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ITT: Weirdest place you've ever fapped I'll start.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: Weirdest place you've ever fapped

I'll start. This was almost a decade ago.

>Be fat
>Can't sleep, sign up for sleep study for sleep apnea
>they won't give me soda besides orange or grape because caffeine
>watch a little Mythbusters before bed
>lay down, get all hooked up
>no TV while you're sleeping
>I require white noise to sleep most of the time
>can't sleep, all the wires are making it hard to fall asleep
>start to rub my cock
>get hard
>fap completely unaided, while hooked up to machines and cameras watching me
>keep it under the covers to hide it because I'm not a fucking creeper
>sleep like babby
>mfw nurse says nothing about it in the morning, but there's no way they didn't know.
seth go to sleep
how did you know my name wtf
The nurse.
*emerges from the darkness*
damn her eyes. she'll pay for this.
">be me"
> be me
>take a single tab of acid
>decide too fap
>end up trying to fap for 30 mins in my friends garage
>go to bed
>be me
>be homeless
>fap in bathroom at AA meeting
>fap at bus stop
In a plane
>be 16 yr old me
>on a trip to Europe 5 years ago (I'm 21)
>Been like 4 hours on the flight
>start to get massive boner for like 2 hours now
>have to do something about it
>go to washroom
>biggest load of my life
>have to clean it up
>still biggest load of my life
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>Wrestling team
>driving 200 miles via bus, all of us on it
>coach not allowing any handheld devices on bus, all cell phones to be off
>he wants us to get in the zone, concentrate focus
>we pull off for a rest stop
>the seniors want us to jack off in the bathroom and collect it in this empty water bottle
>we go 3 at a time into the bathroom
>collect enough to fill 1/5 of the water bottle
>we buy pizza at the next stop, it's a safeway store
>friend buys pizza inside for all
>puts the semen on the coaches slice
>he eats the entire thing

>someone tells the coach
>we all snitch on the dude
>he gets suspended
>team gets withdrawn from all subsequent matches by principal
>didn't like wrestling anyway
>be me
>High school
>Goes from school psychiatrist.
> 20 minutes till the end of class
>Decides it's not worth it going to class
>Jerks off in the school bathroom instead

Full Story ?
Thats because you propably were turned on by The talk to The psychiatrist. They are voyeurs and Want to know abstract sexual secrets for their own pleasure
>7th or 8th grade
>Not snow day but limited bus scedual + half day cause of snow
>only like 4 or 5 kids on bus
>All at front except me
>sit at back by myself
>jerk it in bery back seet, with emergency door in location where following traffic could prob see if glass wasnt tinted.
>shoot huge sideways to seat across aisle while looking at cutie in front of bus
>some lands on seat, aisl, and floor infront of my seat
>act normal, get off at my stop
>never hear anything from bus driver or school
> be me
> be in garage to get car repaired
> they say it will take over an hour to fix it
> decide to go for a walk to kill time
> starts raining
> get under some trees in a small kind of forest
> start fapping
> starts raining furiously
> start fapping furiously
> cum in tree
> get back, car is ready, balls are sweaty, moms Spaghetti

Just the smell of the place. I love it
finger banged myself in back sit of car as daddy texted me on kik. parents had no clue
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u know the rule
File: IMG_0333.jpg (48KB, 960x862px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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200 miles is a 4 hr drive.
No way you stopped more than once.
Fuck you and your bs greentext
When i was like 13 i had this ambition that i was going to fap in every kinda room there was. Like for example, if i fapped in a fast food restaurant, it was as if id fapped in every one.

Man what a wild time, i fapped in the weirdest fucken places imaginable, classrooms, stairwells, airplanes, pools, fucken anywhere.

Now whenever im in some weird obscure place like a museum or something, all i wanna do is fap to cross it off my list.
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>be me
>middle of 12 hr drive at night
>suddenly, raging boner. Probbably all the caffeine to stay awake
>whip it out and fap
>fapping vigorously, can't buy
>intensity of fapping causes me to speed unintentionally
>police lights in rear view
>pull over trying to finish before cop arrives at window
>see him walking towards me in my rear view
>can't fucking but
> he walks up flashing his light into the cab to find me beating my meat
> pulls out his gun and yells
>Open the door, get on the floor. Everybody walk the dinosaur
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 6

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