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Hey guys. this isnt one of your "baits" or copy pastes.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey guys. this isnt one of your "baits" or copy pastes. Maybe it says more about me that I came here to get this of my chest. But I think, even just typing it out to you might help me. I come here I'm amused by the traps, I like the oc I like the pictures of tits etc etc. For real I'm not shitting I just need somebody to say hey to me I will make my point clear in the next few posts. To begin. I've got a problem

I'd hire the fucking A Team if I could. The sheriff dept. wont even help me. Yes I do have a point. It starts with me being an alcoholic. This fucker laptop keeps fucking with me but I'm going to try to make it very clear what my problem is. I know you guys are young shits that dont give a shit about me. But please listen. Just for my own sanity please listen.

I'm a property owner. Tenant (verbal lease, verbal agreements, I know it was fucking stupid) Well old buddy ex Marine Vietnam vet Tenant of mind decided to up and fucking die on me...

to be continued... pic is OC chosen just for attention.
Please continue
Feel like I'm about to get trolled but go on, you got my attention....
just get to the point faggot
i agree.
Just say what you want to say if you want to be taken seriously You say you are not anyother copypasta, just get to the point, no one like "cliff hangers"
So. I went to the hospital well actually my buddy insisted I go to the ER because I was DTing so hard he thought I might die and he had the right idea. I was seeing bats and rats and spiders and hearing people calling my name that werent there. He took care of me. I've been coming off a 3 pint a day 80 proof blended cheap ass whiskey 3 dollar whiskey a day habit. So, thats the beginning. It goes on down from here.

I inhereted a property from my great aunt. A 70 acre cattle farm and farm house. I rented it out to an old retired marine I know. He just up and fucking died the other day.

>Ex marine tenant died
>Ex marine had a shit white trash gf
>Shit white trash gf is in jail for some domestic shit
>I learned about this 2 days ago
>cops say I have to do a formal eviction
>They have stolen some of MY property, and knocked holes in the fucking drywall
>Cops are no help
>I tried to stay on the wagon through all of this but now, apparentally, as ive been told, since I woke up in the grass on my front lawn

>I go full fucking retard when I drink now. I have no fucking memory of what happened...

Post will be continued...
I'm not fucking with you guys, it just takes me a minute to post. Please, I know you guys cant fucking help me but I'm not fucking kidding. I just want somebody to listen. See my post above this.
ok, continue.
So. I'm OP. So I cant hold my drink. But thats just a by the way.

I cant even fucking dig through the mess they left without the fear of getting stuck by a needle. I mean I keep finding needles every where in the house, in the fucking driveway. EVERYWHERE. My tenant was too ill to take care of this shit, and nobody decided he lets go tell big H about the problem at his house. But now the motherfucker is dead, the poor bastard is still rotting in the morgue bec. nobody gives a shit...

Nobody said hey lets go tell the bastard his tenant is dead and his house was being used as a trap house... Now I'm in legal limbo bullshit, and on top of that I was trying to get sober. And APPARENTALLY I cant drink a drop now without doing something stupid. My friend has had to stop me from leaving and going out looking for a fight.

I've fucking lost it guys and I know you cant help me but for some reason, just typing it out helps.

Thanks for listening.
Are you fucking kidding me? That's it? Why the fuck did I just waste my life waiting for that?
So, let me summarize this for you since retard is your first language

>You rent a house to an old friend
>you're a stupid fucking drunk who doesn't take care of your shit
>you let your friend and his acquaintances fuck up your house's shit without batting an eye
>now your place is a fucking disaster, your friend is dead, and the property is a mess of legal problems
>you're still a useless drunk so you can't fix it yourself

How the fuck do you expect anyone to help, you useless fuck? You sound old as shit, too, due to your word choice and method of communicating here, so that means you've had longer than most of us to sort your shit out. But you didn't, and now you want a bunch of teenagers to magic it all away?

Never post here again
Ok. So my tenant, I like him good old guy vietnam vet Marine (my own father was a vietnam vet Air Force)...

He got sick. He paid rent, I had no reason to go out there and check on things I assumed he would let me know if there was a problem.

So I went out there bec the May rent didnt come. I learned he died. His ex gf and her new bf (these white trash fuckers are in their late 50s early 60s maybe) I learned they turned it into a trap house basically. They are currently in jail for domestic shit that had nothing to do with me.

I've been told when they get their social security and make bail they will come back to my house. Sheriff told me I COULD NOT barricade myself in the house and shoot to kill. I have to do a formal eviction, even though they stole furniture and knocked holes in the walls and left a fucking cockroach infested mess. I've had people crawling out of the woodwork to ask if they could rent the place. I've had people claiming his shit was theirs and I can not get in touch with his next of kin (his 2 daughters) bec. he didnt speak to his family and disowned them.

And I'm here in the middle trying to get sober (dont boo hoo for me) I ask for nothing and I deal with my own problems but god damn jesus fucking christ if this didnt come at just the perfect time.

And the poor Marine Vet, is just rotting... Nobody has done anything to bury the poor bastard and I certainly cant fucking afford to do anything.

Fuck. Pic OC just for listening bec. I know the rules of b. And I'll be honest bec. I'm tired of dishonesty. Its just for attention to my post.
Man just try to change, you've been doing the wrong for how long? i bet years, because its easy right? dont tell me its not, its the easy way out, sounds like you have just been taking the easy way out on everything you do, so how about doing what is right from time to time? im not saying just change like that, but try improving, try drinking less,try doing the oposite, the hard part from now on, you've done the easy one for too long now, just consider it, consider actually trying to work your problems out, what else you got to do? what else you got to loose?
Well first thing. I never asked anyone to magic away my fucking problems. I just wanted to spell it out. I didnt know what I would get out of saying it. But I came here, just to say it.

So get right down off your high horse bitch, I didnt ask you for shit. Lets make that clear. I just wanted to clear my mind.
And this guy? You wasted your life. I think I made it PRETTY FUCKING CLEAR that I just wanted somebody to listen to my problem. You were already here, obviously, and you think MY post wasted your life. The both of you are shits, thanks for listening to me, but dont you fucking dare tell me I wasted your time. I didnt fucking force you, I asked you guys to hear me out. Did I make an excuse for myself? I dont do that. I never blame my problems on anybody else. I fucked up. I just wanted somebody to talk to. I got piled with a pile of shit...

So... fuck I just wanted to clear my head.
hey thanks man, look I just wanted to clear my head I'm not making this shit up. I got problems, and every single one of them is my own fault. I do not make excuses or blame my problems on anybody else. But I was handed a pile of dogshit right when I was trying to get rid of another pile of shit. I just wanted somebody to talk to... I dont know how else to put it... I just wanted to talk to somebody.
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you've got problems
>I do not make excuses or blame my problems on anybody else

>he should have told me things were happening
>someone should have let me know he died
>I'm tired of dishonesty

maybe you should fully accept responsibility for real before you keel over dead too, pal
You know, reading what you wrote a second time kind of stung. I never asked for advice or thought anybody could help. But what you said, well I got nothing to say man. I'm out of this thread, it got away from me I dont want to even see any more replies. I'm going to turn off my laptop and go sit outside.
Life deals shit. All the time. But we make the bed that shit is left in.
Your choice is either man up, get off the booze and crap and deal with the mess, get those cunts off YOUR property legally then either clean that place up and rent it to some decent folks or sell up and move on.

Either way, and this is coming from an alcoholic ex druggie, clean your shit up. You have one life and that is the ONLY thing you get for free in this world.

Don't fuck it up anymore.
god damnit. fuck allright I get it. I know, I knew better. Maybe thats exactly what i needed to hear. I'm out of here. Thanks guys go back to your traps etc. I'm going to jump in the shower and go outside and do yard work until I calm down. I'm fucking retarded just ignore me.
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 3

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