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Green text: tard edition

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Green text: tard edition

>be me, age 10
>have ADHD
>don't really consider myself a total tard, just socially awkward
>take the tard bus to school
>people legit think I'm a tard
>people get surprised when I act semi-normally
>only occasionally do stuff that is tardy
>one day I get off the tard bus and this fat downie kid falls on her face off the bus
>cries like a dying pig on helium
>accuses me of tripping her when green, sticky snot flies all over the place as she yells
>some gets on my face
>attack her for real
>crushes me under her fat, smelly tard body
>get suspended for assaulting a disabled person
>and that was the day that my ADHD turned into autism

>be me yesterday
>at campus, things are pretty chill
>friend and i see this autistic looking humanoid walk past us
>throw a pebble at it
>the autist fucking loses it and shits its pants
>my friend and I are laughing our asses off
>then the autist throws his soiled, shitty pants at us
>hits friend right in the face
>autist runs away

My friend spent 3 hours in the shower vomiting and trying to clean himself up. And i say "it" because we couldnt tell if the autist was a girl or a boy
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tard turd attack.png
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tard coffee.png
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I have a ton of these
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... And a 4chan pass, so I'm going to dump them quickly
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tard neal the tard.jpg
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tard jimmy.jpg
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tard and turd.png
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tard accidentally.png
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tard geg.png
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tard kasey.jpg
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tommy the tard.jpg
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I'll bump
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tard toilet time.png
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tard love.png
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tard icecream.png
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tard fatsmcgee.png
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tard lieks mudkips.jpg
167KB, 997x822px
Finishing it off with the greatest tard story ever told on /b/
Your friend deserved it. You're a faggot. And I'm the guy who dumped the rest of the tard stories here.

You and your friend are the retards.
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Good shit
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Thanks man :)
Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 41

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