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Sorry Guys.. Thread died. I am really worried about some of

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Sorry Guys..
Thread died.
I am really worried about some of you Guys.
I am still here for you.
Keep going.
sorry forgot template.. go on .
1) Movie:
2) Song:
3) Book:
4) Drug:
5) Drink:
6) Porn:
7) Sex:
8) Comedian:
9) TV Show:
10)4chan board:
is this favorites in the template?
yes it is.
I am still here trying to help
if yours got lost post again , and I will give diagnosis,
1) Movie: The Wicker Man (1973)
2) Song: A Dozen Winters of Loneliness by Nature and Organisation
3) Book: Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer
4) Drug: Weed
5) Drink: Milk
6) Porn: First Time/ Painful Anal
7) Sex: N/A
8) Comedian: early Demitri Martin
9) TV Show: Ugly Americans
10)4chan board: /mu/
not sure whats going on, but I guess ill just do it
1) Movie: I don't remember tbh..
2) Song: Home - Decay
3) Book: Don't remember
4) Drug: Weed
5) Drink: Something strong
6) Porn: Anal
7) Sex: not a virgin
8) Comedian: none
9) TV Show: samurai jack
10)4chan board: n/a
>1) Movie: 12 Monkeys
>2) Song: The show must go on
>3) Book: Steppenwolf.
>4) Drug: weed and Poppers
>5) Drink: Whiskey. ONLY AMERICAN
>6) Porn: Major cuck fetish, small dick humiliation, and shemale creampies.
>7) Sex: Bareback anal while sniffing poppers.
>8) Comedian: George Carlin
>9) TV Show: GOT all seasons, go littlefinger
>10)4chan board: /b/
Oh my. early sexual abuse that you have blocked out, severe suicidal thoughts. and manic depressive.
pretty much right on everything except the sexual abuse (i think)
I am a therapist I will give your Diagnosis based on this.
Diagnosis: Closeted homosexual, latent depression, self abuse very ingrained.
correct on depression and self-harming, but I'm as straight as an arrow.

Highkey depressed with suicidal thoughts.
This is the major problem when I said you blocked out, it is because it was at an alarming age, I mean as a baby, before 3. Who was taking "care" of you then? Do you know?
I've actually had a pretty healthy childhood the (i think) part was more as a joke.
One of the major problems with closeted homesexuality in these cases is the way the brain and all physical responses have been geared to hide this fact, therefore the depression that seems to come out of "nowhere". I am not wrong.
The depression I believe stems from a different area (traumatic experiences), I've had 2 relationships in the past that lasted a long time.
> 1) Movie: judge dredd
> 2) Song: hard to choose but Kyuss–Odyssey
> 3) Book: rage by king, Harry Harrison everything
> 4) Drug: never
> 5) Drink: Schweppes
> 6) Porn: anal
> 7) Sex: never
> 8) Comedian: no
> 9) TV Show: life is strange, shigurui, avatar? , very early supernatural
> 10)4chan board: im from another dimension
also are you still listening to the songs?
I am giving you a medical opinion the abuse was not "penetration" per say, as I read it it was actually a female that took part in the abuse, a young female.

>Loneliness Loneliness Loneliness Loneliness Loneliness Loneliness Loneliness Loneliness
Hell Yeah
The "reason" for these failures, come from what I mentioned, I understand this is a problem and it will not be an easy road of acceptance, In fact a lot of suffering will ensue as long as this goes on untreated. The "love" you feel you had is a response of an area of the brain designed to "cover" any flaws you see in yourself.
1) Movie: A new hope
2) Song: Divididos - Pepe Lui
3) Book: The trial
4) Drug: LSD
5) Drink: Vodka
6) Porn: Whatever
7) Sex: None in 5 years
8) Comedian: Buster Keaton
9) TV Show: Star Trek TNG
10) 4chan board: /tg/
I am and this is time consuming since I need to understand the lyrics, and it is a bit much.
>1) Movie: shin godzilla
>2) Song: the last stand - sabaton
>3) Book: I haven't read in years tbh
>4) Drug: fpv racing
>5) Drink: ice coffee
>6) Porn: balloon fetish/inflatable toys
>7) Sex: nope
>8) Comedian: none
>9) TV Show: rick and morty
>10)4chan board: /k/
maybe a sibling, and not in any way "harmful" or malicious, it may have even been "innocent" at the time.
No female siblings
:-(. This is worse, I did not want to say it but then it was the mother most likely.
i mean trips dont lie kek
You are in crisis. Suicide is very likely.
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1) Movie: Perfect Blue
2) Song: Pushit by Tool
3) Book: Desperation
4) Drug: Trazodone
5) Drink: Water
6) Porn: Hentai
7) Sex: Virgin
8) Comedian: Bill Hicks idk
9) TV Show: XRA or something nostalgic idk
10)4chan board: /ic/
Diagnosis: Everything seems ok. I am worried about not completing the anal stage in a good manner, this will make you a bit insecure. But not too bad.
Perfect Blue for the win
Diagnosis. Slight depression. Some bisexual tendencies. and a lot of fear about money, also absent father.
Serial Rapist in the works if you let this bipolar disorder overtake you, also child predator latent homosexual..
>1) Movie: Shooter
>2) Song: Telegraph Road
>3) Book: Technical documents [Research]
>4) Drug: Marijuana
>5) Drink: Ice cold water / Iced tea
>6) Porn: Captions
>7) Sex: Girlfriend is coming over later
>8) Comedian: George Carlin
>9) TV Show: Netflix Documentaries?
>10)4chan board: /pol/, not usually /b/ but for some reason after all these years it's still my default [4chan] link. Sometimes /k/ or /sci/.

r8 m8
2 right
2 wrong
Yes, this is very sad, because she did it only as a result of post-traumatic stress, so it was not really her fault, still, it is horrible and I am sorry more for her than you.
1) Movie: Everything from Tarantino and Nolan.
2) Song: Gymnopedies Erik Satie.
3) Book: The Babel Library.
4) Drug: Caffeine
5) Drink: Wine
6) Porn: Lesbians
7) Sex: Virginfag
8) Comedian: Dunno
9) TV Show: Cosmos (both versions)
10)4chan board: /sci/
I am actually right 100% percent of the time. Just some things are hard for you to come to term with. I can help if you let me.
Satie for the win
Healthy white male. Bad cuck fetish, Penis size insecurity. but mainly from watching porn. You willl be ok once you find a steady relationship.
File: 1475333017379.jpg (251KB, 1064x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251KB, 1064x1600px
1) Movie: Rush
2) Song: Stellar - Incubus
3) Book: Shogun
4) Drug: na
5) Drink: Vodka, specifically Russian Standard
6) Porn: Soft core modeling (pic related)
7) Sex: Long and slow
8) Comedian: Brian Regan
9) TV Show: Top Gear
10)4chan board: /o/
>1) Movie: Goodfellas
>2) Song: Hybrid Moments - Misfits
>3) Book: Probably some shit I read in college
>4) Drug: Nah
>5) Drink: Pepsi
>6) Porn: Femdom/facesitting
>7) Sex: Not since I was 17
>8) Comedian: Bill Hicks
>9) TV Show: Don't watch TV; To Catch a Pred was p cool tho
>10)4chan board: /pol/
Blade runner
The silmarillion
I guess weed? I only smoke like twice a year though if that
Creampie/cum shot
3-10 times a week, I'm male, Creampie/anal especially doggy style (not sure what you want thats how often, gender, favorite way to fuck)
George Carlin
>4chan board
I'm ready senpai
Sexually abused russian male, alcoholic and depressed, also sucidal a bit.
1) Movie: Adam's Apples
2) Song: The Knife-Pass this on
3) Book: A.Sapkowski- the witcher
4) Drug: sugar
5) Drink: vodka
6) Porn: not really
7) Sex: n/a
8) Comedian:dont have
9) TV Show: sens8
10)4chan board: /tv/
Don't have cuck fetish, but everything else is true...
Manic depressive, compulsive liar, and likes to steal/cheat. also latent pedophile.
Bored burger with a dead marriage and a lot of missed opportunities.
1) Movie: catch me if you can
2) Song: bullet ride - in flames
3) Book: the good guy - dean koontz
4) Drug: n/a
5) Drink: water
6) Porn: POV blowjobs
7) Sex: bdsm
8) Comedian: don't have one
9) TV Show: better call saul
10)4chan board: /b/
Bisexual male, Obsessive compulsive, lack of self control. Addictive personality.
Mein neger
The cuck fetish is latent, so you will never act on it. It is expressed in the interest of lesbians. it will not hinder you in anyway unless your significant other cheats.
I'm straight so that's out, I guess a little OCD, plenty of self control, addictive personality is dead on
Never had gf, dunno the feeling of being cheated dude.
Manic Depressive, bisexual more leaning to homosexual, suicide risk high. also not satisfied with body image.
1) Movie: 12 angry men or good will hunting
2) Song: no idea tbh
3) Book: le petite prince
4) Drug: weed? Not much into drugs atm
5) Drink: everything, wine for getting drunk
6) Porn: lesbian and standard
7) Sex: in a relationship so its fine
8) Comedian: louis ck prolly
9) TV Show: dont watch them, breaking bad maybe
10)4chan board: sadly /b/
Your bisexualism is well established although it is healhty because you will be able to express it in due time, it will not cause you problems. the self control issue will com in as you begin to face more complex temptations. You are doing a good job now so keep it up.
1) Movie: The Godfather
2) Song: Scorpions - Still Loving You
3) Book: Franz Kafka - The Process
4) Drug: Weed
5) Drink: Beer
6) Porn: Straight/Romantic
7) Sex: N/A
8) Comedian: Bill Burr
9) TV Show: Family Guy
10)4chan board: /sp/
This is where the cuck fetish WOULD be triggered I hope it does not happen as it will greatly hinder yoour well being.,
Thanks mane will do
>Manic depressive
> compulsive liar
> likes to steal/cheat
check (more cheat, tho)

3/4 not bad. Feel like you just put latent pedo out there because of TCAP. That show was aces seeing those fuck head have their lives ruined (and in like 3 cases lives ended). If I was a latent pedo, I would think probably watch one of those kid pageant shows or some shit like that tbh
OP here I apologize but I have a "real" patient coming in in about 10 min. I need to clear my mind before he gets here or else I will fuck him up.
If I helped at leats one of you then it was worth it.
to the others I am sorry.
No problem. you just need to work on the areas I mentioned, do not slip or it will be a hard ride down desolation road.
File: C_8teJiVwAAdr5x.jpg (154KB, 1013x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>1) Movie: Deadpool was funny. American Sniper was really good too
>2) Song: I fall apart - post malone (actually a really good song)
>3) Book: I don't really have a favorite, but im currently reading one about Norse mythology and I occasionally read from the Havamal
>4) Drug: Weed, xanax (not often) and Alcohol (not often)
>5) Drink: Mostly water
>6) Porn: No particular fetish, hetero porn really.
>7) Sex: Yes? not sure how do respond, not a virgin if thats what you're asking
>8) Comedian: Bert "The Machine" Kreischer I dont watch a lot of stand up but this is fucking hilarious
>9) TV Show: Gotham is cool, but after the first season i havent watched much, they're really long. I also dont watch a lot of TV, mostly on for noise
>10)4chan board: /b/ and occasionally /gif/

Diagnose me, OP
In your case your IQ actually helps to keep this down and under control. It is there but you are too smart to act on it. It is actually amazing. Remarkable. Keep that up, it is not unnatural.
>1) Movie: Cloud Atlas
>2) Song: Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1
>3) Book: The Dark, James Herbert
>4) Drug: N/A
>5) Drink: N/A
>6) Porn: Bondage
>7) Sex: Once every few months
>8) Comedian: N/A
>9) TV Show:N/A
>10)4chan board:/b/
this seems nice
do me

1) Movie: Howl's moving castle
2) Song: Digital Love (daft punk)
3) Book: the Bible (old testimony)
4) Drug: LSD
5) Drink: N/A
6) Porn: drugs
7) Sex: 4 times/week + musterbation
8) Comedian: jim jefferies
9) TV Show: Futurama
10)4chan board: wg
Really abusive childhood, verbally and also you are not doing too good in school nor will you, depression is something you will always live with in your case therapy will be a life long struggle. I am sorry.
Very worried about dick size, depression is in you but you know how to hide it from the outside. IQ average. Sexual abuse as a child is likely.
1) Movie: Clerks
2) Song: Birthday Boy by Ween
3) Book: Catcher in the Rye
4) Drug: Molly
5) Drink: Whiskey & Coke
6) Porn: Rough/Bondage
7) Sex: Not for about two months
8) Comedian: Bill Hicks/Sam Kinison
9) TV Show: Arrested Development
10)4chan board: /b/
>Not abused as a child, verbally, or physically
>Did OK-ish in school. B's and C's mostly, but it was easy and I didnt care
>Not Depressed

0/3 OP, GG
1) Movie: 4 Lions
2) Song:Love Ire and Song by Frank turner
3) Book: Espedair Street
4) Drug: Lots of MDMA, LSD, and ketamine
5) Drink: cider or vodka
6) Porn: don't even watch it much anymore
7) Sex: last week terrible though
8) Comedian: Mickey Flanagan
9) TV Show: Utopia
10)4chan board: /sci/ and /b/
HIgh IQ.---- depressive states come and go, manic depressive will be an issue in future, also predatory personality, helps you but hurts other, relationships will be a struggle, bisexual as well
I am sorry you cannot be helped yet, a major sign of your condition is deep denial.
Is there a diagnosis for me? >>734360599
I'm genuinely curious if my interests actually do reflect my current situation
Yep, Hell I hide it from even myself, IQ average and sexual abuse did occur, 4/4.
OP Here .. I must quit for now for my sanity.
I will come back tomorrow.
Now I must relax so I can be fair to my patient.
See you guys.
Stay Sane
>1) Movie: Starship Troopers
>2) Song: Full Steam Spacemachine by Royal Republic
>3) Book: Any of Homer's epics
>4) Drug: n/a
>5) Drink: White Rum
>6) Porn: momdom
>7) Sex: It's been 5 years
>8) Comedian: None
>9) TV Show: Anything with Bruce Campbell
>10)4chan board: /m/ or /d/
1) Movie: End of Evangelion
2) Song: Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
3) Book: Flowers for Algernon
4) Drug: none
5) Drink: Water
6) Porn: Asian
7) Sex: Yes
8) Comedian: John Mulaney
9) TV Show: Better Call Saul
10)4chan board: /jp/
Ok I will do you before I go ,
Deep DEpression Suicidal,, Manic Depressive, also grew up neglected. Homosexual as well but closeted.
1) Movie: the junglebook 2015
2) Song: linkin park - burn it down
3) Book: some crime book
4) Drug: nothing
5) Drink: vodka or water
6) Porn: gay bear
7) Sex: currently with a guy dude (i'd consider myself BI at most because im more attracted to females)
8) Comedian: hate that shit
9) TV Show: scream 2015
10)4chan board: /b/
This worries me a lot, you are on the verge of a bad wave of depression that could lead you in a dark road. I am soyy about the abuse. It is horrible.
Patient Cancelled. I guess I can stay and helped, I am charging him anyway. SO i guess he paid for YOUR time.
well, quite accurate, cheers
I don't think i'm am THAT predatorial as to hurt others.
also, relationships isn't much a struggle to the moment (30).

ty and goodnight.

stay sane as well OP
praise be to OP
It'll happen eventually, my mind wont always stay tranquil. Bit of a ticking time bomb I have no idea about
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