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It's me, thread 404d, anyone still interested? Forbidden

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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It's me, thread 404d, anyone still interested? Forbidden stories thread?
yes. all of the interest me /b/ro. I was hoping someone would continue the thread.
>19th birthday party
>somehow someone invited a 15 year old slut
>Get drunk
>she's drunk
>she wants to give me a birthday
>I'm a virginfag
>Get lead to my bedroom
>she strips naked
>I'm not sure what to do
>She starts blowing me
>I nearly cum
>She lays down and spreads her legs
>I take the hint and jump on top of her, finishing like four thrusts
>enjoy sight of my cum leaking out of her
>oh shit no condom.jpg
>no fucks given
>fuck her again
>get her doggy style
>stuff her panties in her mouth
>fuck her ass as she struggles
>realizes she really enjoys the ass fucking
>cum in her ass
>have her clean me up with her mouth afterwards
>pass out
>fuck her again in the morning before work
>never see her again
Someone was requesting the nudes I had. Roll dubs?
dubs rolled when I posted my greentext from the last thread to kickstart this one.
More dubs. OP better deliver.
File: 1493941586361.gif (963KB, 512x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
963KB, 512x512px
I shall,here's some encouragement
Not pic related, girl I want to fuck these days
Actually Ya know what, just stop with this shit quality
>be me when I'm six, like 25 years ago
>hanging out with other boy, sleep over
>play 'who's it bigger'
>compare penises
>I was a horny child, never wasn't masturbating
>pleasure disorder or whatever the fuck it is
>have other boy suck on mine
>suck on his
>try putting it in butt, doesn't work, just hump is bottom for a bit
It was prior to 2010 and there's screenshots. What do you want from me?
File: raping a rapist.png (67KB, 1241x781px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
raping a rapist.png
67KB, 1241x781px
one I saved
Who wants a free win?
me me me, I like free wins!
so no more OP?
You sure?
More? More you say?
well, those are trips so.. I'd say yes.
look at OP go, rollin' all the dubs. She's smokin' hot so keep going.
It was this night, everything changed. Here's a preview of a full. She was posing all night for me.
that looks like a shitty crop /b/ro.
2017 and still taking pictures with a toaster
Sorry, circa 2010 so picture quality already shit
muh dik
keep going
Better crop?
better. best crop would be up towards her face from between her legs /b/ro.
Not really
post more tank top man get them ugly ass titties covered they are hotter that way
On the flip side, hows /b/ doin atonight? Trip down memory lane for me.
Any/b/ else got stories, wins, insults? Any cont' interest?
I just packed a trench in my volcano, so I'm about to blast off to mars.
Let me know how the weather is
windy. The view makes it worthwhile.
>Daughters have a friend who lives a block away.
>She is a year older and hanga out all the time.
>One day I am fixing a laptop and she wants to watch.
>She is hanging over my back, watching me tear down the comp.
>Her 13 year old boobs are pressed against me.
>When I get the heatsink off to repaste it and blow out the dust bunnies I stop for a rest and she sits on my lap.
>Things stir.
>She cannot be moving that way and not know what she is doing.
>She puts my hand on her left breast and kisses me.
>I kiss her to the melting point while my penis becomes iron.
>She pulls down her pants and unbuttons mine in a swift, practiced manner, then slides me into her.
>It is over in minutes and we button up.
>I go back to fixing my laptop and she hangs over my back, pressing her boobs on me.
>We never talk about it, or attempt it again, till the day she turned 18.
>That night at midnight she knocks on my door, and we have been together every since.
Hope you brought your best socks
I call shenanigans. Experienced 13 year old and you only banged her once?
my socks are boring, what about hers?
Someone ask for a greentext of graveyard sex in last thread, I promised, here we go.

>as said I attended a boarding school
>one of my classmates, let's call her Sophie, was kind of a slut
>still was a solid 7/10, maybe more if you didn't look at her face
>Sophie's younger sister, let's call her Jenny, was also going to that school
>at the time Sophie and I were both 17, Jenny was 14
>Jenny was cute, like, really cute
>small with long, blonde hair, hazelnut brown eyes, a cute little gap between her front teeth
>I spent some time with Sophie, didn't fuck her, just went along good with her
>but at this time Jenny and I grew really close
>like, soulmate close
>we spent a shitload of time together, hanging out, watching movies etc
>we would eventually flirt but never too serious, innocent and playfull
>didn't think too much of that, she even called me her big brother
>but she had pretty much no more shame in front of me
>she would change in front of me without a thought
>first time I saw her in her undies was when I started to view my 'little sister' in a completely new way
>small, firm tits, an ass to die for
>she was hot
>eventually she would start telling me about how she had a crush on a guy
>wouldn't tell me who the lucky dude was
>at first I wondered, she usually told me anything
>that was the first time I actually thought I might have a shot and she just wouldn't tell me because it was me
>too pussy to move things forward because of her age though
>fast forward a few months
>large group of students went to the nearby village to party
>it was close to summer break
>we bought a shitload of beer and lit up a campfire on a field next to a playground
>we drank and had a real good time
>I was horny as a 17 year old can get
>never fucked Sophie before but she was a slut and drunk

Will continue if interested, but it's not pretyped and Im on my phone so keep the thread alive if you want the rest
No socks type
I've been eagerly awaiting!
OP still posting here btw
Bout done though, any/b/ enjoy? Still keep alive though, green text incoming.
Does fucking my sister count as a forbidden story?
Well we grew up apart.. around the time she was 18, we started talking about feelings of attraction etc.. she came up to visit one night and we got drunk at a party. came home and both knew we'd do it. she sucked me off for a minute then we fucked for like 5 lol. that was it until we recently started texting about the possibility of doing it again..
More? Someone's greedy.
Any ass?
>asked her if she wanted to take a walk with me
>took her to the playground and into a little hut that stood on it
>didn't even need to say a word
>she immediately kissed me and started to tear down her clothes
>the exorbitant ammount of sex she had until then had turned her into a highly skilled slut
>immediately began to suck my dick like a wet vacuum cleaner, almost blew my load into her mouth
>she would then lean against the wall, panties at her ankles, skirt lifted
>seems she knew she should turn away her face as well
>began to fuck her like a wild animal
>she was surprisingly tight
>with blowjob before, still one of the best I ever got, I didn't last long
>she didn't cum at all but didn't seem to mind with my cum dripping out of her
>oh what a fool I was not to use a rubber, surprisingly though she was clean
>we returned to the party and even though she didn't cum she had that satisfied whore grin on her face
>Jenny didn't seem to notice it, sitting on the other sight of the fire she immediately locked her eyes on mine when I returned
>fire, her eyes
>I was drunk and just banged her sister but I wanted her, badly
>so there and then I decided to act

Not really
test post
Keep going...
Test test
Post post
Pics of cock in her?
Sorry to say no
>walked over to her, not breaking eye contact, smiling
>she was sitting on a log but there were so many people on it that it didn't have any space for me
>I lifted her up, sat in her place and placed her on my lap
>her sitting on my lap wasn't unusual, wouldn't cause any suspicion
>subtly I would go further
>subtle as in what a drunk 17 years old trying to get a girl thinks is subtle
>took one of her hands into mine, the other hand around her on her belly
>sometimes placed my head on her shoulder to whisper something into her ear with my lips almost touching it
>occassionally squeezed her hand, locked fingers
>that kind of subtle
>everyone around us was too drunk to even notice
>she noticed however she didn't seem to mind
>she would look me in the eyes and smile whenever noone was directly talking to her
>those brown eyes lit by the fire
>no way she wouldn't feel my raging boner

>this is how we spent at least two hours
>it was driving me crazy
>at a certain point we both knew where this would lead
>the tension grew with every second
>she would now begin to move around in on my lap as if she was searching for a comfortable position
>kinda made me fear I'd cum through my pants
>finally a group of students decided to head back to school and we decided to join them

As I said, am on phone, didn't pretype, patience
Keep thread alive then!
I really appreciate you typing on your phone. Can't wait for the next part.
And the thread is going to die.
The copypasta is real....
more bumps
>was putting my hand around her waist while walking, pulling her close to me
>we were walking a bit behind the other students
>on the way back up to our school we had to pass an old, jewish cemetary
>when we passed it I immediately pulled her through the gate onto the cemetary
>I could not wait another minute and since the students would probably go on parrying on the school grounds we wouldn't have privacy there
>she didn't even protest, her eyes were full of anticipation
>I waited a second to make sure noone noticed we left
>then I pulled her in and finally kissed her after what semmed to be the longest wait of my life
>maybe kissing is the wrong word
>I pretty much sucked her up
>the way she had to stand on her toes to reach me and how, when she did so, her waist moved up and I was suddenly holding her ass, killed me
>the plan was simple
>make out and work her up here, then take her up to my room
>I knew she wanted sex
>she told me a few times how jealous she was of her sister gathering experience while she was still a virgin
>about how she finally wanted to knew what the fuzz was about and so on
>I don't know if she really wanted it that badly or if she just wanted to get it over with
>but suddenly she broke our kiss and lifted her shirt over her head
>revealing those small, firm tits in a cute bra
>I went from titanium to diamonds
>stared at her in disbelief, removed my own shirt
>I muttered something along the lines of are you sure
>she bit her underlip, gosh how cute she was, and nodded
>then moved in and kissed my chest
>what started wild and fast turned down a notch
>she had taken the lead but from that point on didn't know how to continue, probably relying on the experienced one to take back the lead
>and I did
>I hugged her tight, pressed her almost naked upper body against mine and by that opened her bra
>I softly managed her arms through the strings until only our bodies held it in place

File: demoface.png (321KB, 585x627px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321KB, 585x627px

>I kissed her neck than slowly moved one step back wich made the bra fall
>those tits. Those perky little tits.
>she was breathing heavily as I began to kiss down her collarbone towards her soft tits
>eventually she would let out quiet moans that drove me crazy
>her nipples immediately went rock hard the second my lips touched them
>she had probably been fantazising about this as much as I had this evening
>suddenly I felt her hands fumbling at my jeans
>she opened the button and zipper again biting her lip
>I pulled down my jeans, shivering a little with a tent in my boxers
>she on the other hand lowered her skirt
>I pressed her on me again, feeling her skin, the sweat, how warm she was with my boner pressing against her thighs
>this pushed us over the edge again
>we kissed furiously, I lifted her up while doing so
>placing her on top of the first thing I could make out
>a tombstone
>like, a flat square sculpture kind of stone
>as soon as she sat I ripped down her panties and then my boxers, finally freeing my boner
>I didn't even take the time to look at her pussy
>immediately went in for a kiss again, the tip of my cock pressing against the tight pussy of hers
>she was wet, but also trembling, breathing hard in between our kisses
>I looked deep into her eyes before pressing my lips onto hers and in the same motion sliding my cock into her
>I will never forget the sounds she made when I entered her
>sharply inhaling air when the pain went through her, followed by a small moan directly into my mouth
>we stood still for a minute so she could get used to it before I slowly started to move my hips
>she still would bite her lips in pain but she would also begin to moan and release cute squeeking sounds
>with every thrust she lubed up better
>I knew that again I wouldn't last long
>this time I didn't have to though

Ending's satisfying anon
Plz continue
>the year was two thousand and one
>was Sancho for a girl who had connections
>smashed all her holes several times a day
>visit her parents' house and meet younger sister
>keep making eyes at each other and she blushes
>after gf gets sleepy, sis whispers "follow me, anon"
>intoxicated by the taboo of the situation
>head downstairs into the library-den
>sis runs her fingers along my ear and asks me if I wanted to do "something naughty"
>sis pushes panel on wall and it opens to another room
>I'm suddenly enveloped in a darkness beyond my comprehension
>she pins me to a wall with an unnaturally strong grip, and, with yellow soulless eyes she examines me anew
>every hair is suddenly on end, though I feel an omnipresent paralyzation overcome me faculties
>out of her mouth, a bifurcated appendage appears then splits again, revealing a fifth tendril
>this strange horror travels along my flesh with a solemn, repellent, and oleaginous quality as a vapor like the deepest sea fills my entirety
>"IA! IA!" she whispers desperately, "Cthulhu Ftaghn!"
>Dick is somehow STILL diamonds
>as my nether region is engulfed into the putrescence of her viscous maw, I felt my strength leave me, and darkness began to take me, I noticed insane writings on the walls and feared for not just my life, but my humanity and soul
>came so many buckets I felt like a dry husk
>family barges in suddenly, and give me the "get out" look
>still haven't spoken to (now EX)gf since that day
>a few thrusts, slightly getting harder and I felt it
>she began to shiver
>trying to say something like oh my god
>her mouth wide open I felt her fingernails burrying into my arms
>suddenly she began to moan and squeak again, load this time, her legs wrapped around my waist, her hands now banging onto my arms
>she shivered like crazy wich pushed me way over the edge
>I came with the force of a thousand suns
>again, I was a fool for not using a rubber but nothing happened here either
>never before have I witnessed something as cute and grateful as the first orgasm of a 14 year old
>and ill never get that out of my head
>we stayed on that cemetary for quite a while
>kuddling and kissing before finally walking back to school where we both slept in my bed

And that pretty much is the story of how I fucked a girl and deflorated her sister on a jewish tombstone 2 hours later.

And typing that on my phone was horrible.
Appreciate the typing dedication that was diamonds my dude
Glad the effort was worth it
I'm in tears anon, I'll crack open a cold one for you buddy. cheers.
cheers anon, glad you liked it.
Lucky bastard. I'd give my left nut for that experience
Without lying I can say that was pretty much the best experience of my life.
I wish you good luck in both getting it and keeping your nut.
A true Lovecraftian masterpiece.
Thread posts: 94
Thread images: 20

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