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>Steam Summer Sale Gifting >id/static_butcher It's

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>Steam Summer Sale Gifting

It's been a long time since I've been here giving stuff out, but got a bit of money, steam sale, been drinking, etc. Rules:

>$5 or less game
>recommend me fantasy writer/books
>no GRRM, Tolkien, or other obvious
>Don't add me and beg for games
>feel free to add me to play games together though

I'll give about 7 games tonight I think, and I'll probably be back before the sale ends as I am an alcoholic with too much time and little money, also I'll give out some keys I've had sitting around, feel free to be shitty and picky about it. Others have in the past.
Name on steam is MBoswell14. Read the anthem by Ayn Rand. Pls gift me rose of nations. Steam pic is of Ainsley harriot.
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rose of nations? wait, rise?

have you read Ender's Game? It was one of my favorites when I was a teen

it's space sci fi, if that counts at all. besides tokien and ASOIAF I cant think of too many other fantasy books I've read

if it counts, I would be down to play mighty number 9 http://steamcommunity.com/id/warknightaxe/
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accept me bud...
I did.
thanks a ton to OP, he is most definitely legit!
Hey want to play portal 2 sometime? And may you buy portal 1 for me because I heard it's pretty good too. http://steamcommunity.com/id/videogamecharacters/

You should look into the Michael Crichton Jurassic Park novels. They're much different from the movies and focus more on the DNA cloning stuff more than the movies.
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Haven't gotten to portal 2 so I might take you up on that one of these days.
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Oh cool, didn't realize/think of that. I will check that out for sure, I like JP.
OPs legit. Got rise of nations.
It's cool
Ever read the old SW Tarkin series? They are really great and worth a read. Look it up, even if you are a casual star wars fan, the books really do the franchise justice. Explores a new character from the Imperial perspective.
I'm looking for Alien vs. Predator (2010) bundle for $4
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Into the Black (Odyssey One) by Evan Currie

If you enjoy space opera its very enjoyable, it gives a realistic idea to ship based combat.
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Screenshot for proof
The Books really are awesome. I love how it dives into the Jurassic Park lore. Checked them out back in middleschool
I read it some time ago, but look up the Looking Glass Wars, it's heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland but a tad more gruesome.
id/FightThePowah i've always wanted to try Mount and Blade Warband if you're so kind
reccomed u World War Z teh book teh the fucking shit movie

can i beg for golf it

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Oh cool, I dig it man, I'll check that out too. Appreciate the recommendation.
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OP is a great guy
i mena i recomend teh book not the movie i wrote wrong
I came looking for a cheap game and left with a book I want to buy, fuck you for making me spend money
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i recommend starship troopers by robert a. heinlein, hope its not too obvious


hook me up with Rise Of Nations please, its $5 now..

giff pubg here
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I got too excited at his gesture of kindness and forgot to screenshot his message.
He's a good guy though, we're both from the same state kek.
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/id/eiethia acquire me more games ;)
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198316821724/ i would like left for dead 2

Hey OP!

I'd recommend Watership Down, a lil' different kind of fantasy :)

Outlast would be really fantastic, though I'm not sure if it's <$5 in your currency!

Book: Darren Shan the thin executioner
I dont know if you've read the witcher books, but i would certainly recommend them.
If you decide to buy me a game, i'd like Xcom:Enemy unknown.
Roadside Picnic by the Strugatsky brothers. It is a fantastic read and offers a biting, dark, yet suble and satirical tone not only towards Soviet society, but also against the genres that influenced Picnic's story. It also inspired Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro series (both the games and book)
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reroll, and this is also grat stuff

pic related
hey OP, i dont read books that much but my friend does. he recommends heroes die matthew stover
portall 1 or portal 2 please, thanks :)
Fuck, I forgot to include my steam URL.


If it's just one game, please select Reflex Arena.
The Name of the Wind is a good book
I'd recommend the magicians. Fun book, and there's a series on Netflix. One of my favorite books since it came out around 2009

tryna build up that library and get papers please
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I didn't realize there was a book series. I really liked starship troopers as movies but more for the world they created. I like the EDF games too, I'll check this out.
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OP is a pretty cool dude
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OP is legit, map props to him for helping anons out there :)
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Yo guys, Thanks for all the book recomendations, there's a couple of you I won't be able to get this time around, about to run dry tonight, but as I said I'll be back, once again I appreciate all the different series and books, I'll definitely check them out, and if you choose to stay on my friends list, I might just let you know what I thought.
mad* :)
Glad to help Anon (from Strugastky guy here)
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198316821724/ can i get left for dead 2 please also i like Dune its a good book
i would recommend the Dune novels & Hyperion im not after a game but if my suggestion is worthy then give it to some one that roles dubs
I care less about the gifts and more about thebooks and just want to really recommend Robin Hobbs. I've only read The Farseer Trilogy and the Liveship Traders so far, but the books are amazing. They're not really dark in the same way Nick Perumov or GRR Martin is (and those are very different in grit from eachother, too) but they're intensely personal somehow, and superbly written, with interesting characters. I never felt like I really, really, really liked anyone, but few were truly hated either, and I think that's great; nothing ever felt flat. Farseer Trilogy is chronologically first, by the way; start there.

Nick Perumov's Keeper of the Swords/Chronicles of the Rift series is also superb, but for very different reasons. They're much heavier, and very dark, very much a long fantasy epic with the world in the balance, starting on a winding road in the ass-end of nowhere. The dystopian soviet communism the writer grew up under really shines through, but only in feeling. Extremely good series, but heavier to both pick up and put down.

I don't know of anything below $5 that I want, and I don't have Steam up at the moment, so you can save any gifts for someone else, but my Steam is /id/Luckmann. I hope you find something good to read.

I'll take any game you feel like giving me, I'm not picky.
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It's true, anons!
If you or OP like that, check out Armor by John Steakley.

Some of it is in a similar vein, but it's a pretty awesome book.

Don't need steam shit. K, bye.
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Begging for civ 6

Also for a steam bf
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oh wow man, I appreciate that. I'll definitely look into those. I gotta say I like the range of fantasy, from dark and grim and gritty and brutal, to just almost saturday morning-esque style? I'm really big on just entertaining stories, things that can keep me gripped, regardless of the target audience, I'll check out both Hobbs and Perumov. Thanks

Also random key drop (no promises)
>Hacker Evolution Duality: 06WYT-IX75J-Y020Q
>HE Duality: Inception Part 1 DLC: 083Z2-X39WN-0YTYM
>HE Duality: Inception Part 2 DLC: 0793P-Z9NAG-TF659
>HE Duality: Inception Part 3 DLC: 08AB5-DL9CN-7AIN0
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I am far from the idea male. Like almost ashamedly so. But here's some more keys, again, no promises (as in, they may work, they may not, clearing out storage so to speak).

>Hacker Evolution Duality Hardcore Package 1: 07EEB-RK5GP-IHDMR
>Why So Evil: 3DL2E-MWMD6-FPATI
>Syberia 2: C0HAV-ILBNL-XVIX3
>Trainz Simulator - Coronation Scot DLC: 9ZDP6-89I38-25KFD
>The 39 Steps: 558XT-6WXCZ-N7WNK
Dont know exactly the cost being $5 or less, but CS:GO or superhot please, OP.
Hey OP, sorry I took long I was trying to find the title of the books I read time ago. Hach the dragon of Laton is a the good read
I know I might be late but mount and blade warband.
Thanks and enjoy the read

Litterally, I just want Left 4 Dead 2. It's two dollars and I'm broke right now (At this point I'm just posting in threads hoping like a jackass)
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This is OP: id/static_butcher

I'm tapped on funds for the night. I am gonna keep dropping keys, some older, some newer, if you aren't too picky, you can add me and get one, if you ARE picky, well I don't know, you can call me a piece of shit if you want. I kinda get off on the insults. That being said, Appreciate the recommendations so far. I offer one back:

>John Dies at the End.

Not so much fantasy in the style of fantasy we've been talking about here, but its a good read.

Huniepop thx
divergent book series or The anvil of the world
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Another one that is more horror than fantasy, by Charlee Jacobs: Dread in the Beast. When I was overseas in the military I saw a lot of rough shit (not the roughest mind you), but this book fucked me up more. I highly recommend it.

Here's some more keys:
>Sacraboar: 9Z8JR-HLM4Q-C9FZY
>Little Racers STREET: FZMG3-24XH8-63ZZC
>Crystals of Time:5A0L3-2BXJT-D25JP
>Syberia 1: HKENC-KP7CW-25V5H
>Trainz Simulator 12: A-26HMQZI6L-BQ87K
>Trainz Simulator - Aerotrain DLC: A2LRD-8HLRN-EK6IC
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Thread images: 26

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