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Hey there, BPDfag here, here to try help you out in any way I

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey there, BPDfag here, here to try help you out in any way I can.
Also doing the standard ask someone with Borderline Personality Disorder anything because I'm still slightly attention seeking
Also a question for yall... What should I do with my raspberry pi's? I have two lying around doing nothing but I'm thinking of making one into a NAS, not sure how to do it though.
Oh heya. I saw your thread yesterday. I was only lurking since I was busy with other stuff.
>ask someone with narcissistic habitual liar syndrome anything

Like shooting pool with a rope. Why?
why don't you sell one of them to a desperate squid?
make sure to put some sort of explosive in it.
And lie about the flavor say it's cherry.
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Heya anon welcome to the thread, that's okay!

But I hate myself and I'm not histrionic either
More like impulses
I try to be my most honest self in these threads
Because I can. And I want to talk to people, help people and potentially learn about other or similar disorders. A small dream of mine is to become a psycholgist. And I have literally nothing else to do so why not?
fucking go back to yer waifu thread asshole

diseases like these made up
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I'm a little lost. I think you're thinking of a different type of raspberry pi

Lol I don't even know why I use these pics, I just did it cos that SchizOP did and this was the first anime character to come to mind. I don't go on those waifu rating threads. I tried once but that stuff isn't for me I reckon
i see then continue avatarfagging it's ok

can you help me out with any category of problem?
I can certainly try unless it's sexual. I'm not about to try and get you off in this thread
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spew man5.png
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>and get you off in this thread
that last part is called a freudian slur or something
you've already turned me on regardless of your appearance or gender
anyway i have a question: does it ever make you sad when you think about how you base your love of people based on such a small amount that you meet? Let's say you meet 10,000 people in your life whom you learn the names of. Of these, 1 becomes your wife. You think she is the best person ever and that no one can bring you greater happiness. But that's unlikely. Exceedingly so. the world population divided by 10,000 is 700,000, so you just so happened to win that lottery? Among all the other possible samples of 10,000, there isn't one whom you could have been happier with? If so, then what does that make what you already have?
Fair enough. Hope you have a good day. What are you up to except for being here?
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Yea it's making me sad now. I will most likely never meet my literal 10/10 or the one who can literally make me the happiest because she is most likely on the other side of the world or just in a city nearby that I will never go to. The one who is truly the best for me is 1/7000000000 or 1/4500000000 assuming that exactly half of the 7 billion are female. Thankfully I don't have to concern myself with that because no one I've met loves me anyway : ^)

I hope you have a fantastic day yourself anon, I'm currently in the middle of starting Fallout 4 from the beginning and trying to get 100% which will never happen because I'll just get bored. I might get to trying to build that NAS soon though
i'm a handhold-less virgin so i don't know why i care either. This just runs through my mind when I'm playing VNs. Can I make you sad with more questions? I'm extremely sleepy right now so this is when I'm most creative and stuff.
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Absolutely, I love answering questions. Also I searched up that Freudian Slip and saw Bush talk about sex instead of setbacks. Classic Bush family. I'm a virgin myself but I have held hands and been in relationships
You can't exactly boast about winning a SnakesnLadders game anymore than you can resent losing one. I want to say I love my country, my way of thinking, my grandmother, my successes, my physical attributes, but they are things inherit without cause. I can never roll a 1 with 2 dice. Or a seven with 1. Can you ever be proud of your own facticity?
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Most of those were just random statements, I think you best get some sleep anon, sleep is good for the blood
>hehe eggs dee
I don't think you can be proud of your own facticity unless you are a god or something, but even then can you be proud of being the creator of all bad things (as well as good things)
Please I dated a girl with bpd for 3 years. You people love to make others miserable just to make yourself feel better
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I'm able to see my faults so I try to be as nice as possible to make up for the misery I have already caused and I try my very best not to cause misery now. It's not easy you know, we can't control our emotions and we can't help the way we act. And we don't love to feed off other peoples misery, we really hate being a burden to people but really want to be understood and loved and that's another reason why I make this threads. I really wanna teach people what its like to have BPD so that they can understand me and understand other people with the disorder and potentially help them out.
See thats fine and all until the abuse the partner takes is daily. Being praised one moment only to be called a monster and an asshole because i so dared to go hang out with my friends. Every issue becomes someone elses fault and constant lies and gaslighting makes you question yourself. its hard to have sympathy for people who treat you like shit and then blame bpd
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That doesn't sound too much like BPD. That sounds like they were just being a bad person or maybe they had something else wrong with them. Usually, people with BPD are the ones that get gaslit because they are more vulnerable and believe more in others than themselves. Also people with BPD generally tell the truth with close people and once you get under the surface they will be willing to tell you everything about them. I don't believe your ex/gf really had BPD or maybe she had it comorbid with something else.
Hey I'm on the same boat. I'm currently "happy," just a lil tired is all. Hey, how'd you get insurance to cover your meds, therapy and all that? I spoke to someone here yesterday and I think I want to get diagnosed and get help but the thing is I don't have any insurance and I don't really know where to find therapists.
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Oh yea I know the feels. I don't take meds though because I don't wanna cram my brain with chemicals so I'm leaving it as a last resort and at the moment I'm surviving, so sorry I can't help you there. As for therapy, I live in Australia which means I get free healthcare and so I just go to a bulk billing psychologist (who charges more than bulk billing allows but generously allowed us to stay within bulk billing so props to her) Its different in every country I think so unless you live in Australia I can't really help you there either. Hopefully you just have to go to a doc, get a free mental health plan and they usually do referals to a therapist/psychologist there. Nice trips btw
>no meds
nigga how are you not going crazy all the time? i thought i was doing okay but after a few more outburst, i need something to control my mood and stuff.
i've got a good family doctor and she gave me pills for my depression so i guess that's a start. i think i could ask her about it.
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I'm getting used to everything now and I feel I'm somewhat better than I was a year or so ago. Shit is still crazy though but I can cope with that
Your family doctor usually neglects to mention how severe withdrawals from antidepressants are.
Really? I have seen countless tales of people with bpd treating their partner the same way I was treated
Hay there op, I study a bit of consciousness, and I have a few seemingly odd questions for you but I'm perfectly willing to explain.
1. Which hand is dominant?
2. Does that side/ opposite side have any defects? IE vision problems from one side or any notable deformations?
And here's a fun thing you can try at home if you ever get bored. There is evidence to believe that each side of your brain has a separate conscious. Try splitting your brain down the middle so there is no communication between the 2 to see what the other personality is like
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I suppose we were both wrong because we are both stereotyping. I've known a fair few people with BPD and I've never heard of one like that but that doesn't mean they don't exist. BPD is weird because everyone experiences it differently. My best friend was diagnosed with BPD but I can't see many signs or symptoms of it in her but that's not to say she doesn't have it. Everyone is different I suppose. Your ex/gf must of coped with the BPD very differently to the way I do and many others I know. However may I congratulate you for sticking with her for so long. BPD relationships are the most unstable and to endure her for so long (especially with the way she handles things) by the sound of things you deserve a medal or a reward or something. I know that shit is hard to deal with.
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I'm 19 by next month and I just started feeling like this early this year. How long have you been on this ride, man?

I don't think they were antidepressants though. They're these really small, pink pills. One thing's for sure, I got a bit happier after taking 'em.
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I'd be happy to answer
1. My right hand
2. I think my right eye is slightly larger than my left and I have a bump under my nipple that I'm hoping isn't cancer. I've had it for half a year with no bad symptoms though so I'm assuming it's just something else I don't know about
How would one split the brain like that. I already believe I have 2 personalities because whenever I get sad or angry, that personality comes out and takes control and I believe that's to do with my BPD because it doesn't feel like DiD

I've actually noticed and come to terms with my symptoms about 2 years ago when I started feeling depressed. However I feel I've had symptoms my whole life, when I was in primary school I only made one friend for a while and whenever he didn't turn up to school I would bawl my eyes out because I felt abandoned and alone. I think once you really get to understanding your symptoms and you become self aware, you start to feel better, even if it's just a little bit.
yeah i've been doing that since i was a wee lad and people would get weirded out "why are you making fun at yourself?" Godspeed to you mate, i'm getting off this ride.
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Hm that's really interesting, also that was more of a troll, don't attempt to split you brain, not good for you. It's normally for people have a large amount of seizures to help control them. does your left eye have any apparent vision problems or even the right?
>gonna avatarfag for the kicks
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Good luck anon, I believe in you. You can get better if you force yourself to.

I can't really see any problems with either of my eyes
can i ask a favor then? I'm not sure how well this will work, but im curious as fuck and i might not get a better chance. Cover your left eye and say what you can about the object, then transcribe it (after you are done). Cover your right eye and ONLY right down what you think about it. please share with me
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Becuz why not.gif
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Left covered: Black drawing tab pen, has two buttons and words on it. Also has a hard to see bumpy texture on it
Right covered: Everything looks nonetheless the same HOWEVER
When I cover my left eye, it takes a millisecond to focus. When I cover my right eye, my eye is automatically focused. Interesting
sorry seems like anything that could be useful to me does not thrive in your psyche best of luck, btw if you ever want to irreparably damage your brain learn and create a tulpa.
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Of course, who wouldn't like cake. I got to have a slice of cake today because someone I live with has their birthday today :3 It was basically just pure chocolate mudcake and I heated it up in the microwave so the icing would melt all over the slice. I could barely get through it, it was so sickly and rich. Speaking of slices, I have some left over pizza to eat so I'm gunna quickly reheat that now

That's a shame. I dunno what a tulpa is but it sounds fun
that sounds wonderful! and microwave pizza ia bad for you!
It's pizza from Dominos (a competitor to Pizza Hut) so it's already bad as it is, reheating the last few slices can't do any more harm right?
wait wait how many do you plan on eating!?
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There's 3 more slices left that I just reheated. I get really hungry at random times so I need to fill up
do you eat right before bed too?
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I do tend to, I don't have my meals on a schedule because I always mess up that schedule by randomly sleeping through the day. So I just eat when I'm hungry
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I've never been fat and I doubt I will as long as my mother remains strict with the food I eat. I can't really overeat because we only have enough food to feed us 3 meals a day, plus I've started skip lunch a fair bit and it's probably why I get hungry randomly
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