doing laundry right around the hall

i dont remember if i knew it was inappropriate but i dont think i cared either way, i also dont think her grandma never noticed us
Shotas usually have penises at least a couple inches long, not the same in real life.
>Shotas usually have penises at least a couple inches long, not the same in real life.
Oh... so that explains some things now
Mean to respond to
>we kind of like fuck i was bottom
>didn't fucking felt nothing

I hope English isn't your native language.
>I was 5
>friend down the street just got Virtua Cop for Sega Saturn
>head over to his house for Vista
And I know this next part sounds like a bad doujin but...
>he asks if I want to play a different game
>wut game
>"it's the game where we get naked in the bathtub and rub wieners together"
>where tf you hear about this game
>"I saw it on my brothers tv"
>naw man I just wanna play Virtua Cop
>he keeps asking me over and over until I get annoyed and go home

Years later I'm not sure if his brother was into gay porn or if it was regular porn and this kid was gay.
no its not
i'm from spain ;-; s-sorry
> Be me
> 3 or 4
> sharing bath with lil bro
> bro is 2 or 3
> at a age where mom and dad can leave us alone for a amount of time
> playing around in small ass bath
> got all the toys n shit my guy
> shitwaslitson.jpg
> I notice my bro has a "thingy" between his legs
> same as I do
> his is smaller though
> like a pea
> thinks it looks like it be delicious
> crawl on the wet floor of the tub to my bare lil bro
> slowlyopenmytoddlermouth.gif
> approaching maximum overdrive
> slowly wrap my mouth around his 2 yr old cock
> balls deep on bros cock
> ready to bite down on this turkey
>shocked when urine fills my fucking mouth!
> gags.gif
>GAGS fucking hard
> lil bro starts to lulz
> does not throw up
> swallows like a fucking man
>mfw I drank bros urine and he doesn't even remember
When i was in 3rd grade some of the boys would go into the bathroom at lunch and just show off our dicks. I had this one friend i liked to hang out with and i slept over a couple times. Well one time we were playing plants vs zombies on his computer and he wanted to show me this website with porn games so i agreed and we did. Later i guess i was horny or something but still to young to get a boner so we were lying in bed and my friend said we should sleep naked i do it all the time so i did. We were basically staring at eachothers dicks and i asked if i could touch his and he was very reluctant but eventually gave in. I touched it for like a second and nothing happened and that was the extent of it. Also from a young age the tip of my penis was very full but the kids at school seemed to have shriveled up penises at the tip. Was anyone elses like that or just them.
that was weird and funny
continue lol
Dont be sad anon, im sure he didnt know o:
Sucked my friends dick when we were 11.
Be me the next year when I sucked my classmates dick. We got real close after that the next two years. Sucking each other all the time. Then he moved. Didn't suck another dick for 5 years, and then that was my cousin's.
ITT sucking dick.
File: 1447468308279.jpg (13KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jesus christ anon, yes post more
>replying to myself
>4th grade
>swimming lessons feild trips
>in change room changing
>take off my pants people yelling at me to wiggle my dick
>do it
>get lots of attention so keep doing it
>looking back shouldnt have done it cuz stupid
File: 1484293586341.png (104KB, 217x230px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Be me 14
when i was on highschool i met this guy who was cute and everything
he was bullied and shit like that, i got closer to him so much that one day he invited me to his house and showed me some porn i was like whoa...
He told me yeah , hey i hear that when you kiss someone it feels so good wanna try it?
Me: well i don't know...
He forced me i was like
>pic related
It was so good then i think i became more gay at that time he even showed me videos of how men masturbate
Also i didn't know what masturbating was lol
I remember trying it i took me like 30 minutes or 1 hour
Then he wanted to do more mature things like sex but i refused
He got mad i got mad we got in a fight then we never talked to each other
ended highschool feeling fucking sad because in the end i think i did feel something for him
after all he was a good friend
>Also i didn't know what masturbating was lol
I remember trying it i took me like 30 minutes or 1 hour
were you an innocent kid or what?
>in the boys bathroom at school in kindergarten
>two friends come in
>one starts flicking the lights on and off
>me and the other one start waving our dicks around while running in cricles
>we start screaming "I'M A DRAGON" at the top of our lungs over and over again
>teacher comes in and yells at us and takes away recess for 3 months
>mfw I got recess taken away for waving my dick with another kid while another flicked the lights on and off
File: 1498863366913.png (439KB, 464x655px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Forgot pic
You still want a boyfriend. I need love in my life.
kissed 2 dudes before the age of 13, 20 now and still haven't kissed a girl. hah, top that!
>Be 17
>High school
>New swimming partner
>Grow closer after a while
>I have a girlfriend
>He's single
>He drags my foot down to the bottom of the pool
>I nearly drown
>Kick him in the face and call him a idiot
>He feels bad and apologies
>Okay I'll make it up I'll pull you down
>Turns out he's not that strong of a swimmer
>He nearly drowns
>I save him but only just
>End up in a brawl after school
>Fight in wooded area behind school
>I break his nose and he dislocates my shoulder
>End up exhausted lying on top of eachother
>"This is stupid let's go to my house"
>I suck his dick on the way home and we watch The Simpsons then fall asleep in his bed after taking Tylenol.
>Break up with my girlfriend a week later
>We've been together ever since so 5 years now.
>for 3 months
d-damn only true heroes survive that
Cheers bro you will find it!
also i didn't know that lol
But maybe it's true, i have problems with my self confidence and often i get so shy or nervous when talking to people
> be me
> 12 or 13
> been watching porn since 11
> started stroking my worm at 11 and a half

I know its not a real age, just a time frame
> couldn't produce my DNA till 12
> bro is 11 or so
> we occasionally watched porn together
> no jerking off or stuff related when together
> weain'tthatgay.gif
> smacking my wang to some good shit
> bouttobust.jpg
> bro barges in to tell me something
> we make eye contact
> he sees my dick and my DNA
> killmenow.png
> glances at my screen
> sees incredibles hentai on the screen
> Mrs.I showing off her ass
> themostawkwardsilenceofmylife.org
> tell him to leave and clean up
> few months pass since that dark day
>doin some dumbshit on computer
>hear bro scream from down the hallway
> before my brain can produce the reason of why lil bro is screaming he barges in
> his boxers are hanging from his fat ankles
> his shirt is half way up his chest
> his tiny cock is in his hands
> in his hands socking his cock
> his DNA
> his fucking cum puddled hand
> all he does with a smile on his fucking face is fucking yell " Anon!, I did it I finally did it!"
> scream at to fucking leave
> WTFjustfuckinghappenedandwhy?!.GIF
> MFW lil bro cums in his hand and shows me cause he was so proud he busted his first load
>"This is stupid let's go to my house"
Oh boi
Oh wow
>>MFW lil bro cums in his hand and shows me cause he was so proud he busted his first load
Also that mfw already happened to me in a bus when i was a kid ;_;
That was the worst shit it could ever happen to someone
I remember i was a lot sensitive to the bus going fast and i would puke if the fucking bus was going fast
keep doing it, send pics
Yeah it's been lots of fun.
>second grade
>after lunch bathroom break
>me and my bud Kenny (I think) at the urinals
>I look over and see his dick
>"Hey Kenny, nice peenie!"
>Kenny looks at me, disgusted
>never speaks to me again
>never lets me play his Game boy at lunch again

I missed that Gameboy.

That's almost a beautiful story.
>>Be me in middle school,8th grade
>>friends and I discover game called "Truth or Dare"
>>Start playing normally, then quickly devolves into daring each other to do sexual things to each other
>>one night at friends house playing, friend's brother goes to sleep.
>>friend dares me to suck his dick
>>I'm closet bi so fuckyeah.gif
>>so I nonchalantly dive into that cock
>>friend doesn't tell me when he's about to cum
>>friend full on nuts in my mouth
>>startled I run to the bathroom but don't immediately spit it out
>>look at friend's cum in my mouth in the mirror
>>swallow that shit
there weren't any gay people when i grew up in the 80's. i didn't fully realize what a faggot was until the end of the 90's.
I was like 7, used to admire one of my friends in class so much that I asked him to marry me
>be 8
>wank off uncles 8in cock
>be 9
>suck and wank off uncles 8in cock
>be 10
>suck wank and take half my uncles 8in cock in my ass until he cums on my back
>be 11
>suck and get fucked by uncles 8in cock unil he cums in my ass
>be 12
>suck then get ass fucked by my uncles 8in cock until hes about to cum then suck it again until he cums in my mouth and on my face
>be 13
>get a hard on while sucking my uncles 8in cock
>he gets turned off and stops having sex with me
>be 14
>fap to traps but imagine i'm the trap
you swallow it??
How does cum taste like :l
I mean cum from other guy?
Aww that's cute
Pretty gay anon, you adickted now?
I remember i admired so much a guy i knew a little he was so self confident and handsome lol
Then i wanted to tell him i admired him so much
And then i got rejected ;-;
Something like:
>Eh.... thanks ? but i'm not interested
I cried so damn hard that day
I would let someone dislocate, like, all of my shoulders if he became my boyfriend afterwards. All of them, I mean it.
Yeah. His didn't taste bad, don't remember specifics (was 20+ years ago) on what it tasted like though. Just remembered I liked it.
>be me
>1st chair brass leader for band with a ironic gay trolled ya humor (I admit I was cancer at the time)
>have super lesbian friend who constantly says I should be gay
>I laugh playing it off.
>behind my back she puts this femboy up for a challenge to get me with him
>she tells him im gay which at the time in not and was homophobic
>he flirts and I flirt back just as much "as a prank"
>let him sit in my lap, drink from my drink and hand feed him fries
>this guy was 10/10 hot
>long brown hair that was lighter at the end of the single curl out
>flannel and a beanie with tassles down his chest
>absolutely gorgeous blue eyes
>freckles and small glasses
>braces but had perfect teeth and a perfect smile
>we end up walking alone to a area only I was let in.
>he says how cute I am and stuff which I laughed and said he was cute too
>hearing this he kisses me, and its a long, deep kiss I cant fight from how much I've genuinely enjoyed his time
>slowly I lay back in the room, letting him sit on my waist
>before long hes pulled his skinny jeans down, and my pants as well, leaning over to rub my tip with his ass.
>eventually with spit and pre I worked my way into him.
>almost missed my concert how long we fucked softly in that room
>I've never came so hard and felt such release even today
>feel my cum seeping out
>use coke and dr.pepper to clean up mess on ourselves
Wish I kept talking to him

His response was something like "I don't think that's how it works anon"
Was kinda sad back then but eeeh I guess we were just kids being kids

We were playing soccer and being trashy at it I used to play in the back so I'd just watch him play amazed and shit. I just walked up to him in the middle of the game and asked him, it was pretty brief.
Too bad he grew to be a fatty who's basically incompetent, I'm more into twinks and smooth ripped boys.
>be me 5 yrs old
> mom goes to a women shelter
> makes friend with other mom
> she was 1yr yougner
> we bacame friends
> couple years later we have sleep over
> we play doctor
> playing with each other vag
> i got hooked i wanted more, now not knowing she was geting abused from her new step dad and he was behind of him getting to me to more fucked up times
> me thinking it was normal start finding this hot
> my mom finds something is odd , not allowed anymore to hang out with her
> being in school trying to find other girls who wants to explore but people call me a freak
> high school now and just became a total freak
> now total shameless fat pan-sexual
>be me
>3rd grade
> Walking to class from making a delivery or something
>stop to tie my shoes
>I stopped in front of a bathroom
>kid has dick out and starts waving it
>go away before I pee on you
>I'm confused so I just look up at him and smile
>walk to class
I remember as a kid like being 14 or 15 watching porn and pretending I was the girl sucking dick.
File: o lrlrf.jpg (107KB, 1024x998px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
o lrlrf.jpg
107KB, 1024x998px

Not russeled, just FUCK U.

Oh, and FUCK U to the other tards asking for more.

Sick fucks,... I wish I could get my hands on you.

I'd FUCK U up.
How old u now?
18 so no need for mods right hahahaha ok
This is such a cute story
>first time waS VERY YOUNG PROBABLY 5-7
>do not remember, was at friends house
>older brother in high school, told us to take
>of our pants. we did then he tried to convince us
>to suck each other off. We reluctantly said no
>and he started promising that we would get a
>trophy and other stuff. Finally friend went down
>and goblled up my little cock, felt great. After
>that i did it to him. then sister knocked on locked
>door and said what is going on. we hurried up
>and put on our clothes, i put my pants on
>backwards and she asked when we finally >opened the door why they were on backward >and made some dumb excuse . thats all i rember
>after that their was one more instance with that >kid
a childhood friend of mine had a pool at his house. One day we were swimming, and idk what sparked it, but we agreed to show each other our weenies underwater. He went first, and honestly, I don't remember if I went through with showing mine.
I'll do it, anon
>A couple months later I stayed at his house again.
>long story shirt we laid down on the floor in a sleeping bag on the floor and evyerone went to bed.
>Dont remember much leading up to it but we started kinda fooling around
>touching eachother and all that.
>bext thing my friend says is i want to have real sex. i siad ok whats that? he rolled me on my stomach and started humping me from behind.
>nothing went in my ass he was just grinding his soft dick in between my ass checks.
>so when he stopped i did the same thing. and that was pretty much it with him. I stopped seeing that family and i dont know why.
>but looking back at how that was i believe there was some incest going on there. fmaily was kinda werid.
>then it moved over to my other friend
File: 1500038922639.jpg (27KB, 477x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 477x475px
>be me
>like 11
>sharing room with my brother (13)
>we play-fight after bedtime
>end up touching his dick while tickling him
>he says "not so hard"
>then he started touching my dick
>later that evening i came in his ass

this memory is haunting me to this day, i wish i would forget it because i absolutely hate it.
i think this is one of the reasons im bi now.

now i will go back to my depressing life in the middle of nowhere
File: satisfied-seals.jpg (44KB, 532x532px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>12 years old
>Also...Boy nextdoor
>Also 12
>Have sleepover every weekend
>Get naked in double sleeping bag
>Explore every inch of eachothers hairless bodies
>Suck dick and fuck for years after
>Stops around 16
>He wants to be straigh
>I become trap
>MFW HRT in a couple weeks

That gay enough for you?
post picks fagboy
File: im smart.jpg (89KB, 604x619px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
im smart.jpg
89KB, 604x619px
same guy here

Please keep posting.

I look forward to tracking you down
>A year or 4 later i was with my friend.
>There was girls outside we wanted to impress and so we went up to his room to change clothes
>still the age where i couldnt get hard ons but used to watch softcore porn on the premium channels
>this time my idea and said why dont we just get naked instead
>little hazy what happened after but we were both naked rolling around with each other under the covers.
>my sister walks in and pulls the covers up. sees us naked and says get dressed right noe and i wont tell.
>a few years later same friend moves away. We go see probably 3-5 times a year.
>I dont know how it started but we started fooling around again.
>We would sleep on the same pull out couch together
> we would kiss and suck eathother off. we could get hard but never made eachother cum.
> When everyone would leave, we would be alone in the house and for some reason loved taking baths with eachother.
>Same thing hapend, suck eachother off lick butt holes touch eachother.
> there is way more
>ree fuck you for something you did when you were 4 years old
What the fuck even is your problem lmao
>Be 11
>Spend night at bestfriends house
>He stole a porn video tape from his dad
>We watch it
>We both start getting hard
>We see how they masturbate in the video
>Decide we'll try it too
>We beat our meat, not knowing exactly what
>We are doing.
>He cums see through liquid
>I do the same
>If you're reading this
>You're fucking gay.
File: IMG_4364.jpg (466KB, 960x1246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
466KB, 960x1246px
File: wat.gif (795KB, 177x166px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
795KB, 177x166px
>hrt in a couple weeks
>already has tits

>be me around 14/15
>party like at friends house
>hanging out there with friends who are around 17/18
>joked around upstairs
>this dude kisses me
>kiss back
>told me he had feelings for me
>friendly rejected him
>because i like to fuck bitches
>hes gay now

I wear silicone inserts/forms. I'll get implants to achieve similar results once hormones have done their thing.
>Friend moves again and its a little further so only see them once or twice a year
> At this time we a full bored into porn. It wass the era of limewire, so porn would take hours to download.
>We go down to see them. First time we are alone he says we are getting into the bath.
> We get in and start sucking eachother off and licking assholes. We dont kiss anymore becuase we both agreed that was gay lol.
> I was the first to get it into his has. used bodywash as lube. pumped for a little bit then was done.
> he did the same to me and the rest of the trip we did not stick it in our ass because we both hurt. Still fooled around though. no cum still
File: IMG_5119.jpg (322KB, 712x1001px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
322KB, 712x1001px
>had bestfriend
>had tree on the side of the building
>noone goes there
>blew eachother behind the tree
>"tastes like strawberries" he said
>"tastes like cherries" i said
>blew eachother almost everyday for 1 month til the tree was taken down

Preschool was lit
hot, more maybe?
Woah, thats pretty gay
>Me,10 and 11 year old friend playing with barbies at her place
>"anon have you ever had that tingling feeling on your parts"
>reply yes
>friend starts to put socks in her panties
> "I'm the boy you're the girl. Let's rub on eachother"
>we both start giggling and rub eachother on the bed
>tfw first sexual experience was with socks and cute friend
>still get wet about it
File: IMG_5025.jpg (280KB, 883x1177px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
280KB, 883x1177px


I got one
Be 1st grader with 2nd graders in class
2nd grade friend liked to sit next to me real close
Slowly , in the middle of class he would put his hand down the back of my pants and feel my ass and my asshole with his hands and fingers
I would lean forward so he could reach my ass and asshole better
One day he reached so far under my asshole he found my ballsack and loved playing with them
, he would spit on his hand or fingers and play with my balls,
All of this is happening during class in the classroom with everyone there , continues for a year and I felt pleasure in my asshole and balls every time he did it to me , I have more fucked up gay stories...?
> used to fool around with friend at age 13+
> used to play joystick, where i slowly yank his dick around and massage his balls, as if they were buttons on the base of the joystick
> did some light oral stuff, but didn't know what and how to bj
> never came afaik
> he got cool over time and stopped talking to me
> no homo
To continue on a little more with that story, he did eventually get me into looking at his dick and playing with his balls. I miss when he would be practically fingering my tight asshole during lessons
I'm not gay, but this is all hot af
>be me
>10 or 11
>school camp
>night time everyone is sleeping expect for my best friend and myself
>he tells me to come over to him so we could talk
>i do and we talk about aliens and sex
>he tells me to get into his sleeping bag
>i do and we talk more
>we start talking about what it would feel like to get your dick sucked
>i put my hand down his sleeping bag or something a grab his dick
>slowly jerk him off for awhile
i think i stop and we sleep
>few years pass we are around the age of 13-14
>he stays the night at my house
>get bored and watch some porn together as a joke or something
>he starts getting horny and rubbing his dick or something while im right next to him
>he just looks at me and starts nodding his head
>i get nervous but i was really horny so i get him to take his pants off and then i suck his dick for awhile and he sucks mine
>we fall asleep or something
we do this for months and he always feels ashamed and embarrassed/doesn't want me to bring it up
>fast foward to now
>be 18
>think im bi-sexual but only want to suck dick
>he has a girlfriend now and i moved country
i got pretty drunk the other night and i was tempted to message his girl friend about how he sucked my dick a few times
Lets hear all of it
>6yo me
>in kindergarden
>teach reads story to the whole group
>3 guys ask to go to the toilets
>10 mins ahead
>"Anon will you go check up on them"
>Open the door to the bathrooms
>See all 3 of them fucking eachother in the ass
>close door
>go back
>"are they fine"
>"y-yes... They'll be back soon"

TBH my kindergarden was very fucked up, had a fat bitch with black teeth (yes at the age of 6) ask me to kiss her soles, Have a vague memory of me and a friend "kissing" (touch lips) or touch tongues (tried it once, turns out im not a faggot)
I think thats pretty much the gayest shit in this thread
Around 5-8 yrs
i would go to my uncles house for a sleepover or whatever
One of my older cousins would tell me to play a game with him called bouncy
My cousin is in a chair with cock hard as diamonds
I'm facing away from him
He has my pants pulled down just passed my butt
I'm used to assplay at this age now from my classmate so I'm excited to play this game
MFW he tells to sit on his lap , even though he didn't say anything I knew exactly where he wanted to put his hard cock
I positioned his dick right into my ass and was so shocked when I sat my weight down on to it
I turned to him and said it's in
I thought it felt sooo good in my ass
He then explained the bouncy part and I was soon getting cumshots in my ass almost every time we were alone. He was around 13-15 yrs
File: 3.jpg (27KB, 462x279px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 462x279px
>Be my butthole
>Penis goes in
>Feels good man
I faintly remember pushing cum loads out of my ass into the toilet after every game of bouncy , been a long long time
File: IMG_0525.jpg (93KB, 510x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ayy fuck it.
We always did these dick competitions, size, lenght, now we moved to the fun part: the obstacles
We had to do shit with our dicks. Like do push ups naked and dip our dicks in a milk glass, insert shit in foreskin, brutally just torture our dicks.Always this one kid won, his dick was literally steel. He once did coffee "A l'ancienne" which was putting coffee grain on his dick and proceeds to pour boiling water on it, no joke, guy did everything with his dick, fuck, he tasted shit with it, like dipped his dick in shit and like taste it with finger, his dick was supernatural, he could tell the approx temperature of his pool by dipping his dick in it. His brother we called elephant because his foreskin was too overstretched and it looked like an elephants trunk. Used to be able to fit chess pieces down there. Was also called stretch because Steel dick once lifted him up only by the dick.

And the one i fapped to hardest
>Age 11, normal upbringing
>Over at 13-year-old neighbor's house on rainy day. Parents divorced, kid was spoiled.
>Mom had a stash box
>horrible, bootleg porn
>neighbor pulls off shorts, starts playing with stiffy
>When in Rome
>see him finish, don't get it.
>"need help?"
>not really into it, figure I must be pulling it wrong
>um, okay
>starts stroking, barely getting hard, immediately head goes down, I watch for another minute before my first orgasm
>"Cool, isn't it?"
>um, yeah

I was seriously confused for a long while.
I held my grandfathers dick while he peed
Lmao gotta remember this one. Was at grampa's camp with friends and dad
3 friends slept in bunkbeds,
One wondered what anal felt like
> ill do it if you do it once
> both stuck their dicks down the backalley once.
> one went too hard and other shouted that it was stuck in his intestines
> meanwhile
> I was just fucking sleeping over their bunk
Miss me with that gay shit
File: 1499027266691.gif (323KB, 220x151px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be around 14-15
>gym class
>boys locker room shower
>this guys comes out of the shower
>his cock is fucking huge and I mean it's really fucking huge for a teen
>someone says "look at his cock"
>everyone want to see
>everyone is looking at this guys cock like it's the best thing ever

it was pretty gay


>be me
>same school
>me and two other guys watching tai shemale porn togheter on one of the guys mp4 player while wating for class to start

I miss that school, we had fucking fun there.
Lmao you can never get enough 14 yr old locker room stories.
>taking shower
> open area
> unknown gay dude with us
>jock friend doing the helicopter with his dick for shits
> gay dude we didn't realize he was shows up and slaps his dick
> gets knocked the fuck out by jock
> and I mean fuckin hard
> dropped like a wet rag on the floor
> cries and runs away screaming "NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME"
Miss me with that gay shit
Sorry no green text :/
i was 5-6 and me and my mom are going to the mall like every Sunday, i was going to the Toilet and forgot to close my door, i realized id and want to close the door so i sand up and in this moment an old man (50-55 idk) comes in and i sand ther ha turned his head back and looked if someone did see him , he closed the door and i was so confused i didn't screem he pull out his dick and i was interested and just watched him and he asked me if i want to take it in my Mouth i sayd jes and he stardet till he cum my mouth was full of sperm and i just "drunk" :) but now im not gay ;) i never told anyone
Ps: English is not my native language and it heapend in 1992
do you even know how to greentext?
Jes but im on my Phone so :/ and yes my English is pretty fucked up :/
I'm dying
File: R7wVBQBA.jpg (18KB, 360x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well you can still do forward arrows > on a phone just so you know

>now it's green
> Be around 16
> Best friend and I do a ton of drugs together
> He saves his ambien for a week and we dose about 40mg and a bunch of adderall to combat the urge to sleep.
> We begin to trip balls (harder visuals than when I combined 4 grams of mushrooms with 3 hits of acid)
> He says "I really need to jerk off"
> Me in my fucked up state says me too and we sit on the floor with the computer in front of us.
> I blacked out but he recalled that I said "You're doing it wrong" and began jerking him off
> Don't know if we fucked but am quite sure that I sucked his dick
> Now we're both military
> He also starts telling my friends when we get drunk enough
Stuff you stupid penis enjoyers! You like dicks
Oh my god.... Bro that's pretty gay
Wait.... Mike??? Is that you???
I see what you did there
Bump ? or are we done here?
Idk why but all of my friends wanted ti jerk off in the same room growing up. One was asian he didnt have a bed and i had to jerk off to the smell of fried cat all night
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