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>greentext incest bread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>greentext incest bread
Bumpin for moar.
bump for interest
>>greentext incest bread
A few minutes ........
Shake ya ass, watch ya self
Post the rest OP
Got cousin to suck my dick, came in her throat. She told on me and I got in some serious trouble. Years later we fucked and I got her pregnant. She moved away and I never heard from her again.
Op is a bitch
Holy shit that green text made me hard.
Ask a guy who just fucked his little sister anything.
How old were both of you?
I'm 26, she's 19
>>734137755 when you say "just" how long ago?
Bump for teh keks
No sex in this one, but it's actually a true story for once, so deal with it:
>be american
>have adopted cousins in italy that i visit every summer
>they were polish siblings in a foster home
>girl was 4 and boy was 5 when they were adopted
>i first met them when they were 9 and 11 and i was 14
>both of them were super loving and affectionate, since they weren't used to having family
>both were fit, blond hair, blue eyes, good looking kids
>especially the girl, she was gorgeous, but young obviously
>the boy idolized me, since i was american, so he thought i was coolest person ever and loved hanging out
>the girl had huge obsessive crush on me
>she didn't even try to hide it in front of our family, they all thought it was cute
>our parents even joked about us getting married in front of us, embarrassing the hell out of me
>she wasn't embarrassed at all, though, she was seriously in love with me and didn't care
>figure she would grow out of it, since she was just a kid
>every year i visit, she just wants me even more, except she's less and less innocent about it
>always sitting next to me wherever our families go out to eat together, making sure she announces that she wants the seat next to mine
>leaning on me constantly, putting her arms around me, sitting on my lap and resting her face on mine
>her brother was cool with it, and our families didn't care, they thought it was funny how flustered i got
>we were just kids, so they didn't think much of it
>as we got older she started really filling out, she was already cute, but now she was pretty hot
>she also started flirting in a more adult manner, like showing her cleavage, giving massages, and bending over in front of me constantly
>took everything i had to not get boners, but i let one go every now and then
>i moved there for 2 years when i was 19 and was dating some girl for a while
>she was 14 at the time and extremely jealous whenever my gf was with us
Well I guess I busted my nut closer to 3:30 but lonely island said if you had sex within the last thirty minutes then you're qualified to sink with them, so I think twenty minutes ago is 'Just'.

She's having a shower atm, we were still in bed until I posted.
>she even isolated her at one point and straight told her to leave me alone, and that i belonged to her, etc.
>she was pretty crazy, but it was still cute, since she was still young and naive, even for her age
>my gf thought it was kind of cute too, so she didn't think much of it, but i thought it was a bit much
>eventually i decided to confront her about it, and one day i went to their house with my parents to have dinner
>her brother had just turned 16 and had gotten his first job at a restaurant, so he wasn't home
>after dinner we went up to their room to go play video games that way i could talk to her alone
>i just asked her straight up why she said those things, but i wasn't expecting her to be so straight-forward with her answer
>without skipping a beat, she just says she was jealous of her, with a straight face
>says she hates that my gf gets to be with me, since she wants to be with me and always has, and tells me she's in love with me
>kind of don't know what to say, so i just sit there thinking for a bit while she just stares at me, waiting
>keep in mind i was 20 at this point, and she was 15
>i had always saw her as this cute little girl with a crush, but now she was a full-fleged petite polish blonde knockout
>she was just over 5' tall, long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, perfect little body, beautiful perky little boobs and a nice ass
>she was just sitting there cross-legged on her bed in these tiny jean shorts and a loose-fitting tank top, just staring at me with puppy dog eyes almost about to cry
>i felt so bad, but i just sat next to her and put my arm around her
>"look, you're a beautiful girl, but we're cousins, and you're still young. i'm going to move back to america one day, too, so it's not going to work out."
>"we're not blood cousins, though, our family doesn't care"
>"yes they do, they just joke around because you're young. I'm too old for you, and you're really beautiful, so you can be with whoever you want."
>i can tell she's stifling tears, but she sucks it up, and just nods at me and smiles
>"ok, i understand. I'm glad."
>"glad? why?"
>"because i have a good cousin." she says as she puts her head on my shoulder
>she presses herself closer to me and starts nudging me with her head and body and puts her arms around me
>even after everything i just said, she's obviously still trying really hard
>unfortunately for me, it's working
>i find myself looking down her tank top at the smooth skin between her cleavage, and those sexy legs pressed up against my side with her tiny jeans just barely covering her crotch
>i couldn't help getting aroused, and i put a hand on her leg and one on her back, trying to comfort her, but i realized i was just doing it for myself
>she keeps nudging her head on my shoulder and neck and rubs her hands slightly on my chest
>i start rubbing her leg and her back and eventually rest my head on top of hers, i couldn't take it anymore
>"ok, i'll give you one kiss"
>without saying a word, she lifts her head up and puts her nose against mine, staring at me with her eyes still a little misty
>it started with one long, gentle kiss on the lips, holding the moment for a good 5 seconds
>i pulled away, but as soon as i did, she came right back in as i was pulling back and pushed me down onto the bed with her lips attatched to mine
>i couldn't do anything to stop it, i didn't want to at that point
>she straddled me as we started full-forced making out, the rubbing and touching getting more intense
>i didn't want to go too far, so i refrained from touching her private areas, but she started grinding on my boner and started breathing heavily
>i put my hands on her ass and guided her as she rubbed herself up and down on my shaft while we kissed
>i came really close to cumming, but i restrained myself, but she went all in
>eventually she came just from the rubbing, trying to be as quiet as possible, letting out a couple little high pitched moans
>then we just sat there for a minute or so, lips barely touching, breathing heavily into each other
>then i finally said "ok, that's enough, we shouldn't of done that." and slowly rolled her off of me
>i just asked her to pretend it never happened, and that we couldn't say anything or we could get in trouble
>she looked really sad, but she looked down at the floor and just nodded without saying a word
>i lifted her head up with my hand and gave her one last kiss, said "i'm sorry" and left her room and went back downstairs
>things went back the way they were after that, if anything she was even more obvious when she flirted with me from then on
>she's probably never going to stop, but at least she never mentioned what happened
I've been back in the states for about 4 years now, and i haven't seen her in almost 2 years, but probably will next time i go back to visit. I'm 26 now, so she's 21, and she might be over it by now, but to be honest, i doubt it. She always was, and probably still is, obsessed with me, and i'm not sure i've ever even heard of her having a boyfriend or even dating anyone else. To be completely honest, now that we're both older, i'm thinking it might just be ok if we did finally hook up. She really is gorgeous, she's just a little immature. Idk, we'll see next time I go back.
Do you think it could be more serious, Anon?
Bump, love this stuff
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mfw you're not smashing that 14yo pussy every night.
WTF is wrong with you?
I'm really not sure. It's been two years since I've seen her, if she hasn't matured at all, there's no way I'd ever be serious with her. She's a really childish person, she acts like a kid and throws temper tantrums (literally) and annoys her parents for attention. It's really like her mind is 10 years younger than her actual age.

If she's changed, and is completely mature, I'd absolutely be with her. She's fucking gorgeous, and at our age it wouldn't be so weird anymore.
all young girls take sexy selfiies, anon, share em
I live in the US. I only visit them once every year or two. Also >>734139517.

Surprisingly, neither her or her brother have any social media accounts. At least none that I've found. Sorry. Even if they did, I probably wouldn't post them, at least not while including a full story of what I did.
Dude, now that you're both in your twenties, you should totally hook up if you feel comfortable with it and she still wants you. My parents married when they were 30 and 23 and they are perfectly happy together.
Again, read >>734139517

She's really not relationship material, unfortunately. She's just really hot and really into me, that's about it.
Greentext it.
Maybe she's gonna end this game if she gets you. Next time you visit her just don't resist. After you are not a forbidden fruit anymore maybe she'll lose her interest and the family life would be more comfortable.
If this is real I see this ending in a murder-suicide.
seriously, italian girls (i realize she is polish, but grew up italian), have no career paths nor nothing. at the most they go to university, but that is the end of them even pretending to be independent. she wants to get her hooks into a man, marry and settle down. so if you hook up with her, she will be clingy, and will not be down for casual fucking, she wants it all, she wants you to save her and take her away, story over
Lol this is good
Tbh it might be for the best if she just loses interest. It's fun and all, but it's kind of exhausting.

She's crazy, but I don't think she's "murder-suicide" crazy...
>bro 12, me 19 (also male)
>home from college for summer
>bro knows I'm gay
>asks to try fucking me to see what it's like
>came in my ass
>Don't THINK
There's your problem, right there, anon.
This thread has no content for now, c'mon guys
That's what's crazy. Today STARTED with me greentexting how I was blue balled by her this morning.
copy it here
Thread posts: 46
Thread images: 3

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