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Incest thread. Green text prefered.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest thread. Green text prefered.
I've recently become obsessed with fucking my sister. To the point that I'm in a perpetual state of lust and guilt.Feels bad and good man.
you fuck your sister? got a story on how it started? do you both enjoy/regret? got any advice?

bump for sister pics and stories
No, I haven't fucked her. I just fap to her a lot and do other weird shit.
like what? post pics of her
Basically I've stolen some panties, came on some of her stuff. Weird shit. And no, I'm not posting pics.
pics of the panties?
there a story about some guy pissing on his sister stuff till she fucked him one day
No. To be fair, you've probably seen her nudes before. Theyre posted pretty frequently.

Move on and find another girl anon
I have a gf. It doesn't help.

Maybe try coercing your GF into doing roleplay where you act as brother and sister, maybe that'll help get it out of your system
The closest thing to incest ive done is shower/bathe with family. have done it with my 2 sisters, 2 bros, 3 nieces, 4 nephews. nothing overtly sexual though
All at the same time?
lol no, this is over the past 15ish years, most ive done at one time was 4 +me. have done with 2 quite a lot
I fucked my cousin's daughter a few times, about 9 years ago. Do not regret it.
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Gonna write up a story about how I fingered my older cousin once. I was 23~ she was 27~. True story, no dinos or bel air. I posted it here once before but idk if anyone archived it. Keep thread bumped and show interest. I hurt my fucking pinkie knuckle and have no business typing, if there's no interest I'll go back to lurking. Sorry to be an attention whore. But not really.
Checked dubs.

Where you from? Thought of trying to find a bro or friend who would start something with her and then get you in on it without her knowing? Like blindfolding and tying her up and kinky shit, and then talking her into a threesome with a "friend"?
Roll it out
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Good man. It's on its way. Keep the thread jumping. I know you guys hate when I post slowly so I'm trying to get it all ready at once, for once.
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> Over at cousin's house
> She's an only child
> Both upstairs in her bedroom bored on our phones
> She's not really attracted to me but we're cool
> Families taking forever to leave
> She's texting her boyfriend
> Never met him
> It's obvious they're sexting
> Suddenly she looks disappointed
> He had to leave
> She looks like wants to play with something
> She needs to play with something
> She glances over to me and tells me to take my clothes off
> She goes back to looking at her phone
> Find myself completely naked next to her while she's on her phone
> She starts to rub my cock with her hand gently
> Don't care that she's just using me
>>7364848hmmm, el bump
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the only child part makes mad sense

good for you though, homey
Giving what I got so far:

> Be me
> 23ish.
> Love my grandmother. Do anything for her cause she did everything for me
> Was obsessed with pancakes. Used to eat 3 when I was 5 or 6 years old, with all the fixings: sausage, eggs, milk, grits
> Saw Geston in Beauty and the Beast
> Bitches don't know about my eggs
> Instantly doubled the order of all my breakfast. Demanded that shit every day
> Grandmother don't give a fuck. She southern and wants me to be big and strong.
> She sings the Gaston song (shittily) everytime she made it for me until I was 12. Damn near daily.
> Get a call from my grandmother. She needs a favor
> Anything.jpeg
> She wants me to paint her house.
> Wtf? Really?
> Never painted anything in my life. Shut in with very little knowledge of how to adult.
> Father never trusted me with tools of any kind.
> Smart ass nigga
> Okay grandma, when do you want me over?
> Now
> Dafuq
> Seriously, stop and look at w/e game I'm playing at the time. In a mp game with some friends, doing something that is important in game.land. Some shit we really took a lot of time and energy to setup.
> Fuck it, it's for G-Ma.
> On my way.
> Say goodbye to my friends and apologies for leaving, then dip before they have time to give me shit.
> Don't worry lads, sexy time isn't far off, and NOT with grandma
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> Get to house, half the damn family is there
> Seriously, wtf is going on
> Cousin pulls me aside. Older cousin, but not the one I finger. This one only has 1 year on me.
> Tbh she's actually infinitely more attractive in my eyes. Keeps herself together, out of trouble, in shape. Dresses nice, body is out of the world. Has one scar across her belly, vertically, from when she was shot once. Bunch of niggers stood on my grandmother's porch and lit the whole damn house up. Story for another time.
> She tells me that the government is threatening to take the house or some shit.
> Not G-Ma's house!!!
> Only way to save it is to get it up to regulation.
> Damn house has bars on the doors and windows to keep out niggers, but the boiler is fucked. Cheap as family let a cheap as nigger come through and nigga rig it, but it only blew up. Again.
> Family has to repaint the house to get rid of all the smoke damage while they pool together money for a real repair man.
> I'm basically a tall mf and they need every pair of hands they can get
> Okay, I'm down. Anything for grandma.
> Cousin gives me a quick tutorial downstairs. I grew up on NES games, before battery saves or even passwords, this shit is Yalmcha.
> Get sent upstairs to work with my older cousin, because upstairs is hot af and no one wants to work up there or deal with stairs all the time. I used to live up there so idgaf, shit is nostalgia.
> Cousin is already up there working, I call ahead and she answers back. We're carrying on a simple conversation as I go up the stairs at the speed of snail.
> "Hey cuzzo!" "Hey! Glad you could make it!" "Oh, you know I had to come through for my family." "That's great, we was worried you might not make it out here." That sort of shit.
> I turn the bend in the midst of this conversation and there, not 10 feet away from me, is my cousin, on a stepladder, painting the corner between the wall and the ceiling.
> Except I didn't notice my cousin right away, not all of her.
> She was wearing daisy dukes. The first pair I'd seen in 10 years, back when they had a song dedicated to them. And they were riding ALL The way up. Tight, thin ass hanging out each hole, bouncing as she stood on her toes to force the roller up into the crack as best she could. He muscled thighs and calves shaking up and down as she went. I could see half of one underboob, YES UNDERBOOB, shaking dangerously loos under a tank top she tucked under her breast to expose her stomach. No doubt to ward off some of the heat. She was sweating like nobodies business, and her hair was up in a high ponytail. Paint drops decorated her from head to toe, with one neat little dot in the middle of her nose, like a dog.
> I must have stopped midsentence because she eventually stopped painting and turned to look at me. My eyes went up to meet her's but I still didn't say anything.
Sounds like grandma needs to bring some pancakes over now. Thnx, was trying not to think of food lol
Dud moar
Bump, moar!
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>be me
>Two female blonde athletic cousins wanted to fug me at different times
>Asian in law wanted to fug me
>I refuses to fuck any of them because I'm not a thirsty degenerate

Get shot family fuckers, have some self control.
OP here. Bumping this shit.
Dont let this die
Inb4:op is a not a faggot
Bump, moar!
File: broken-f5-button.jpg (114KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There's never a bad time to think of food. :)

> Hey anon. I'd give you some love (hug) but... [gestures to her paint coated body]
> Yeah, np. Just point me in the right direction. I'll take you up on it when we're both wet.
> Haha, alright. Um... Yeah, go in the next room and grab the other brush. Imma need you to handle these corners and I'll work the middle.
> Cool.
> Mf always using me for my height. But w/e, it's for the woman who raised me.
> We get to painting all night. Literally, all. Night. Long.
> Everyone cleared out within 3 hours, except myself, THE cousin, a LIL cousin or two (3 and 6 yr olds) and my grandmother.
> We're still in the attic 9 hours in.
> The whole while I'm blatantly staring at her body. She won't stop squating up and down, up and down over and over again
> I can clearly see down her shirt, since I'm using the ladder now and I've already got a head and a half on her
> Those perky ass C cups with the dark nipples poking through her shirt
> Goosebumps all throughout her flesh from the cold sweat mixed with the heat
> Listening to her pant over and over as she goes through the motions
> It was like she was trying to turn me on. Hell, at once point her back was starting to get stiches. I know because she stood up, look right at my face and pursed her lips in a "can you believe this shit" kinda way, while dancing left and right so she could pull those shorts back up. (they were slipping off and showing a LOT of crack.
> After putting her hand in the small of her own back, and bending this way or that, I just kinda stared at her, squinting, with a "wtf is wrong with you kinda face"
> MFW I knew exactly what was wrong
> MFW I just wanted to keep staring
> "Not as young as we used to be"
> "Preach. Wanna swap?"
> She lazily slaps the air with her brush
> Nah, you tall, you stay up there.
Always loved when her southern drawl crept out. Was a bit sad I wouldn't be able to stare at her ass instead, but this works too.
I screen shotting so I can read this later. Bump
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> Cousin decides it's time we took a break. I agree.
Need a name for her. Anyone got suggestions?
> I take a look at her a realize I've never seen her so hot and red before in my life.
File: 1497075417156.gif (904KB, 260x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Screen shot this because it's your future
File: IMG_2405.jpg (20KB, 220x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Of couuuuurse
Im watin for the good part where lucy gets fingerbanged
Annabelle. That's a gold ol' southern name.
Dubs bump
dubs tells a story while we wait for our southern brother to finish telling us how he fucked his cousin
Pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes
I didnt fuck my blood relitive but i did finger my dads gfs daughter
File: 1468018861070.jpg (55KB, 750x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Works for me.

> Cousin decides it's time we took a break. I agree.
Need a name for her. Anyone got suggestions?
> I take a look at her a realize I've never seen her so hot and red before in my life.
> "Oh, yeah. Um. Alright, gonna need you to keep this one close to your chest."
> She goes into the logic without waiting for confirmation. I haven't snitched on anyone since I was five, believed in God, good guys winning, bad guys losing, Santa Clause, the government, and my dad was still the strongest guy in the world and my own, personal, hero.
Fuck, being a kid was the shit
> So, I kinda took some -pills- (emphasis on "pills") to help me get through this. Shit works like SUPER coffee but it makes you really hot and--
> "...And?"
> "Horny af."
> I laughed. Out loud. I laughed out loud not two feet beside her. She turned around and looked at me. I stopped laughing.
> "So right now... you're--"
> "Horny af, yeah. Like, you don't understand, anon, this shit is STROUNGE. Extra strength shit."
The whole time she's pumping her fists up and down to emphasis her point like a boxer that knows just where he wants to bop someone.
> "Shit, okay. You want some time along? To handle that?"
She legit thought about it. I was half joking, but honestly I don't know what else to say. Her whole face was like J.D from Scrubs. Head tilted, eyes in the corner, the whole nine yards. I decided to push my point, since it was a serious option at this point.
What state anon? How southern are we talking?
Alabama. Though, we weren't there at the time. That's just where the family is from. Not giving out pics or too much info, cause you faggots can turn into the fucking NSA when bitches are involved

> "Ain't nobody home but us. Well, us and grandma. They're downstairs sleeping. I'll go down with them, check back with you in half a hour. I'll announce myself and all that. Maybe get something to eat while I'm down there too. Do what you gotta do, or don't, in 40 mins or so, I'll be back."
She didn't say anything really, she was staring into my eyes when I turned on my heel and started down the stairs though. I knew she WANTED to say something, but I walked slowly enough. Half from fatigue. If she wanted to stop me she could have.
True to my word, I stayed down there a hour. Got into a old rerun show with my grandmother, who was up for no damn reason. I head back up knowing I gave my cousin time to spare. I'd completely forgotten about our deal during the trip though. Guess I walked through one too many doorways and forgot what I came in there for.
> Get to the top of the stairs and hear movement
> Everything comes flooding back to me
> I knock on the wall next to me, loud enough to be heard.
> Nothing
> head upstairs

(not trying to cliffhang on you faggots, just posting what I can fit in a post and then w/e I have left afterwards. Scout's honor)
File: DFBTj0a.gif (940KB, 627x502px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Cousin fucker thinks he has honor

Why tho
Bump for cliff and cousin. :P
Finish the story
Shoulda stayed up, coulda gotten more then a finger
Need moar pancakes
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this is one of my favorites.

>be me 25 cousin 13
>parents trust me enough to let me watch her alone
>I have not had a girlfriend in years.
>they look at us like I'm just the cool cousin
>one day parents leave and she come to me and says
>everyone left , what do you want to practice?
>I always imagined it with her yet I never thought she would bring it up
>I just tell her "you say that like you want to practice kissing or something?
>I see her face blush.
>"if you jump on my bed and laydown , I know you're serious and maybe I can teach you something."
>this is actually a hidden tinder thread.
>come give me some tips or tricks that worked for you on tinder.
>help me get laid /b/
>her uncle came in and caught us
>dick was diamonds.exe
File: 1468658296502.jpg (60KB, 437x549px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That hurts coming from a mf bumping the thread.

The room is empty. There's another in the back though, and the door is shut. Thing has a doorknob now too, that's new.
> Walk up to the door.
> Knock on the wall next to it, in case the door isn't shut properly
> Knock again
> Nothing
> Confusion.jpeg
> Open the door just to check the room anyway
> I saw God.mp4 HD 1680 x 1040
> My cousin is lying inside of a child's bed. A tiny rectangular racecar like one, that is missing the guard rails on the side, and low to the ground
> She's on her back, legs sprawled WIDE and in the air
> The shorts are no where to be seen
> Her head is propped up on the brim of the bed, her entire being is focused on what's doing down below
> Her right hand has a vibrator slowly plunging in and out of cunt.
> Pink on pink
> I can clearly see the vibrations causing the juices in her pussy to stream forth to the top of the plastic, then get thrown overboard left and right with no inhibition
> Her muscles are clenching and releasing over and over again, her inner thighs matching the rhythm of her cunt
> Her asshole is puckering, her neat, freshly painted toes are curled downward into the balls her her feet. I notice a blotch of white paint on the sole of her heel
> Her left hand is working a bullet vibe on her clit, moving it in little circles just above the vibrator
> She's purposefully pushing the clit down into the vibrator, trapping it between the two
> Tapping, tapping away at her swollen bulb like a secret message in morse code only she knows
It is easily one of my hottest memories I have ever had

Ha, forgot to call her Annabelle. I'll try to remember this time.
Fuck tinder. Go to the gym and talk to people there. Way better and a lot easier.
File: 1495077463522.jpg (19KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>That hurts
Not as much as it hurts your cousin's chances of not being a thot , then again

>Implying this happened
Smack them pancakes
File: IMG_1684.jpg (331KB, 1242x2208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
331KB, 1242x2208px
You better continue cause I can't wait
File: IMG_4736.png (1MB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I fucked my xousin in her ass a few times and she sucked me off a bit, she wanted to stay a virgin so no pussy
Got any details? Is it green textable?
I've ignored worse trolls with better taunts than you, faggot. 2/10, you got me to respond

So obviously, being the gentleman that I am, I turn and leave, shutting the door behind me. I don't remember if I shot an apology over my shoulder or not, or if I just walked downstairs, but walk I did.
My grandmother was confused as to why I was back so soon and not working
> Annabelle wanted to take a break a little while longer
Don't like lying to my grandmother but some things she didn't need to know. Not that is WAS a full blown lie. I'm sure Annabelle didn't want to stop anyway.
> I wait another hour and go back upstairs
> The exact same events unfold
> I knock
> I knock again
> I open the door
> Legs, cunt, two toys, and a half naked cousin
> I look behind me, picturing going back downstairs again. Tbh, I'm still tired af and don't want to deal with those stairs two more times, and I don't want to make more excuses to my grandmother.
> I'm also legitimately getting worried about my cousin, since I"m sure she's been at it nonstop all this time, with no end in sight.
> I walk into the room, and shut the door behind me.
At this point, I wasn't thinking about her in an erotic way. Shit was hot up until the point I was worried about her. I didn't think anyone but teenage boys who got hold of the family porno and smuggled it to their room fapped that much. The thought of those pills in her didn't do me any favors either. As bad as it sounds, I went in with the intent to awkward her into stopping.
> She wasn't taking up much of the bed, since she was lying practically perpendicular out of it and all, so I just lied in the other half. Turned my back to her and rested my eyes
File: 1469270051633.png (333KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
333KB, 500x375px
> MFW she didn't stop, or even slow down
I remember legit trying to make conversation at this point. I think the only one who felt awkward was me. Looking back, I forget she used to be a stripper, and a gangster. Pretty sure she was tossed around more often than not throughout her life. It's how she kept the lights on more often than not in her adulthood. At the time, I might have only had 2-3 lovers under my belt, and none of them were family so~ yeah, it makes sense now. Can't believe I only realized that while typing to you faggots.
> The conversation was about painting the house or some shit. She kept up while keeping her hands busy.
> "Well, we've got until morning. We'll get back to work as soon as I cum."
> Wtf
> "Wait, you haven't cum this ENTIRE time? What the fuck are you waiting on?"
> "Nothing, I just can't focus. The damn pills are making me think a million miles a hour."
> "Can't you concentrate on something? Doctors, wrestlers, farm hands? Idk."
A doll falls from the ceiling with a card in its mouth
I said the magic word

If ANYONE knows a way around captchas, you'd be my hero
Not trolling, fucking your cousin automatically makes her gutter trash and you an irresponsible degenerate. Yeah congrats and screwing your cousin you white trash faggot, you really give Southerners a good name.
I'm liking where this is going
> be me be 17 maybe 18 her 15 or 16 only saw each other a few times before. She lived in florida me in texas we were both visiting grandpa one summer i was aleeping in basement cuz cool hangout room . i was on the couch and she just kinda came and layed with me. I just finished texting my gf so raging boner. She layed on my thigh kinda close to my dick and started talking to me. Then she just grabbed dick and started jacking me off and sucking on it.
Nice eyebrows
Captcha ftl, le bump
File: 1495076742112.jpg (16KB, 360x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 360x240px
>She wanted to stay a virgin so I just fucked her in the ass

Christ Almighty I thought that was just a meme, do people really think that dick sucking and anal don't count just because you don't break the hymen?
4chanx has an option to disable the picture captcha and go to text captcha instead.
> after awhile i start to finger her and ask if i can fuck her. She says no cuz she wants to stay a virgin and i tell her if i stick it in her ass she will still be virgin. She listened and let me stick in it so we grabbed some lotion and lubed me up till i popped into her ass and fucked her till i came.
File: IMG_2432.jpg (75KB, 600x648px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 600x648px
Hot cakes
Haha she was kinda one of those ditzy chearleaders. I coulda probably convinced her that a car needed blinker fluid
Orange for clear blinkers and clear for orange blinkers
File: 1468650708547.png (482KB, 656x870px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
482KB, 656x870px
How Sway?

> "I was gonna stop, but you over here talking about 'Farm Hands' and shit..."
I could hear a pin drop in this moment, but fuck it. I was never one to not push things if only just to see what would happen
> "You want some help?"
She looks over at me, and for the first time in ages, her hands stop moving. I was expecting her to tell me to fuck off, or laugh it off. But despite the fact that she was craning her neck up and back to look at me, I could tell she was doing the J.D thing again. There's a Cox joke in here somewhere...
> "Is granny asleep?"
> Ohshit
> "Nah, but she will be soon. Just tell me what you need me to do. I can wait in the next room or w/e."
> "...come over here, and I'll show you what I need you to do."
God damn right I went over there.
> She opened her legs wider, if that was possible
> I got on my knees at the edge of the bed, and crawled nice and close
> That sweet, irreplacible scent. By god, it was all worth it just for that tangy goodness
> Her cunt had turned from a light Hot Pink to a deep red, no doubt from being rubbed raw and being flushed with pure, unadulterated horniness
Never found out what those pills were. Good thing too, or I'd have been Cosby 2.0
> As I got closer she moved the dildo out for minute, and I was able to see her hole open and close in its abscense. Instantly became my fetish
> I wanted to taste her SO badly. I love close up shots of pussy and ass. I like being so close that I can smell it, see the bumps in the skin. But here, here I could literally taste it. I was within tongue's reach.
> The bullet never left her clit. Some of her juices got knocked off into my glasses. I let it. It was an erotic car was to me.
> Eventually I took my glasses off and set them off somewhere to the side. Simply because I couldn't see out of them. It's okay, I'm near sighted anyway. And everything I gave two shits about was inches away.
> "Show me your nails."
File: 1469791675553.jpg (44KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 640x480px
> I give them a quick glanceover myself before presenting them, hoping to GOD this wasn't one of the times I neglected them and lost out on the chance of a lifetime because of it
> "Mmm, okay, that'll work. Here..."
> She unceremoniously spreads her left asscheek with one hand, and traps my fingers with her other. She then sorts through them one after another like keys on a keyring
> She picks out my index finger, glides it up and down her slit, turning it over between her fingers (as she was still holding onto the bullet for dear life) and then steered it straight down to her asshole
How much longer does this last?
Im watin for the end so i can sleep
5 years later.

Cliff hanger, but we understand.
So am I. But it's so good that I'm willing to stay for the whole thing. I want anon to take his time
I still want to hear more about them pancakes too.
File: IMG_1665.jpg (99KB, 322x596px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 322x596px
Op here. Anyone else got some interesting stories to tell while we wait in awe?
Work in 5 hours. Who gives a fuck, praise anon...
I want her nudes bad
In cliff hanger we wait.
File: IMG_1666.jpg (88KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 720x960px
gotchu homie.
5 bucks he's jerking it while he's writing it
Good fantasy

Definitely not her though, she's the type of slut to wear white, not zebra print
How bout a voyeur thread
I grew up in a strongly catholic household. No incest in my family unfortunately. But honestly I don't think anyone in my family is attractive at all anyways so I okay with it. The girls in my family are air heads.
Who is she
Good looks sohab
We can all wish can't we
File: 1470337125859_001.jpg (42KB, 453x604px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 453x604px
> Watching her ass give way to my finger was a simple thrill that I can not describe. It was like a firework or a bottlerocket-- pointless on paper but once you've seen it live it all clicks
> Her slit start pulsing as my first knuckle worked its way inside
> By the 2nd, her entire mound was quivering
> She told me to stop, then, and got the toys back into place.
> She began working those things like there was no tomorrow. Like she knew the fucking Grim Reaper himself was just up the block and she was going to be damned if she wouldn't get out this nut before he came
> Her grip on the vibe changed, visibly. It went from a sort of palming claw that placed the bottom in the center of her palm, with her fingers climbing up the side, allowing her to slowly turn while she churns, into the sort of grip you'd put on a baseball bat while she hammered it home
> Even the vibrator got new love, as she used her index and ring finger to pull the hood back on her clit, while her middle trapped the toy against her clit. It was a move I wouldn't soon forget
> With her ass plugged and her hands going at top speed, I watched as she slowly prepared for the climax
> Her toes curled again, and her legs stretched out as she braced herself against the bed
> Her back arched and her shoulders shook and trembled here and there like someone trying to get out of a invisible pin
> I tried to move my finger in and out of her hole, but she stopped me
> "Just... no, just stay still."
I noticed both her hands stopped when I did that. I knew it wasn't from pain, or anything else. I hadn't jerked my hand or done anything that would make her uncomfortable.
> She loves it
It clicked all at once. It was simply too much for her atm.
I waited for my time.
Whats takin this dildo so long
Forgot to link them, mb.
Fuck you, we already had this pasta with your pornhub webm
Cmon bro finish it up niggas be tired
Anon should take his time so we get the best story out of him. Also, nice dubs


I'm an american in Europe...11 am and beautiful here
>Sucks to be in USA atm, sleep tight
> As she drew close to her climax, I noticed just how hectic she was getting
> Her feet left the bed outright, but still stayed outstretched
> Her head was thrown back so hard it was actually sinking into the bed
> A tit had popped out the bottom of her shirt and she honestly didn't even seem to register it
> And her breathing was shaken, but had reached a clearly audible level
It's time
> I moved my mouth over her clit, bullet and all, and sucked her into my mouth
> Batting her with my tongue, and all around doing everything I can to hit her body fast and hard
> My left arm shot under her thigh and clamped down, holding her in place
> And my finger began pumping easily in and out of her hold, lubbed up by the juices from her cunt that had leaked straight down to my wrist
> Her arms shot to the edges of the bed, completely abandoning the toys
> For the first time I heard more than breathing as she (not so quietly) said "no...no...no...God" over and over
And then it happened
> She clenched down on my finger so hard I couldn't move
> Her hands shot into my hair and grasped my skull with all her might
> and she trembled all the way up, before going limp and plopping down on the bed.
> When she relaxed enough, I pulled my finger out and layed back beside her, where I was a lifetime ago
> She got up, eventually, stashed the toys in the top BACK of the closet, dressed, and called me into the next room to work
> "This stays between us, you understan--"
> "Yeah, yeah. Obviously."
> "Okay..."
She gave me one last look of uncertainty, but she trusted me.
She went on to tell me how she wanted me to fuck her but that would have been "too wrong" so she's glad it ended the way it did
We finished the house in time and got approval. The End.
Ive gotten it like 3 times on this thread
File: 1491943354127_1.webm (1MB, 444x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 444x432px
>(long time ago)
>have little sister.
>we do things like video related when parents not home.
>masturbate to those memories now.
>the end.
Did the drive with columns crusade ever get fixed

>This stays between us, you understan--

Way to break your promises.
File: 1469781973408.jpg (135KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135KB, 1024x768px
Hope you faggots like. My finger is gonna be out of commission an extra week because of this buttery bullshit. Gonna dump so pictures just cause I can, answer questions to those who give a fuck. But not too much or too long because fuck captchas.
>>736490048 very nice brotherthanks for the fap have a goodnight and hope your happy to be a free alabama nigger
File: IMG_1672.jpg (100KB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Op here. Any crazy sex stories in general? Like fucking teachers?
>still helping the recognition jew

File: 1468654862896.jpg (105KB, 620x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 620x900px
I don't see you complaining.

Hell yeah. All the white womenz I canz eatzz. Mnmm, mnmm.

Gnite man, glad you enjoyed the story no homo tho. (some homo.)

If there's a way around it, I'm all ears. Someone said you can turn it to text, which I'm pretty sure is step 1. But I'm slow, af. Help a faggot out?
Columnfag has a deviant art page and is currently rewriting everything... don't have link, you'll have to look for it
this is an absolutely wonderful story.
how can I continue living without having it? *sigh*
bi fag here, ive never really done anything sexual with family(kids/teens), but if i could choose just 1 of them Id love to fuck my 12yo nephew the most, preferably 100% consensualy. he is so fucking cute. but if i had to settle for something less id still be happy, such as me giving him his 1st bj, i also love how he doesnt have a jew dick
Somebody screencap that shit.
OP here. Legendary thread. So proud .
File: sisters.webm (2MB, 360x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 360x640px
anyone got any links to good incest vids? this thread has me in the mood.
Reminds me of my sister https://youtu.be/ZXqKWL6Sgzo
File: booty1.gif (1MB, 299x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 299x187px
I know of one with Woodman Castings where he was fucking two sisters, and they started making out and heavy petting each other. He looks up from eating one out and goes, "I thought you no have sex with your sister!? If you keep this up I will be very excited."

I've got it DL'd in a few webm formats, but I doubt they're small enough to upload.

Nope, theyre all 4mbs. And Im pretty sure I renamed them, so no idea where theyre from now. Sorry. Its from woodman casting x dot cooom but I dont see the names of the girls. They have long black hair, fair skin, and that's about all. Oh great, my symbols are working again. yay.

don't 404
I always wanted to fuck my cousin. Once when she was drunk she said, she would like to '' play with me", but also she said that she cant because of family relations.
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File: Ky90Lwi.jpg (40KB, 467x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It always does

>anons cousin jackie, stolen pics
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