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Teacher experiences thread. Times were you fapped to teachers

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Teacher experiences thread. Times were you fapped to teachers in person, their pics, fucked a teacher, got to touch their feet etc.
Never anything sexual, but a female teacher once wanted to fight me, then she got fired.
story pls
Not that special.
> I am in a class with only cunts, me being the loudest one.
> 6 ft 7 tall with red hair so I stand out.
> Everyone in school bullied her.
> Was playing cards with some mates during class.
> she takes them away
> I take them back from her desk.
> I take some other shit aswell.
> Apparently some shit that meant a lot for her.
> She wanted to fight me, threatened me etc.
> I laugh she runs out of the classroom.
> Word gets out she gets fired.

Learned only later that she was going through a rough divorce and that she might lose her son or something. That's why she was on edge.
damn who is this
Wasn't a teacher but I had a TA that constantly gave me shitty marks in my assignment. I always went and argued with my TA about the marks she gave me on a daily basis. We were arguing almost twice a week that it became routine. She joked about how this was becoming like my 7th class because I always came to her office at the same time and day. One day she was hungry in the meeting so she said she wanted to go eat. I was going to leave to ler her eat but it turns out she was basically asking me on a date. Started dating her and going to her office just to hang out with her. Eventually I ended up putting my dick in her. Still together too.
/b/ - Random
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Just like your mom
You're just a douche bag.
you are one gigantic faggot
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Once I had a pregnant teacher.
I loved make creepshots and cumming thinking in her.
Lost all creppshots...
I've got a good teacher fight story.

> be me in 6th grade
> early 90s when teachers weren't afraid of students
> watch some dipshit kid shove a female teacher to the ground
> Principal sees it from his office.
> Principal runs outside and tackles the kid to the ground
> kid tries to swing at him
> Principal knocks him the fuck out.
> kid gets expelled...nobody questions the principals motives or actions

Could you imagine this happening today? The facebook outrage would be huge!
Freshman year, had a sexy grad student for calculus, took creepshots and posted them here for a long time, cute redhead track girl with a round ass.
She wasnt a teacher but the office secretary. She would always give me these weird looks and smiles when we saw each other. One day she slipped me a note that her husband was going out of town. I went over but all we really did was kiss, she let me go down on her and finger her a bit. Nothing really happened after that.
When I was a senior in highschool, I had a female gym teacher that was really good looking, former collegiate volleyball player, tight body, you get the idea. I was her teaching assistant and I used to flirt with her all the time, I was pretty open about it and all the younger kids would make fun of me for it. When I turned 18 I asked her out and she said no. Her only reason was that she would get fired. I let it go and continued hitting on her all year. Fast forward to graduation day. I see her after I get my diploma and decide to ask her out again. She says yes. Go over to her house the next night to watch a movie and eat dinner. We never make it that far. We sit on her couch for about twenty minutes talking. I go for it and lean in and lay a kiss on her. She doesn't pull away. Now I have my tongue in her mouth, and I pull her on top of me. She starts grinding my dick through our clothes as I'm pulling off her top. We strip each other down and fuck right there on the couch. I blow a huge load inside her and sit back. She leans forward and starts sucking my dick. Instantly hard again. Fuck her again, cum inside her again. We repeat this whole process almost daily all summer. At the end of summer, she takes a job as a coach at a college a few states away. Still keep in touch, fucked her a few times when she came back to visit.
Theres always a little truth in our lies
Those were the days. I graduated in 03 and teachers didn't take shit from kids back then. I saw many occasions when students were fighting a teacher would toss kids like a ref in an NHL game. Good times.

Had a gym teacher everyone said was fucking a cheerleader. I always thought it was a rumor until she graduated and they got married the next year lmao

Wonder how old she was when he started fucking her? He is at least 12-15 years older than her.
We had a TA in highschool bend over in front of the class to pick up something and she had a bright red thong on, and everyone saw. She never did that again.

Middle school in the early 90s.
Gym teach was the hardest 5 foot nothing cunt you ever met.
Would regularly bodyslam the shit out of guys that would get in fights.
Nobody dared fuck with him, even though he was a wee man.
Those were the days.
I was fuckin a 44 yr old Kindergarten teacher if that counts? Fucked her in her ass, blew loads all over her face etc. She was my whore for the entire summer last year
The good old days, I remember when I was 14 years old and I looked pretty good. 11 years ago it was.

There was this teacher called Lucy, who you would call a pedophile today but somehow wasn't common then... At least I didn't hear about it.

She would always grin at me in the corridors and I had a thing for older women. One time me and this guy called Nathan had a fight in class and he got detention and he didn't, what a laugh. Afterwards, someone grassed her up and I got detention too on a different date.

She sat next to me and wanted me to do some work, starting asking me if had a girlfriend and stuff and I asked the same to her. I asked sarcastically if she liked me, she surprisingly said I'm not bad. I kissed her and she liked it... But for some reason I didn't feel comfortable and I said I had to go.

She then wasn't the same after that, im pretty sure she chickened out.

That is her now.. 36, looked up her Facebook.
In 7th grade, I had a a teacher that was the girl's tennis coach at the high school.

She was in her early 20s or so, thick, tight body, natural blonde with (I think) green eyes. She had the tiniest little lisp and taught literature.

I was completely infatuated with her. She would come to class straight from tennis practice, often still in a tennis skirt and top, slightly sweaty and out of breath, her skin blushed from the exertion.

I ran into her my freshman year of college in my home town. They had made her change schools because some dumb wetback threatened her life and physically assaulted her. I wish I had kept in touch, because even pushing 30, she looked amazing. She gave me fetishes for muscular legs and lisps.
"Touched their feet."

Fucking beta pussy motherfucker.
Did he ever talk about marshmallow cereal or hidden gold
Wow you're a faggot.
>be me, Spanish
>Went to Sidney for 3 months after finishing uni
>Attend to an English academy for 2 months there
>One of the teachers is hot as fuck, English blonde 2 years older than me
>Think "she is hot but I'm not on her league so nothing is gonna happen"
>Me and a bunch of other people from the academy go out pub crawling after class one day, she comes too
>We make out that night, she wants me to go to her place when the night is over
>We keep hanging together the last month and a half I'm there, keeping it secret at the academy but at the end people know
>She ends up coming to Spain with me
>2 years later and still my gf
File: IMG_2289.jpg (121KB, 1298x1242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 1298x1242px
Hit her up and fuck her before it's too late fam
How's McDonald's working out for you?
You deserve to be put down for that.
Oh yeah her name was Ariel Nikas, sexy bitch
In one exam a lady teacher stand just behind me , she was reading what i was writing , suddenly i felt a need to strech my hand and in process hit her pussy , she just left ..how many of u nerd have hit teacher pussy
link her profile yo!
Tits or gtfo
Our science teacher in 6th grade was so fucking hot, big ass tits, round ass, and her voice too was so smoothing, she had that face like she could make the sluttiest smile, nobody really made a move on her though. There were a few people who had a crush on her, I never paid much attention to her, was mostly listening to 90's punk/rap in my earbuds and being your normal kid on the spectrum. She ended up in 7th grade pregnant but didn't have a boyfriend or husband lol. Pretty sure she left the school that year. Other than that we never had any attractive teachers in middle/high school.

Funny story now, you know those clueless subs? The ones that sit there reading the instructions listed by the teachers for 10 minutes and have zero clue how to calm down a class. We had a sub like that from 7th grade even all to the way to 12th grade (our school was 6th-12th and I'm pretty sure he still subs there). He was in his late 50's, pretty sure early 60's now. I was in his first class subbing at our school. First period. We got him to wait 30 minutes to start class. Then he realized what fucking assholes we were and we heard the famous phrase that people who went to school still repeat to this day, "What's wrong with you?". He said it more like "What's wrong with jew?" and it was so fucking funny. He was a chink too. He said that phrase a lot, even when people made genuine mistakes or weren't understanding something. You might have called it "abuse" if you were a faggot, but it was too funny for any of us to ever take him seriously.

>in college
>eyesight sucks so always grab front row center so I can see board
>psychology teacher, 30, blond, nice body
>knows I'm a lesbian since talked before class
>starts lecturing
>sits up on her desk
>slightly spreads her legs five feet from my face
>don't know if she's signaling me or just has weak thighs
>sweat all during class
Scouts honor senpai
literally kill yourself.
I hate you
i gave ap lang teacher a foot massage.
>be me
>5th or 6th grade
>english teacher 40y/o 6/10
>and that one kid that throws a temper tantrum once or twice a day
>he literally looses his shit and goes full rage mode
>one day english teacher pisses him off
>he starts to yell
>then screams in a high pitch
>english teacher tries to get him out of the class room
>he chimps out
>starts throwing things at teacher
>teacher grabs him and tries to force him out
>he R.I.P'd her blouse
and that's the story how I saw tits the first time
kid got expelled the day after
When I was a junior in highschool (age 17) I had this hot english teacher who was 27, she was pretty young looking. She didn't have her credential and was taking over for a teacher who unexpectedly quit before the school year started. She took over for the entire year. She was cool as fuck, I ended up being a TA for her 5th period where she taught freshman. We would flirt a lot and she would let me pretend to take the exams and papers in my class and just give me A's on them.

One day i remember she asked me to go through her planner and let her know what was coming up that week for her. She had written down several sex positions like "doggy style," "reverse cowgirl," and so on, with reverse cowgirl circled several times. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to see it or not, I didn't mention anything about it.

We had each other phone numbers and would text, talk about things teachers shouldn't be talking about. She let me look at student's "permanent records" so to speak, basically they had access to students history when they've gotten written up for things. We were basically really good friends with a sexual tension between us, but it didn't go beyond that that year.

The next year when I was a senior and 18 years old, she ended up not teaching there that year. We'd hang out outside of school sometimes. One day during winterbreak i get a phone call from her and she sounds kind of drunk asking me to come over and hang out. I go to her place, she was out at a pizza place with friends and they had been drinking. It was just us hanging out and drinking beer.

Shes sitting close to me and seems very interested in me and whatever the hell i'm talking about. At certain points she touches my leg and sends me lots of signals. I pick up on them and flirt back. Rest my hand on her thigh and things like that. Theres a pause in our conversation and we stare at each other and i go in for the kiss and she immediately responds and grabs my hair.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
This teacher got fired because she had sex with a student.
This is also her
Getting a semi.. continue
>be in 5th grade
>discover porn for the first time
>teacher was a eurasian mix 8/10 milf
>quiet student in class but thought a lot about sex
>teacher made me stay in during recess to take a test
>she wore a pencil skirt and bent over to pick up something
>get up to sharpen pencil and squat down to peek under her skirt
>bright pink thong and fat pucci
>awkwardly walk back to desk
>she notices and smiles at me
>throughout the school year she'd cover her ass with her hands everytime she saw me or passed by me

good times
More pics?
Middle school English teacher Spring Hill Florida late 90's - Mrs. Long
Sexy milf, always wore short skirts and sat on edge of her desk. I swear she didn't wear panties. Flapped to her many times.
Always loved this one...
Fucking nice. Anymore nudes? Great body
I had a manly teacher for drafting and shop class (remember those? sigh), rode a Harley to school. He was the only teacher in the school who could demand and get respect from the unruly muscleheads. Great role model.
File: w4642.jpg (49KB, 540x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me as a senior in high school in 2007
>psychology/history teacher for homeroom, milfy brunette in early 30s, also the cheerleading coach
>always dresses super teacher-like with nice skirts and blouses, has incredible ass that would fill everything out
>be a classic slacker in her class, Cs at best but participated a lot and knew the material and she liked me for it
>end of the year, had a C average and had to be the only one to take the final
>show up to the exam and its just me and her, its the last day of school so she's especially friendly and flirty, talking the whole time im taking this
>midway through the exam she gets up and says she's going to go the cafeteria to get a snack and asks if i want anything
>i say no im good and she leaves
>as soon as I leave i get up and go into her desk to snoop around
>there's spare clothes in there, a pair of panties, a bra, some leggings, sweaters etc
>sniff everything, get super hard, start jacking it
>look around more, there are photos of her and her with friends friends/husband/other students in my grade, jack off to those too
>splooge everywhere, wipe it down with her panties, I steal a pair of pantyhose
>more cum right in my palm, i scrape it off into a can of brisk ice tea she was drinking
>go back to seat and finish taking the test
>she comes back and eats her sandwich and washes it down with my brisk semen
>lovely end of the semester and she wishes the best of luck to me in college and to have a great summer

i came back to school later in the summer for some dumb shit, her classroom as unlocked so i went in and saw all the same clothes were still there, could be still there for all I know.

pic related, not a great one but you get the idea
Google Mrs. Nesbitt you might find some
Or Emily Nesbitt sorry not Mrs.
Sorry my gf is lingering and she doesn't know this story.

She starts rubbing my dick through my pants til i get hard then she unzips them and jerks me off for a min while we makeout before she goes down on me. She sucks my dick for 3-5 mins then asks if i wanted to fuck her. I said oh fuck yeah and she gets up and starts undressing while i remove my pants. she faces away from me and straddles my lap and grabs my dick from between her legs and guides it to her pussy and starts teasing my tip against her and finally slides the head in and slowly works it in. We fuck like this for only 5 mins i'd say and she comes before i do. I end up up finishing her doggie style and finish inside her without asking if she was on the pill, she was thank god.

we did this a few more times before she got a bf and started teaching in colombia
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have a meeting with professor during office hours, she gets called away for 10 min, leaves her laptop open, i do a quick image search and find a bunch of pics, quickly copy them over to a thumbdrive, cant stop jerking off
i know i wasn't good at sex at the time so i think she must have cum from the taboo of the situation lol
>8th grade
>science teacher is friend's mom
>she wears strappy heels to class every single fucking day
>foot fetish emerges in full force
>jerk off to thought of sucking her toes daily
>ask her daughter out freshman year
>date for a year
>take her virginity
>nut in her thinking about her mom
>continue to fantasize about her mom's feet the entire time we're together and having sex
>Be me
>4th grader
>sexy MILF teacher
>August day, so very hot
>teacher comes in with capri's and sexy sleeveless shirt
>had thing about armpits, but it wasn't a full bloomed fetish like now
>day goes on
>teacher for some reason reaches up for something
>go up to her and tickle her armpits
>clenches her arms down over my hands and giggles
>teacher thought it wasn't cute, but told me not to do it again
>still jack off to it

I miss being able to get away with stuff like that
File: 1476389192587-1.jpg (209KB, 675x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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*teacher thought it WAS cute.
MORE or dropbox
incredible, I've only ever heard legends of this level faggotry before now.
>Knows that you're a lesbian because it's the only even remotely interesting thing about you, so you have to let everyone know.

Way to go faggot.
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hot right?
4 incher but yeah
File: 1475440529784-4.jpg (1MB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1475440626750-1.jpg (302KB, 675x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1475440626750-3.jpg (739KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1475440626750-4.jpg (1MB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Aisling Flood, my Religious Education teacher. Big tits, big ass, curly red hair, no fucks attitude. She was one of the few teachers who could take the other students' shit talk and toss it back like it was nothing.

Can't tell you how many times I jerked off thinking about that body, especially when I started including another teacher, a curvy brunette MILF who seemed to always wear leather trousers.

I looked her up and it doesn't look like she's aged so well. But fuck it, I've always got the memories.
File: 1477388893713-0.jpg (888KB, 1067x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Teacher leaves Instagram on open, go through 1000 posts and save some pretty nice ones to fap to. 3 days later insta on private.
pic related
File: 1477388893713-1.jpg (992KB, 1067x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1477388893713-2.jpg (1MB, 1067x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1067x800px
File: 1476389192587-3.jpg (676KB, 675x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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did you save any pic?
File: 1476389192587-4.jpg (570KB, 675x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1476560433766-0.jpg (1000KB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1476560433766-1.jpg (1007KB, 675x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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please stop
Well, nobody is going to believe this but here we go anyway:
>Be 16. Not ugly. Not handsome.
>Got female math teacher.
>She's got that nerdy look. A 6.5/10 but still cute.
>Always been great at math, never had to really pay attention.
>Exams are up but I got a huge blackout.
>She takes me apart the next day, after another exam and tells me I failed.
>She says that I always performed well on tests, so she wants to give me a chance to earn extra credit.
>Ask her how.
>She tells me she wants a nice foot rub because she was on her feet the entire day.
>I'm taken back by how confident she is while she's asking this, with her being nerdy and all... .
>Don't know how to react, but I didn't want to fail, so I agree.
>We go into an empty classroom.
>She sits on a chair.
>Want to take the chair next to her.
>"Nono anon. You go on the floor."
>I'm dumbfounded. I ask why.
>"Because else I have to stretch my legs and it uncomfortable for ME."
>She has a devious little smirk on her face.
>*She actually enjoys this?*
>I don't say a word and sit down by her feet.
>"No anon. On your knees!"
>She's got a huge smile on her face now.
>I'm starting to enjoy this because I like dominant women. I don't know how she knew. I never gave her or anyone around me any hints.
>Sit on my knees. I find it hard to suppress a smile but I manage. I don't want her to think I'm enjoying this.
>"Can you take of my shoes please?"
>I take of her heels. I take a whiff but I can't smell her feet from this distance. Am disappoint.
>"You may start rubbing them now."
>Still a big fucking smirk on her face.
>I start rubbing her feet. They aren't dry, nor sweaty. They just feel a bit warm is all.
>She takes out a book and starts reading.
>I continue rubbing her feet while inspecting them. Pretty nice feet actually. Some bunions but not too bad. Little redder than I would like but that's okay.
>After 5 minutes or so, she compliments me.
>"You're doing great anon!"
>She gives me a friendly smile.
File: 1475440529784-1.jpg (656KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
656KB, 1600x1200px
>Should actually take bus home and continue studying for my upcoming exams.
>Couldn't. Care. Less.
>Want to be here forever.
>I got a raging boner this entire time and I'm fairly sure she knows.
>Want to say something. Don't know how or what.
>Muster all my confidence and say:
>"Y-you have very p-pretty feet M-Miss Teacher... "
>She looks away from her book and looks down on me like the piece of shit that I am. God I love this so much.
>"Oh really? Why would you say that, anon?"
>I look down at her feet again because I can't look at her because I have absolutely 0 confidence.
>Don't really know what to respond.
>"N-nevermind..." I mutter.
>"What do you like about my feet, anon?"
>"I-I don't know... "
>She says something about that it's okay and that compliments will get me extra points or some shit. Confusing explanation, was barely listening.
>"You have v-very cute toes... " I respond.
>"Okay, what else?"
>"Nice arch... " (I'm not really sure what I said, I was just mumbling stuff at this point).
>Continue giving her compliments by her request.
>"Well I'm very happy that you don't think of this as a chore anon."
>(Don't exactly know what I responded her, but it was something along the lines of "no problem").
>It's quiet again between us for a while.
>She stopped reading her book. Even though I'm looking down at her feet, I know she's staring down at me.
>Suddenly she says "You may continue giving my feet compliments, if you like. I don't MIND it."
>Continue to give her feet random compliments.
File: 1475468682493-0.jpg (444KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
444KB, 600x800px
go back a bit to 80's Romania where phisical punishments in school were still a thing
File: 1460269982971.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
>Get an idea on how to get her to let me smell her feet.
>Say something along the lines of "the only thing I can't compliment your feet on is their smell. I can't smell them from this distance."
>She starts laughing.
>"I know you want to smell them, anon."
>Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I was too obvious. Holy fucking shit.
>"You obviously are enjoying this more than you are willing to admit."
>"Euuh, no I... euh... " Stammering idiot me trying to talk his way out of this.
>"It's okay anon... plenty of guys have foot fetishes."
>Holy shit. She knows about foot fetish?!
>"A lot of my boyfriends had foot fetishes. I kinda enjoy the attention they gave to my feet."
>Don't really know what to say at this point. Just looking up at her.
>She's obviously enjoying this. She has a huge smirk on her face.
>"You probably expected me to tell you to smell my feet, didn't you?"
>No reaction from idiot me.
>"Well I'm not going to do that... "
>Try to bullshit my way out of this but I'm red as a tomato "Oh... s-sure... it's not like I really wanted to... ha.. ha.. "
>"Anon, I know you want it. And I will let you smell them. But ONLY if you admit that you want to."
>This is a dream right?! I died during the exam and I went to heaven, right?!"
>I'm just stammering at this point.
>"I... I don't really know... "
>"Just say it anon. Say that you want to smell my feet, and I will let you. Don't worry. It's not a trick."
>I close my eyes and just quickly tell her I want to smell her feet.
>My heart is POUNDING so fast at this point.
>"Okay anon, you may smell my feet."
>She's smiling so much right now and lifts her right foot to my face.
>"Are you going to hold em up for me, anon? I don't want my leg to get tired... "
>"Oh o-okay."
>I grab her ankle when suddenly...
And you're 12 years old.
Miss Rutter
File: 1475520722754-0.jpg (592KB, 675x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
592KB, 675x900px
>"Or actually... maybe it's easier if you just lie down on the floor?"
>I'm diamonds now.
>"Haha. Would you like that then?"
>"Y-yes... "
>"Okay, lie down then. On the floor. Under the chair."
>She sounds so much more dominant. I do exactly as she tells me.
>"Good... " she says.
>She slowly lifts her right foot up and puts in on my face. My noes between her toes and the ball of her foot. Heel on my chin.
>Left foot with heel on my forehead.
>I want to inhale through my nose but for whatever reason I'm too scared (I came several times already during this period btw).
>Slowly start smelling her toes. Very soft whiffs. I'm too embarrassed.
>She helps me "I can't really feel anything. Are you sure this is what you want?"
>"Y-yes Miss Teacher... "
>"Well then why aren't you smelling them then?"
>Start taking bigger whiffs.
>Her feet don't smell THAT bad but they do smell. I can't really describe it. They had a sourly smell I guess? Not cheesy or anything.
>I continue doing this for a good 2 minutes when she asks:
>"So.. how are they smelling, anon?"
>"N-not toooo bad, I guess... "
>"What do you mean by that? Don't you like how my feet smell?"
>"Y-yes! Yes! I do!"
>"Good! I was getting a bit worried you didn't like it." She just basically laughs while saying this.
>She continues "I really like how you are enjoying this anon. I don't want you to be worried. Just let yourself go."
>I calm down a bit and continue breathing. Heart still racing though. I want to tell her I want to be her foot slave but every time I try I just can't.
>This continues for a while. She moves her feet around a lot. She even rubs them on my nose for a while.
If that's true that's pretty adorable. Good for you anon.
Bait or not, you're trash
you are hero lol. dont listen to beta fags and whiteknights here !
>"Okay that's good enough. Get up, anon."
>I don't respond. I simply do as I'm told.
>"Did you like that, anon?"
>I can see the look of enjoyment on her face. I get a bit more confident. "Yes Miss Teacher."
>"Good. That was quite a nice treat I gave you, no?"
>Kinda confused again, but I just nod and smile a bit.
>"Good. Now I want you to do something for me though."
>"Anything... " I stammer.
>"I want you to kiss them for me."
>Yep... I'm in heaven... .
>"Uh, sure... "
>She puts them on the floor by her heels.
>"I want you to bow down while you kiss them though... if that's okay."
>"Y-yes, sure of course!"
>I bow down and start kissing her feet.
>At this point she basically just tells me what part of her feet she wants me to kiss and I'm obliging every single one of her commands.
>This doesn't really take that long. She tells me she has to go.
>She asks me to keep this between the two of us.
>I tell her of course but I'm still pretty confused about what happened.
>Manage to talk to her a few days after all that and say tells me she knew about my fetish because I apparently once did my homework on a piece of paper with a foot fetish related drawing I made. I don't even really remember what kind of drawing, but I do know I was making a lot of them with a very soft pencil, which may explain why I didn't see it. Ask her if she ever wants to do this again, but she declines because if this ever came out, she could lose her job. She's married now. Probably to some foot freak. I got one picture of her but I'm not willing to share it because it's straight from facebook and you sick fucks would probably track her down and make her life a living hell.
track pics for sure
>peadophiles didn't exist
> Have a teacher friend, she is bit older than me about 32 i think.
> Fuck her im 28.
> She tells shories how she fucks her students constantly.
> Kids are 15-16 years old.
File: MO.jpg (144KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144KB, 720x960px
French Teacher
1. I know this is fake as shit
2. I dont even have a foot fetish
>Still diamonds anyway
Quality writing.
File: 1489099245312.jpg (38KB, 406x364px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 406x364px
The first thing that popped in to my mind was toy story when I saw that
Fuck, I had a pregnant teacher too, my freshman year of highschool. She was a cute young blonde, I always fantasized about bending her over in the classroom
any tips for ways to quickly check computers for pics like these? Im assuming you didn't have long with her laptop
Well I'm not going to lie that the dialog is kinda fake but it still really happened. I know you don't believe me and there is nothing I can say or do that will change that. I'm glad you like it either way.
She's amazing! Post more of her!
Had a Dutch teacher she said ones *smells* "like your sweat"
alpha as fuck
I would rut her.
I imagined a math teacher I had in high school and damn was it effective. I could probably have a foot fetish for her kek
Her daughter had cute fee too, and I enjoyed playing with them, but for some reason mom's were hotter. I think it was just a taboo thing, or maybe it's the fact that she was a teacher and obviously wearing strappy, flirty shoes around a bunch of guys with 24-hour erections.
>be 8th grade science
>studying the human body and shit
>our teacher is a solid 8/10 cougar, huge tits
>everyone has a crush on her
>we do this project where we have to trace our bodies and label all the parts and shit
>everyone has to go lay on a table while she traces your outline
>weird little white trash kid gets up there
>lays down, she starts at his head
>gets to his inner thigh and dude pops the most obvious boner of all time
>she just laughs and tells him to finish it himself
>keks were had
All or nothing, you can say what you want about this, but it won't change the facts for me, so sit back and enjoy.

We have middle school where I come from (12-18), and I just started Industrial Sciences. I chose a technical class and I'm a 5/9, meaning no girls untill college. Not to worry since I got lucky and still got a girl in class. 6 out of 9 is still fuckable, and at that age, beauty didn't matter too much. I get to meet her, we share our "experiences" (kissing e.d.) with each other, we start to like each other. Neither of us ever had sex. Summer passed. We start school again in second grade (vacation passed w/o seeing her, became a solid 6/9 too) We're both 13 now and horny af. After 2 months she tells me she got a bf.
She still talks to me, and opens up about her first time having oral sex with the guy. She was a real slut, but would only tell me her crazy fantasies and stories. I asked her if we could try something too, she likes me as a friend. Next week we decide to come to school early, we find ourselves in the shool's toilets. She pulls my pants down, insta diamonds. Got my first sloppy blowjob, she tells me she likes it, but only did it because she pittied me. A whole year passed and we talked about her sex life evolving, more classmates get interested in her and she begins to become the attention whore she always was. Can't make any moves since everyone is always around. Everybody starts getting real familiar with each other. We all wanna get some of that action. She starts telling everyone in class about her adventures. At the end of the year we're all horned up and go swimming as a part of PE. The teacher has been rumored about fucking old students, shes low 40s but quite hot n cute. Real thin and sportivly built. First swimming lesson is a disaster, no one obeys, everyone is freeroaming and doing their thing, she's sitting aside the pool, making a sudoku or something. Shes wearing a skirt, can't see anything.

i (m) had a track coach (f) who was 23 when i was 17, she blew me after a track practice on the side of the stadium where no one could see. never spoke about it or did it again after that.

She needs to eat some cheeseburgers.
In my junior year of high school, I had the cutest English teacher possible. Not like the whole "QT 9/10" but she was absolutely adorable and her personality was innocent and pure.

My senior year, after I finished finals I walked into her class after everyone got on the busses and left.
>"hey miss"
>"Oh Anon hi! You're gonna graduate, aw I'm going to miss you, you made my class so fun last year"
>more small talk, suck up the courage and confess
>"look, I think you have the cutest feet ever and I'd love to, even for a minute, maybe give you a foot massage?"
>"No get out"

Welp. At least I tried, I guess.
File: 1482198731030.jpg (25KB, 353x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 353x428px
Write "want some fuck?" On the black board. Dubs will it.
File: 1486758231147.gif (22KB, 400x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 400x310px
>She makes eye contact
>Shit she saw me looking...
I pretend to be swimming lanes, and pass her for a few times without looking. Next time I look, she immediatly notices. She spreads her legs, and looks away like it's uninteded.

Super diamonds, I get out of the pool to fap in the chaning rooms. Getting my stuff out of my locker, and I hear slight moans coming from a changing room. I peek under the cabinet and see the girl from my class getting fucked by a beta cuck from my class. I pull away. They stop and it gets silent. Im still standing there, just waiting.
>Super diamonds.jpeg
She opens the door and pulls me in
'If you don't say a word, you can try too"
IT goes well, me and my friend change position, she gives him a bj. Meanwhile we are ;aking a little noise, but everyone is in the pool so its ok. We are very aware of our surroundings, and at the same time I cum waay too fast. Its alright, she has anticonception, we switch positions. This keeps up for 7 or 8 mins, then we hear footsteps.
>Shit we're busted
I can see the foots of the person, it's the PE teacher. She knocks and just asks 'Is everhting ok?" I decide to reply "yeah".
Everyone now appears to be entering booths.
>Can stop myself from lurking, I decide to move out and get some space to change clothes. As I enter next booth a little further from where I had my first time. Still processing, PE teachers walks in my booth with her bags. We make eyecontact. I fall into silence as she strips for me
>1000 karat diamonds
I fucked her really quickly, she sucked me off, she got dressed and afterwards she warned me about the dangers of pregnancy. The whole class knows about me and my classmate, including the PE teacher. No one knows about me and the PE teacher. It was the end of the year, we kissed once afterwards. Saw her rarely again.

Best exp ever.
>Be kid from podunk town.
>Senior year have new Math Teacher for lower grades also teaches track.
>Never make any moves but she is flirty type, always dressing in tights/leggings/yoga pants for practice
>fast forward 6 years I am living in nearby town.
>New neighbors. Math teacher and her phy ed teacher hubby.
>spend lots of time watching her walk dog, tan in back yard (faces our yard).
>3 weeks ago hear some yelling. Her and hubby on back porch, both obviously drunk.
>Can't make out reason for spat, but in about 30 minutes hubby slams door and soon car is flying out of their garage/driveway.
>I figure I will see if she is alright.
> go to fence, ask her if she is ok.
>she is drunk crying, I tell her i can go after him if she wants.
>She shakes her head no, "fuck it, let him go, probably going to his whores anyway".
>Look stunned (wasn't that stunned have seen strange car when she has been gone before)
>I ask her if she wants a drink, needs someone to talk to.
>She says yeah
>comes through back yards to my fence gate I let her in.
>spend 15 minutes reasoning with drunk ex-teacher trying to prop up confidence.
>finally she looks at me and says, "you think I am sexy?"
>WTF... let's go for it. I say, "Always, have!"
>10 minutes later she is naked on my patio furnture and i am fucking her.
>SHe fucks like a pro, I drop a load in her pussy, and she immediately is cleaning me sucking to get me hard again
>start second fuck session slower, taking more time.
>Cell phone rings, "hubby has been picked up by cops for drunk driving"
>looks right at meand says "well i am loaded too, guess I will get him in the morning"
>Spend next 5 hours fucking sucking and find out that she is really submissive, loves to be ordered around.
>have spent last 3 weeks cucking her hubby and she is basically my slut.
>She has gone to work multiple times with my load in her or no panties, or once even with a plug in her ass.
our shop teacher once threw a desk across the room at a student who was bullying another. He also cracked his deck down the middle slamming his fist down on it trying to get kids to shut the fuck up. both time everyone agreed he was in the right
pic of teacher or close
File: 1449873502595.gif (997KB, 500x370px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
997KB, 500x370px
Came to this. Thanks Anon
You're a terrible writer.
Thanks, I have been told many times
Didn't realize this was an essay contest anon.
anyone want more? or have any questions?
any nudes?
File: teach (2).jpg (212KB, 1080x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
teach (2).jpg
212KB, 1080x1920px

And seriously, use double spacing. Poor conclusion too.
pussy? ass?
Bet she likes baguette
My female science teacher dropped her glasses once in class and automatically went to catch them, but they landed in my crotch. She ended up grabbing a handful of my cock and balls and immediately laughed and said "Wow" and then got all embarrassed and walked off without answering my question.

The next day she asked me to stay after class and apologised for her touching me and what she said. She explained she was saying Wow to the fact it was embarrassing. LIKE wow that shouldn't of happened but then later that year on a geography field trip after a little too much wine with other teachers she passed me in the hallway of the hotel we were staying at and she looked down at my crotch and said Wow in a sexy/seductive way. After that night the next day when walking up the hills together with her being sober this time she said I was cute and did I find her sexy.
any of her sucking dick?
Not me, but my friends exgf fucked one of the teachers for almost a year (could have been longer)

We found out early on that she was, about 2 months in. Sort of a everyone-knew-but-no-one-said-it-outloud thing. They were fairly flirtatious with each other. Then some fucking autistic moron in our friend group started asking if he could watch, when she said "no", he got butt hurt and starting complaining to everyone "they won't let me watch them fuck, so unfair" until admins started asking questions and they denied it. She told a select few that they broke up.

Fucking autist wouldn't let it go and kept bringing it up over the next few months. Then she got suicidal for a few weeks and we found out she had FINALLY broken up after a year.

Though, to be honest, they could have gotten back together after and told no one.
ah damn, any pussy then?
>be me
>be about 14
>science teacher, about late 30's not that good looking but the best looking teacher we has.
>be a horny motherfucker always staring
>be a dumb motherfucker and always get caught
>during the summer I bump into her at a swimming pool in a hotel nearby
>seeing her in bikini, instaboner
>cannot take my eyes off her and she knows exactly whats going on
>she gets on and swims up to me and talks random shit for a few minutes
>as she is there talking her leg is rubbing my boner for at least 2 minutes. Then her hand for.
>she swims off. I cum buckets.
>16 years later i still jack off to the memory of it.
The stories and information posted here are autistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
The woman teachers were in our locker room to make sure we showered. I'm sure they were impressed by my giant throbbing 8 year old erection.
Thanks, I am sure you will love the story next week when I tell you about blindfolding her and having her suck off a buddy of mine.
anymore? what's your favorite pic?
Im a huge fan of teacher feet. Use to love when it would warm upand my teachers would start wearing open shoes.
mega or eroshare? or email?
mega plz bro.
Great body on her. She was built for fuckin
>Super hot teacher
>be me, Nerd
>Other kids hit on her constantly
>One day she kissed me on cheek out of nowhere in class.
>Rumors started, wish they were true.
>Fapped so hard
>be me
>7th grade
>first day
>have home ec
>get shit from friends but idgaf, nothin but cute chicks and the teacher is a gorgeous blonde
>ms clarke
>mid 20's
>goddamn she was hot
>she begins orientation
>talking about rules of preparing food
>no desks so we all gather around her as she talks
>talks about not picking your nose, or scratching your crotch
>now, shes wearing this loose grey sweater that was loose around her neck exposing a bit of her shoulder and bra strap and stopped at her waist and tight af black yoga shorts that went just past her knees and can see her gorgeous hips and pussy mound
>as she says "dont scratch your crotch" she actually scratches her crotch, like directly on her pussy...
>can see her shorts move with her fingers
>dick explodes like that drew carrey show episode
>move back behind other students to hide bonier
>already know most of the shit being taught regarding food, but she teaches us other shit like sewing and shit
>always ask her to help me with shit just to be around her
bitch like that cannot settle for just one cock..hence why she cheated and i bet she is still gettings lots of cocks right now..did she get arrested?
Sounds like a shit school
This was my academics or "skills" teacher, She was 23 at her time while I was in my senior year and she was very nice and flirty and sassy. She always helped me with math and when she helped me, she would always kneel down and get real close to me from either side of my desk, like shoulder to shoulder close and she smelt like vanilla all the time just drove my dick senses off the charts, she would also let me stay after school and she would help me study for tests and would always let me sit next to her at her desk. she to me is a solid 10/10 she was such a flirty whore that I wasn't the only fag that was sexually attracted to her cause all the guys would be talking about how sexy she is. She knew exactly what she was doing! And I also forgot to mention how sexy her feet are! She always use to kick her bare soles up on her desk and wiggle her toes when she wore flats or sandels/flipflops or high heels and being the foot fag I was, actually got to massage her feet on the very last day of senior year because I got an A on my finals of course she let me do this privately so we wouldn't get caught so we did this after school. She use to shoe play A LOT too!
Wow she's hot. I'd love to give her a foot massage too.
Probably you are morbidly obese or a lying faggot
mega please dude
probaluy fucked blacks guys too. are you gonna mega her stuff? that would be awesome
She comme with us to spania. trips with the shool.
After historical visit.

We can go to the beach, but my friend prefered make shopping to bought alcohool for the night.

It was her first school travel, she went to the beach. Only 2-3 student at the beach. And my eyes was only for her body. SHe konwed i watch her and she msile when she see my bump ...

After take bath on the sea, she tried to changer her with a towel, the towel fall down and she sayed hops and pick up slowy her towel. I never forget this ...
How old was she when she was banging students?
Nothing sexual, but I got an interesting look at how a teacher can lose a class forever.
Hot (all boys school teacher hot, not real hot) but formidable teacher. Nobody fucked with her. I came back to school after a knee operation, and was showing the guy behind me the scars. Hot teacher comes in and says "Anon, pull your trousers down". She never had control of my, or any other class again. Amazing to watch the dynamic change.
Thanks m8! Here's a cute pic of her at my Graduation she her job was to hand out the diplomas!
she's also pretty damn close to OP's pic related>>734219020
File: 17265619.jpg (65KB, 1080x1215px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 1080x1215px
a guy from class is fucking our hot teacher and they basically cucked my friend and me. he's 18 and she's 25 and she's hot as fuck, pic related
here's another of her, her name was Ms Olsen
File: IMG_6947.jpg (103KB, 424x828px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103KB, 424x828px
Fucked my milf teacher 3 times before, it was amazing
File: ZZ (60).jpg (46KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ZZ (60).jpg
46KB, 640x640px
masturbate to her daily and so do the rest of her students. love when she wears her tight clothes and her cute perky tits get hard
Long shot but any Dearborn Heights / AHS people here?
I still talk to her and also see her on occasions. Sometimes get a coffee or a beer with her and her friends. She's a bit older than me by a couple of years but I know she's single and I am currently plotting to make a move!
You guys are right, but really though, have you ever been around teenagers before? They're terrible people. Nothing about his story was surprising.
she's now teaching English to Chinks in China
>be me
>many years ago being 15 yrs old (almost 16)
>look older than I am so could go to bar and get served
>see music teacher who is due to get married week on Saturday
>Miss Salt is fit so I try my hand.
>fuck her through the night until she has to get up to get her hair and makeup done.
>She's now (20 years on) still Mrs Worthington
>true story anons
>No regrests
I need to find Melissa Meyer's nudes from Olympic Heights High School. They exist out there and i used to have them but i lost them. She was an English teacher, the torrents dont work anymore :(
I was in 6th grade. The vice principal had lived a couple houses down from us all my life. Anyways, one saturday morning he caught me fucking his daughter (several years younger than me) in the woods behind our houses. He was PISSED OFF...said he was calling the law, my parents, etc. I begged him not to....and after about 5 minutes he got a devious grin on his face. He told me that if i didnt want to go to jail until i was AT LEAST 18, then to get on my knees and suck his dick. I hesitated, he dialed 911 and looked at me....i started crying, fell to my knees, he hung up and pulled out his dick. I licked the head and put it in my mouth, then he just grabbed my head and fucked my mouth (btw, he had a pathetic dick...maybe 5.5-6 inches). Long story short....he had used his phone to video me fucking his daughter...so he basically blackmailed me the rest of the school year for blowjobs, and after a couple weeks he started fucking my ass as well. After a while he started doing it while we were on school property as well as at his house other times. From time to time (at school and his house) he would let others use me as well.
>be me, 15 in 8th grade, older than most kids, more mature
>all other guys in my grade bouncing off the wall immature
>my english teacher, Ms Bear, always commenting on how mature i am for my age
>"you're so much bigger than the other boys, you're what 6'5" what do your parents feed you?"
>commenting on my size, my looks, etc
>one time she said "is you dad just like you? your mom is a lucky woman"
>FF to senior year, me and the other football players would go to various elem and middle schools in district to play with the younger kids and "sign autographs"
>see ms Bear, I go say hi, she doesn't recognize me, I refresh her memory
>"OMG elliot I didn't even recognize you, you're so huge now, are you playing in the NFL?(straight up winks)"
>i'm like "you were like my favorite teacher, you inspired me to get good grades and not just focus on football"
>i said "we should be friends on snapchat" and she straight up didn't know what it was so I downloaded it for her and showed her how to use it
>that night she snaps the most seductive pic i've ever seen and then captions "so you're 18 now right?"
>booom snaps her topless in the honest to god sexiest mom bra i've ever seen
>Oh my f'ing god
>Invites me over to her apt
>Went over, had a couple drinks, made out for what was like hours, got her into her bra and panties, rubbed her over her panties to orgasm
>reached under panties
>"Elliot, this is wrong, we shouldn't do this"
>"I think you should leave"
>lean in for another kiss
>"Elliot, please leave now"

So I fuckin left and didn't talk to her until my second year of college and she was already remarrid to some fuckin yoga instructor. yet still snaps the sexiest pics ever to me.
No shit, she wouldn't be teaching english to yank tourists in China
File: Cigarbiker.jpg (45KB, 284x268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 284x268px
>11th grade art teacher
>New teacher, second year teaching, young, 8/10
>Impress her with my awesome portraiture skills
>Move away for senior year
>Stay out of town for a few years
>Come back to town, find group of people to drink with
>11th grade art teacher is friend of a friend of one of them
>Go to the same clubs/restaurants/hangouts as her for a while
>Ask her out on a date
>She says yes
>We fuck
>Married her
>Fucking a teacher nightly
Shes great man. I fucking love her feet too! What kind of class is this "skills". Are you like remedial or something? Just curious. More feet pics if you can find them. Thanks.
I know that Captain Obvious.
Where's the pic?
Is this that katie girl?
Is it a coincidence or are all french teachers good looking?
french teacher , frenach are just beautifull
not understanding the actual meaning of cucked
Be me 18
Highschool math class
I have an uncontrolable huge boner, math teacher looks at my thighs and continues to teach
Someone throws a pencil at me, I throw 3 at him and one hits his eyes so his starts yelling
Math teacher gor angry told me to stay after class
Told me to sit down and starts telling me I'm a big boy I should be acting like one and not got triggered so fast
Starts putting hands on my thighs looking at my eyes and closing the door it's 5pm
Unzips my pants and I start having a huge boner
Teacher starts giving me a blow job, I cum after 10 minutes in his mouth
Tells me to leave I unzip his pants and start giving oral sex
Feel a load in my mouth tastes so good
My dad enters and starts asking questions so we blow him as well so he's good
Miss those days
File: MsBear7.jpg (73KB, 447x698px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 447x698px
last pic I got from her like 1 1/2 years ago
Pussy pic please
Damn, nice.
>work in college
>back one night completing the set up of some new interactive TVs.
>enter another class
>Female teacher who's being flirting with me for a while
>talk for about two hours
>Ask her out
>she wants to go to her house for some fucking reason
>fuck it.jpg
>usual wine and flirt
>she was at least a 7/10

I'll find some pictures from my old phone if you faggots want
They are just not fucking amerifag hamplanet that you're used to, move to europe already, and fast, soon they will be sandniggered
Skills was basically a study class for students to either finnish home work, or Study or tests. And to get help if they are struggling. Also, there's not too many feet pics of her, only ones that are similar to what I already posted. Someday if I am with her I may ask to massage her feet again and if she allows it I may also ask if I can take pics of her feet if she is up for that. Heres a pic I found on her FB that I cropped her feet
damn dude i didnt know you fucked bob sagets sister!
her and another teacher in a school ltravel in spania
Why the hell not
Any more?
>lanky cunt
>probably failed school
>browses 4chan hourly
What a loser you are..
Great man. That first one is amazing. Strokin my dick to ms olsens feet.
Got a job as a TA, dated a coworker, as education professionals get me hot. We dated a couple weeks, just made out a little, she left me for an ex. Turned out she was actually a little retarded.

All in all, not bad. Still trying to hit on subs and other co-workers in summer school so I never had to see them.
>be me, in 7th grade
>spanish class teacher hot as all hell
>nice and thick in all the right places
>act up in class and have to stay after school
>i came prepared for detention
>wore sweatpants
>see her bend over and pick something up
>dick gets super hard and is throbbing
>she sits down at her desk
>nows my time to act
>i get up and walk right up to her with my hard on
>its almost at her eye level
>she looks up at me and doesn't even notice my manhood
>tells me to go sit back down and do my homework
>sees my erection
>"you really need to go sit down"
>she left the room and came back 10 minutes later
>next week i was taken out of her class and was put into french
>still masterbate to her to this day
There was this 8/10 qt student teacher who was at least mildly interested. I flirted with her sometimes and she flirted back, I never got her number or snap though. She had sandy blonde hair, was fit, had a small nose piercing, and a gorgeous smile. She caught me looking at her a few times in class and when she did, she'd look down and smile in a cute way. Shoulda woulda coulda
I was 16, residential school. She wasn't my teacher, but she was teaching 9 year olds at my school, I guess she was 33-35. I was always the wee kid, but was pretty popular as I was bold, smart and cute but not muscular or strong. We first interacted when we both were on the school bus on a trip. She was so sweet and very much inviting saying things like, "come home, visit me on vacation",etc. After that we bumped into each other quite often and never missed a chance to talk. I was and am a very horny and sexual person. But I was very young, confused and a bit scared to hit on her. But I fractured my feet once and didn't go to school for a while, she visited my dorm and I was the only person in the entire floor, the warden/dorm in charge was not around I guess. I could see her curves easily with the way she was dressed, still hesitant to hit on her. But with 20 minutes into talking, she started to flirt asking what kind of girls I like, if I like her, if I liked her physically, if I lined the dress she was wearing and what and how would I like her to wear clothes, etc. This got me so horny, I couldn't hide my hard-on any more, she noticed it and gave me a giggly look and I put my hands on her thigh (I know I was a chicken) she grabbed my hand, moved closer to me put my palm on her boobs, grabbed my dick over my pyjamas fondling it, and started kissing me.
write a quick program that copes all jpg, png, gif, etc to a usb. Put the program on a USB, plug it in, double click and wait a few seconds. Sort later.

Not comment OP, but that's how I'd do it

She blew me swallowed my load, rode my as I cannot strain or move fast with the fractured foot. I lost my virginity to her, she key me cum inside her. No anal. I was off from classes for 3 weeks, and we fucked all the time in the dorm. Teachers are allowed in the dorm as some stayed at school as dorm incharge. When I was better and started going to school, we didn't get much chance to fuck (students are not allowed inside the dorms on workdays), but fondled, kissed, bj and hj. One day she signaled me out of class to meet her in the stairs, gave her number and said she was fired, she didn't state the reason, but said it was not us. It was in the 90s and no mobile phones just her landline. I had the number written in a textbook and I lost it, I never saw her again.
Glad you enjoy her as much as I do! Here is a new pic she just posted a day or two ago I didn't notice! Shes in the sexy pose but wearing socks sadly.
During this time I was a softmore in highschool. My English teacher was young, blonde with big ass tits and an ass that never quits. She was a huge nerd and loved zombies.

>Build a friendship at first, getting her gamertag and playing with her most nights
>Talk to her between classes
>She always gave me tight hugs, pushing her breasts into my chest
>One day, I didn't have a ride home and asked her if she could take me home
>"Sure Anon, but you can't tell anyone, okay?"
>Driving, she asks if I'm hungry, I said yes
>"My house isn't too far away from yours, do you want to stay for dinner?
>We arrive at her appartment, she goes into the back room to change
>I'm sitting on the couch, looking around
>She enters he room, wearing a white tank top with booty shorts
>We play some games for a bit, secretly taking glances as her body
>I couldn't take it anymore, so I reached over and grabbed her breast
>"Anon, what the fuck!? Why did you do that?"
>Tell her she's increadibly beautiful, and I know she likes me
>Her face turns beat red, "Was if that obvious?"
>I unbuckled my belt and slid off my pants and boxers, cock springing into action
>I see her bite her lip, staring at my cock
>Precum was already dripping
>I basically blackmailed her into sex
>Taking off her top and bra, her glorious tits were relinquished. Just how I imagined, pink puffy nipples
>She takes off her shorts and thong, her pussy was hairy but neatly trimmed, fat bush
>Bending over the couch I come up from behind and take a deep inhale of her cunt
>I can see she's already wet
>Her pussy was increadibly tight as I entered, audible gasp coming from her mouth
>All it took was a couple of pumps before I came in her pussy
>She wasn't very happy that I did that, but her body said otherwise
>Spend the next 2 hours emptying my balls into her mouth and pussy

School was awkward as fuck afterwords, I got placed in a different class. I still keep in contact with her.
File: 1464054332610.jpg (29KB, 400x299px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 400x299px
>not using greentext when shitposting
Anyone got anything from Weeki Wachee high school in Florida? I used to go there and Mrs. Bouchard and Pirolo used to make me fucking Diamonds.
Holy shit. Imagine if that was. Barefoot! Wheres she from?
Never pussy, but ass and boobs a few time.
Phone posting from work earlier. Too much to greentext while functioning at my job.
Not an excuse, you doublenigger.
You still here? Need more pics.
Congratz you made 4chan agree on something. What a rare and beautiful event. Faggot.
It's the only excuse I got.
Ou lala, /b/! Je had a professeure aunque je stick my le Penn inside vhen I vas fifteen, et à puix je married herr et je became le président de le pays de France!
shut the fuck up you almost lost us the war nigger faggot
>take of my shoes
>take of her heels

What a stupid mother fucker
Do you wipe shit of(f) your asshole?
File: Abused Andy .jpg (64KB, 480x644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Abused Andy .jpg
64KB, 480x644px
went to an all boy catholic school and my math teacher's dick was bigger than my uncle's
it's obvious you didn't pay attention in school because you cant write a coherent sentence.
I can't believe /b/ is getting its panties in a twist over this. This is something that wouldn't have even gotten anyone to blink hack in the day. This place is so fucking lame these days.

RIP in /b/.
Your only fear is what, OP?

Is that zois fucking pizza. Because im pretty sure it is.
She is from Boston
>highschool 00s
>we have group assignment for internet and how it change our lives
>me 2 other boys 1 girl (8/10 brown long hair and she does ballet in her free time) and the teacher (5/10 brown short hair chubby with huge tits)
>arrange to go to teachers house to do it
>arrive there and she is wearing sweatpants and a white t-shirt with no bra
>me and the 2 boys kept looking at them the whole time
>girl and teacher and me actually focusing on the assignment in the kitchen table
>the other two were playing Crash on her playstation in living room
>she goes there to tell them to come so me and the girl take a break
>go to living room to see wtf is up and see one friend grabbing her tits and the other one grabbing her ass while she has her hands on their dicks
>''Hey anon she said she will suck our dicks if we come and help''
>actually not liking the idea of her sucking my dick but wanted to grab those tits
>go there and grab her tits too, by that point i was so hard i just wanted to fuck
>girl comes in and sees everything and starts laughing
>go to her and grab her ass
>start making out with her and we go back in the kitchen
>after a while we finish up and go back in teacher is sucking up the other two
>we say we gonna leave and they finish up the assignment
Would smash
Does anyone have these pics? I can't find them.

Don't stop, keep it coming. Ignore faggots
Lost my virginity to my English teacher when I was 15.
In my social I pecked my teacher a social is like when you graduate high school they do a party and some teachers used to join us we got drunk and ended up talking pecked each other then it was over.
File: 1446900511655.jpg (4KB, 250x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 250x200px
Back in high school some spanish teacher fell sick one day and got replaced by a fucking 9/10 (she was 26 I think). This didn't happen in my class but in the class of some friends of mine. They found her IG account with quite hot pics and she had to shut it down probably because either she or the school found out kek.
forgot to attach
How were you cucked????

Youre grounded from 4chan buzzwords for awhile dolt.
>helps study for tests
>stay after for help
Anon sorry to tell you this, but I'm diagnosing you as retarded
>fuck if it didnt take me a long time to see the note
File: fse.jpg (20KB, 142x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 142x420px
History teacher
File: dfsd.jpg (21KB, 156x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 156x472px

Psychology teacher
Oldfag here, this story happened to me in the 70's in the Netherlands. Sex with teens wasn't as much as a taboo back then, especially not with older women and younger boys.

>be me, 14 not ugly, not handsome
>tall for my age 6 feet pretty wellbuild aswell (did sports)
>female english teacher 32 yo, solid 8/10 with nice tits and ass , cute face
>always wore things like skirt (below knees)
>i was probably her favorite student since i always got straight A's
>she used to tease me allot in a sexual manner, always bending over or sitting really close with her tits to my face
>was always hard and she definately noticed aswell
>one day she asked me if she could talk to me after school about a new english subject or whatever, which was weird to me at the time because we never had subjects only tests
>meet her after school at the school entrance door and she asks me if we could goto her car
>so i go to her car and she asks me if im hungry so i said yeah and we went to this small dining place
>she was always pretty flirty and teasing in class and it was no different when we were at the dining place
>no adult really seemed to bother, as I said it were different times
>asked me if i ever had a girlfriend and if i was a virgin
>i was pretty embaresed by the questions but admitted that i was a virgin
>she stopped asking personal questions and started talking about school related subjects for the remainder of the time
>when we were done she asked if it was ok to goto her house to fetch the plans for the "english project" that she was planning

Sure. Any chance you can post a pic of her?
I had a sneaky hour long fap in class once while staring the hottest teacher in the world directly in the face
garbage valley pizza, yes!

Holy fuck dude. What school did you go to
Miss my math teacher. Pic related
File: 1264249310225.jpg (27KB, 300x305px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 300x305px

I came back after a year brake. And needless to stay i will stay away. Oldfag out.
She's cute! Got more pics? Any nudes?
when I was in 2nd grade used to get super hard and daydream in class about my teachers feet. She wore black heels everyday, black mini skirt
holy fuck brb fapping now
Bullshit/10. You'd be arrested for stealing dipshit
>hurr durr y we no defend autismos no more reeeeeeeeeeeeee
See you next week newfag
No nudes unfortunately. I do have a bikini pic though

Comon old timer, do you even need to ask
Afraid not, was 40 something years ago. By the way, I was pretty independabt from an early age so my parents didn't really give a shit if I stayed out late

>after a pretty silent 20 minute car ride to her house we arrive and go inside
>pretty big house for a teacher, ask her about it and she says it's her and her husbands house. Tells me he's not home and its just me, her and her daughter
>meet daughter, around 7 year old skinny kid
>at this stage my mind is racing with what is going on
>tells me shes gonna go change and shell be right back
>so im sitting on the couch thinking about what she said in the dining place earlier, getting a semi hardon thinking about her
>daughter sees my member and asks what it is
>my face becomes red and i quickly hide it saying its nothing, she continues doing whatever it is she was doing
>after a few min teacher comes back wearing a loose shirt that goes to her ankles and what seems to be nothing underneath
>semi hardon becomes fully hard and she just stands there looking at me and my member for a while
>says to me she has something to show me regarding the project and asks me and her daughter to follow her

Post it
sure fag
yeah keep going
File: 1452802511268 (1).gif (773KB, 260x221px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1452802511268 (1).gif
773KB, 260x221px

Read the post before posting you fucking nigger.Anon just said that no one would've noticed this. Not to defend, nor to judge cuz it's fucking nothing. Honestly these fucking kids man.
She deleted it 20 mins after posting
I am a male teacher that has fucked numerous female college students. AMA
File: 1260705394588.jpg (37KB, 391x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 391x480px

Why do you feel the need to lie on an anonymous image board?
Damn, she has a nice body. Post some more pics if you have some good ones.
If you don't have any pics, I don't care.
I have a decent amount
Post your favorites
Dr. Hink??!
funny man
>as i walk with her upstairs i can clearly make out her ass, i had the urge to just slap it and see how she reacts but being afraid of what she'd do i didn't dare do it
>as we enter her room she says she has to grab something from her desk and says to me and her daughter to sit down on the bed
>her daughter looked at me and giggled as she jumped happily on the bed
>i was a bit confused but also really horny at this point so sat down aswell
>my teacher then turned around and was carrying a dildo in one hand and a smaller one in the other.
>i froze up as i realized what was about to happen, excited and nervous at the same time
>my teacher said in a seductive manner to take my pants off, and even though she didn't ask her daughter to take her clothes off, she did aswell

File: MxAoBwz_d.jpg (55KB, 527x938px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 527x938px
File: rEtbq25_d.jpg (51KB, 640x1138px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 640x1138px
Keep going
stop fucking asking, cunt
File: IMG_1978.jpg (67KB, 500x498px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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