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Why are you enraged by the warm creamy log?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Why are you enraged by the warm creamy log?
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U mad whyte boi?
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Why don't you have a shit over there?
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was talking to my buddy on skype earlier this evening. decided to show him what the logging in this smooth greatness was all about. sent him like 10 log memes. about 5 minutes later i hear his 8th grace daughter in the background saying "why is my 6th grade crush standing next to piece of shit?" her father replied "well thats what Anon and his friends talk about on 4chan..." i started laughing
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8th grade*
when the outside world get a taste of chan is always priceless
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That's why the logging must continue. I love that the logs enrage faggots so much!
this is not funny
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Oh contraire my man, it is hilarious the way it triggers rage in Ameribong teens.
it doesn't trigger anyone it's just unfunny
i laugh and im not op. so log yourself anon
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Get a log of this guy!
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No but hungry like a wolf for a slidder
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Slide right down.
Is humor subjective? I laugh like a mad cunt
mmmmmmmmmmmm steamy
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sixx army.jpg
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Creamy log army
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Dungbeatles .jpg
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Saddest. Forced meme. Ever.
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I wanna suck so hard on Andy Sixx's asshole that food he hasnt even eaten yet comes out.
Honestly, watching this thread and it's variants appear on /b/ is like watching autism in action. I can only liken it to the autistic kid sitting in the corner, dribbling, as he tries to eat his own foot. No one understands why, no one appreciates why he does it (even if such a logical reason even exists) and we can all but watch in morbid fascination and mild irritation as the bizarre, pointless spectacle plays itself out over and over again. Maybe one day the meds will kick in, but until then we all have front row seats to what I can only assume is the world's slowest, and now well documented, nervous breakdown. Hang in there Op, I'm sure you'll find solace one day.....at the end of a rope
"In Logs We Trust"
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sliding down.gif
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They get better
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shit surfing.jpg
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waterlogged .jpg
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