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Hey /b/rothers got any good true feels stories? I'll start

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b/rothers got any good true feels stories? I'll start with mine I'll call it, the holiday
>be me
>two years ago
>24 years old, virgin, pretty beta and overweight
>live at home with my dad
>dad is an injured retired labourer and managed to get a nice bit of cash in exchange for his leg
>mom died a couple years ago
>play vidya every day
>don't leave house really, dad gets the groceries so I don't really have to worry about it
>one day playing WoW when my dad completely loses it and comes into my room and smashes my computer
>dad goes on a huge rant on how I'm wasting my life and how I should go out with friends or do something
>I can see that he is on the verge of tears, I have no idea what set him off
>why should I care though? He smashed my fucking computer dude
> Autistic rage: activated
>I scream like a faggot about how he destroyed the only thing in my life I cared about and how he is a hypocrite because he doesn't have a job or go out much either
>he stares at me for a minute in silence, then leaves
>I cry for a couple hours feeling sorry for myself
In hindsight I was tbh a complete waste of space kek
> wake up next day to get breakfast and dad is sitting at the table with an envelope
>tells me it's time I became an adult and hand me the envelope
>it's about 8 grand and a plane ticket to Germany
>tells me that I should pack my things and leave, says that maybe a trip will bring me back to reality, says that he never had an opportunity like this as a kid and that I should be grateful
>he tells me that if I refuse to go he will kick me out regardless
End of part 1 boys
Cont Op
Part 2
Long story short after crying and refusing a trip to the airport I left in my old car from high school that I hadn't used in a while
> I have a plan
>drive downtown to an Internet cafe
>use my dads email to get a refund on the ticket to my account
>200$ sweet
> after feeling proud of myself I realise I have nowhere to go
>I'm just a Beta with a car and a lot of money
>decide the most important thing in my life must be restored
>I look up apartments for rent and computers for sale
>I achieve my goal of having an apartment to myself with vidya
>I A M A U T I S M
>after about a day in my apartment I realise I have no food
>I walk to the store at the bottom of my street and by the time I reached it I had nearly had a heart attack
>I needed food
>I stalked the aisles of the store like an autistic cave troll
>I buy toilet paper and potato chips
>I buy my shit, sneering at the cashier as I do it then leave
>I was so retarded
>I realised I was halfway through my cash already and now my plan was not so genius anymore
>I look at job flyers in the window of the store desperately
>I've never had a job before
Part 3
Long story short I end up getting the job in the very same store and ended up working with the same cashier I sneered at, thank fuck he didn't remember me.
> I blagged my way in saying I was a university drop out looking for work
>I've never set foot in a university
>anyway a couple months pass and I get thinner because I won't pay for gas money so I walk to work
>I bust my ass just to stay in my Shit apartment playing video games
>I learn how to do my taxes
>I hate my job but against all odds I somehow make friends
> become Aquatinted with the original guy I ended up sneering at, his name was Jake
> anywho jake began asking me to hang out
>at first I declined because vidya was more important
>eventually I agreed
>I meet at his house and hang out with a couple of his friends
>we smoke weed and play PlayStation 2 games together, they were shit but it didn't matter
>I was kinda happy
>I make it a habit of hanging out with jake
>we became friends
Truth be told you just seem like you wasted your life and you feel bad about it only now. Despite the fact that your dad paid for everything you have, you refused his gift, refunded it, and used it to buy more ways to waste your time instead of getting a job. You should've just taken the money, used it to buy your dad something, gotten a full time job at a fast food restaurant and start helping your fucking dad. Seems like as well that he needs your help with life because he was mad enough to destroy your PC. What a waste you are dude, not just then but now too. Sympathy for your emotional pain, sure, but your stupid ass should've gotten a job before you worry about vidya again. Unless you're too unmotivated to get your ass up and get a fucking job, you should go for it and then pay your dad back for all the stuff he did for you. If you can't do that, kill yourself and stop wasting your dads time. Fucking leech
Even if you don't continue, your dad has already nailed it. Making you sink or swim was the best way to stop you being full r9k for the rest of your life.
Let him finish it
OP disgusts me
I wanna see how this ends guys
Fuck you, let him finish!
Nevermind, sorry, Im a dumbass, thought that was the end.
Part 4
This is about six months after my autistic adventure began
>met a grill through jake
>first time we met she seemed really nice and I was kinda nervous so I kept making really edgy jokes
>she liked them
>we met at one of jakes meet ups which had slowly evolved into parties since he was promoted to floor manager so he had a bit more cash
>me and this girl talk for hours
>at this point I was dumbfounded that girl even would look at me never mind talk
>her name was Emily
>she ended up taking me to an empty bathroom and we fucked on the floor
>it didn't last longer than a couple minutes but it was one of the best experiences of my life
>we keep in contact
> within a couple months we are dating
>she is a real university student who is taking her summer vacation
> she moves in since her university isn't more than and hours drive from my apartment
>it's nice
>I stop playing vidya
> I sell my computer and get a laptop since it's more manageable and practical since I don't play much any more unless I'm round jakes
Op types slow af
This is my 5th part guys
>coming up to a year past since I left
>ended up breaking up with Emily after a while
>it wasn't working but we stayed friends
>she got into girls
>we still hang out
>she's one of my best friends
>I swear I'm not a cuck guys
>one night we get drunk and I tell her everything
>how I was a complete loser and leeched off my dad for years
>how I essentially lived off of my dads injury money to get my start
>how I mistreated him
>how I emotionally broke him down over the years
>how oblivious I was
>she doesn't say much
>I break down into tears
>she doesn't need to say anything
>that night I spent in her arms
>she just held me and comforted me
>I didn't deserve comforting and I knew it
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bumping with logs until OP finishes
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Wtf op
>she got into girls
Auch anon... your first gf, and you were so bad she swore off men and became a lesbian? That's harsh dude. Feels thread indeed
The last part guys
>The next day was my day off it's been a year and 1 month since I left
>Emily was passed out on my couch but she had a key so I left her to sleep
> I got in my car and drove to my dads house
> I stopped in his driveway when I got there
>I knew he was home because his car was in the garage
> I sat in the car for like 30 minutes contemplating whether I should go in
>I feel like shit
>I know now what I put him though
> I eventually grow some balls and walk up the drive and knock on the door
> I wait about 20 seconds
>I'm about to leave when he answers
> he opens the door and looks straight at me
>he doesn't recognise me for a second
>I couldn't blame him, I was a lot skinnier and had grown a beard
>he hugs me
>he held on to me crying for like 2 minutes
>I admit I cried a bit as well
>I went inside and talked to him for a couple hours about what I did for the last year
>he didn't get mad, he actually found it hilarious
>the look of pride on his face when I told him about Jake and Emily and how I live independently
>my dad is my best friend
>I'm paying him back the 8 grand even though he insists he doesn't need it
>I've still got a ways to go but hey it's a start
>I thank him every time I see him for kicking my greasy ass out
>he made me grow up
nice story anon, will definitely save it
Well OP i swear all of us are pride of how you was able to manage it all
Good story anon. Your dad did you a huge favor, there are so many NEETS who'll never get the tough love they need.
Thanks dude, I'm glad you like it. I'm out /b/ros
Before I go though anyone else got any feels stories?
I feel strangely proud of you OP
Buy some hermit crabs
10/10 story OP. i hope others here learn from it. The only thing that can limit us is ourselves. 6 years ago i never thought i would be where i am now, couldnt have imagined it, but sometimes it takes being kicked out, or kicked while down, to realize how good we had it before.

your dad sounds like an amazing man. you have no idea how hard it must have been for him to do that, smash your computer and kick you out like that, knowing it was for the greater good but it would take you some time to realize it, hating him all the while.

shit like this makes me want to go back in life and just listen to my parents more, like i wasnt a bad kid, but holy shit they really did know better for me than i did for myself. that being said i would be a completely different person
I was a little bitch back in the day, yeah my dad is the best man I've ever met. He essentially saved my from whatever horrible thing I could've become
what are you now and what were you?
Greentext pls
Thought this was gonna be a sad feels thread, but you made it a feel good thread, good on you OP have an internet point
I'm 16 and even though I have a pretty good social life, my grades are dropping and I'm also gaining weight. I can feel myself heading in this direction.
Thanks for the warning pals.
I'll try and dig myself out of this hole
A really good story
it's not worthy of a thread. My struggles were minimal comparative to others.

>parents first generation immigrants, dad first in family to ever go to college, brilliant man born into a family of workers
>always pound the idea that education is important, especially given the opportunity
>never took school seriously, but make stellar grades up until highschool due to the brains my dad gave me, his greatest gift.
>enter college with no enthusiasm, just what i was always meant to do
>first year going well, start to get involved in drugs and women (already was, but living on your own is completely different). didnt think i needed to go to class to get good grades, which was true up to a point
>fail out with under 2 GPA
>long story short, i worked retail for 1.5 years realizing how limited i was intellectually and financially, and how there was little opportunity for growth (in either of those regards).
>parents see i am holding a facade when meeting with them (about once a month), offer to let me go back to school with some stipulations
>agree to stipulations
>am currently in a PhD program and could not be more satisfied with how things turned out.

my main problem was a fear of failure and a fear to extend myself (and get rejected, so really just the fear of failure). Now that has changed, my motto now is "take the chance before you lose the choice"
the best thing you can do yourself is to break the rut, the cycle. throw yourself into a situation you are uncomfortable with or unfamiliar with. in OP's case, he was forced to. But if no one will force you like his dad did (out of tough love) you have to do it for yourself.

in life, there are often 2 choices, an easy choice, and an optimal choice. Try to always aim for the optimal choice or you will soon be looking at mediocrity.
to make things worse you're also going to get banned kiddo
Agreed, grab your chances and don't squander them.
Hey I'm not in an amazing place atm, but I'm a country mile from where I was
Keep at your PhD /b/ro
make you dad proud
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Nice try to cheer all the spastics up tho OP!
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Wow great thread, proud of you OP, your story deserves a screencap
Run free anon, you are a good man.
growth is 100% relative. like you said, you are in a better place, physically, emotionally, financially. growth is never a competition between others, it's a competition between your past self.

thank you anon, i appreciate it. My dad could not be prouder, and just that there is the best feeling in the world. I know he always regretted mastering out and not completing his PhD, but the second best option is living vicariously through me. and apparently watching your kids do shit is better than you doing it, because of some weird love reason hah
Not to downplay your accomplishment but with 8k I would very easily escape being neet too.
File: dobetter0.jpg (7KB, 200x218px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I expected more crispy shits, that's just how a 4chan beta becomes an average beta in normal society...
Hey I was lucky, not gonna lie
im not trying to be a dick here, at all, but 8k wont last long, that's not a lot of money to live independently. even in low cost of living small towns, that may get you like half a year if you're really good with money.

im assuming OP is in america based on dollars though. 8k in morroco and you can live for like 2 years heh. but yea, it's not enough money to sustain yourself in the long terms at all
Ok I'm confused, did you breakup because she was lesbian, or did you breakup for something else and she became a lesbian later?
She became a lesbian later, I broke up with her before that mind you it was only like a month or two before she told me she was banging girls
Unexpectedly and defying all precedent, I have to say: OP is not a faggot.
if OP only knew how to/would respond to posts, he would be an ideal OP. still great thread
I'll do mine. It gets sad at parts.
>be me 13, really depressed. Just wanted to be a normie
>I was a normie and still am but depression plays tricks like that
>have to walk 3 miles back from school one day because I missed the bus
>flip out when I get home because no one answered their phones
>end up moving to alcoholic dads house, step ,mom lived there. She was about 250 so not super massive
>I'm 15 and start drinking/smoking a lot of weed there
>things start going down hill when I'm there
>dogs start shitting all over the place, step mom gains weight and dad begins drinking more
>eventually my step mom is 300lb and my dad is getting drunk before work as a high level nurse
nah stop trying to depress people with your shitty life
Continue anon
Anyways here is where shit gets weird.
>I have delinquent friends over all the time
>getting massively stoned on step moms weed she buys through me
>dad starts acting like a douche a lot of the time
>eventually he grabbed my ass for whatever reason
>repressed memories come back of him molesting me when I was a toddler
>moved out that day.jpg
>text dad
>he drunkenly text back my mom saying "oh what I'm a pedophile now"
>he wouldn't come over to talk about it
>haven't seen dad in 3 years
>lost his job as a nurse, owes 5k in child support, probably going to prison
>took out a second mortgage on house in paps name who I used to smoke pot with
>cashed out his retirement
>bank seized his savings with retirement
>never get to go hunting with dad again
>he was a different person after he started drinking again, it's like a demon in his soul
>never plan on talking to him again
Oh yeah and after I revealed he molested me my brother still moves in. Later turns out my brother was molested and abused as well. My brother is also a POS
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Sad feels
lol i know some are waiting for this:

Back in 2014 I used to smoke with guy down his apt close to Burke road (near coles or Simmons st). Just your everyday weed joints 3 or 4 and some Alcohol (2-3 bottles max)...

He was alright, I knew he's a illuminati/Zionist non recruited spy but he's close to the real shit (Yandy Liang, Mazaher Mohammed, etc..) that tried to kill me or inject me with HepC or HIV.

Aaaaaanyway, Yandy Liang (Aussie Child Prostitute that tried to kill me as I managed to bug all rooms that she did Zionist rituals of child abuse since she was 10 with MotoGP riders and high rank illuminatis... dunno rituals with Children that get abused in order to gain love energy -similar to what was featured in Super Adventure Club but this energy you get from Quartz I think or just living in farm full of trees and feeling shit all the time as you absorb energy from trees) figured that Ap or this indian guy -we're in the same college RMIT in Melbourne but he's in different campus- is my friend but he's not, just someone I smoke with.

So she contacted Nga Troung (Vietnamese girl I used to date but I quickly got rid of her as she was possessed with a devil that was placed by her parents by force by Satan/AntiChrist, first time she was in my apartment she was looking for a knife and I was like dafuq why and she kept slipping until I kicked her out silently) and told her about me...

Yandy Liang: Do you know Anonymous?
Nga: Yea... I used to date him.
Yandy: Did he have sex with you -angry-?
Nga: No
Yandy: But he dumped you!
Nga: yeah..
Yandy: Did he step on your heart and curshed it to pieces?
Nga: Yeah
Yandy: Do you wanna payback?

lol... Yandy Liang made my ex call this smoking buddy, they were all dressing formal. Made him have sex with her (she was like.. dunno how to give a blowjob or anything she was very very very stressed or uncomfortable that he'll know she's n00b in sex).

But AP said she delivered.

My feeling: lol... I saw it. Revenge sex? lol
>be me
>last night
>parents had 'the talk'
>I feel like total shit
>people think this is bait but I haven't been more shook in my life
>hold me
>holds you
>it's okay anon
>get a job anon
sex talk....?
or divorce talk...?

you should really want your parents to be happy, and if a divorce is part of that, you should be fully supportive
Wow this actually motivates me. Im currently in a kind of shitty situation, living on my own and working my ass off with barely a few hours free time a week. With the money i earn i can barely pay for rent and food, no car. Not really that much money left to do anything in my freetime anyways.

But im getting a better paid job in 2 months. Almost earn twice as much for working 1/3 less. I have increased my social circle to 20 people compared to 3 6 months ago. I reduced my vidya consumption from daily 6-8 hours to 6 hours weekly at max.

Its only now that i realize how i grow and improve, maybe just a little bit at a time. But im growing.
Thanks, Anon.
My dad is trying to talk things out calmly.
But she has her mins pretty set.
Just trying to calm my /b/ros and younger sisters now.
stop being a faggot about it my parents split when i was 7 no need to be a pussy and cry over it
good luck with your new job anon. there is no doubt you are growing, bettering yourself compared to your past conditions.
take care of your siblings, that's really the most important thing you can do right now. Make them realize it is not their fault, nothing you guys said or did is causing this, this is about two individual people who have grown discontent living with each other (or in this case, one of them has).
Who the fuck said I was baawing my eyes out?
I'm concerned for my parents and siblings. Don't want anyone doing stupid shit.
And cheers mate, its my mindset at the moment. Had a small talk with siblings after everything died down to tell them not to worry. They seem to be ok this morning.
it's always the kids fault
ill admit i kek'd
Thread posts: 83
Thread images: 14

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