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So, copying from the idea of an earlier thread I'll mak

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So, copying from the idea of an earlier thread I'll make a different take at begging for steam vidya

I'll be dumping Junji Ito manga for your pleasure and entertainment, while also asking for something myself. This way I'm at least giving something in return, albeit insignificant, and with no need of delivering for me to continue doing so.

So, let's take this first out of the way.

Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/cuenano
Begging for: Torchlight II (5 USD), Reus (2 USD). Either would be amazing, and in NO way am I asking for both.

I'll be dumping regardless of me getting either of these, so please feel free to tag along.

Now onto the good shit.

Starting with a classic: Glyceride (by Junji Ito of course)

Cheers, and good evening.
keep the thread bumped if interested in more
no need to gift shit, just enjoy
Sup /b/ro; you don't have $5 to spend on games?

I'm a Jr. Accountant, and my boss went to Miami for a month. Since I depend on him to go to work I'm not getting any money until August pretty much, which sucks dick since I pretty much rely entirely on summer sales to buy vidya.

well, summer sales and humble bundles actually
bumping for interest
I want to contaminate someone with my filthy fucking grease.

my hero

This is the one where the son squeezes his face and a fuckton of grease comes pouring out all over his sister's face

trigger warning: GREASE

over 50 hours of FTL, nice dude

minus the hundreds of hours I played it when I was a year out of internet
game's so fucking good
boy 4chan X is buggy today

the beautiful art of "Japan what the fuck"

anon delivered torchlight!

celebration dump incoming
My dick is so hard right now
I cant be the only one that find these fappable.
shat whe wuck ts ihis seeb whit
trips chek'd

give me more ito.
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Now, proof anon delivered!

hold on a second, got something special in hand
wait a sec... wheres the pages about him chopping his son and give him to the costumers?
A la mierda! disfrutalo papu
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So, time to celebrate. And as the fucking maniac that I am, what a better way to do it than hop onto Mr. GYO's wild ride?

If you have a few hours to spare, stay tuned because shit's gonna get fucked up for real.

Starting: GYO - By Junji Ito.

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Gyo v01 009.jpg
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fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen

grasia ameo
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remember, a bump a day keeps the 10th page away
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damelo papi
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daddy uwu
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getting some fancy GETs right here
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Bumping this crazyness
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aye, thank you
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End of Chapter 1 from Volume 1.

Mind you, just to let you know, there's a total of two volumes, with approximately 10 chapters each. This shit will take a while, but it's more than worth the time.

Onto Chapter 2 of Vol. 1 next
I like the part where the everything was fucking weird.
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fijo que lo hace
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End of Vol 1. Chapter 2.

Now keep an eye out for the next one, shit will start getting real
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Vol 1. Chapter 3 coming up
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remember to bump every now and then so the thread doesn't die
I liked the part where the fish WHAT THE FUCK AM I READING
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gas- just kidding
Thread posts: 105
Thread images: 87

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