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Ask someone whose first sexual experiences were massaging his

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Ask someone whose first sexual experiences were massaging his cousin as a kid.
How was it?
We had fun, that's for sure.
age, sex ?
We were both males (sorry to disappoint anyone.) I'm a little over a year older than him. I think I was between 12 and 13 and he was 11 or 12. Could have happened earlier but that's around the time we were doing it the most.
actually I take that back, he's two years younger than me.
what did you do with him? how did it start?
It started with truth or dare. When we went on vacations or to the pool, it was normal for us to shower together. There was one shower where our family camped that we used to just hang out for hours in because the hot water was endless.
As far as what we did to each other, it was a lot of touching, and I guess what you would call handjobs, even though we didn't know that's what we were doing.
were you both hard? did you make him cum? green text the first time
Not the first time but over time we started to get hard. Mostly me. he never came because we weren't through puberty yet, but I'm sure I gave him orgasms.
Keep the thread bumped and I'll tell some stories
I'm not gay but I'm rock solid. Greentext now
second this
bump plox
did you ever sodomize him?
Working on it. Do you want to hear the first time, or the time when I came?
That I didn't I do.
so you missed out on plunging your rock hard boy penis into his tight tender little pink anushole?
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Hurry pls, hard and throbbing
why do all niggers fuck their cousins?
I guess the first time was when we were camping
>spent the day at the pool with all the cousins and my family
>time to get cleaned up before dinner that night
>we head straight from the pool to the showers
>girls in womens
>boys in mens
>there are several toilet stalls
>only two showers
>one is gross
>we share the large handicap one
>stay in there for a long time because the hot water never runs out
>time for a little truth or dare which we played all the time back then, I wish that was still a thing with people my age
>a lot of dumb crap no one cares to hear, nor do I remember
>we hear toilet flush
>I dare him to run by the person naked
>he doesn't want to do it
>tell him if he doesn't do it he loses the game
>says he'll do something else instead
>tell him he needs to get naked for the rest of the game
>he takes off his swim trunks
>his turn
>repeated dare
>against the rule but what the fuckever, not sure why we're wearing our trunks anyway
bump moar
wow, who's the qt
What is the capital of Austria?
>so we're both standing around naked
>taking turns under the water
>slipping and bumping into eachother
>I must have dared him to do more stuff but I can't remember
>this time is a little more foggy because it was so far back
>but he dared me or asked me to wash his back
>I soaped him up and we laughed like crazy about it
>then he soaped me up and we just stood there laughing our asses off and washing each others chests and armpits
>On that trip we took several more showers together, sometimes twice in one day
>not sure if we did the first time, but we started washing each others whole bodies

It sounds really stupid and fake I know, but that's because you're thinking about it how you would look at showering and touching somebody now.

We just thought it was hilarious and never really gave it a second thought. I really suck at green texting, so feel free to stop me and ask any questions. I'll keep going.
all good :P
it's ok. I'm bored. Proceed.
bump more noooow
The massages happened when my family took the cousins and their family out on the boat.
>We docked the boat at a friend's lakehouse
>Family goes up to the house to have drinks and snacks
>The girls go off and do their thing
>We stay back at the boat
>Go into the cubby cabin
>Close the door
>Not sure how it was raised, but we decide to give each other massages
>Probably my idea because I was a real weirdo back then
>I tell him to lay on a towel
>dad will kill me if we get the cushions wet
>lays on his stomach
>I rub his back
>after a bit he says it hurts
>so I spray some sunscreen on him as massage oil
>spend a long time on his back
>decide it will be hilarious to pull down his shorts
>do it and we both start laughing uncontrollably
>jiggle and rub his buttcheeks like a madman
>take his shorts all the way off and rub his thighs and calves
how awesome did those silky soft thighs feel?
doesn't family care about you two at any time?
>time to do his front
>tell him to turn over
>rub his chest
>he had slight man boobs
>this was hilarious
>I can't stress enough how hard we were laughing this entire time
>keep rubbing at his chest
>poke his stomach and move it around like dough
>I remember rubbing down the front of his hips and thighs and looking at his dick while I did it
>he had a half chub
>it would dance around whenever he laughed
>jumping around and occasionally hitting my arm
>I grabbed him by the base
>his balls in my palm
>cock between my fingers
>shook it like crazy
>BURSTS of laughter
>at this point I have learned from some of my neighborhood friends about masturbation
>as we called it "wanna go upstairs and get a boner?"
>so I kinda knew from touching myself and did to him how I liked touching myself
It was a really long dock and honestly my parents couldn't give too shits when they were having drinks with their friends.
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what does the touch of a woman feel like?
>back then I never really got fully erect
>rarely anything more than a little bit of dribble
>so I would just place the head between my hands and rub like crazy
>merit badge in starting a campfire
>when I climaxed I'd often just keep going until the next one
>no clean up
>miss those days
>so that's what I did with him
>we laughed quite a bit at first
>then he stopped and got real quiet
>I kept going
>he stiffened up and laid there real still
>faster, faster
>I can remember feeling him becoming more erect in my hands
>he was much bigger than me, at least back then
>As I rubbed side to side, he stopped rolling with me
>just the skin would stretch, hard as a rock underneath
>then he started squirming and shaking
>I'm rubbing as fast I possibly can
>I remember seeing him with his eyes open but he was just staring at the celing of the cabin like he saw a ghost or something
>suddenly he went soft again
>both breathing heavy as can be
>he asks me if I want a turn
>same story
>I start on my back
>he takes a much longer time getting anywhere else
>eventually he pulls the same shit I did
>pulls my pants down and starts rubbing my buttcheeks
>naturally I rip ass in his face
>I turn over and he rubs my chest
>starts doing my belly
>feels good man, feels really good
>as he gets lower, it's starting to hurt because his hands are dry
>I tell him to get some sunscreen
>he sprays it all over my stomach
>it's fucking dripping everywhere
>down my legs
>I take off my shorts so it doesn't get on them
>He tries to rub it in but there is way too much
>He's rubbing my inner thighs and hips trying to keep it from dripping down onto the cushion
>I'm harder than I've ever been
>he slides his hands up my thighs
>over and around my balls
>and presses my shaft to my stomach
>starts rubbing the tissue on the back off my shaft like you would someones back
>two hands
>two fingers on each side
>pressing and sliding toward the tip
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>The way this cabin was built, the cushions were much higher than if you stood on the ground
>so my legs were dangling off the edge
>he was standing between them
>after a little bit of trial and error
>he seemed to get the gist of it
>to this day I'm not sure if he'd ever jerked off before
>probably not
>but he seemed to know what felt good from me doing him
>he slid me all around his hands
>up and down into his elbows
>I tell him to do it like I was
>he tries to rub it back and forth like I did
>but I'm so lubed up so it just slips out of his hands
>I remember him pressing me up on my left leg and sliding his fists over it
>he's tired and running out of ideas
>suddenly I start to feel super hot
>I feel itchy with sweat
>Never felt quite like this before
>He pulls me back up with his hands
>I think to switch sides
>too late
>mid swing I start to cum
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>I remember just feeling super hot in my legs and crotch
>the first cum blast is enormous and unexpected
>it hits him just below is left shoulder
>he's confused
>points it away
>squirts on the cushion next to me
>then up my chest
>fills bellybutton
>what the fuck just happened
>I'm covered in my own cum
>his shoulder drips
>stringy sunscreen and cum combo between his fingers
>what the heck is this
I feel like I'm botching a lot of this trying to greentext. Let's go back to Q/A
Got a bj from a gf in a boat like this. No kidding

Nothing more than hand jobs?

Ever see him cum?
No, he never came, just me. I don't think he could yet.
Just handjobs really. Sometimes we'd press up against each other and that felt good too.

Why did you stop?
We grew distant pretty quick and have never talked about it. Sometimes I wonder if he remembers and what he thinks of it.

You mentioned in the first part of your story he was larger than you, when you first came did you catch up?

Have pubes?
Are you hetero now?
I was posting in other thread but here goes.
Me 11-13ish
Step bro I hardly ever see 12-14ish?
Started with truth or dare playing vidya
We showed each others dicks and butts and stuff.
He was huge!
That night we sucked each other's balls and he jacked till he came and we tasted it.
Next few visits we progressed
Usually jacking and sucking balls.
I sucked him and swallowed quite a few times and be he did also.
He played "just the tip" with my ass and his big dick with vasoline from the bathroom for awhile.
Eventually he fucked my ass a few times.
Was fun him grabbing my hips and thrusting and I could feel him cum shoot into me. Was fun.
I ducked his ass a few times with my small boy dick and came my first time ever down his throat as he was rubbing my balls and sucking hard!
We had fun wish I could do it all again but better.
Before he full on fucked me I remember quite a few times he wouldn't get the tip in and I said no more so he would jack off and cum up my ass. Was fun but he was real big and it took awhile. He let me fuck him a few times and I remember cumming in him before he could get all inside. That first time taking his whole dick was pretty bad but at that point I wanted to manage it. Was slick with spit and vasoline and I think the first time he was laying on his back and I sat down on it slowly and bounced till I was all down on his lap. He reached around and jacked me and bounced me up and we got into a good rhythm. I came first pretty quick it was a lot of stimulation. He followed pretty fast. I remember feeling it all pulsing and squirting.
What do you mean? I probably had light pubes on my balls but it took forever to grow it up top. I was really insecure back then because most of my friends were Italian. I was always a grower not a shower. Grew substantially toward the end of middle school, but wasn't really showing it off anymore

What did he dick look like? Was it thick?
When I was in grade 1 I used to get Handies by this girl named Hannah because we didn't know about sex all I knew was it felt good and she didn't mind doing it

Do you identify as homosexual?
A friend and I had pretty much daily sessions of playing with each other when we were both 7-8. We had no idea what we were doing, but he definitely learned the behavior somewhere (looking back now he was very likely molested) and was always the one to initiate things. We'd hang out every day watching tv while playing with each other's dicks, balls, and asses. He was really obsessed with having me massage his balls, while I was always interested in his ass since he was really small and feminine even for his age and I liked to imagine he was a girl. Culminated in him bending over, spreading his ass and saying "I want you to put your penis in here." As a kid I thought that was disgusting and told him no, and later that day my mom walked in on us both in our underwear and realized what was going on. Made me stop being friends with him and I moved schools the next semester.

Do anything with anyone else?
He was really pale, so it was pastey. Not veiny as in swollen looking, but you could see blue and green through it. I remember his head being quite purple, but we were often in cold water right before so that's probably why. Yes, it was very thick.

No, I'm straight as arrow. I'm in a happy relationship of nearly 4 years now. I had multiple girlfriends through high school, but as far I know he's never had one.
Yeah, maybe a month or two after that all I ended up convincing another friend who was a year younger than me to strip down to his underwear and get in his mom's bed with me while she was gone. I really had no idea what I was doing and don't even remember why I wanted to, but we ended up rubbing each other's dicks through our underwear under the covers. I couldn't see what I was doing but I slid my hand under his underwear and rubbed his cock and balls while he rubbed my cock through the outside of my underwear and rubbed up against me. We were going to get a light to see better when we heard his mom come home so we rushed to get dressed and never did anything again. Messed around a little bit at 13-14 by jacking off with a few friends but I've only been with women since then.
OP here. I'd love it if you guys ask me more questions. This is the first time I've thought about it in a while and a lot is coming back to me at once.

Your last green text explained it was a weird moment after you spooged, what happened next?
Did you ever do anything else with men?
That's a good question. My memory is sorta fuzzy after that. I wish I could remember more of his reaction to it, but I just remember panicking and trying to get my cum and all of the oil stains out from the sunscreen without my parents finding out. We went on to play spies and watch fireworks that night so everything must have been cool.
Not op here, older step bro banger. His dick was prob 3x my size and I remember it more for how thick it was. Darker skin than mine too. It took a few attempts to even get the tip in and a few more for him to be able to thrust it at all.

How did it start? Couldn't have been right to butt sex.
I've never done anything else with a guy and been raging hetero ever since. It started me off earlier than I would have. Wish I could get some NSA bi going on again but meh. Family and stuff
Not to that extent. Around the same time I was discovering masturbation with my neighborhood friends. We'd hang everyday and take turns on Dynasty Warriors while the rest of us beat our dicks raw.

One friend had a hot tub so we'd also all take our dicks out and hold them over the jets until we climaxed. Surprised no one never found cum in the filter.
This was me

If you back in the height of your experiences with him, would you have identified as straight?
Are you asking if I considered myself straight back then? Most certainly yes. I had no real concept of what being gay was. Just from will and grace and shit, and that was more about kissing to me, never thought about it sexually.

I was pretty perverted when it came to girls. Probably the reason I was so into truth or dare is because I was always dreaming up ways to see girls naked. I even tried to craft up my own board game which would be rigged to getting them to take their clothes off and do things, but of course that never came to fruition
My friend did the same thing, wanted to know what it felt like to cum in an ass so he had me slather Vaseline on my hole and would fuck me with the tip of his dick

was about a week before we finally did full on anal and I had been sucking his dick for a month before then because I lost a bet

When did you lose your virginity?

How old where you?
I didn't have intercourse until I was in a steady relationship at 21. I got my first blowjob from a girlfriend in 8th grade and finger banged all through high school. I think my early on fascination with sex gave me high expectations and made the act more intimidating as I got older.
Around 12 or 13 at the time, friend was 15 to 16. Was the older brother of my brother's friend
Did you ever use the "Twister" game?
Absolutely! Haha. But I t was more getting my friend to have pool parties so I could peak on them changing through a window in his cabana. Never saw anything of but boys can dream

How did you come about getting to that point. Is he like, let me fuck you?
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