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Fluffy thread. Anything welcome

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Fluffy thread. Anything welcome
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I really gotta get around to saving this shit, bump anyway though let's get the abuse train rolling.
I recommend making a fluffy folder, and separate folders in it for stories/categories.
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Good manners 4.jpg
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Anyone save stories from last night?
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I post often, I have a few stories. Which one do you want?
Well, what are the one you have?
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a true classic here...
A few, I'm not sure what they are called. I'll post some.
Love that one.
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I got Jason and the fluffy
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I've always liked his comics. The art isn't exactly fantastic, but it's good enough. :3
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Go ahead and post it

Dump what you have
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does anyone have the one story from a few threads ago where someone feeds a herd with sketties laces with a shitton of hot sauce?
Hm, I haven't seen that one, But hopefully someone will post it
I want to hurt it so badly
srs question: would you fuckers get one of these shits if they were real?

Honestly I think cats and rats would kill all the feral ones so overpopulation wouldn't be a real problem.
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yes, of course.
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eh... they repopulate at a higher rate than rats and cats, and would most likely be just as bad to them. It would put a strain on their food source :)
maybe i can get it out of an archive.
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...except for anything that's not abuse-related
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I'd probably buy a few, Keep some, Kill some, Train some to kill, and definitely sell some.
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I would, I'd love to have one honestly.
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y'all need some jesus in your life
File: 1496604460991.jpg (155KB, 878x557px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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God is dead and humanity killed him.
i said jesus
He's dead too.
Better turn to satanism kid
Amen to that!
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I make plush fluffies if you want a custom one, you can mail me- [email protected]
what happens when a female fluffy isn't getting "milked" at all?
is ther more to this? anyone?
there is more, but I don't have the rest. any anons out there who do?
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sinister Merlin.jpg
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Fwuffy nu know ou wan fwuffy to tawk!

Do you know who the artist is?
thinking about it. I'm just broke atm
Know how I know you're lying, Merlin? Lying fluffies call themselves "fluffy" instead of using their names. Lying is bad.

And bad fluffies get the sorry stick!
You could get a little one for less than $100 about the size of Watermelon (the pink fluffy) if ya wanted. :)
>Runs away as fast as stubby legs can take him
Unfortunately no.
Go to fluffybooru.org
Search artist:gr1m_1
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how much less? I also love this style
i love how emotive this artist is with his work
How would you physically discipline a fluffy without a sorry stick?
same. Plus the "fluffy" fluffies are just a helluva lot cuter.
a spoon, spatula, I assume a spanking.
here's a jump start for you, it's a dropbox link so just add dropbox dot com in front and download

pluck some fluff; a physical and visual punishment thats sure to remind even the memory challenged fluffys
Jason and The Fluffies

>Camp Crystal Lake, 2017
>"Jason, my son... You have to kill them both for mother."
>The behemoth of an undead man child rose from his sleep, and trudged out of his shack, now deadset on ending his victims
>Meanwhile, two businessmen stepped out of they're vehicle, one holding a crate of fluffies
>The man with the crate turned to the other
>"You sure this place is really a good spot for a fluffy resort, Frank? I mean, that Tommy guy in the diner seemed really sincere with that stuff he told us about the Voorhees family."
>Frank turned to his business partner
>"Come on Mike, you didn't really believe all that bullshit did you? That Jarvis guy was clearly insane, and besides, Jason Voorhees is just a legend, just like that Mike Myers guy."
>"The guy from Saturday Night Live is a legend?"
>"Just shut up and get the fluffies settled Mike."
>"Alright, alright."
>Mike entered the main cabin and opened the large crate, waking up The Fluffies.
>"Come on out little guys" He spoke softly
>When they hesitated, Frank got involved
>"Come on out, you little shits, or you'll all get 30 strikes with the sorry stick!" He yelled
>A unanimous cry of "Nuuuuu! Nu wan' sowwy stick!" rang out, as all 10 of the fluffies scrambled they're way out of the crate.
>Frank glared at Mike, and muttered something unintelligible along the lines of "fucking hippie", and walked upstairs to his room.
>Mike leaned down and tried to comfort the fluffies, to no avail
>However, when he offered Spaghetti, the mood of the fluffies changed instantly
>"Wan sketties! Sketties fu bestest hewd! Aww gud fwuffies hewe!" Said Snowball, a domesticated smarty unicorn.
>"Alright, but you have to calm down, before I can make some, or else Frank will make sure there isn't any spaghetti for anyone."
>Jason watched through the window from afar
>He would wait till night to strike
depends on what you want. I can do an estimate for you if you want to tell me
-coat color
-mane color
-glass or felt eyes (glass eyes are $8, felt eyes are free)
-what pose you want (standing, sitting, etc)
-size (I assume you want 2 inches, the size of Watermelon)

>A little bit later, and Mike was leading the fluffies outside, exploring the wilderness.
>"Awigh hewd, gwassy nummies hew, we can haf dis now, ow wait fu sketties." Proclaimed Snowball
>"Haf sketties now?" Asked Butterface, the youngest of the fluffies, a pure yellow Earthie.
>"Nu. Haf gwassy o' wait fu' sketties."
>The fluffies crowded together under Mike's watch, eating the grass and resting in the shade of the trees
>"Wat es dis pwace daddeh?" Asked Pine, a green and brown Pegasus mare
>Mike squatted, bringing himself to the fluffies level
>"This is Camp Crystal Lake, Pine."
>"Pine wike Camp Cwystaw Wake. Smeww pwetty wit twees." She said, referring to the scent of the woods
>After all the fluffies stuffed they're little tummies with grass and relieved themselves, Mike took them inside, looking forward to a good nights rest
>Sunset, and Jason tilted his head in confusion
>He had never seen these strange and small animals before, not around Camp, not on Elm Street, and most definitely not in Space. Wait, never mind, that last one was a dream that bastard Freddy implanted in him to test him. Of course they wouldn't be there.
>After he took care of his work, maybe he could try to figure the strange creatures out

>Frank was livid at his business partner
>Mike cowered and whimpered "I... They said they were still hungry..."
>"Pweas stop yewwin daddeh, Snowbaww an' hewd be gud fwuffies fwum now on." Whined Snowball The Smarty, now in the large crate again with the rest of his herd
>Frank smashed his hand against the crate, making it wobble
>"NU! PWEASE NU SCAWY WOCKIES!" Cried Tiny Tim, the runt of the group, who was red and orange like Hulk Hogan
>Frank shot one last dirty look at Mike
>He stormed out into the night for a smoke
>The Fluffies whimpered in they're crate for a while, as Mike hunched down, cleaning the molten shit off the ground
>"Daddeh, es Snowbaww bad smawtie?"
>"No, Snowball, just tell your herd to go to sleep." Mike sighed
>A little later, on the shore of Crystal Lake, Frank stood, watching the moons reflection in the water
>"Maybe that morons got everything cleaned up by now. I should head back."
>However, when he turned his back to the lake, out rose a ghastly figure, who grabbed him by the leg and pulled him in
>Ki ki ki... Ma ma ma...
>"Good boy Jason, now dispose of the other one. Do it for Mommy."
>Jason once again re-emerged from the lake, now soaked in both water and blood, and marched through the woods towards the main cabin

>Midnight, and still no sign of Frank.
>Mike sighed as he put the crate of dozing fluffies into they're safe room
>Maybe Frank had ran off, he was prone to irrational behavior after all
>Mike began to turn out all the lights and start the fireplace
>He'd just lay back in the couch and relax
>Hard to relax when the smell of acidic fluffy shit is hanging in the air, but Mike did his best to relax anyway
>He heard the door open, and turned
>"Oh Frank, your back WHAT TH-MPHH!"
>A large, rotting hand wrapped around Mikes face, and lifted him into the air
>Jason lurched towards the fireplace, and slammed Mike into the fire, pushing him into the embers until his eyes burned out of they're sockets
>"Good boy, Jason. Now come back to mother, come home."
>Jason instinctually began to follow the orders of his mother, but stopped before he left.
>He had to know what those strange animals were
>He loved animals
>Back when he was still but a child, his mother taught him two very important things
>Number one: Always obey mother
>And number two: Never hurt an animal unless provoked
>They're was a few other things he was taught, like don't hurt any of his fellow children, but that was pushed to the back of his mind
>Jason had to know what those horse things were
>Slowly and methodically, Jason checked each room for the fluffies, before he finally found they're safe room
>Jason closed the door behind him, and opened up they're crate
>The fluffies woke up, and each trotted out of the crate
>"Awigh hewd, membah tu owny make poopies in witta box." Yawned Snowball
>"Wub Bwubewwy." Cooed Strawberry, a red and green earth pony, cuddling her special friend
>"Bwubewwy wub yu tu." Replied Blueberry, a blue and white earthie stallion.
>"Come on Snowbaww! Es time tu pway!" Nagged Pine, poking her "special friend"
>"Chawes pwotect hewd fu smawtie!" Declared Charles, a large pink and brown "toughie", much larger than the others
>Jason tilted his head in confusion.

>The fluffies continued to play, almost entirely oblivious to Jason's presence
>"Wub hewd, wub daddeh, wub evewyting!" Sung Linda, a light and dark green pegasus mare
>"Whew es cowowin bookie?" Asked Ash, an ash colored (Really?) unicorn stallion
>"Cweam don nu, bu stiww wub Ashie an hewd!" Cream answered, a cream and brown earthie mare
>"Bu Ashie nu am Cweam speciaw fwien?"
>"Don caw, wub hewd, nu be awone anymowe!"
>Jason felt something tug at his worksman jeans
>It was Tiny Tim, the Hulk Hogan runt fluffy
>"Yu es not daddeh, whewe es daddeh?" He asked
>Jason stepped back a bit. This was something really strange to take in for a guy who hadn't really seen anybody or anything since 2009.
>He still had absolutely no idea what these things were, and they kind of freaked him out
>After all, they are talking, retarded neon colored furred horses at a miniature size.
>"Why es mistah aww wet an covewed en boo-boo juice?" Tiny Tim asked
>Jason, again, just tilted his head in confusion
>"Wet mistuh nu smeww pwetty. Maybe nee' huggies?" The runt continued
>Then Tiny Tim hugged Jason's boot
>And then all the other fluffies approached and hugged him too.
>Jason probably would have smiled if he still had the muscles on his face to do that under his mask
>These things were the only creatures on earth who had shown him any kindness at all besides his mother.
>Effortlessly, Jason scooped them all up into his arms and marched out of the safe room, and out of the cabin
>"Whewe goin?" Asked Pine
>Jason didn't answer
>"Snowbaww, whewe es niceh mistuh takin hewd?" Inquired Tiny Tim
>"Snowbaww dun' nu." Quivered Snowball
>Snowball had seen Mike in the fireplace when none of the others had
>But he was just barely smart enough to not raise a fuss about it
>He knew that whatever would have happened to him or his herd would have been awful if he had raised the alarm
>Besides, maybe this mister was a new daddy. Maybe he was saving them after Mike had an accident.
>Yeah. Sure.
Probably a pink coat, white mane, felt eyes,standing preferably. Yes 2 inches would be fine.

>Jason layed the fluffy herd gently down onto the floor of the shack
>He also quickly removed all the really sharp objects from the floor
>He had a pet once, a cat
>He used it to distract teenagers, and then while they let they're guards down, thinking the noise was only a cat, he'd fucking machete the shit out of them
>Unfortunately the cat didn't like him much, and eventually it ran away
>Jason was deadset making sure something like that never happened again
>He was going to be the best damn weird-fluff covered miniature retarded horse owner in the world!
>Jason quickly collected 4 sticks of wood and set them up in a box formation, then turned to the fluffies and pointed at it
>He did this multiple times to no avail, before Snowball, the herds smarty, caught on
>"Oh, hewd, n...nice mu..mistuh es showin' wittawboxie." Stuttered Snowball, still slightly unnerved at Jason's intimidating presence that the other fluffies were pretty oblivious of, and the fact that he was the only fluffy who saw Mike's corpse
>"Oh, wittahbox." Cooed the rest of the fluffies, as they trotted over and began they're anal dumpage.
>Jason nodded in approval. He probably would have not been doing that if his rotting nose had been operating correctly, but the fluffies were following orders, so he was pleased
>The fluffies began to explore the shack, and play a short game of tag as Jason watched.
>Then Blueberry, the most curious of the fluffies, began to tug at Pamela Voorhees's sweater that was apart of Jason's shrine
>And with two simple words of "Wats dis?" Blueberry brought it down, along with Pamela's head
>Panic and confusion ensured
>"EEEEEK! HOOMIN LADEH HEADIE FAWW DOWN!" Cried pretty much all the fluffies
>"NU CAN SEE! NU CAN SEE!" Cried Blueberry, having pulled the sweater over himself
>Jason quickly scooped up his mothers head and sweater, placing them back in they're places
>Then he grabbed for Blueberry, who had attempted to escape as soon as the sweater was removed

>As Blueberry tried to skitter away, Jason yanked it back with surprising speed by its tail
>Jason then pinned it to the floor to its back with one hand, and raised the other
>Jason swiftly brought the hand down and!
>"Jason! Stop this instant!"
>Jason froze, fist hairs away from Blueberry's babbling face
>"Jason, you may not kill them! They remind me so much of... you. You and these things are so special." Whispered the disembodied voice of Pamela Voorhees
>Jason gradually losened his grip of Blueberry, until Blueberry could move again
>Then Snowball chimed in
>"Bwuebewwy, puwwin down c-cwothin' was- was bad! Mistuh wa-was onwy tewwin yu ded baddie t-thing" Whimpered Snowball, still terrified, and still trying to keep himself and his herd alive by trying to appease Jason.
>"B-bwuebewwy undahstan', nu mowe puww down cwothin', be gud fwuffy." Muttered Blueberry, hushed by his fear
>Jason saw that Blueberry was upset, and to comfort him, began to scratch him on the head with one finger
>This cheered up Blueberry up a bit, as he began to giggle
>"Hehehe! Dat tickwe!"
>"Wan tickwe! Wan tickwe!" Chanted almost all of the other fluffies as they crowded around Jason
>Jason was happy to oblige
>Pine noticed that Snowball wasn't coming up to get tickles, so trotted over
>"Whas wong Snowbaww? Nu wan tickwes?" She asked
>"S-snowbaww scawed of nu daddeh."
>"Nu be siwwy, get tickwe!"
>And so she pushed Snowball over, and Jason tickled him, and Snowball began to laugh
>Maybe this new monst- daddy wasn't so bad after all...
ok so wool cost would be- $14
labor cost- $60
then there's just shipping left. If you live in the US it's typically $7 or so.

If you actually do want the fluffy I require the wool cost payment up front just in case you bail on me so I'm not down $ since I have to buy the felt

If you want this fluffy please mail me [email protected] and include what eye color you want. I can get started soon as I get the wool cost payment.
Alright, I'll jot down your email and as soon as I get a little extra money I'll send you it, along with the info
Is that a dick made of dicks?....nice
File: cutest fwuffies.jpg (300KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cutest fwuffies.jpg
300KB, 1024x768px
cool! I'm excited to make you a fluffy. Oh and be sure to mention if you want wings or a horn or both so I can put it on there
are they extra?
nope on the small fluffies they're small enough to where it doesn't matter
Oh sweet,I'll deff have to get a hold of you then. If my daughter and wife like your work I'll have to order them one too.
File: wouldfuckeverything.jpg (214KB, 1112x719px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 1112x719px

>A few days later, on the outer road leading into Camp Crystal Lake, a cop car pulled up, and two officers stepped out
>"Why are we here again Dave?" Asked Officer Kevin O'Hara
>"Because O'Hara, those two men haven't been seen since they came here, and I'm afraid I know why they haven't." Replied Officer David "Dave" Meltzer
>"You, you- you don't think it could actually be Jason, do you?"
>"Fraid it might be. Jason hasn't been heard from for about eight years or so, makes sense he would start making noise after so long."
>And then suddenly, Officer O'Hara was hit with!
>A sudden urge to pee due to a large amount of coffee
>"I'll be right back Dave!"
>"Don't wander too far off, and keep your guard up!"
>Kevin trudged through the woods to a spot he was sure that no-one would be able to see him, and then promptly relieved himself
>Once he was done, he froze as he heard a rustle right behind him
>He spun around and!
>"Hai dere! Am Cweam! Wan pway?"
>"Oh thank the lord, it's just a fluffy." Thought Kevin
>Kevin looked around for a few seconds to make sure the coast was clear, and when he was certain that no-one could see, he lifted his boot high into the air
>"Wat mistuh doin'?" Asked Cream naively
>"Ending something I hate!" Kevin replied as he brought his boot down
>"URK!" Kevin cried as his boot stopped abruptly a mere finger length away from Cream
>Kevin was lifted into the air by the back of his neck
>"Please... don't...." He sobbed
>"GAHK!" He cried as he was stabbed through the back with a machete
>"Yay! Scawy daddeh sab Cweam fwum meanie stompie mistuh!"
>Jason dropped Kevin's lifeless corpse to the ground, and picked up Cream, patting her ont he head gently
>He then retreated back into the woods, waiting for his next victim to come and investigate
File: fwuffy am pwetty.jpg (262KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fwuffy am pwetty.jpg
262KB, 768x1024px
Then you'd have a whole fluffy family :D
a very happy one at that! When my wife gets home from work I'll mention it to her, see what she thinks.
Thread posts: 110
Thread images: 60

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