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I know this will be hard, especially on /b, but can we have a

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I know this will be hard, especially on /b, but can we have a mildly serious political discussion on here? I mean one with out meme this, meme that.

I'd like to hear your guys true thoughts on American politics and foreign policy during the post war period.
It's assbackwards.
Well, how so?
You can't because /b is somehow full of leftist cucks nowadays. The only argument they have is their butthurt feelings because they can't take the fact that it is gay to fuck "traps"
Aw shiet. YOu mean liking girls with penises is gay? What the fuck? You smoke meth? Crazy world we live in.
I suppose I should add my opinion. Itsmy belief that for the most part, while we have had some bad decisions makers, we generally tried to do well in the world, be it for ourselves or others. Now I'm more inclined to say that than say a Nicaraguan, or a Russian I suppose, but I my belief that without the US projecting its influence so heavily during this period the world may be a much more unstable place today.
We should rescind the New Deal and go back to the very basics of capitalism, while still having some tariffs and copyright laws that are both strict and workable.

Flat taxes, 10-15%.

Tariffs on incoming goods, 5-10% (maybe less, I don't know the numbers on this)

Reduce the number of federal organizations, keep the basics (FDA, Fish and Wildlife, FBI, those things)

Decentralize banks

Nuke the two-party system, have at LEAST 6 viable parties

Term limits and length are cool as is for the Pres, introduce four-term limits to Senators and the other one (8 years max for everyone, essentially. Maybe 10)

Have a nice big US military, and have the leaders be unafraid to push other countries around.

Go and raze North Korea; bring Kim Jong Un home and put him in a simulation, so that he can keep doing his thing forever without bothering anyone.
I like it. ASSBACKWARDS2020
Yup. Back that ass right up to a woman penis.
It's a woman so it's not gay.

Also, I agree with this guy. >>734299080
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Government is a superstition. A very dangerous one. The whole system relies on taxation to continue existing. taxation is taking peoples property from them using the threat of violence, theft in other words. Regardless of how the money is used, that cannot negate the fact that it was stolen in the first place. Grow up.
Get out of your mother's basement bro. I hope Stalin and Hitler are resurrected to run a train right up your pansy conservative ass.
I think a lot of people are being too conservative at the moment. We are about to enter the greatest(or worst) achievment in human history that will change the human race more than anything ever has and we have stupid cucks like trump going full autism and not actually doing a single thing about. we need higher taxes, AI will make millions of people lose their jobs yet it will be humanities greatest achievment. I personally dont care about much else if im honest. I say stop wasting billions of dollars on the military, make it efficient in the way it uses its budget. and spend the money on useful things like space travel and AI etc. We would have colonised mars years ago. We need to do this if we actually want our species to survive. Money is not everything, and thats all trump really cares about, hes a salesman and a businessman. possibly the best/worst combo for a politician. Fuck american politicians, fucking god aweful. why not bernie, honestly, literal autism. I guess thats what happens when pretty much every major "democratic" decision in the country is based on how muh money you have, not what the people want. You got so badly fuckin played.
Quite possibly

Would you like to combat my ideas now?
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I don't argue with morons.
ugh. Who farted and let this hot air out their backside?
Go back to/pol/ you autist
What would you like to know OP? Would you like to know how our opinions are on american policy post or pre WW2? Surely you are aware that they have changed quite some during the ages? Maybe you should make your question a little more specific.
Technically , political threads are allowed on /b/ .
How can you be sure that I am a moron? Moreover, how can you prove to myself and others that I am an imbecile, without soundly defeating even one of my points?

Refusing to argue makes it look as though you have no evidence.

Also, good bait if it is.
I am easily baited, however (I like writing these), so this is not an achievement.
God damnit, I keep killing threads with my long, thought-out posts.
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 4

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