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Just had my first gay experience. Don't know what to think

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Just had my first gay experience. Don't know what to think right now. Also, first gay experience thread.
What's the story, faggot?
not OP but my first gay experience was fucking my trans friend in the showers in the last year of High-School.
High school was the best.
Well it's kind of a long story when I think about everything that happened, but I mean the end of it is I just buttfucked this highschool boy I bought alcohol for in a park. Really bizarre scenario actually, I don't know if his friends were watching or not. Honestly the main things that's on my mind is whether or not I got aids. I know it's propaganda but I'm nervous about it there was no condom.
it was very sexy. I wasn't looking for it but it was just me and her in there and couldn't help myself. Saw her newly developing female-ish body and my second brain took over. found out that she had a small crush on me. Carried on with a fantastic 6 yr relationship afterwards.
You're not alone. I hate being so attracted to me because statistically gay and by men are a lot higher risk for stds. If he's in high school then I doubt he's got anything unless he's a really big slut then I guess you never know
>small crush
>6 year relationship
Choose one
Did you ever do anything else in school?
As long as he doesn't fuck a lot of older men, he's probably clean. Get tested anyway just to rest your mind.

>no condom propoganda
Its not you fucking retard mentally ill fag, enjoy your aids lmao
First gay experience was me going to some guy's apartment where he hung a curtain in a doorway. I laid down, and put my lower half under the curtain and got sucked off, then he did the same and I sucked him off. My dick was alot bigger than his.
small crush before we fucked
6 yr relationship from when we fucked
Must have been a good fuck
I mean he got with me and I met them for the first time that night in front of the liquor store. That's why I'm a little worried. Physically he didn't look worn out or whatever.
fuck yeah. I had a few girls before but when I fucked her I didn't care about anything. I think it was more of the fact that she was a friend and we had a lot in common and we just clicked.
sucked my friends dick when we got high once. Tried anal. Friend wasn't patient so I shut it down.
yeah I'll write it out
i was in the third grade and sucked off my cousin who was the same age. haven't seen him since.
First, got fucked by a college student when I was 16, came when he fucked me and felt bad I couldn't fuck him back lol
Fucked a guy for an hour and couldn't cum until he came, then realized I'm a bottom lmao
>buttfucked this highschool boy
> I bought alcohol for in a park
>aids propaganda
What the fuck. And you people what me to believe you are right in the head enough to vote or have a say on faggot matters in politics.
At this point i hope did get aids for being this fucking retarded.
AIDS is pretty rare, get tested anyway so you are sure you're clean
I had found some pills called gabapentin. I'll called my friend over, and asked if he was willing to take a couple with me. Well, a the drugs didn't kick in right away, and a couple turned into 6 each. A few hours later we're fucked out of mind laying on the bed. He puts his arm around me, and we start spooning. That turns into me on top of him kissing him, and furthers into him taking down his pants and facefucking me. We tried anal later with a rubber glove, some petroleum jelly, but let me tall you nothing kills your buzz faster than having a 8.5 inch dick shoved in your ass and pulled out immediately!
You measured his dick? Rubber glow? Lol
We didn't have any condoms as it was never meant to go as far so rubber glove seemed like a good substitute. As for his dick, yeah, I measured the thing was like a babies arm!
I mean, he's fucking guys for alcohol in the park. He's probably pretty slutty.
Preach, always get tested every 3-6 months.
Fuck gabapentin, it's almost a nerve affecting alcohol/benzo drug that affects liver (maybe, idr, my aunt is in a coma from them lol)
Yeah, I'll never take it again. The one other time I tried it I fainted, and woke up in a ditch with no memory of anything. It was scary.
>Be me
>Got drunk as fuck
>Decide fuck it, I've secretly jacked off to gay threads a lot
>Might as well try the real thing
>Search Okcupid
>Find 18 year old dude who looks attractive enough
>Message him
>Fall asleep
>Wake up, he messaged me back
>Nervous as fuck
>Message him back and forth
>Video chat on skype
>Talk him into coming over for vidya, food, and playtime
>He knows I've never been with a dude but am curious
>He gets here
>Heart pounding and nervous as shit
>Go to bedroom
>Undo his pants and take out his cock
>Not that weird to touch and stroke. Kinda like touching me but I don't feel it
>He's smaller than me but still 6.5 inches and thick
>Say fuck it, now or never
>Start sucking. Doesn't taste weird like expected. Doesn't taste like anything
>Thick so I worry about teeth and such but he enjoys it
>Says he can't cum from a bj but I give it my best shot.
>Asks me to fuck him in the ass
>Cannot get hard to save my life
>Get hard ENOUGH to slap a condom on and stick it in
>Fuck his ass til he cums, which is hot because making someone cum turns me on
>I cum
>Pull out and condom comes off and stays in his ass
>Feel regret but it fades
>Spend the rest of the night playing vidya games and randomly stroking and sucking him
>Tried to fuck him again but could not get hard

7/10 experience.
Why couldn't you get hard? Cause u were drunk or nervous or what?
I'm just not attracted to dudes I guess. It was fun but wasn't really a sexual feeling. Just a bit of messing around. I prefer tits... and its weird to reach down between someone's legs and feel a dick instead of a pussy
I'm the opposite lol. I'm bi but vaginas just don't make sense to me
I was in jr high. Childhood friend I guess always liked me more than a friend but never said anything. One day at school we were hanging out and went behind the bleachers and he stopped me and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away but he said he loved me and wanted to do anything to make me happy. He grabbed my penis area (I was wearing basketball shorts) and started rubbing. I pushed him away again but a second later realized it felt kinda good so I let him do it after a couple of minutes. I never touched him because I wasn't interested but he did end up sticking his hand in my shorts and stroking my dick and fondling my balls. Later on that day after school had ended we went to his house where we would usually play video games until his parents got home from work, this time we were in his bedroom. He pulled my shirts down and put his hands all over my genitals. He proceeded to put his mouth on my dick and started sucking it. I remember just laying back in his bed getting my dick sucked by him. It honestly felt so good. After about 20 minutes of oral he asked me to stand up and he tried sticking his finger in my ass. I didn't let him I didn't want it going that far. He kept sucking my dick and licking my balls. He continued doing that for another 10-15 minutes and we stopped. He asked me if I could do to him what he did for me but I said no. About a year later more stuff happened with him but yeah that was my first gay experience.
Tell us about the other stuff you did with him
I'm near Raleigh looking for my first gay experience. I think I'm going to browse Craigslist. Think I should #AIDS it up with a monkey?
Is it worth ruining your whole life for one lousy night?
You know it daddy
Where's that?
This guys right
My first was with my best friend and I won't want it any other way.
Capital of NC.

Honestly I kind of just want to suck one but would probably take one in the ass if a condom was used.
Adventurous lol
Yeah I googled it but figured I'd ask just in case. Unfortunately I'm in Ohio :(
I was at my favorite bar, chilling. Local tail was kind of drying up. Mainly only the sluts liked me but I kept hearing rumors of The Herp spreading with them. I was about to leave when a fresh hottie gave me the look as she approached me. She sat next to me and chatted me up. II asked her if she knew the guys the other hotties knew, she said nope. I told her about the spreading Herp and I wanted to dodge it.
We ended up at my appartment. She went topless easily, pulled out my junk and BJ'd me like no one else. Swallowing and everything. JACKPOT! I love repeat fuck buddies, so I went to reach under her skirt to pull off her panties to return the favor, maybe fuck. Gotta' give a girl like that the O.
She pulled away, saying she was good sucking me off. I told her I didn't care if she was on her period, I was willing to get my fingers red and I knew that pussy sensitivity was higher on the rag. She got that look like she was cooking up a story. Irked, something was fishy, I pinned her down and reached up her skirt.
Surprise. She was a he. Stunned me. Girly faggots never tricked me before. Boobs, curves, cute face, girly body hair, girly smell, girly voice, girly everything except for crotch.
He curled up, expecting a well-deserved fag beating. I reached into my nightstand and grabbed the astro-glide. Not many women like butt stuff, but I knew faggots did.
I removed the remainder of his clothes and posed him, he did not at all resist. I lubed up his butt, stroked my junk hard again, and started banging. Girl enough for me. Bent over, he looked like a hottie. Butt sex with him was like with a hottie, grabbing his boobs and what not.
He said "Gentle, slow down, not so hard" and shit like that. I told him that I knew faggots loved the butt stuff and I was not slowing down. Took me a while to cum. I blew a load alredy in his mouth. I tolerated him jerking it during. He had to get his too. That was fair.
When I finished, I told him where the fresh linens were.
I was in our high school jazz band. I was new to the area (just moved to Florida), so I didn't know many people. One week goes by and I get a friend request on fb from our pianist in the jazz band. I got a message from him asking if I wanted to date, I told him that I wasn't interested in men. He asks me if he can have permission to blow me, I decline. He asks me for months and months until I finally am just desperate enough to let him suck. So we go to his place and I watch him play on his PC and we talk about things. Then, he asks me to slide my pants down, and so I do. He gets very flattery about my dick too. He likes my head, but wishes I weren't cut. Then he sucks for like 10 minutes. Doesn't even go that deep, just like as far as the head and that's it. I didn't even feel like a whore.
He said that I didn't need to be an asshole about our thing. I reminded him that HE tricked me into thinking he was a girl. He said that he made me realize I was gay. I told him that, except for him having guy crotch junk, I was being straight. Bisexual, maybe, but not gay.
So, now I'm willing to fuck faggots who look like hot chicks as long as they are totally the girl in it.
>be me 17
>have a friend, he's 16 and gay
>don't care about it, he doesn't act like one
>we hang out a lot nothing ever happened
>sleep over at his home on a Friday night
>he's been awfully quiet
>ask if something is wrong
>he fully admits that he is upset that I always have girl to mess around with but he can never find a guy to mess around with
>ask him like what
>kissing, sex cuddlin etc
>feel bad for him, he always tries so hard as well and I just kind of get bitches left and right
>he asks me if we can fool around just for once
>hesitant as fuck, not gay not attracted to my friend in any way
>pull out my dick and stroke it
>I tell him I probably won't do anything to him
>he says he will do all the work
>tell him k won't kiss or suck his dick or anything
>he's oke with it
>he strokes my dick for a minute
>starts sucking it, does a great job
>ended up fucking him in the ass

He sucked my dick two or three times after nothing more happened after that.
He ended up moving to Spain and we lost contact. Don't really regret it but I won't do anything with s guy again, I like girls too mhc
Bump as well, good thread

>gay experiences

>call them "her"

are you in acceptance or denial here
I'll post my experience in a sec but I'm going to be slow
15, sleep over at a friends house, was fast asleep, i wake up to something wet on my ass, at first i thought i shit myself, but then it moved, somehow he managed to spoon me and take down my pants without waking me (i am usually woke up by the slightest little thing) anyway it started moving, i realize what it was, i froze, was very wierd, he pushes it all the way inside me, was huge, atleast 8'' but the girth was ridiculous, hurt like nothing i ever felt but still i dont know why but i felt incapacitated i was frozen solid, eventually the pain went away, he came inside, pulled out and went back to sleep, i never even had any sexual attraction to anything around that age, it happened once more after, i didnt want it to but then sort of did, anyway 23 now, turns out im gay i guess, but im not to fond on receiving, that is one main reason why i dont believe you are just straight born a certain way, i never had a slight attraction to anything, i guess i was a late one, although now i do like guys and ladyboys but guys have to be very specific (oriental) now boyfriend of 5 years, pic related.
>be me, 19
>meet a cute guy(cute as in looks like a girl)
>admit I'm bicurious
>starts flirting with me
>talk about kind of hooking up(anal is gross but a bj would be OK)
>tells me I can't be bi if anal grosses me out
>he gets nudes from me
>one day talking about meeting up
>sends a dick pic. It's fucking gross
>not bi
>tease him for 3 months for luls
>never talk to him again
>know you aren't gay
File: 856565656676.png (99KB, 228x210px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 228x210px
> i wake up to something wet on my ass, at first i thought i shit myself, but then it moved

/b/ Horror story
So, you're sexually confused because you were raped. Yes, you were raped. Now, you are complicated. Welcome to dysfunction.
>be 14
>first day of freshman year at new high school
>kinda goth
>get sat next to two jocks
>they keep asking about myself because I'm new but I'm to shy to say much
>at lunch one sits next to cause I'm alone
>he starts getting really friendly
>find out we live in the same neighborhood
>We hang out for the next couple of weeks
>he continues to get really touchy
No one cares a straight guy has bi love? Too many faggots here.
>he's my only friend and he's popular so I don't say anything
>one day after school he tries to kiss me at the bus stop
>he's always doing gay shit like smacking my ass so I didn't think anything of it
>he asks if my family is home and when I say no he insists on coming over
Whats her name
>We get to my house and when I'm trying to unlock the door he presses his cock against my ass and starts calling names like faggot and slut
>at this point I knew it wasn't a joke but I couldn't do anything
>We get inside he follows me to my room
>he starts kissing on me again but I don't do anything this time
>I liked him but never told him because I thought he was straight
>I'm to nervous to kiss him back so I just stand there until he tell me to get on my bed
>I lay down on my back and he jumps on top of me
>he pulls my shirt off and then does his
>he starts kissing me again and tells me I'm going to suck his dick
>after a minute or so of him sucking on my neck he jumps up and drops his shorts
>his about 6inch cock pops out and is visibly throbbing
>now I'm just as horny as him and I start stroking his shaft
>be 14
>stop over at friends for holidays
>play vidya games all day
>Night time fall asleep
>Feel my cock being sucked
>open eyes and see friend with my cock in his mouth
>dont say anything, just keeps eyes shut
>Bust my nut

>next day dont say anything
>night time comes and its my turn
>wait till friend is asleep
>pull his pants down
>roll him onto his stomach
>slide cock up his butt
>he wakes up and is mad
>tell him its pay back
>tells me hes enjoying it
>bust my nut and fill his butt

>walked out the door

>got on the floor

>did the dinosaur
Are you seriously this retarded?
>after a few minutes of that he insists I remove my pants and lay back down
>he starts stroking me and has me blow him while I lay on my back
>I start to taste his pre cum and try to ask him where he's going to cum
>he just grabs my hair and continues to fuck my face
>he erupts into my mouth and I spit it everywhere
>he keep stroking me for awhile but I never came
The rest of the year he had me blow him regularly
Ahh a classic
I took it after getting shingles, and still have some nerve tingles on my face/scalp from it. Gabapentin saved me from going insane from the incessant itching after things started to heal up. I've taken up to 600mg at a pop and I can't imagine trying to fuck on it. Makes me loopy/disconnected.

Most of the shit in this thread is pants on head retarded and reads like a penthouse letter written in Sumerian and pushed through google translate. Who the fuck measures dicks when getting ready to fuck?

I guess I need to contribute
>Wasn't getting any at home
>Started hanging out and talking to a gay dude
>Got drunk with him one afternoon
>Started fucking around
>He topped me, I couldn't even get hard
>Hurt like a motherfucker, hadn't learned to relax yet
>Hurt for a week when I shit

I fucked around with a few other guys. Once I learned to relax it was a bit better, but I'm still not really a bottom. Fucked a few traps/cds. It was okay, but men aren't soft like women. Sucking dick is fun, and gay dudes are way better at head then women.
im not sure im sexually confused, im fine with the way i am, i agree i was raped i guess but im not sure if in fact i was going to be gay or not.
>gay dudes are way better at head then women.
The truest fact ever spoken
File: 1497919751735.png (30KB, 977x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 977x540px
/b/ has been hit by a continuous raid from Reddit for the last year and a half with cuckoldry-related shit being spammed. Some of it is subliminal/subversive.

>Pics you're not supposed to share
>Wwyd? (What would you do?)
>Dubs/trips and I release the rest
>You mad white boi?
>Cuckoldry shit
>Cock Tribute threads
>Trap threads

All of this is a raid conducted by John Bettendorf to push a psyop. Notice all of these things are spammed constantly and are all related to cuckoldry in some form or another. Also, none of the "girlfriends" posted are legitimate. They're screenshots of camwhores from apple computers and iPhones. Any thread asking /b/ if there's more of a specific amateur girl is looking for more to be posted in future threads as fake girlfriends.

On another note, the kik threads are all CP trade threads and should be reported immediately. Discord threads/posts are actually clickbait for views and sponsorships.

Make a Nazi or a Hitler thread and all those cuckold-related threads slow down since the Nazi thread distracts those posters. Mention how Antifa is shit, and watch the shills pour in to defend such a horrible group of faggots.

Pic 100% related.

Project Normalize will fail.
>8" girth
>Someone can slip a dick that big in an ass without them noticing or being woken

Fuck this gay earth. Jesus /b can't even come up with good bullshit to post. You must shit concrete softballs and have the biggest natural asshole known to man.
Nice bot thread.
Rip thread
thats not my ass, thats my current boyfriend
and isnt bullshit by the way
didnt say 8 inch girth, learn to read
Sneaky penis
was indeed
Unless he's fucked someone with aids, the chance is nihil.
I had an ldr boyfriend and we sexted all the time. Sadly nothing physical.
this actually happened to my friend at least the first half, he sucked off his buddy and they both play it off till this day that nothing happpened.
Are you in Columbus? Got a kik?
Yes n yes
>Be 19, first time living alone
>Decide that I want to try sucking some dick so dl Grindr
>Decide to go for the first person who would message
>36yr old decent looking guy messages asking for a meet
>Swap pics, decent dick lets go. Say i'm a bit submissive but just want to suck.
>Older guy says fine, come here then
>travel to his, he opens the door.
>4 inches shorter than me, lied about height... Alright then, but just wanted to try cock.
>Closes door and we go up stairs followed by awkward hello's
>He instructs me to get undressed, sub me follows.
>I kneel down and undo his trousers
>Cock flops out and lands on my lips
>Bigger than I thought, but feels like nothing I could imagine.
>told to not use hands and just use my mouth, feels weird as he slides into my mouth
>Slight gag as he hits my throat
>Takes my head in both hands and then just starts pumping at my mouth
>I get hard as my mouth is being filled. He notices and says my ass looks cute from here
> I get on to bed to suck him some more with my head off the edge.
> Stops and tells me to look at the floor
>"Ok, what now? Maybe he's about to cum?"
>Hear and feel him climb on to bed
>"Oh, maybe he wants me to roll over or something?"
>Forces me down and rests his cock on my waiting asshole
>"Do you want this in you?"
>"Yes please"
>He slides it into my ass and goes to town. I cum within 10 minutes, orgasm of my life with the best feeling of being pounded by a nice big cock
>Hear groan and feel something hot oozing out of me
>"Reckon you like cock now?"
>Immediately feel dirty with regret and want to leave
>End up meeting on and off for 2 years
And that's how I learnt I loved getting used.
Notice my answer pls
Will senpai ever noticed me?
>be me, ameristraight
>visiting friends in Germany where I used to live
>go to old student bar
>timing didn't work out, old friends can't stay long
>I stay and get wasted
>things are slowing down and I stand next to this Asian dude alone
>literally no sexual thoughts, he was just observing and I was nice
>talk to him for like 5 minutes before I realize he doesn't speak german
>suddenly sense his interest (he is also wasted)
>he's a Cambodian student
>invites me to his place in the same building
>realize what I'm getting into, say yes
>he kisses me
>gross. My gay attraction is only to cock and ass
>really enjoy stroking and licking his cock
>I've been pegged before so I say fuck it and put his absurdly curved cock in my ass
>never seen one so curved even on the Internet
>get shit on his dick
>open some wine without asking
>drink half the bottle
>we suck each other off
>he wants me to stay but bed is tiny and as stated above I don't want to cuddle with a boy
>take tram home
>regret it only because I had a girlfriend
Where can I find QT traps in London, UK? Is there an app or something?
Also try /soc/
File: 1495295924472.jpg (17KB, 307x309px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 307x309px
>there was no condom
I met a guy last December at like 5AM at an outdoor location through Grindr. I didn't get fully hard, didn't enjoy sucking his dick and I threw up multiple times after I left. Was a waste of time and fucked me up big time mentally.

Though I still watch gay porn and get turned on at the idea of sucking dick/ getting my dick sucked by a dude so I don't really know whether to do anything with a guy again or not.
Maybe you should try with some you care about and not a dirty dicked faggot from a hook up app
Replies like this confirm that homosexuality is a mental illness
I jacked off with a guy in my shower. We made out and did a ton of grinding on each other.

I let him cum on my face and I sucked his dick too
Ohio fag still here
Rip thread
I'm cincy. Where you at?
File: 1497258875726.jpg (288KB, 811x1434px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
288KB, 811x1434px
I didn't say it was your ass.

Okay, I reread and my fucking fault at 3rd grade reading comprehension. But you did still state 'ridiculous girth' and at least 8 inches, yet you were getting spoon raped and couldn't see said penis. Unless you weren't spoon raped the second time and got a good look at it.

Still seems stupid and preposterous that someone could shove a ginormous dick in your dry shitty ass without you noticing, never mind if you're laying on your side your legs are keeping your shorts/underpants up and hard to get off. And yes I understand he could have used lube, but whatever. Gay sex takes work for you not to get shit on your goddamn dick IRL.
i saw new it was big and was confirmed the second time, it wasnt lube, it was precum,
and as i said i knew it was going in, i was aware of it, just was frozen mentally.
I was like 5-6 when my older cousin took me to the bathroom and presented his dick to me. I instinctively put it in my mouth because he kept hovering it near my lips for some reason.
it depends on the size of your dick, fecal matter isnt stored within the first 6 inches of your anus, which just so happens to be the average size of most men, so its not really that massy, even if your slightly bigger, unless you have like major shits going on.
pics or gtfo
Gonna try to make it as short as a can. I've had other experiences but this one's the first time i've ever topped.
>be bout 17 chilling at younger smoke bud's house
>his cousin was hanging out too, they were both about 15
>be smoking pots watching movies and such
>mind you my friend's cousin, (i'll call him jay), is a total flamer
>he does everything like a chick, with the appearance of a guy. he's seriously the perfect twink.
>he had a sexy petite figure, with an arch in his back and a perfect little bubble butt, smooth brown skin and pretty blue eyes
>anyways, he was cute as fuck. of course, my little faggot ass was horny as shit.
>time goes by, smoke bud falls asleep. just me and jay up at this point, so we get to talking
>i rolled and smoked a couple doobs and we smoked and chatted for about an hour before i could get him on the subject of sex
>he began describing all the dirty shit he and his ex would do
>after we finished smoking i asked him if he wanted to go to the room, he said yea, i went and took a quick piss and went in after him
>he was laying on his stomach on this mattress naked with the blanket over his ass
>i stood over him removing all my clothes, and proceeded rip the blanket off and shove my tongue in his ass
>he moaned hard in to the pillow, wiggling around, gripping the sheets for about 10 minutes as i ate his ass
>i then flipped him, pushed his legs back, kissed him real hard and thrusted my cock in to his ass
>i railed him for about three minutes and came all over his stomach.
>we fucked a few more times after, did a bunch of freaky shit, had him face down ass up calling me daddy and shit
>laid there and smoked a cigarette with him cuddled up under my arm
>got dressed
>drove home
Way better than my first straight experience
believe it. don't believe it. idgaf, that was my first time being a faggot.
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