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Post some green text for me file or oc

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Post some green text for me file or oc
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I uploaded this the other day because someone else was asking for greentexts. It's around 1700 greentexts, ~671mb worth. No bullshit, no viruses.

files DOT fm/u/fyvasv7x
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I'll dump some in the meantime, too. 18 people have DLed it so far.
I was hoping maybe we could get some of ones as well
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jacked tapeworm.png
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If you know roughly what greentexts you want, I probably have them and can post them.
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i have some but cant be arsed dumping so think i will post a handful till i get bored
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lt. dan ice cream.png
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ah, those were the times.
no one who knows how to spell withered comes here anymore
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toothy grin.png
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Those were the glory days
>stroking dick
>stroking dick real hard
>Dick is twitching
>stroke dick harder
>starts to moan
>stroking at light speeds
>dick is still holding in there
>moan starts getting louder
>dick trying to but can't take it
>I'm nearly exhausted
>stroking slows down
>suddenly I find godly strength
>proceeds to stroke dick harder
>the screams turns to pure ecstasy
>feeling like never before
>the milk is coming
>dick is about to explode
>oh my god this is amazing
>twitches slightly and then
>powerful gush of cum
>Dick thanks me
>Tell him that's what bros are for
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tard fatsmcgee.png
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>fucking girlfriend
>suggests i put it in her butt
>agree to terms and conditions
>tight fit, enjoying myself
>begin to thrust my baloney pony into her rectal cavity with the force of a thousand suns
>finna bust a nut
>pull it out
>molten hot diarrhea squirts upon my genitals
>oh god the fucking smell
>quite literally the worst substance i have ever been coated in
>ejac ruined
>girlfriend cries
>mfw i just got diarrhea squirted onto my genitals
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40 keks under the sea
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Oh have you read that one before?
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killer alien.png
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FUcking lost it
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fly combo.png
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I fucking love this greentext story too much
Whoever made this art is some I'm rather concerned about...
Thread posts: 65
Thread images: 57

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