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New fluffy thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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New fluffy thread
yea but why tho
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The last one is still going...

It is but this one will actually be of quality
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Lemon 1.jpg
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lemon party
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Oh hell yeah! This guy is good
>yea but why tho

It's fucking amazing, that's why. If you don't "get it" then just don't post, friendo.
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I´ve been following this threads for a long time, back to the creation of fluffy but never got the chance to contribute.

If I want to draw some fluffly abuse, do I need an account in booru or just drop it in these threads?
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Oh shit its already started.
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Practice here first. We won't be as critical as boru.
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Chocobro helps these threads not 404 when no one is posting. He is a curse and a blessing. Let him stay and don't complain
great, I will try one of this days and post it here
is this the last one?
wrong he is nothing but cancer, and would let the thread die, but i do agree that he should be ignored
Its ok for threads to 404. It's not like its hard to make a thread. So just a curse.
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not a fan of this author. I love the artstyle he makes the Fluffys soooo cute. but he's in the top 5 edgelords list on booru for me. I feel bad for lemon. she is a cute fluffy.

he has her as a pet wants to play a game and he just wants to abuse the fluffy and gets pissed she shits and pisses everywhere because he hurts her .. well no fucking shit. the humans are fucking stupid in these comics sometimes i sware .. even if they do what they do for fun. they know they got loose sphincters and they can't help it. it's how they were built and he lets her grow that big in size then just desides too kill her. fucking pathetic.
hey it's cc2, i've added more to "basement fluffy mill"

>walking home from getting groceries
>hear a crying mare
>she's down an alley
>walk down
>see her, she's a bright blue pegasus, with a lavender mane
>she is fit to burst with foals
>completely immobile
>she's crying about her special friend not coming back
>continues crying about "tummeh huwties"
>walk up to her
hey fluffy you want a cookie?
>she's startled and feebly tries to run
>gets nowhere
pwease nuu huwt soon mummah, babbehs nee mummah fow miwkies an wuv
>i crouch down next to her and hold out the cookie
>she stops and looks up at me
nummies fow fwuffie?
>i smile
yup all yours
>she hungrily devours the cookie
>i give her a few more and she eats them all up
fank yuu nice mistew,be fwuffies nyu daddeh?
Of course, I have a bunch of other fluffies that would like to meet you, but only if you are a good fluffy
>her eyes light up
WEAWWIE? NYU FWENDS? Fwuffie am bestes fwuffie eba, gib huggies an wuv an pway an hab bestes babbehs
>we'll see
ok let's go
>pick her up
>head home
>she spends most of the walk home singing
>no rhyme
>no rhythm
>singing about the usual fluffy shit, love, hugs, babies, nummies etc
>get home
>leave groceries in the kitchen
>take the new mare to the safe room
>open door
>there are three mares
>a tan earth with a red mane named Mary
>a dark green unicorn with a pink mane named Phyllis
>and a black earth with with a blue mane named Janet
>there is also 13 foals of varying ages, colors and types
>i leave the mare to get acquainted with her new friends and put away my groceries
>fast forward a few days
>she's going into labor
>done this who knows how many times
>birthing goes fine, no hiccups
>she has 8 foals, a shit load by fluffies standards
>clean the filth off of each baby
>mares begging for babies
>she had 3 decent colored foals, 2 good colored foals, a dark grown a puke green and a runt
>i hand over the pretty ones first
>moment of truth
>hand her the remaining 3
siwwy daddeh, poopeh babbehs an dummeh babbehs nuu nee miwkies
miwkies awe fow gud babbehs, nuu poopeh ow dummeh babbehs dat nuu eben twy the be pwettie
>oh well, it happens, maybe I can convince her to take care of them
remember what I said? When we first met?
>she looks at me
mummah nuu knuu
I told you that only good fluffies can live in the safe room
>she looks confused
buh mummah am gud fwuffie, mummah am bestes fwuffie
good fluffies take care of all babies, including the other babies
>hold up her three chirping foals, and gesture towards the other foals
>the mare furrows her brow
mummah nuu gib miwkies the dummeh ow poopeh ow udda nuu mummahs babbehs, mummah nuu wan miwkie fiefs
>i hand off the foals to mary who's near by
>without pause she's already feeding and singing to the little chirpers
>Phyllis and Janet join quickly to help with the feeding
>the mare looks at them with obvious disgust
>looks like we have a candidate for the sorry room
fluffy! You will love and feed ALL! Babies or you will go into the sorry room
>she gets visibly angry
>oh shit, been a while since I found a smarty mare, they aren't very common
>Janet, Mary and Phyllis start herding babies away from the mare, they know what's coming
you will love and feed them or you get th-
>i slap that bitch and grab her by the tail
>she's screeching and hollering, making demands
>good thing she's emptied out from the birthing, so she doesn't piss and shit all over the place
>the chirpers she was feeding are left on the ground
>the nursey mares quickly collect them for cooing, singing and additional feedings
>i ignore her on my way to the basement
>i have a special way to break fluffies, even smarties
>open the basement door
>don't bother turning on the light
>better to leave her fate as a surprise
>besides I know my way to the sorry room blindfolded and backwords
uhuuuhuuuu nuu wike dawkies, pwease sabe mummeh fwom dawkies daddeh
>classic sympathy ploy
>she starts to wriggle, this only serves to hurt her
huuhuuuuuu why taiw hab huwties
>as we near the sorry room she starts to hear muffled sobs and screams
hewp daddeh, nuu wan nummied by munstah
>reach the room
>turn on the lights
>there is a wall full of boxes with straps, feeding tubes and waste chutes leading to a compost
>headphones for the fluffies to hear everything they are missing out on
>and sound proofing foam around the walls and ceiling, don't need to alarm the good fluffies
>i currently have 17 mares strapped in at varying stages of pregnancy
>finding replacements can be difficult since I need to make sure I always have nursey mares
>the mare is in hysterics now
>she continues her pleading and fighting as I strap her in
>i put in the feeding tube and her voice is muffled like the rest
>i direct her gaze to the 40” tv
>there's a live feed from the safe room where the nursey mares are playing/feeding and cuddling the babies
>they couldn't be happier
>the mare falls silent and stares in horror at the display
>as Mary feeds HER babies
you will spend the rest of your life as a brood sow, and watch as good mothers raise all your babies
>i lean in closer and whisper directly into her ear
you shouldn't have lied to me, I told you only good fluffies can live in the safe room
>turn and leave her to her suffering
>pull out phone and call up Dan the man
ring...ring...ring...rin- hey Frank what's up?
Hey Dan I have a new mare, think I can get a stud tomorrow? Extra rough if possible
...you get a smarty?
Yup, think you can manage?
Yeah yeah I got the perfect stud, new one named sunny, real head strong had to leave him in the sorry box for a week to break him...still an asshole but he does as he's told
perfect when can you get here and what's the rate??
premium rate he's a white alicorn with a rainbow mane as for time, uuuuuhhhhhhh how's nine in the morning? I got a thing at 10:30
that works see you then
alright see you
>next day
>Dan arrives
>his stud is a real noisy bastard
>he brings the stud to the sorry room
>open's the cage
>sunny bursts out
>he looks around
>sees the mares on the wall
>looks at Dan
yes that's why you are here sunny you fucking idiot
>he starts pawing at the ground
>proclaiming himself "bestes stawwion" "gib aww duh enfies"
>i get the mares
>undo the feeding tube before the straps
p-p-pwease daddeh,nuu knuu wat fwuffie duu buh fwuffie am sowwie an haf wowstes heawt huwties
nuu am bad fwuffie nuu mowe, am gud mawe, am gud mummah teh aww babbehs, eben dummehs an poopehs
>more transparent then a politician
onwy wan babbehs, pwease nice daddeh
>i smile at here
of course, you can have babies
>she immediately perks up
>she continues as i unstrap her
>pick her up
>set her in front of a camera to take her picture
>Dan gives me Sunnies picture, need these to sell the video
>i hand him the money
>the pen and cameras are set up
>sunny is ready
>show time
>pick up the mare, decide to call her sunset
>not that she'll ever know, it's only for the video
whewe am babbehs? Mummah wan babbehs wite nao!
>i smile
ok here you go
>hit record
>toss her in the pen with sunny
uhuuuhhuuu, wey daddeh fwow mummah? Whewe babbe-
>she spots sunny eyeing her
>she shits herself
>sunny steps forward
hewwo pwetty mawe,sunnie gonna gib bigges enfies
>me and Dan go in the other room to give the lovebirds some privacy

>be me
>be best stallion ever
>have prettiest fur
>even prettier mane
>wings and pointy face
>gonna have special hugs with pretty mare

>b-be me
>want babies
>daddy no give babies
>call out for daddies help
>daddies not there
>monster is gonna eat momma
>babies won't get best milk
>want babies
>sunny runs right at sunset
wets hab speciew huggies pwettie mawe
>sunset tries to scamper away
>sunset bites down on her tail
>sunny yanks sunset back
dummeh mawe nuu wun ow hab biggest huwties
>he raises a hoof and smashes it into sunsets face
>he leaves a black/purple bruise, sunsets right eye is now sealed shut
gib dummeh mawe NNGF! Geeewwwd feeeeeewwwws
>sunset just lays there, in shock at the turn of events
>all she thinks about are her 5 favorite babies
uhuuuhuuu wan babbehs
>enf enf enf enf enf enf
sunnie gib pwetty mawe aww deh babbehs
>enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf
aaaaahhhhhh geewd feews
>sunny dismounts and walks in circles for a moment
>sunset begins to stand up again
uhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuu, nuuu wan munstah babbehs, onwy wan pwettie babbehs
>this catches sunnies attention
>he walks up to sunset
>shoves her back down
>sunset isn't going down as easily this time
>sunny starts stomping on her again
>sunset gets away and runs around the perimiter of the pen
>sunny gives chase
>he jumps and lands right ontop of sunset
>she stops fighting
>she just lays there for the next 20 minutes as sunny does as he pleases
>putting sunset back in the straps was easy
>she was limp, bruised and pretty battered
>hopefully she has another big litter of foals
>gotta get my moneys worth
hey frank, I gotta go, good luck with selling the tape
I don't need luck, you know how those MLP weirdos are, they love this shit
still weirds me out that they fucking jerk off to this shit
yeah but hey, why not make a profit off it? And I think this one will sell real well
haha true, alright take it easy
you too
>close the door
>make an early lunch
>sandwich and chips for me
>spaghetti O's for the fluffies as a random treat
>maybe it'll snap sunset out of her fugue
>bring lunch to the fluffies
hey fluffies guess what I have
>the foals swarm me when they smell the spaghetti O's
wan sketties daddeh, wan sketties
>place the bowls of spaghetti O's on the floor for them
>while they are occupied I go to the nursey mares
hey Mary, Phyllis, Janet how are the new babbehs
>mary pipes up
babbehs awe fuww, an sweepies, an hab huggsies and wuv
>i set down a bowl for each of them
that's good, im glad to see my favorite fluffies treating them so well
>they dig into their treat
>as the fluffies stuff themselves I hear peeps of “fank yu daddeh” and “bestes nummies”
>i finish my lunch and play with one of the chirpers
>a medium blue earth with a red mane I assume is sunsets favorite
peep peep chiirp cheep
>sometimes I can't help but think fluffies are cute
>at least the well behaved ones
teehee, babbeh wuv daddeh
>i pat Phyllis on the head
yup, and I love baby
>i look right at the camera as I say this
>in the sorry room sunset is sobbing uncontrollably
>why daddy no give fluffy sketties?
>why baby love mean daddy but no love momma?
>a week goes by and sunsets babies start opening their eyes
>the nursey mares are ecstatic with this development
>can't get them to shut up about it
>sunset still tries to get my attention every time I go to check on the sows
>she still holds out hope that things will be ok
>smarties can hold out a while before they finally give up
>currently playing with the babies
>the nursey mares have their hooves full with all the others
>have a couple looking to adopt that should arrive soon
>hear a knock at the door
>go to the door and open
hello we're looking to adopt a fluffy, is this the right place?
Yep, you didn't have trouble finding it I hope
oh no, not at all
>make small talk as I lead them to the safe room
here they are, i have a few that only recently opened their eyes, but there's have plenty of weanlings
oh my god they are so cuute <3 says femanon
you raise all these yourself? Asks anon
nah I mostly breed them in the basement
>point out the nursey mares
Janet, Mary and Phyllis raise the babies, they are all well mannered and litter trained
wow so all of them are raised by three fluffies? They must get exhausted says femanon
not really, nothing gets mares excited more than foals, and they adore all foals
anyway go ahead and play with them, and take your time picking out the one you want
>the femanon goes in and introduces herself immediately
>anon just hangs back and asks some pretty standard questions
so how hard are these to take care of?
Not too hard they eat most anything, and as long as they have toys they can keep themselves entertained for a while, but they do require regular contact especially the young ones
how regular?
Well if they're still on milk they need constant attention otherwise they may become catatonic, weanlings need attention on at least a daily basis otherwise they may develop depressive tendencies, but once they're fully grown you can ignore them every other day and they won't be worse for wear.
Damn the babies can actually die from lack of attention?
Yup, before starvation, thirst or exposure they are terribly needy
>the femanon comes over with a foal in her hand
I love the colors on this one
>it's sunsets blue and red “bestes” foal
>i smile to myself
>in the dimly lit sorry room sunset slumps in her restraints
>she's watching as frank plays with her babies
>they call him daddy and tell him how much they love him
>they call the nursey mares momma and tell her the same
>the words tear into sunsets heart like jagged knives
>she spends most of her waking ours crying and silently pleading for daddy to save her
>she watches frank leave the room
>watches as her babies play tag with an older brown foal
>she watches daddy and two new humans return
>she knows what's next
>she's seen humans come in and take away fluffies for a week now
>she watches femanon sit in front of the fluffies and hug and play with them en masse
>she can't stand to watch anyone but her play with her babies
>she starts struggling as femanon plays with her babies
>femanon picks up her bestest baby and sunset is in quiet hysterics
>she starts banging against the sides of her box
>the neighboring fluffy moves a little but settles down again
>femanon now takes bestest baby to daddy
>daddy won't give dummy human bestest baby right? That am mommas baby
>femanon gives the baby to daddy and sunset calms down
>daddy walks to the cabinet and opens a drawer
>he pulls out something you can't identify
>he talks to the other humans for a while about taking care of babies
>then he hands over the strange package and bestest baby
>sunset goes berserk
>the femanon hugs bestest baby as anon gives daddy green paper
>sunset is straining as hard as she can against her restraints but they won't give
>the strange humans leave the room and sunset realizes that she will never see her bestest baby ever again
>she pushes and pulls as hard as her slowly atrophying limbs will allow
>she puts everything she can into one final push
>femanon hands over the foal
>i lead them to the cabinet where I keep assorted fluffy shit
>open the drawer I keep “foal kits” in
this one is still on milk so you will need to give it constant attention and feed it using a bottle, if you have to leave it alone for more than an hour you can use the speaker to make it think another fluffy is in the room and he will spend his time looking for it, this should give you about 5 hours at most but I wouldn't push it
will it still work? He did just hear you say that
nah don't worry he will forget what I said in like 5 minutes assuming he's even paying attention
>the foal is looking up at frank
daddi, whewe am babbi goin? Whewe mummi? Babbi nee miwkies fwom mummi
>i scratch the little foal
don't worry your new mom will keep you fed and happy
>he turns around and looks at femanon
bu dis nuu momma, wite?
Awww don't worry i'll be the best mother ever ok little baby? I'll play with you all the time and give you lots of milk
>this calms the foal a bit
>they don't like change at this age but they are pretty dumb and forgetful so the anxiety passes quickly
>we conclude our business
>the nursey mares say goodbye to the foal
>i escort the couple out and head to the basement
>need to drive the nail in deeper into sunset so to speak
>reach the sorry room and I flip the light switch
>sunset has broken her leg
what the fuck did you do?
>leave her their to check the cameras
>watch the footage of here slamming and tugging at her restraints and eventually breaking her leg
well fuck! Now I need to pillow her cause that ain't gonna heal right if she's in restraints
>get out the old kit
>set down all my tools
>bone saw
>go over to sunset
>shes in a lot of pain and screams as soon as I unstrap her
>i ignore her as I set her down on the operating table
>put her under asap
>ain't got time for her bullshit
>grab the straight razor and shave around the shoulders and hips
>apply iodine to sterilize the area
>take the scalpel and start cutting 4 triangles into her flesh to sew together
>peal them back
>sever the tendons connecting the muscles to her shoulders/hips
>peal those back
>grab the bone saw and start sawing off her legs
>with the legs off I start stitching her up
>apply more iodine to stave off infection
>she's still asleep so I just strap her back in and leave her there
>grab something to eat
>come back and she's awake
daddeh whewe am weggine? why weggies wun away?
>hold up a tray with her legs in it
daddeh fine weggies? Pwease gib weggies back, nee weggies fow pway an wun
you're not getting your legs back...
>her heart sinks
b-buh why?
>i scowl at her
you have been very bad, you broke your leg so I had to take them away, only good fluffies don't get broken legs
weggies nuu bwoke, pwease gib weggies bak
>put her feeding tube in and the headphones on
>leave her in the dark sorry room
>watching her remaining babies happily playing
>after dealing with sunset im in a foul mood
>so I go take a shower, then go to the safe room
hey fluffies who wants to go outside and play?
>this sends them into a jubilee of “pway ousidees!” and “daddeh am bestes ebba”
>the nursey mares escort the foals, fillies and colts outside into my fenced in back ground
ok listen up, you are not aloud to leave the yard, ever! You can play with the toys and in the play houses all you want but do NOT leave the yard, ok?
>they agree and run off, breaking up into groups to play tag, hide and seek, ball, sand box, fort, eat grass or just plain lay in the warm sun
>i grab my pipe and some “silly grass” as the nursey mares call it
>they smell it and come trotting up
daddeh can mawy hab siwwy gwassies?
>the others wait patiently for my answer, they know if I say yes they will all get their turn
>i light up and take a long draw
>i hold it and lower my face closer to them and beckon them to come closer
>they circle around as I slowly blow into their faces
>i do this 3 more times and by now they get really giggly
heeheeeehheeeehheehehee fank yuu daddeh, siwwie gwassies awe bestes
no problem now go have fun
>they trot off and join the other fluffies in their games and merriment
>you've never seen anything funnier than a high fluffy
>Mary is playing tag and trying not to fall over
>Phyllis is already stuck on her back laughing her ass off as a hoard of foals start crawling all over her
>and Janet is off playing fort, launching wiffleballs at the enemy fort...she hasn't hit the fort yet but that doesn't seem to stop her
>and I just sit back and watch the spectacle unfold
>then one of sunsets foals, the runt of her litter, comes up and is sniffling
what's little one?
Meanie bwuddha gib sissie huwties an nuu shawe baww, an an an-
>i cut her off
show me
>i follow her to the offending fluffy, a bright red and black stallion
>he's telling one of the older brown colts that he's “poopy” and “nuu can pway wiff smawties baww”
>i ain't gonna stand for this shit
>i grab up the little turd
>i shake him a little
you poop on me and I'll put you in the sorry box
>he then tries to shit on me but hits a fluffy beneath him
>well that settles it
>pull out a plastic baggy
>pick up the filthy fluffy
>take them both inside
>put the smarty in a water glass
>clean the other fluffy
>he starts to fuss
huuhuuuu pwease daddeh nuu huwt babbeh, babbeh nuu wike wawa
im not gonna hurt you im giving you a bath, do you want to smell pretty?
“sniffle” o-otay
good now relax, water is good for you
>use a bit of baby soap, rinse then dry
there all better
>the fluffy smells it's fur
fank yu daddeh, fwuffie smeww pwettie!
>pick it up and bring it back outside
>the little smarty fucker has been screeching the whole time and crapping all over itself
>i can deal with the back talk, but I could never understand why smarties where so unsanitary
>don't think I can reform this one, whatever he'll serve to break sunset
wanna see your mother?
no she isn't i'll show you
>grab the glass
>take him down to the sorry room
>smarty is of course terrified of the dark and the muffled crying
>flip on the lights
>smarty doesn't like what he sees
>starts pleading with me not to hurt him
>too late
>go over to sunset
>show her her foal
look fluffy, your baby is just as bad as you, now he's gonna spend the rest of his life in this basement
>she starts shaking in her restraints, trying to warn her baby to run away
>i leave the glass in front of her and make a call
Hey I got a smarty foal if you're interested
can't im grounded, my mom found me torturing some mare
ah alright, good luck kid
>hang up, try the next abuser on the list
>as I make calls smarty is making demands of sunset to let him go and give him milkies
>sunset continues to shake and pry against the restraints
>this is the first time she's seen her babies in weeks, an eternity for fluffies
>she actually gets the box she's in to rock back and forth a bit
>this causes the glass to move
>it spins around and falls off the table
>i watch as smarty hits the floor
>and the shit covered glass shatters around him
>smarty has pieces of glass sticking out of him and he's hyperventilating
>a few seconds go by and he's dead
>i take sunset out of her restraints and set her next to her baby
you did this, you knocked over the glass and killed your baby, I told you you were a bad mother
>i let her lay there weeping as I spent my time playing with the remaining fluffies
>some ask what happened to smarty
>i tell them not to worry about it
>they all forget about him by the end of the day
>before I go to bed I strap sunset back in
>she doesn't put up a fight
and that's the story so far, probably gonna move on from sunset for a minute and see what happens, critiques and suggestions are welcome
Who is this? Do you know her name?? She looks familiar
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I couldnt resist to give it a try today, i´m no great artist and is my first time drawing this critters
not bad, if you want the booru has tutorials you can look up, keep practicing
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