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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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She fucked my step dad. That fuckin' bitch. She knew that his dick belongs to me!
She's probably thinking about her boyfriend right now even though clearly i love her more
Who the hell is feels?
>tumblr gif
>feels thread
this is fucking AIDS
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He left me because apparently I was too depressed except I was getting better lmao
We're not going to be able to see each other for 6 months and I fear it will be hard to keep it going.

Any long-distancefags want to tell me how they maintain a relationship?
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so much autism in this conversation, is this a cringe thread now?
You let it go and realize you can find someone else who lives closer. How you go months without succ is beyond me, fuck LDR's.
You either have the understanding amd emotional capacity of a brick or are mad at something and so are trying to release that, cant tell which
She killed our daughter
Op is faggot
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Awh anon that's awful :( Some truly bad people exist out there but I know you're not one of them so you'll make it through!
bye nigger
I have the emotional capacity of a brick
I have to brake up with my boyfriend. The thought of not having him there--to hang out, whatch a of movie, or go see an exhibit--makes me sick but he acts like he resents the time he spends with me. It'll be easier, I'm just terrified
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Then you're in the wrong thread anon
terrified of being alone = weakness
freedom is great, trust me
I just come here to shitpost, that last thread with the train conductor pic was pretty good
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She pretended she loved me. Then she left town without any warning whatsoever. I then found out from her coworkers that she had been spreading lies about me, telling everyone she could that I had been stalking her. What a cunt.
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I did what I could, and I just couldn't bear all that over my shoulders anymore.

I needed her to help me up, but she was fallen too. Because I was the only thing that was keeping her up.

She fell with me, and she hated me for it. I hated myself too.

So on, and so long, one year past.

I'm not what I used to be. Shorter temper, lesser resolve, greater guilt.

I'm getting better, though.

Wonder if she is, too.
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"no one asked you autistic little shit"
I was too much of a pussy to make a move. Not like she would've said yes anyway.
I have long accepted that I'm spending my life (and dying) alone. It's not even about sex, it's about being spat on and hated by everyone since the day I can remember. The world isn't meant for people like us, that's why we're here.
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>be me, in 1995
>happy, graduated, a good job and a lovely 9/10 gf
>fast forward 29 months later
>gf breaks up, suddenly, no reason, not any slightest hint
>tried to contact her, she's annoyed, only says she doesn't want to see me anymore
>a month later tried again, she shouts I must disappear from her life

>feel depressed because definitely sure no wrongdoing on my side
>noone of shared friends willing to tell me anything

>fast forward to 2001
>one of old shared friends told me she casually asked about me
>but she also added she was absolutely sure she didn't want to see me anymore

>from time to time, still googling her name/surname (sadly both very common in our country)
>sometime in 2009-2010 found her linkedin
>she lives 900 km away from here

>fast forward to late 2014
>finally found her fb, not totally barred
>browsed until late, found she's single, lives alone, has a cat
>she occasionally joked "it should be time to get engaged"
>checked her fb page everyday for a few days, craving for more info
>suddenly she applied the most paranoid privacy settings
>days later she updated linkedin, switched job (this could explain fb privacy)
>me feels depressed, didn't save any pic, too busy looking at her and dreaming

>anyway, decided to "casually" meet her
>went there (900km) and boarded the trains I predicted she would ride
>6:10pm aboard, check from first to last car, then get off, wait 30 mins, board next train, repeat
>she wasn't on 6:10 6:40 7:10 7:40 8:10... dude, I only missed the least probable one at 5:40, either that day she left earlier, or she took a day off

>fast forward to saturday
>go countryside biking
>31 km later, enter the small alley where her parents house was
>3pm, stopped in front of her house, looked at her room window on 1st floor, where we first kissed 21 years ago
>realized I was staring, someone could see me
>turn bike and go back, pedaling 31 km while thinking about her

TLDR: she dumped me in 1997,never had any clue why, still love her
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>Be me.
>Have OCD.
>GF left because of said OCD.
>Get triggered every time you hear/read this poem.
are you M or F
forgot pic
Pretty much I fucking hate myself

I'm super Fucking beta


No general direction in life

I don't have anything to take pride in.

Small dick

I wish I was alpha but I'm not. the girl I wanted went with some alpha chad type

I kinda thought she was into me but in the end because I'm a beta faggot alpha chad took her

I'm just a genetic failure receiving all the bad genes from my parents.

I talked to an anon about this before and I found some shit out I don't realize before. He said I never learned how to act alpha because I had no alpha male to go off of such as my father

I have both my parents but my dad worked a lot so he was barely in my life.

Honestly I wish I was a girl maybe things could have turned out better for me.

are you M or F
Freindly reminder that women cannot be robots
>I'm just a genetic failure receiving all the bad genes from my parents.

translates as: I know I'm a faggot, but I don't want to be a man, then I show the most classic excuse: MUH GENES BOO HOO
Friendly reminder that this is /b/, not /r9k/
A bit of advice. I'm what you'd call morbidly obese. I weigh over 300 lbs, probably only a 5/10. But I get laid all the time. The key is confidence, friend. If you think you're awesome, so will most of the ladies. It also helps if you dress well, and carry yourself like a man; don't slouch, stand up straight, etc.
Yeah pretty much
/b/, I've never had a friend in my life. I'm socially functional, a bit shy and awkward, but I think I'm pretty normal. I wonder what is wrong with me then that I cannot make any meaningful relationships with people. I'm working on myself, collecting hobbies and finding things to be passionate about. I'm also going to the gym, getting fit and losing this couch potato body. I feel better about myself but I'm still fucking lonely. For a good while I thought I was okay with being lonely. Talking to strangers on the internet is enough to fulfill my social needs, I thought. But lately I'm realizing how truly sad and pathetic I am. I have no doubt in my mind that I will never find someone to love, cuddle with, hug. I'm only hoping to make a friend somewhere in life now. The older I get, the harder that will be.

you misspelled "G" (gay)
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I've never had her that's the problem.
>be me, the usual VirgiNEET
>oneitis #1 suddenly gives me a call, this is quite a first
>flattered 200%, happily talk to her
>after a while she tells me the real reason she phoned
>she fell in love for Chad Thundercock - former schoolmate of mine currently dating Stacey Thundervagoo
>she basically asked me to beg him to give her a call
>bluntly tell her Chad would surely meet her because he literally cheated on every gf
>tells me I didn't understand anything and quickly ends the phone call
>mfw she didn't answer my texts/calls anymore

Lesson Learnt: don't trigger an oneitis, especially if you're already triggered.

>be me, yet the usual VirgiNEET
>oneitis #2 suddenly gives me a call, this is quite a second
>flattered 220%, happily talk to her
>after a while she tells me the real reason she phoned
>she fell in love for a coworker
>dude is married, 2 children
>she says she's 225% sure he loves her

Ding! Ding! it's the Lessons Learnt alarm!

>gently talked to her about the dude
>spend 96 (ninetyfuckingsix) minutes talking about mr. Married Thundercock
>she eventually admits dude is "confused" about her, as he still loves his wife

Ding! Ding! Ding! the Lessons Learnt alarm again!!

>gently tell her that her feelings seem sincere, but there's a possibility that his "being confused" is not sincere
>she asks if she should do the first move

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! the Fucking Lessons Fucking Learnt alarm again!!!

>eventually ignore the alarm
>told her in a split second: are you fucking craze? he loves his wife, his children, his family, and won't stop loving them even after having sex with you - you're only his fucking toy in the fucking workplace, and you're 100% gullible if you think he'll cheat on his wife but never cheat on you
>tells me I didn't understand anything and quickly ends the phone call
>mfw she didn't answer my calls/texts anymore
Fuck, dude. How are you? Sincerely.
doubt anyone will read this but

>Start dating a girl last october
>I'm crazy into her but I play hard to get and tell her I just want something to keep it casual
>we casually date for a couple months before she tells me we don't have "long term chemistry"
>I actually say "hey I'm looking for something serious now" but I guess the damage is done, she just sees me as a fun guy
>fast forward a month after we stopped dating, she texts me, misses me
>we meet up for a drink, end up making out at the bar
>she still sees me the same way though
>a month later, same thing happens, except this time I go back to her place and we hook up
>she admits she's been dating a guy for a bit now since she originally ended things with me and he's been saying he wants to be her boyfriend, but he's long distance
>even though we hooked up she just wants to be friends
>I say "no thanks" and don't talk to her again for a while
>fast forward, 2 weeks ago, I bump into her on the street
>long story short, we end up getting drinks, I fuck her, she drunkenly admits she doesn't see me as merely a friend and has a lot of love for me, but the guy from before is her boyfriend now and she's just cheated on him
>expect her to break up with him, she doesn't, he forgives her for cheating and is going to move for her so they're not long distance anymore
>we still text and talk a lot despite the fact that her bf said he doesn't want her talking to me anymore

no idea what the fuck is going on anymore but I've pretty much decided I should probably stop talking to her, which sucks because I kind of love her
I can second this
I have an athletic build, decent looks, maybe a 7 or 8/10, but not confident at all. Been laid twice in my life (21)
Any tips for a manlett, or are we the worst of the worst?
My weddng anniversary is tomorrow. 10years. Been together 11. She left me because she has never trusted me. Always questioning my faithfulness. Love her more than anything. More than ANYTHING in this world. She thinks i cheated on her and has moved out with my 9yr old. I miss them both so much. I'm a mess. Can't work, eat, or sleep. I've lost 50lbs in 3 months. (Guess that's a bonus. ...) She asked for a devorse on our aniversary (first date anivsary), tomorrow is our wedding aniversary.

I'm broken. I'm done.

I'm smoken meth tonight.
>he forgives her for cheating

congrats, bro.
this time the cuck is "Him" instead of "You"


but she was the kind of whore "we will have sex but then it will mean we have a relationship and this means you must buy me all sorts of ridicolous things because you have to pay for the benefits".

I tried everything to not to hang around with her anymore without hurting her, but she became more and more invasive.

Once she kissed me. It was weird. It was the moment I understood that she was just using me as her Wallet Substitute. After kissing she asked me: "does this mean that we're a couple?", as if it was me to start that kiss.

I took a deep breath and plainly replied: "no".
Her face turned a bit sad, and she started talking about other shit.

A few days later she started dating a Chad getting some $150/week from his part-time job.

I bet she makes him spend at least $149/week for her.
yea tbh i feel mostly sorry for the bf than anything

the weirdest thing is i know for a fact she's never cheated on anyone before, she's usually not at all the slutty type. she didn't let me do shit with her until like our 5th date

>noone of shared friends willing to tell me anything

what the fuck kinda shit is this?

Either someone told lies about you to her or you did something dumb or hurt her or some shit
I know that feel matey.
Don't worry though, I asked the girl out and she said no
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I've met someone online who actually cared about me. She made me a better person in the long run. Long story short due depression and psychotic fucked up brain I thought she would be better off without me. I was too scared. I miss her so much :(
I found the solution to your problem in the 7th grade, be the funny guy.

Trust me it works
Story of my life. Can you contact her if you wanted to?
Shit dude that would suck
TFW not having a wheelchaired gf.

Check out her smile: natural, lively, happy... also undeniably cute.

The kind of woman who never went whoring around - not even hinting like your usual skanks -, because wheelchair, because mobility, and because she cannot compete with female bodies who can arrange the usual sex performances.

The kind of woman who knows that she can only be attractive to a man if he thinks she features a solid working brain and a pure heart - and even then, some ugly non-wheelchaired woman could still win him because not requiring special care.

The kind of woman who will never have to beg for sex (because fetish perverts don't have too many choices, while even the high-rated skanks may be turned down at the last minute because some Pro Stacy entered the scene), and yet she knows that wasting her own virginity will only make her worse than wrecked wasted used goods.

The kind of woman who knows that her orbiters are the typical insecure dudes who pity her, who dream about her, who could even date her, but will never want to have her as wife for life.

The kind of woman who can only wait for a pure-hearted man whose brain is not wasted in porn and mainstream faggotries, and that will accurately adjust his entire life - even in its darkest corners - to be compatible to the actual, real, undeniable "handicap".

>tldr, I regret not having enough of a job and health/wealth/guts to support her. Thus I can't even join her orbiters club. Her smile, her voice, her heart... I'll miss her.
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Fagget get out of my feels thread
Smile big, pretty boy :)

(But seriously, my neice taught our old airdale to growl with "Smile Big.")

It's not funny if you have to explain the joke
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Even if you lose friends or love interests or whatsoever, you're doing God's work anon.
Reminding cunts how dumb they sound will make them feel like shit if they get banged by their chads and left aside after.
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She's alright, got fat and is now a single mom. If I wasnt such a shithead back then it'f probably be different. We matched on tinder last night and I'm meeting with her to fuck tomorrow. So overall shits okay now, but my teenage years did get destroyed because of our fallout. At least I wont catch feels now.
>mfw I hate these threads
>mu gurl left
>mfw I've never had a gf or close
I can feel my mental state slipping with the lack of human touch
I'm okay with abortion if the child will have a major disability or if they absolutely cannot financially sustain a child, but if they're just doing it because "hurr durr" then I don't really agree with it.
You don't have to go that far matey. Drop tina and go see Mary Jane, it will make you feel less bad too and won't fuck you up too much
File: pJq5n.gif (979KB, 400x316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Broke up with her about 3 weeks ago. Hurt me a lot harder than I thought. Same night, went over to a friends house and I ended up getting too drunk and fucking her in her bed then sleeping over. Went home the next morning and cried in the shower for about an hour.
Feelings are weird
You will all laugh, but for what its worth, I guess i'll post this. Sometimes it makes me sad, sometimes it helps.
Well I found her Facebook but she chanced settings to private. I was able to send her a message a while ago but she still never seen my message. I'm sure it's over. I just wanted her and I fucking ruined everything again
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Damn those feels
Ive gone thru an oz in 1 week. Time for harder shit. Im done. Maybe ill get a heart atack and it will all be ovee
Literally the same thing happened to me. Was in love with her freshman year. Thought I had no chance with her because of her past superior boyfriends. Now i'm in my senior year and we've been best friends for 4 years. Sometimes I wonder if I missed out.
That's exactly what I've done anon. The few friends I have only like me because I'm a clown.
Still love her after 8 years we met when we were 13 she's my soulmate no other girl comes close know we will meet sometime again unexpectedly love u aya be happy girl
id fuck it
I wouldn't care if for anything in the world than just to be with her. I know I've hurt her a lot too. That's probably the worst thing I'm dealing right now. Guilt. Sometimes I day dream a fake story imaging us together laughing or whatever, then reality kicks in and I just cry
>can feel my mental state slipping with the lack of human touch
I'll use that part in my suicide note. Thanks man

abortion is murder.

and you're alive and reading this because you weren't aborted
Cant tell if you're all a bunch of fucking pussies or ive never been heartbroken before, either way I'm glad
It's not murder if it can't talk lol
Do it Elliott
Jesus your 18, and it's summer. Ask her on a date, before even more time passes
I would if she didn't have a boyfriend she's in love with
Finesse that bitch niBBa
I a depressed shit too, but if he couldnt handle it, he was not the right person for you.

well I'll bite
>be 18
>work as chef on a church camp during the summer
>befriend 14 y/o 9/10 girl who's at the camp
>she does a lot of sports and is pretty fit
>I was maybe about a 7/10 at the time but the age difference made me interesting to her
>starting to get to know her
>find out she's very smart and fun
>she really looks up to me and seem interested in me as a person
>last day of camp we have bonfire night
>me and her go away to some secluded beach and make out
>after the camp we decided not to do it again bc of the age gap
>Kept hanging out after the camp was over
>we practically fucked the day she turned 15
>since I just before got out of a failed relationship I didn't want to ruin what we had
>we instead both agreed to keep it simple with an open relationship
>she was so perfect
>she was the nicest person that I've ever met and we had so much fun together

Fast forward a year
>finally decide to be in a real relationship together
>she about to start high school
>she starts to change bit by bit
>sides I adored disappeared
>she stops carrying about me
>she starts acting cunty
>eventually she is a totally different person from when I met her
>she ends up breaking up with me

That was when I lost so much faith in women. If someone as pure and wonderful as her can turn into a bitch then why should I risk marrying someone at all if they could change like that?
I kinda hope this is real. Not because I like you suffering, but because its a nice but sad story. I hope you find answers one day, or better yet; her.
You cucked her bf, kek. You should probably get together with her seeing as you know... YOU BOTH LOVE EACHOTHER? but I digress...
glad I could help, I will use it too.
If she accuses you of cheating she's most likely cheated herself.
Here's my story guize:
>no gf until 19 cuz I cannot into other ppl feelings
>probably to the point of autistism

>Enter girl
>she fat, not thicc, actually fat (5'10", 230lbs at her lowest weight)
>kinda dumb, but not retarded
>makes it blatantly obvious that she's into me
>we start dating
>my parents angrily and constantly disapprove of her, her parents love me
>my parents tell the relatives about how "awful" she is
>I still love this woman
>entire family treats me like shit
>I'm like "whatevs as long they don't say shit to her"

>ff 2 years
>lose virginity to each other

>ff 1 more year
>the initial spark is gone, but we're still going strong
>ask her to workout/diet/get fit with me
>she pulls bs excuses erry time
>eventually figure she won't ever lose weight, begin to lose interest

>ff 1 yr
>mutual friends of ours from before we started dating get married
>we realize that will never be us
>break up soon after
>still friends, we still hang out with other friends together
>this is where we should have stayed
i've tried bro. she doesn't want to break up with her bf. i think she feels guilty and that she owes him a chance, and she wants to see what her relationship will be like with him once they're not longer long distance. tbh i think it's pretty obvious that she's going to break up with him shortly after the poor idiot moves here for her and she realizes that the problems she has with him aren't just that he lives far away
It's not murder unless it's a conscious organism. Sorry christ-cuck.
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>too short, ungly and socially inept to breed
>too stupid to do anything significant with my life
why live?
your not fit to breed, evolution doesn't exist with humans anymore thanks to medicine and fat chicks. either kys or screw hookers. im sure youll manage to spread your horrible genetics someday
broke up with my GF of 3 years a month ago. Hurt like hell the first two weeks, but I know its for the best, for both of us at this time in life.
Started working out more, that helps both my confidence and my feels.
Was in same position of you.
Not the way I want to die its a cowards death.
Now I'm married.
>now I'm married
Hope she's "the one" xD
>no gf 4 yrs
>meet up with old college friends
>6/10 girl became 8/10 girl with 10/10 personality
>try to get closer without disrupting the friendly vibe of the group we hang with
>eventually we're all drinking together and talking about what we're looking for in a person of the opposite sex
>strongly hint at/describe 8/10 girl
>she describes someone who is the polar opposite of me

>ff 1 yr
>still no gf
>begin to review life choices while working
>realize I am terrified of actually getting into a new relationship
>blame it on parents
>one day I drove my brother's gf to meet him
>she inquires about the gf situation
>after some conversation she mentions that I was a completely different person while dating fatgirl
>apparently I was beta as hell around her without realizing it
>she tells me everyone else noticed it
>I now know why my family treated me like shit and blamed fatgirl for ruining my future hopes for a relationship
>it was because of me the whole time

I am terrified of starting a new realtionship completely because I like who I am and I'm scared that a new gf will make me go back to who I was when I was dating fatgirl. How the fuck do I get over this? Haven't got my dick wet in 5 years...
File: 1483421885296.jpg (58KB, 528x739px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 528x739px
In high school I used to cuck her boyfriend till he gained 50 pounds of muscle and grew a foot taller. Now we go to the same college but I only see her once a month when we coincidentally get coffee at the same time. God I miss her.
File: IMG_3617.jpg (107KB, 484x1864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107KB, 484x1864px
He is black but has no friends and writes reasonably good english. Fake.
File: 1496090794513.png (93KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Holy fuck...
File: help....jpg (32KB, 600x492px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
> 2 years ago, 17, crippling depression.jpg
>walking back to class after lunch
>a qt3.14 girl is standing in the hallway
>starts talking to me
>"Hey im Emily, whats your name."
>"Im Anon"
>"Nice to meet you anon"
>"Nice to meet you too"
and i said it in the most monotone voice ever
and then i just kept walking
i always told my self that it was most likely a prank, some mean spirited joke. did i absolutely fuck myself over, i think about it every once in a while these days very often considering im currently no in a relationship
File: big facts.jpg (22KB, 540x377px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
big facts.jpg
22KB, 540x377px
It doesn't matter who you talk to, but I do understand your feelings of disappointment with over the internet conversations as being enough.

What's killing me is the fact we all die one day and don't even know how the fuck we're suppose to measure ourselves in the end. Does any of it even fucking matter? Do you at least enjoy the conversations with the people you have online? Are you even taking them for granted?

Be as happy as you can, anon. Hopefully whatever is on the other side is peaceful and nice.
I won't let this thread die
I'm going going miss all of you when this thread 404s, esp those few who responded to me personally. I love you people
Love you guys
See ya space cowboys
Do you have an E-Mail address i can have?

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