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First sexual experiences? > Haven't had any yet Pic

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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First sexual experiences?

> Haven't had any yet

Pic unrelated
My mother gave my my first orgasm
>I wake up with morning wood
>My mother walked in and took noticed
>"Do you know how to get rid of that, Anon?"
>I tell her I don't and could you help
>"Id do anything for you honey, you know that. But you can't let anyone know, okay?"
>I nod my head
>She pulls down my underwear and strokes my little dick for a few seconds
>She leans over and put my cock in her mouth
>All these new sensations, i orgasm but nothing came out

This was a ritual until I turned 16 and got a girlfriend. She taught me everything I know, and I don't feel he least bit weird about it. Having sex with your mother is an experience that words can not describe.
>Be 19
>Random girl on ICQ messages me
>We hit it off, wants anon to visit her
>Drive to her, sight unseen
>Ends up being a fat Puerto Rican
>Zero fucks given
>Couldn't get hard though
>Technically I got it in, so I lost it
Hot dude, more?
First time you had sex?
Uhh it was extremely painful. I had phimosis (tight foreskin) and I almost cried. I knew about my problem for years and avoided/fled a few sure things because of it. Finally at 21 I had the operation and a few completely fap/sex-less months later my girlfriend (who I also tried to have sex with for the first time) gave me a blow job which blew my mind so hard I lost consciousness for a few seconds, then I fucked her and I realized this is what I was made to do, and then I just kinda masturbated/had sex on and off for hours.

I kinda regret not getting the operation earlier but whatever, that day was so special to me
>15 years old with first gf
>in my room, her on top of me
>she's grinding against my dick only in panties
>i get rock hard and am about to cum
>she laughs and starts sucking my dick and rubbing my balls
>i cum nearly instantly in her mouth
>she carries on sucking for a bit til i start squirming
>she kisses me with tongues, my cum still in her mouth
>she gets dressed and gets picked up by her dad
Omg OP have more?
you came so hard you lost consciousness... OP your story has convinced me to seek out new planes of existence.
just realized you are not OP, my bad.
>Be 12
>Mornings with mom are fantastic, her tongue would drive me wild while she sucked my cock
>But then she stood up and took off her panties then straddled me
>I was confused, usually she just sucks me off, this was entirely new
>"Mommy is going to show you something new today"
>Her pussy was neatly trimmed, beautiful really
>She's already wet
>Lowering herself onto me, her pussy was tight and way warmer than her mouth
>Fully inside her, she sat there for a min
>Leaning into my face were her gloriously perky tits
>She tells me to suck on her nipple
>Her pussy is grinding against me while my cock slides in and out
>I feel my orgasm about to happen
>As she hit the base of my cock, I erupted, cock pulsating like crazy
>Her pussy was milking my cock as I came, suddenly slicker and warmer than before
>"Oh my goodness Anon, you're finally producing sperm!"

I have loads more stories
Actually that wasn't the last time that has happened. A very few times when I've come the absolutely hardest I completely black out for a few seconds and then come back with "needles" all over my body. I don't know the name in english but it's like that feeling when your leg or arm falls asleep but pretty much everywhere. Every time from a long blow job, never actual sex
that's intense
any of them true?
All of them are. But if choose to not believe it, that's fine.
I was so nervous and wanted to experience so much I came twice and got her off several times over the course of 2-3 hours. Doggy, 69, normal, shower, etc.

Her pussy stank but I didn't realize just how stinky hers was until the next chick.
Ive gone temporarily deaf after blowjobs and masturbation, but its only when i stand up from sitting down right after
Feel you so hard! my first girlfriends pussy stank soo bad! I was with her for two years and thought powering through that dirty twat was just what guys did.. My second girlfriend I could literally drink her pussy juice all day. What a mind opener
my FIRST time
>be 16
>with my now ex-girlfriend (fuck that bitch)
>never fucked before
>already bought condoms
>we plan it out ahead of time
>in my room
>she bends over my bed
>"sit down, anon"
>"I got this, anon"
>starts rubbing her pussy on my dick
>she slides it in without the condom for a few seconds
>so fucking warm and tight
>"the condom, anon"
>put that dumb shit on
>her dad calls, has to leave before either one of us finish
Interestingly enough, good smelling pussy isn't only an indicator of good hygiene, but let's you know that she's an ideal mate for reproduction. Good genes my friend.
I don't think it's quite the same. I am always laying down and I can feel it happening before going out at the orgasm. It's kinda like "whitening out" or "coxing" on weed, if you know those terms.
Huh.. interesting. I always did wish we had stayed together, but 5000 miles is quite the distance
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more of this
>at friend's party
>dwindles down and crash in basement on couch
>girl at party, not exactly attractive, but drunk so whatever
>she creeps downstairs
>puts finding nemo dvd on
>proceeds to spoon and rub warm ass against me
>rolls over and starts to kiss me
>unzips my pants and starts tugging on my hard cock that she felt pressed against her
>keeps sloppy kissing
>try to stick hand in her pants, doesn't let me
>keeps tugging away, lots of precum so it's lubed and feels bretty good
>strokes faster
>I start to squirm and she smiles
>erupt in my pants and all over her hand
>she slows the stroke and licks the cum off her hand and fingers
>go to sleep

both act like it never really happened

she's married with kids now, but I'd love the opportunity to fuck her while watching that movie for nostalgia
>be me
>opiate addict chick wants drugs
>say i have them
>receive $90
>say i need to fuck her because drugs are more expensive
>have friend drive us to secluded porta-potty
>put my dick in her
>almost bust a nut raw in her
>came on her face
>fuck her
>don't deliver on the drugs

she got clean and we became friends.
jesus fuck raw dog a heroin addict. 15 year olds are dumb
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>lost consciousness for a few seconds
First time I masturbated I had a hallucination at the point of orgasm.
Shimmery rainbow in the air.
I humped that couch ferociously.
First time I fingered another girl and she I we were in a speshal home. There were some Ellie types, and some depressed ones, there were the mental ones of us , "psychotic", the label I got stuck with.
One girl going to the school attatched to the the place, and in the playground the autistic girl used to grab herself shouting "SWIING PLLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSEEE!" and then grabbed her crotch, staff were constantly restraining her.
But any kids taking the piss out of her, we'd look out for her and they were scared of us, the "mental home" kids, or the psycho squad (ikr), ad they called us.
His penis was the smallest I've had, didn't even feel it when it was in, lasted about a minute. What a waste of waiting till I was 16.
> be me
> be 20
> friends with semi attractive girl going to local college
> tell her my birthday is at the end of the month
>asks me what I want for my birthday
>tell her to not become a 21 year old virgin
> she says "ok, I can make that happen
>come over to her place a few days before my birthday
> she makes me eat her pussy until she comes then gets on top and rides me.

So lost it as a birthday gift.
yeah man, I'm desperate for confirmation, for someone to talk about the experience with understanding. Like I mentioned above I've had that happened a few times in my life. I've described it in great detail to friends, a few times on /b/, even tried to google stuff related to this but I'm starting to feel like a freak.
>be me
>18 years old
>about 3 weeks away from going away to college
>was fat all through high school and lost like 80 pounds as i entered the summer
>no confidence
>at a party at fat slutty girl's house
>fat girl says "you can't go to college a virgin"
>say "okay" not realizing i could probably do better
>go into her unairconditioned basement
>get naked
>thrust at full speed for like an hour straight while dripping sweat all over her cause i have no idea what im doing
>can't cum
>she humors me by saying it was good
Nice. Very procedural. Quite autistic. Authentic /b/
I probably am autistic.
post more then!!
Sometimes I would get up in the middle of the night and go sleep in her bed.
>Laying down beside mom
>She's sleeping
>My cock is already hard, I pull her panties down and run my tip against her slit
>Eventually I slip it in, slowly start fucking her, I get really into it
>I lose track of how much time I spent thrusting deep into her pussy
>She's awake now, she's matched my rythym and pushes into to me
>Her breathing get heavy, I hear quiet moans escaping her lips
>I roll over over on her stomach, getting better access to her pussy
>I'm close to cumming as I feel her orgasm, squeezing my cock like a vice grip
>She's says my name and tells me to cum
>My hips bucking uncontrollably, balls slapping against her pussy audibly
>Slowly I continue to fuck her and I come to a stop, dick resting inside her pussy
>I pull out and fall asleep
Same, no judgement. Instead of your straight to business love making I've resigned to only sleeping with 16-20 year olds who are more retarded than me when it comes to world experience and knowledge. I know it's becoming creepier and creepier every year but it's the only demographic I know how to seduce

I managed to overcome my bullshit with rampant alcoholism. Drunk anon has managed to sleep with 14 women and 1 man. I married a woman 10 years younger than me and we seem to work out.
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 3

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