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You guys wanna talk to a worthless shell of a human being?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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You guys wanna talk to a worthless shell of a human being?
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Hey, so what you wanna talk about?
Tell me your story.
Why so serious?
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i just don't feel like a goof...
The person that took care of me for years died about a month ago, i started working at a McDonalds, and currently have no idea what i should do in life.
I'm sorry to hear that.

How old are you?
You smart? Be honest
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I'm 18, gonna be 19 soon.
i don't really know, i like to think a lot, but that's about it.
Learn things. Knowledge is probably the most important thing to strive for in life. Don't get comfortable working at McDonald's.
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>worthless shell of a human being
Real pic?
Ah that's pretty young still.

Going to or planning on college? Or another job route?
Just pirate some shitty game software like rpg maker or something like that and get rich off of some 12 year olds wanting to fuck your characters
If you live in the united states, you're fucked. If you live elsewhere, everything is gonna be alright. Relax.
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But i don't what knowledge to acquire, i have no interests i really want to pursue.
i don't really plan anything, i just want to hide in my bed.
a nice idea, but i don't want to cash on other peoples illnesses.
Czech, i dunno if everything will be alright, but i guess i'll trust you.

Sorry if i reply a little late, i'm trying to clean my shitty place.
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i guess i should get rid of this shell and be a homeless ghost...
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i understand that you left, i left you for half an hour, i don't deserve to talk to anyone...
Do you get any professional mental help? If you're feeling depressed, it can be a nice help. It won't fix things easily but it's good to get a support net and they can help you get to a better point.

No idea how social programs or healthcare there works, but hopefully not worse than the US at least.

I take a while to figure out how to reply and never end up satisfied with how I convey my thoughts anyways. No worries.
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No i didn't really, i am anxious when it comes to doing things like this, but i guess i should at least try.
What about it makes you anxious?
I would definitely recommend it. I can understand that anxiety about it, I was "lucky" in that I was forced into it but it's been a good help for me over the years.
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I don't know really, it's just this pain in the gut whenever i even think about doing something big like that, my caretaker took me to a psych before because of my night terrors, but every time it would just end in me making up stuff to conceal how i felt. I guess i just don't like people trying to peel off my shell.

Have you tried doing any sort of drugs
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i tried weed a long time ago, some of my "friends" stole a few joints from one dudes dad and tried to smoke them. It felt weird.

I like you. Kyoko is best girl
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i agree
did you do that ?
is that possible ?
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I see why anon would say what he said, the gaming industry had some cases like that, but i don't really think jewing 12 year olds would be that easy, + i have no artistic talent.
Nobody deserves to feel like this.
Don't tell me you're hyperactive and act in stupid ways around company.
i can speak slovak.

Soo... how is your daily life ? describe it....

You need to realize a few things.

1. With the age of 20, your life has just begun.
You still can do whatever the fuck you want.

2. You need a self set goal and to build up your own personality. personality is not given, it is aquired.

3. Other people dont care about if you fail or not. So you shouldnt be afraid to fail or to show off your own personality. If your personality is shit, people dont care. They maybe dont want to hang around with you, most may want to help you or give you advice or some may be assholes.
What you need to realize is, these people only try to please themselves. They have an image of themselves and if they are not happy with it, they are gonna judge you more than they judge themselves, because its comfortable and easy.

4. To grow as a person, to learn, achieve training goals, whatever.... Yoiu need 3 Things:


Alway try to overcome your limits.

If you understand these things and apply them, you will get far in life.

Dont be afraid to ask for the things you want.
If you dont ask, the world cannot guess what youd like.
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not really, i'm actually kinda slow (Not in the head), and as far as company goes, my one friend didn't contact me for half a year now.
If you decide to go back, don't conceal your feelings. Just let it out; get those feelings off your chest. They aren't there to judge you. No matter how absurd or unimportant you think your problems are, they're there to take you seriously and help.
I've talked to myself enough today thank you
A couple of my friends had a reset on the no-contact timer about 5 months ago. My fault, really. Nothing's gonna change for me though.

I'll stop pouring depresso shots now.
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How did you learn slovak? or why rather? The language is similar to Czech, so if you want, you can throw some sentences at me. Well my life, i wake up, eat, spend like an hour watching anime or playing games, and leave for work. I get back from work, watch something and go to sleep. On free days i usually sleep longer and play games.
Thanks anon, i'll force myself to do it... i hope...
um yeah... thanks...
You'll die. Don't forget.
I have family in slovakia. But i cant really write and im just good at understanding and talking daily language. I didnt even understand TV because TV was in czech language.

So i take it you dont like your daily routine ?
What is it you want to do with your life ?

Did you understand everything i tried to teach you ?
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look i have some things i assume i want, but i don't really think they count as a lifelong commitment. I want to buy a better PC to play some games, maybe start a youtube channel... i understand your message, just don't know how to apply it.
look, if youre 70 you dont want to look back at your life and ask yourself why you didnt fucking take the chance. im 21 now, and i have these feeling about many things already.

Im only saying if you dont try the things out there, you dont know if youd like them. step out of your comfortzone.

Look up the life of van gogh, the guy was a friggin inspiration.

He lived to draw, and i can tell you his life was good (worth living) even though it was a disaster (hardships and mental condition).

Your life can be a waste of potential, even though it may be comfortable.

Dont waste your potential.

now a motivational video.
and van gogh was a genius, who only began to draw by the age of 27. everybody thought the guy was a failure.

His drawings are MENTAL
They are top notch, full stop genius.
He only achieved his passion and skill throught permanent honing of the craft.

passion can be developed, after you put effort in a craft and get good at it.

this is my number one message to you:
passion can be aquired, if you work hard and get good at something. it empowers yuo.
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Alright, i'll do it i swear! i'm just so indecisive... i'll take your words to heart, maybe i'll post progress here in a month or so. i just hope i don't give up as always. So... what are some things you'd recommend, i have no idea where to start...
I have a good idea.

Do sports, but dont do it regularly.
Do it as a passion.
You need to seek after the knowledge on how to get gud, and after a long time of consistency you will get good. im not talking about a month.
I am talking about many years.

I am doing karate for 3 years.
If you dont pursue it for yourself, and arent consistent, youll never get to the top.

The thing is, you want to have a group of people you can motivate and be motivated by. with sports, you can get many positive things:

-self esteem
-self respect
-new friendships

there are many more positive aspects, to list them all would be too much.

-less stress
-less depression
-better cognitive abilities
-better willpower

Now the thing is, you want to to the technique right.
You want to grow as a person, not do the same thing over and over again.

Thats the only way to self-improvement.

You could also try one of the following if you want:

or think of anything, really. But whatever you do, do it with 100% concentration and determination.

And its clear that people dont have a clue on how to learn or better themselves.
This means, you need to seek knowledge.

And what is most important, education. Seek education for a better job than mc donalds.

And dont be afraid if this sounds too much of a commitment. Make small steps. They should be enough to keep you going.

Dont justify things with the past. the past isnt important. only the future.
sorry, correction: do it regularly....

Looking forward to it, OP. You can do it, I believe in you.
what games do you play op?
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it sounds scary, but from what i understand, you are telling me to set down on a rail and follow it. I'll try sports. Thank you anon, i'll just sort my thoughts a bit on that. Let's change the subject for now.
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I play a lot of TF2, but i like playing oldschool doom a lot, especially with mods, CS1.6, and recently i started playing the F2P Gits game. As far as singleplayer goes, i recently finished Metro 2033 and started last light, and i really like the Deus Ex series.
yeah, i could ramble for years on this topic.
new subject.....

dont be afraid, you should be excited. That is life. freedom.

my new topic is: i have examns due in 3 weeks and fucking quantum mechs in there, but i have no clue atm. so i have to work 2-3 weeks and learn quantum mechs-physical chemistry+ many other things in this time.

basically, its impossible.

but ill do the impossible. ive done it before.
ooh you play a lot of classics
It's been a while since I've played TF2. Is it worth reinstalling in your opinion?
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that's very admirable anon, how do you do it? Do you even sleep?
i guess i'm a /vr/ dude, but that's mostly due to the fact i always had really old pc's, and when i finally got a capable PC, i just couldn't transition into new games.
it's fun for me, but there are lots of issues. Matchmaking is horrid, community here in slavland is really retarded, and i suspect the pyro update will launch horribly. Fun game plagued by issues, i play it only for the custom gamemodes, and occasional goofing off in casual. i'd say reinstall, but don't expect much.
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Stale lepšie byť čechom ako slovákom v tejto riti kde som ja. Počkaj aspoň do 25-30. V 18ke je každý worthless podľa spoločnosti, v kt. žijeme. Samozrejme, že väčšina ľudí nevidí chybu v sebe a rada ukazuje na druhých takže ak vidíš chyby v sebe a učiš sa z nich tak si mentálne ďalej ako väčšina. Ešte nemáš zažité aby si sa mohol nazvať shell of human being jedne, že by si bol tyraní počas svojho detstva. V 18 si ešte dieťa aj tak.

Neviem ako je to v Czechia ale na Slovensku je skoro jedno čo človek vyštuduje alebo robí pokiaľ nie je žiadaný expert v určitých oblastiach alebo niekoho nepozná, nenarodí sa správne. Okrem programovania neexistuje spôsob dobrého zárobku bez známosti. Poznám ľudí čo študovali medicínu a sú na tom biedne ale nemusia sa báť o prácu. Inač je jedno čo človek vie. Ja som napríklad vyštudoval psychológiu a aj tak jediné čo som kvalifikovaný robiť je práca ako mcdonalds, pri páse atd. Učitelia rovnako, pedagogici tiež. Asi polovica tých čo študovali medicínu išla do sveta lebo tu nie je robota. Poznám inžinierov, kt. robia to čo môže robiť aj človek so základnou školou. Toľko o "úspešnosých ľuďoch".

Čo sa týka osobnosti človeka, možem ti povedať, že väčšina sa správa podobne ako sa správala na strednej škole. Málo ľudí je worth anything a väčšina nič nedokáže aj keby chcela. Žijeme v spoločnosti, ktorá sa neváži ľudí inak ako iba lacnú pracovnú silu. V tejto post kapitalistickej liberálnej spoločnosti s prvkami fašizmu nemá zmysel sa cítiť zle pokiaľ to nej neprispievaš pretože jedine komu prispeješ je človek, kt. ani nevie že existuješ a vidí ťa iba ako číslo.

Ak sa bojíš či sa uživíš naučil by som sa programovať ak máš čas. Je to jeden z oborov, na kt. nepotrebuješ titul. Ak máš niečo čo by si chcel robiť a nevadí ti, že budeš ledva prežívať tak rob to.
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Chápu jak to zde funguje, to je možná důvod proč jsem tak smutný. O programování jsem uvažoval, ale nikdy jsem se neodhodlal s tím nějak začít. Já prostě doufám že se usadím do nějaké koleje, jak mi navrhl anon. Prostě je to všechno strašně depresivní...
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Ja ti verim. Stravil som depreisou vacsinu svojho zivota az do polky studia na univerzite kde sa mi to podarilo zdolat avsak realita je smutna. Vela ludi to nevidi ale tak isto ako kazdy zacinajuci filozof musi prekonat nihilizmus tak aj kazdy kto chce rozmyslat sam za seba musi prejst cez smutok a sklamanie. Ja som tiez este neprogramoval ale je dost mozne ze sa to zacnem ucit pretoze by to mohlo byt aj zabavne. Inac som vzdy chcel robit urcite druhy povolani na kt. uz sice mam kvalifikaciu ale kym som vystudoval uz praca nebola takze to vyzera, ze sa budem nadalej stretavat v podradnych pracach a po nociach sa ucit programovat. Aspon budem mat unik s reality bez toho aby som len hral pc hry. Usadit sa do nejakej koleja je prilis nechat sa strhnut podla mna. Neviem ci take rady funguju v strednej europe v krajinach druheho sveta. Hlavne nezabudni, ze zivot ma zmysel iba ak chces nieco od neho. Mna vzdy stve ked vidim zlomenych ludi ako ziju len tak od vyplaty k vyplate a nic nemozu robit. System je tak nastaveny ale ak zo zivota nic clovek nechce nema zmysel pokracovat. Vela ludi co vidim su mrtvi a myslia si, ze ziju. Je to jedna nevyhoda studia psychologie. Ak si vtedy bol vsimavy teraz to uz vidis jasne a je to este horsie, hlavne ked s tym vela nezmozes. Ja dokazem zit dalej len pre to, ze mam vela hobby a studia. Ak budem musiet pracovat v bezzmyselnom prostredi s idiotmi (nie sprostymi ludmi ale neprijemnými hajzlami) 10-12 bez moznosti volneho casu tak by som si to hodil.
Já se pokusím najít nějaké to hobby, já se prostě bojím toho že strávím spoustu času na něčem co mě potom nebude bavit.
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shit forgot pic
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Co si robieval vo volnom case? Co ta zatial bavilo? Co by si chcel robit? Chces to robit ako povolanie? Chces aby to bola fyzicka alebo mentalna aktivita? S ludmi alebo s vecami? Umenie alebo veda?

Zivot je o skusenostiach. Ak ta nieco prestane bavit zacnes robit nieco ine. To co ma bavilo v 18 je odlisne ako to co ma bavi v 25. Vsetko co prezijes ta formuje. Neexistuje nespravna volba a uz vobec nie v oblasti hobby. Niekori ludia zlucia hobby s pracou ale zvacsa sa to hobby potom strane praca a uz to nevnimas tak zabavne ako predtym. Ja som to okusil vela krat nielen v praci ale aj na univerzite kde ma predmet nezaujimal ked som mal mat semestralnu skusku z neho ale po nej uz ano. Ludia sa ucia nove veci cely zivot a nemusis zasvatit sa iba jednej. Moj docent ma 73 rokov a uci sa viac ako niektori studenti. Jeden tip: je dobre si zistit kto si a aká si osobnost. Clovek sa poznava cely zivot kedze sa neustale menis a si surhn skusenosti. Je prospesne zistit nejaku abstraktnu sferu zaujmu. Napr. mna bavi ucit sa a rozmyslat s toho vyplninulo ze mam zaujem o filozofiu, psychologiou ale nepohrdol by som hociakou vedou ci klasickou literaturou. Bavi ma zistovat naturu cloveka a to ma doviedlo k tomu, ze ma bavi expresivna malba farbami napr.

Ak sa citis zmateni a nevies co by si chcel od zivota je dobre nad tym uvazovat a pripadne si pozriet ake su moznosti. Iba pouzitim googla mozes ziskat inspiraciu. Ci uz sa rozhodnes vzdelavat na povolanie alebo rekreacne alebo hociako inak je to vzdy len na tebe.
Dalsia vec je, ze strach ma vzdy pricinu. Je prospesne sa skusit pytat sam seba preco sa bojis zacat, preco sa bojis stravit vela casu nad niecim a preco sa bojis, ze ta to nebude bavit. Odpoved poznas len ju mozno nehladas.
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začínáš najíždět na stejně koleje jako anon nahoře. Ale když už u toho jsme, v podstatě jsem pořád sledoval anime, a hrál hry. Když mi bylo tak 9 tak mě nevlastní máma přihlásila na robotiku, ale s tím jsem skončil rychle. Bavili mě hry, ale to není zrovna dobrá hobby, protože je hodně jednostranná. Asi se prostě ještě hledám no... chtěl bych dělat něco co mně naplňuje ale zároveň nevysává. Ale co to je netuším.
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Anime a pc hry mozes mat ako hobby. Mam 25 a stale pozeram anime a obcasne hram hry len menej. Je to dobry sposob oddychu. Avsak hry som dost obmedzil nie preto, ze by som nechcel ale som na nich zavisli ak si nedavam pozor takze radsej skor abstinujem a anime pozeram aj tak. V tvojom veku je normalne, ze nevies. Mas cas experimentovat. Este aj nam to hovoria, ze mozeme experimentovat pokial sme mlady. Zivot asi nema zmysel moc brat vazne a hladat nieco perfektne co by naplnilo vsetko co by si chcel lebo taka vec zvacsa neexistuje a ak ju nahodou najdes tak ta bude vycerpavat lebo ju budes robit nonstop. Mozes namiesto rozmyslania ak to nejde skusit aj prax. Vyber si nieco co si myslis, ze by ta zaujimalo a skus. Ak ta to prestane bavit tak chod na druhu vec. Pripadne ak poznas ludi mozes sa pytat co ich bavi a co robia vo volnom case. Velmi malo ludi vyuziva tuto moznost avsak to je chyba lebo ta mozu inspirovat mozno aj na nieco uplne odlisne. Ludia radi hovoria o sebe takze sa moc nemusis bat ze by ti nepovedali nic ak nie su v negativnom emocionalnom rozpolozeni alebo to nie su laicky povedane uplny magori.
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ok, díky za rady.
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