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>get pulled over >driver gets taken from the car >passenger

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>get pulled over
>driver gets taken from the car
>passenger up front as well
>I was behind the driver, get yanked out
>no effort to communicate from undercover cops with civilian cars and Uber stickers
>no reason for stop
>reason for search "car smelled like a marijuana"
>get cuffed
>no rights read, no typical police protocol
>no body cams, no mics, just fat fucks in cargo shorts and army green rags with sweat crescents around man tits
>cops search car and find over 12 grams of pot that the driver had in the trunk
>all of us get cited
>keep asking how and why we got pulled over and this happened
>trying to understand my situation
>no human response
>retard rookie in front of me
>keep weirding him to make him uncomfortable
>don't sign citation but get a copy - go to court and pay $50
>feel traumatized
>feel brittle, disgusted and weak
How much more care are you supposed to be? I was getting a ride home, I didn't know there was contraband in the car. What the fuck /b/, what else to you do need to do to fucking live normally without these mentally ill, bored plebian faggots harass you when it feels fit?
How do they even go to bed at night?
Cops don't read you your rights unless they are interrogating you.
Stop watching so much TV, and this screams of the innocent, I din do nuffin.
Ok, but I am enjoying my day but suddenly yanked out from friends car, cuffed and searched with no exchange of words. yeah i literally din do nuffin
>thanks bootlicker
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You were around illegal drugs and you knew better.

You deserve to rot in prison.

Don't ever come to my town with your fucking dope fiend friends or I'll make sure you never see the outside of a cell again.
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I'm willing to fake / get diagnosed for PTSD this month for my marijuana license OP. . .

1984 nigger
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that fucking picture
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the fuck are you spouting about you autistic badger
But it was an Uber driver.

what a fucking cocksucker.
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my mistake, sorry
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ITT drug addicters complaining about the drugs being not legal
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Did he admit the drugs to be his? If he didn't then you know who to thank for the fine.
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I was sitting by him while in cuffs, maybe you're right. he most likely refused to admit to them, and thats how all three of us got cited.

and look, I wouldn't as mad and feel as raped if only these pigs were actual county pigs with uniforms and actual squad cars as well as having a legitimate reason to pull the fucking car over!
at the end of the incident, they print him out a warning at not stopping at a stop sign. It is fucking ridiculous man.
What if my taxi from the bar or my co worker who is carpooling today gets pulled over and same shit happens! How the fuck are we supposed to live in this fucking police state?
This all happened in Montgomery County, Maryland so for those who know, it's no surprise.
The pig's main course of fun is traumatizing and ruining people's lives for possession of shit drugs. fucking scum.... seriously how they posses to be that way, how do they sleep at night??
Get an attorney and fight the fee in court and prove you were just getting a ride from a Uber taxi.

That, or pay your fucking you cry baby sack of shit and stop pissing and moaning to /b/. Next time drive yourself like an adult or only ride with absolutely trusted friends.

And if it was a Taxi Cab driver you were using as a service you could have fought that. You weak willed walking vagina. Fuck your a cringelord.
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>covert undercover drug trafficking prevention molesters and pedophile practicums of anal fuck fest Olympics

Fuck all drug agencies, fuck all anti-drug groups, fuck the system's game and paint on drugs, fuck the government for lying about drugs. fuck the police for using laws against drugs to justify their violent oppression, fuck the people who sign these bills into effect, fuck the ones who think this is smart
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>someone can't read a thread thoroughly before erupting into full autismo.
Break yourself, retard.
>what else to you do need to do to fucking live normally without these mentally ill, bored plebian faggots harass you when it feels fit?
It's pretty simple, you and your dumbass friends need to learn your rights. Everything those cops did was illegal and you're all retarded for not understanding anything about your own laws.

If they have no warrant or probably cause they cannot search your property, and they sure as shit cannot detain you for nothing more than claiming they smell weed which I guarantee they didn't.

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>go to germany
>have backpack
>get robbed
>see brighter than day neon green cop car
>ask for help
>police man takes me in his car
>drive down couple of blocks
>police man gets out and tackles robber
>get my shit back, thank the kind officer

>go to america
>get gun pulled on, robbed and beat up
>spend 10 hours finding a police officer because all undercover
>finally find a officer for help
>get gun pulled on, robbed and beat up
>spend a night in jail
>over 25k USD in fines
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>yanked out the car
>"h-hey what are you doi-"
>"why am i being pulled over"
>"Well, I don't consent to any searches"
>cominse search anyway
>sit on curb, cuffed, demanding for my rights
>one pig in front, 2 in the back
>"no funny business"

Yeah man, knowing my rights helps a lot when the police are actual respectable workers of their job. Not scum criminal, mentally ill retards who got zero attention in high school
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Sounds like you can't tolerate injustice directed towards youself, which is good. Now the next part is what you can do about it. The bitter truth that pretty much nothing can be done about it will set in. And you gotta force yourself to look out for people in an effort to keep injustice at bay at least in eyesight. Keep your head up champ.
This. You only get your rights read if you are detained AND interrogated. Often times cops just shut up and let idiots who are nervous chatter away and accidentally incriminate themselves.
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The fact that your own word means nothing in the face of the police, your lawyer and judge is so crippling, and diminishing as a human. Knowing what your own two eyes experienced will never be credited, knowing the truth and knowing that truth will not live in this atmosphere is incredibly depressing. Feeling the vibe of whomever I am telling this experience to, feeling the vibe of "this guy is bullshitting" is just utter disgust. My psychological levels of content are up in fucking Mars right now. Like how? Do I just live my fucking life inside? I get being mindful of your surroundings but jesus christ man, next thing you know, you are getting detained through email.
>Im a 21 year old lowlife small friend group
>Brain fried from doing over 1000 hits of acid in my life
>Hit up some hot girl i happened to meet
>She brings 3 hot friends
>Me and 4 hot girls total
>I get incredibly drunk till 2:30am and have my first 3 some with 2 girls.
>Feel like the man
>Get woken up at 7:30 am because one of the girls need a ride to work
>Leave the hotel and get pulled over instantly
>Cop claims break light was out and it was not even out
>Give me sobriety check that i pass
>Get breathalyzer and blow .01 .002 over the limit
>Get a dui
>Gets car impounded
>Bails out for 300
>Gets my car out of impound for 500
>Pay 350 for my dui classes
>Has 200$ left in bank account
>No girls down to chill anymore because im not mobile
>The tides turn so quick
Yeah and they imply fear and physical restraint to achieve that, it's not good for the human kind.
It's contradictory, the police exist to govern, protect, service and solve injustice -- what kind of impact does that knowledge have when an innocent kid gets humiliated by these so called "superheros" -- his reality is flipped, he witnessed what actually happens behind the curtains. Role models my ass, how are you supposed to react when you are fed, kindness, peace and love when the people who are supposed to help people demonstrate ZERO in any of that?
You know, sucking the state's dick so hard isn't going to make them give you preferential treatment in the end. We're all the same decaying organic matter to them. This coming from someone who grew up with several 'good' cops. They don't give a fuck about you, most of them are man children and will fuck your life up so they can maintain their 45K a year with benefits job and open carry fire arms plain clothes off duty just to scare people.

Ask yourself what type of person becomes a cop? is it a well educated moral person with life experience, or is it someone who wants a stable easy to get job with minimal training as compared to a trade or college from academies that openly advertise to young men with no life experience? I mean shit nigga. Then blaming the victims of abuse because they didn't know how to fight back. Yeah, sure, go get a lawyer for 600 dollars to fight a 50 dollar citation. Sure. Everyone can do that. Why don't you politely explain to the officer that he's breaking the law? That's some good shit you must be smoking.

Stop sucking porkies dick, stop making excuses for the fucked judicial system, stop being a massive cock goblin. No one likes you for it, not even the people who's asses you're so lovingly tongue kissing.
File: 1484638197735.jpg (24KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck man. hang in there.
File: 1455604311682.jpg (16KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Get rektd retard
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That's the cost of living in the land of the free, this would never have happened if you participated more in the morning pledge of brainwashing, i bet you are some sort of fucking commie.
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Last time i was arrested the cops refused to talk to me so i sang the internationale all the way to the station
yeah im trying man lol
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>12 grams of pot that the driver had in the trunk

are you seriously retarded or are you a nigger?
or both?

what a faggot
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Honestly, if you get caught with drugs that are yours in your own car and don't admit to it, you're a piece of shit.
Get a breathalyzer then you dumb, drunk fuck.
Honestly, if you read the fucking thread maybe you wouldn't sound so fucking retarded.
Jesus fucking christ.
if he's a nigger he's both
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Only on Tuesdays.
the only thing i read is your mothers pussylips on my face, faggot
>In Florida
>Don't even live in that shithole
>Going speedlimit in my rental car
>Get pullled over
>"What's the problem officer?"
>Nobody in the car has ever done weed
>Pig makes us all get out and searches us
>Makes me do sobriety test, I haven't even had a beer
>"Dude nobody has weed."
>I let him search the car just to make him go away
>We're all bone dry
>"Officer why did you stop us?"
>"With your windows up and we were on the other side of the road?"
>We all realize this dude probably forgot his normal pill
>"Sorry officer."
>Dude gets in his baconmobile, takes a bite of his donut, then leaves.
>The fuck is wrong with people in Florida?
the stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction, falsehood and bullshit by glorious winged faggot nigger lovers
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Have fun starting highschool this fall, you coon.
File: 1432277192835.jpg (37KB, 413x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Nobody in the car has ever done weed

haha good one
what a bunch of faggots
cop should have shot all of you in the pussy
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I'll be sure to ask you for tips, seeing as it's your 5th time starting high school, you cockpiping fagstronaut.
OP here, this is exactly what happened to us.
Pig claims to have smelled weed...with windows up...going 30 mph...
Then they fidgeted and fidgeted then wrote off the traffic stop as "failure to stop on stop line" warning.

Maryland is like Florida and so on up and down this shit coast.
They're covert niggers who are above the law and you're a pawn. Godbless america
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>he admits it
>be me, driving late at night
>see cops drive past
>instantly sigh because i know i'll get pulled over
>2 minutes later i see them in the rear mirror
>blue lights come on and i pull over
>cop asks why i'm out so late, etc. routine questions
>asks if i've had any contact with the police before
>i ask if that's relevant
>cop says it might be
>tell cop i've been busted for smoking before
>ensure them i don't smoke anymore
>cop checks my eyes
>cops say have a good night and i drive home

Been driving for 3 years and I've probably been pulled over about 15 times. Shit is ridiculous.
Cops knew the driver and the car. Knew there'd be pot in it. Knew that anyone in the car with him probably smoked pot too.

Done. Now go live life.
The only thing I'll admit to is filling up your whore of a mother.
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>i just got out of prison and I can't stop crying about it
driver was stupid for giving permission to search
do jayz and say "fuck you get a warrant"
It isn't only on the east coast faggot. Every blue pig deserves to be put down, they gave up their human life card with the job so no remorse either.
good luck getting shot m8
File: 1467524045194.gif (31KB, 149x170px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i ask if that's relevant

enjoy your lifetime of being pulled over and harassed
I've been driving for 40 years and never pulled over once when it wasn't warranted
because I'm not a cheesy screeching faggot like you
but they were unnecessarily rough
be grate you didn't get worse, don't break the law next time
Yeah man looks like you're a priority target in their books like >>734332910 is saying
Not all cops are pigs, some of them are dicks.
You should be a writer for the blind.
>because I'm white

not trying to be a dick - but are you black? or drive a shitty car?
All cops are useless pieces of government endorsed shit who deserve to be drawn and quartered.

Also, taxation is theft.
well, if he's a nigger he deserves to get harassed
]those faggots break the law just by jumping out of that ape pussy
I'm guessing you live in the US, and not where I live, where the police are actually educated.
Nah, I've been pulled over several times in different cars and I'm not involved in any activites that would warrant any special attention from them. I drive a lot on weekends to make some cash on the side and since there aren't a lot of people who drive after 00:00 I happen to get pulled over. The police are usually very nice but there has been the occasional asswipe. I've become pretty efficient at talking to the police though, I've even been pulled over high about 3 times without getting caught.
File: bil.jpg (51KB, 405x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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white af and this is my car
being a burger hearing about decent educated police is making me extremely uncomfortable
it's cause you're speeding on the autobahn adolf
>this is my car
now we KNOW you're a faggot
I drive a straight piped sports car with stickers on the windshield. Been pulled over a few times, never gotten a ticket but have received compliments on the car. Not all cops are dicks. Most, in fact, are not.
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