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My birthday is tomorrow and im horribly depressed for no reason.

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My birthday is tomorrow and im horribly depressed for no reason. I have a great girlfriend, and 2 satisfying jobs, everything i cpuld ever want, get to drink and smoke weed when ever i want, play video games when ever i want. But im horrobly depressed.... Idk why. And tits are always related
So fucking what welcome to the world asshole
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Shamless slef bump
Fap material.?
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When you get out of middle school youll understand my plight.
Is your girl a 10/10 piece of ass? If not that's where you're fucking up.
Shes my perfect kind of 10/10 not everyones perfect but my perfect
You probably need to fuck a ladyboy
post your literal 3/10 gf for us to poke fun at, pinhead.
> inb4 sauce requests
It's Sofia Sivan
We'll let's see her then.
He's right though, you'll either strive to be better than your current self or you're going to get depressed.
We have evolved to such a state that we have to find meaning in our lives or we'll doubt our own existence.
If you think this is some nihilistic mumbo-jumbo, then ask yourself these questions:

>Is there anybody that I look up to? Someone that I want to be like or want to be equal to?

>Do I have any unsolved conflics from my past that I haven't really worked on?

>What is it that REALLY interests me?

and last but not least

Do I really like myself?

Since you have a gf, I'm guessing that you have enough confidence to like yourself. But what about the other questions?

What I'm trying to get at is that our current state as people revolves around self expression. If you have no real way to express yourself, be it via math, physics, building stuff, making artwork etc. then it's completely understandable that you can't be your best self.

>inb4 nietzsche was a fucking homo
That's pretty normal OP.
Depression is chemical. It has nothing to do with the way your life is. Yes, if your life is crap then this can make the depression worse. But depression itself, like I said, is chemical.
god bless you, I think you answered me a few questions.
No problem, all the work for the phd has to go somewhere right?
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Sounds like your missing the top two runs anon
actually im not OP, just a dude who answered your questions definitely not positive, and maybe that's the problem in my case.

Something hard happend last year, but my life is atm better than ever. got a great gf, many very good friends and a well paid Job, but from time to time im kinda depressed, surely in a low way, but dark thinking and a negative feeling are quite strong (at least for me strong) sometimes.

so I searched for the reason, in almost every thinkable section of my life, turned some things, changed a few things, and after a very long talk on drugs with a very good friend, it was away, for, I think, three weeks. But now it's back, not as heavy as there, but noticable.

But your questions made me thinking. i already said, that I answered them not that good, and I think that this is the problem, maybe not the whole problem, that would be too easy I guess, but at least an important Part of it, which i didnt think of.

sorry for bad grammar, english is my second language, and im pretty high.

maybe weed is the problem too?
Well, to be honest I don't really care who I'm helping, it's about the helping itself.

From what you wrote this could be an obvious case of covering up trauma instead of confronting it head-on.
Many people make the mistake and say that "time will heal all wounds" which is one of the most idiotic things you could ever say.
In fact, it's the opposite, as time progresses, traumas will form quirks or disorders if treated incorrectly.

Drugs and other satisactory substitutes will be a results of unsolved or covered up problems. Some people eat, some people do drugs, there are even people who work out to cover up things they don't want in their lives but can't confront alone.

You could be richest, 20year old adonis surrounded by women all day long, fans left and right, but if your mom treated you like shit. No amount of goods will fix that and you'll realize it someday without a possible solution.
I did not understand what a 'phd' is, but are you a therapist or something like that? You seem to know a lot, and I dont think that it's all wisdom, haha.

im thankful for your help, and I definitely pushed to problem away. the First time I talked about it really, was with my girlfriend a few months in the past, since there, and im talking about it more often since then. I also told it a good friend, and one or two more people, but not that deep as with my girlfriend. I think that this is Part of the problem, but I think self concidence and this 'Do I look up to someone', is a big problem too.

after thinking of it, I think my mum is the person I look up to, but that came me just Now, because I was never thinking about that so hard.
Same here OP. I have a pretty great life, 7/10 perfect and loyal girlfriend that loves to fuck daily, an athletic kid that does well in school, I make 70k/year. IDK why but I'm always in a funk too
A phd is a "doctor of philosophy" degree, bascially a doctor title and no I'm not a therapist, I'm a psychologist.
So to simplify, I use psychological therapy instead of just talking to people.

Now, while I would always tell someone with such feelings to seek a professional, I think it's a good first step to talk about it with people who you trust. But while this inital reveal will give you the feeling of finally being able to resolve your struggle, you'll soon realize that it's just bandage not an actual solution.

So keep at it, if you find a solution on your own, then that's great! However if these problems persist, then seek out a professional.
I have none of that shit and I still lead a purposeful life, are you telling me you're just inferior or what?
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 5

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