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someone has the rest of this incest story?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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someone has the rest of this incest story?
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that's all i have
bumping for us!
Kachow! I men are bump
sticking around for this one
keep waiting
come on people
to think this thread almost died with only one poster!
god damnit now im so involved in the story with the rest missing why do this.
this one is too good to end :(
Please for the love of god post the rest of this
>She starts laughing and yelling stoop, stoop, over and over
>I would stop, get more sexual with my touches, and then in a second start tickling her again
>"You think It's funny?" I ask her pretending anger while tickling her pretty hard already
>"You having all the fun", "teasing me", "You think it's fun giving me erections 18h a day and leaving like that with that sexy little body of yours?" and generally things like that
>"No!" "Stop" "I'm sorry" "Stop anon!" "I cant take it anymore" She is turning hysterical, shes crying from laughing so much, really trying to break free now
>"STOOP" "I'll do whatever you want" "STOOP" "Let me go" she is fighting almost violently now and is legit screaming so I stop.
>I dont want this to turn bad, I just want to teach her a lesson
>"Untie me", "Untie me", "Untie me" she repeats really fast
>I do and she storms out of the room, relly bolts it in the direction of her bedroom.
>"Oh fuck" i think and bolt after her yelling her name
>She runs into the bathroom and slams the door.
>"Kitty?" I asked kinda worried through the door, but all I can hear is pissing. Like seriously. Like a fucking camel
>She flushes, washes her hands and walks out with a sigh
>Not gonna lie I was confused at this point
>She takes this "you are so in trouble mister" pose moms sometimes do and says "YOU ALMOST MADE ME PEE MYSELF"
>thankfully her face was clearly not angry
>"I would have never forgave you that!" she says pointing finger at me
>"But you didn't" I deflect kinda not knowing what to do now. My plan did not go so far
>But then she crushed all my expectations, and just threw herself at me.
>It was probably supposed to be romantic and all, but she smashed her mouth into mine she cut my upper lip pretty deep.
>It's a miracle all out teeth survived
>Still ... fucking hot so bleeding lip or not, we start making up.
>Sloppy as fuck, but even more passionate
>Lots of tongue, lots of saliva ... pretty good actually
>this continues until she tastes blood and freaks out
>not that I cared ... even if I still got a scar, this shit probably needed one or two stitches
>we put some cotton pads to my lip and go back to main room, where this all started
>she is really glued to me at this point
>we never "did it" this summer, she was 14 after all and I was kid of scared
>It also became much harder when our parents came back, but we managed
>we did lots of petting through, really expolored ourselves, took showers together when we could
>she gave me handjobs, even few bj
>i went down on her pretty fast, got my knuckles wet a lot too
>but yeah, no fucking
>but we stayed in touch, just phone calls at that time
>I guess our parents were understanding what was happening since after that holiday we started calling each other basically every day, yet then never said a word

we actually fucked next summer, but that is probably a story for some other day, and other thread

This one is ending and I gotta go, I might describe few of our petting sessions then too, so that is all for today
It was all in the archive right here
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holy shit
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 5

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