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Alright /b/, maybe one of you has great tracking skills and can

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Alright /b/, maybe one of you has great tracking skills and can help me out.

I'm trying to find a person I met online. I know her full name, age, what state she's in, and I have a picture.

I met her on CL under the w4m section and we talk about what we want in a partner, potentially to date.

She sounds wonderful /b/ros, but I'm worried it could be a catfishing attempt.

Name : michelle kate northrip
Sons name : Alex
Age : 30
State : Texas
Pic related, it's her.

I just want to know if she's real /b/ros.

Inb4 tineye/Google reverse image search. Already tried, 0 hits.
Just meet her you autistic faggot.
>She has a son
>30 year old in a Nirvana t-shirt
Stay away from this woman you dumbass.
u sound like a creepy stalker
She puts out
I dont like judging people but I've been around long enough to know this chicks a total cunt. Be careful, OP.
I'm fine with being a stepdad. I was raised by a step dad and I came out ok. Not a big fan of Nirvana though.
She lives in Texas, I live in South Dakota.

I do remember she said the dad died in a car crash too.
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Bumping with pics t
In hopes of some help.
Well, just ask for a credible pic. Timestamp. Or ask for something specific, like a pic of her with the inside of her fridge. You get that by playing the what's next to you game. Or what's in your fridge game. Something creative that doesn't insult her being a catfish.
Responsibly solid advice. Will try this tomorrow when she's awake.
That's one worn out pooper
Freshly used, just like a good pooper should be.

Still bumping in hopes someone can find this girl's FB or something.
>son's name is Alex

Bwahahaha, yeah, raise another man's kid, cuckold
File: 1495430170637.jpg (31KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Or will I be cucking the dead dad by banging his wife and raising his kid to love me more, until he's barely remembered?
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/b/ can trace Shia lebouefs flag based on a livestream and flight patterns of planes, but can't trace on girl with a full name, sons name, what state she's in, and a picture?

Come on /b/ don't let me down.
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>tfw /b/ fails.
Man I will never admit this in real life even though my selection in women clearly states it.
I fucking love trashy women.
There just so slutty and fun.
Well, I'll check back in a while, but clearly /b/ Can't succeed where I failed too.
Long distance and online isn't very promising either.
I love a woman who looks like she'd suck my dick in a port-a-potty at a concert.

Like Courtney Love. She looks like she'd fuck for money, and then not take the money.
Forgive me for being a ranging autistic faggot. But why don't you just ask her for her fb. If you are talking about actually dating and she says no then there is a reason why. Either catfish or something else. Or Skype call her etc.
Need a phone number chief, I'm connected to the US database of registered numbers here in work. If you share it with me I can more than likely verify her name for you and any names linked to her phone number.
She did give me her phone # we've just stuck to texting so far until we know each other better. I would ask for her FB, but I don't have FB, and I don't want to come off as a creep early on.
I asked about that and she said for the right man she'd be willing to move. That's something.

I was just hoping for a covert way to confirm she's real without straight up asking her for something weird like a timestamped picture.

Gunna try out the anon that suggested playing 'What's Near You' a try in the morning.
If you want to send me the phone number on private I can confirm her identity for you for in less than 10minutes and provide you with social media accounts, a possible current address as well as photos for $10 PayPal.
have fun raising your wife's son

You know, if this wasn't /b/, and if I didn't know how horribly that plan could go from years of browsing this board, I would post it.

But since I don't want this to go up in flames if she's real, I think I'll explore pretty much any other options I can find lol
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>Like Courtney Love.
I'll refer you to this previous post


we have ourselves another cuck, boys.

kys m8 why u wanna take care of some alphas kid? bitch is only after some guy to finance her one night stand result
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You saying you wouldn't fuck Courtney Love like the dirty whore she Is?

Pic related.
nah nigga,

not your dna. not carrying out only point of life which is to spread your dna.

kys if you think raising another man's kid is at all good for you

actually, i aint even mad. go ahead and raise some other guy's kid. I'd sure be happy if I could bust off a nut and knock a bitch up without having to deal with raising it.
Rape her?

Again, he died. Which thinking on it IS a sure fire way to avoid child support...

But really, what's so cucky about providing a kid with a dead dad a stable family life?

Plus, clearly I would get her pregnant again. I don't wear condoms now, and I ain't wearing one in the future. If she wants to avoid pregnancy she can either open up that ass or beg to swallow it.
What a fucking moron
how'd he die?

I agree that it's "nice of you" to legitimately care about the kid considering he doesn't have a father. However, using your resources to care for another man's kid, to me seems like a perfect example of hierarchy as observed in gorillas and other monkey societies. You could argue that we have superior intelligence and therefore are better suited to define morality. However, has respecting that morality ever gotten you laid? Never for me.

Realistically, if you like this girl you've never actually met in person so much to take care of her kid and then make her the mother of your own, I think you have to tread carefully and be realistic. I met a girl online before, we were "crazy about each other" so we thought. We spent two days together and mutually couldn't stand each other.

Just be careful you don't get trapped in some situation you'd have been better off avoiding. If I'm at the bar with my friends or out socializing and a woman takes interest in me, I'll go along with it. Recently this happened, the girl was hot, then she busts out her phone and shows me pictures of her four year old kid. Instant nope for me. The "why" of it is almost just a natural reaction. It's a turn off knowing she has kids with someone else. That's baggage and holds me back if I am to try to make this woman my wife.

The only time I could justify it is if I were sterile and couldn't have children. Then sure. I like that homosexuals are allowed to adopt children now because they statistically stay together longer and make better parents.

tl;dr it's cucky to me by nature

I'd fuck her so hard she'd finally admit to killing kurt
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>killing kurt

el duce and allan wrench, my nigga pic related
you are a fucking idiot, she isn't real. the only girls on w4m are

1) prostitutes
2) men pretending to be women
3) bots

If a girl wants to meet someone, she doesn't go to CL

if a girl wants to FUCK someone - she looks through the guys who have posted already. and if she is on CL looking for booty, she is sketch man.

I've hooked up with 3 girls that way in my life - and they were all sketchy as fuck. I'm pretty sure I ended up licking this chick's pussy and it tasted like fucking guy cum.

so yeah. have fun.
i know right?!
Bump for interest.
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I wouldn't ve taking serious dating advice for the betterment of my future from someone who says "naw nogga, throw my load and run skeet skeet"

Kids are fine, and this board is so conditioned by the propaganda posts that the definition for cucking has become so vast, they are afraid it will ve labelled on their relationships, shying away from many beautiful candidates

She has a kid, she's a babe, stop being a big puss puss, build some confidence and tell her u will meet her or pick her up somewhere public.. gg a. no background check beeded and b. Noone gives u personal info in case your old sweetheart trying to livestream mutilation :)
Just deleted my fb during depression.. best thing i ever did, realized i thought i got it to keep in touch, but everytime i would be passenger in a car or something or sitting at home I'd go tgrough "the feed of negativity" ya finding funny pics/vids but apso a whirlwind of negativity thinking, "i know this faggot can't afdord that car why is he pretwbding its his", noone gives a fuck about your 50th no make up live stream today".. generally the paasive aggressive shit to bfs, gfs, best friends, enemies.. it was just sad to see but i would always try skip it fast
Doesn't change the fact that i was running through garbage everyday to find a dollar store toy (shitty meme)
Oh Lord, my sides.

T-boned by semi while crossing intersection. Splat.

I figure it's win/win for me if she's real. Either I get a cute girl and get to skip to the ok part of having a kid where they're about go be gone at school all day, or she moves to SD, things don't work out, and then it's not my problem.

Realistically I risk very little. I just want to confirm her being real somehow before investing my time and affection at what could be a ruse.
Should talk to her over the phone. At least then you know it's actually a woman and not some faggot.

Ever talk to her on skype or anything like that?
also rekt
No because we are not fucking gorillas and life happens to all of us..

Big dick, 5'11, pure muscle, handsome, white, 45k/yr over the table, and getting whatever drugs i wanted for free, hate my life because not path i want to be treading

By all means i should have been drenched in pussy right?

Lose10lbs, face a bit gaunt, quit job, barley enough gas to get to the bitches house, a little depressed, girls are a drug at thia point

Slaying all diff tind slut for a couple weeks every month

Don't give me ur gorilla science bullshit and go put your dick into practice

oc tind slut
I deleted my FB a few years ago when I caught myself checking it every few minutes hoping to see something new instead of going out and actually doing something new. Once I got rid of it, instead of seeing all the cool things other people were doing, I actually went out and did those things lol
OP here, I was raised by a stepdad, so maybe that's why I'm fine with dating a girl with a kid. Either way, I love my step dad. He literally tells his REAL kids that he loves me more than them because I'm a better son than them.

Plus I'm at that age where I wish I hadn't fucked up so many things and had a family, so it's easy to ignore all the faggots who only know how to yell the word cuck because they know they're getting cucked by life every single day.
Also I would ask to meet her in public, but we live about 1000miles apart. I mean, I'm doing ok as far as making money goes, but not so good that I feel comfortable driving from SD to TX to see if shes real...She said she'd be willing to move if it was for the right man, so I'm hoping to get her to move here if I can make her fall in love/it's not a catfishing attempt.

Not yet, only through email and texting. I've just never tried meeting a girl online before for dating, so I'm working my way up to it. Hopefully on my next day off.

It's easy if it's just some who're you're trying to fuck, because you don't have to get to know them, so if you strike out it's not a big deal. But trying to establish a real relationship and not fuck it all up by being myself? Now that's a fucking challenge.
Nice trips.

The only thing I miss about not having FB is it means I can get on tinder...i mean, I'm looking for real love in life, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't take some free pussy until I find it..
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Thread images: 13

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