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Describe your life style thread! >21 >love coffeee >

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Describe your life style thread!

>love coffeee
> GYM (trying to get buffed im skinny)
> working in a computer store
> reading a lot
> trading stocks (daily, still a begginer)
> weekends with friends, Bars and weed.
>want to be rich, will try different things till I make it
You won't be rich if you waste your time with weed, friends and bars. If you want to be rich you need to work your ass off, spend your time to achieve that goal and focus on making that happen. But you most likely won't realize that this is true until it's too late for you to do anything and be poor like all the other people.
>almost getting my master degree
>opening my own company soon
>love orange juice
>workout regularly to keep healthy
>I have only 5 friends, thats enough
>weekend spent studing
>hate TV
/fit/izen reporting in.
You will not get 'buffed' if you spend any time drinking alchohol it increases estrogen which will make you lose any possible muscular gains, try getting a job at a lumbermill or a butchers aswell. Coffee increases metabolism, so you will have to eat big or you will go catabolic and lose muscle.

>Gym every day
>School every day
>Work at retail store stacking shelves.
>Trying to get huge, about halfway there
>Weekends in the gym getting huge and in the kitchen getting huge.
>No time for girls.
>No time for friends.
what makes you think I dont work hard to be rich?
i work hard, smart and in the same time enjoy my life.
you wont be rich coz you dont believe you can be...
>No time for girls.
>No time for friends.
>Food Consumption
>School everyday
>Soon going to UNI
>Love geography & history
>Live in europe so its not a huge expenditure
>Study IT but dont like it
>No gf
>Have friends, go to parties & drink with them usually
>Family is good
>Play the guitar
>Saving up for a car, love driving
>Actually its pretty boring yet
>Will start swimming / gym by summer probably
> High degree in electronics
> Can't find a job because France
> About to open my own company
> Never go out because no friends
> Never go to gym because shitty health
> Love beer while playing video games
> Want to die but need to finish some games before

Your life seems even suckier than mine.
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>love Judy Hopps
>working on my bunny hops
>waiting to ask her out someday
You will only be rich if you want it more than everything else. Your mentality doesn't facilitate what it takes to be rich. You may work hard, but you spend time unfocused on distractions which will drive you away from being rich. Ditch diggers work hard too. They are not rich.
>witcher 3
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>construction workhand 4 days a week
>software development course 3 days
>used to drink way too much, got it under control now, same with weed, less than once a month
>bmi is on the border overweight and obese
>very insecure
>had a relationship but it was very bad, not trying anymore
>lost nearly all my friends when stopped drinking
>now trying to find comfort in spirituality
>have plans to improve, but no initiative
>as a child i was diagnosed borderline, according to what my ex and some other people told me, i still am
>Trying to be even more productive, but i barely have any control over myself
>Could be worse i guess.
Come to america. Only if you're white though. You should be able to find a job.
I'm white, maybe it's the best part of my life
Don't be a retard, Jon Jones stays up all night drinking and doing coke and hanging out, has kids, and is loaded and the greatest fighter of all time. Luke Rockhold is loaded and he smokes weed, dates chicks, surfs, hangs out, skateboards. You're a clown mate you can get loaded and have a life. Bill Burr was probably a borderline alcoholic numerous times and he is fucking loaded and famous. The wolf of wallstreet guy, all those wall street guys
are you rich?
everyone is fagget 20 something here did the old 4chan people die off?
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>Funcking scared by monkeys
Why are they so close but so differents?
>decide to be strong as a chimp
>Everyday try to climb trees
>increase my force and my technic
>One day, I fell.
>really bad injury
>can't move my arm
I won't be able to climb anymore.
>still scared by apes
>know that it won't change now
>trying to find another reason to live.
fuck a monkey and feel powerful over them
>I'm going to School
>Gym 4 times a week
>Hanging out with friends
>smoke weed
>looking forward of being 18
>playing video games
>no alcohol no cigarettes
>Wants to become a film director
>Basically never gets out of my room, watching movies, writing scripts, editing
>Working as a director for shit salary, doesnt Matter, makes me practice a lot. I love it.
> Finished film school going to apply to a very high end film school which only takes 3 people a year. Hope they let me in.
>have a GF who wants to become a film producer
>Currently living with my best friend and a Hardcore gamer who spends 10h a day playing rocket league
>almost done with uni with degree in communications design
>not sure if this will turn out good in the future
>live in germany
>cool friends but rarely see them, most contact on teamspeak
>gf since 2014
>it's kinda difficult at times
>parents are good, kinda weird/distant with brother
>want to move to a different country after uni just for life experience, don't know if I have the balls for it
damn sounds like a good life

>just won a battle with cancer for the second time
>community college
>seasonal job just ended and looking for another
>got back from vacation from florida yesterday so im flat broke
>hot/cutiepie gf
>loving family
>smoke lots of weed

Gratz for the cancer
>School two days a week, but full days of classes
>work most other days
>playing pnp games two times a week
>shitty band and trying to write an album
>squeeze time in for girlfriend who isn't busy at all
>constantly stressed out
>I'm fine though
thanks mang. shit took a while.
nice, ina band too. plauing a show for easter. what kind of music? sounscloud?
>still at school, studying IT
>Want to move to Denmark, because of Brexit and GF is there
>Don't care about future career, just want enough money to buy computer components to play with and to take walks
>Only talk to friends at school
>Time outside of school is spent reading and taking walks
>No video games or drugs; never enjoyed them
I doubt you trade stocks well if you can't even spell "beginner" correctly.You daft cunt.
Sadly you'll never reach the top. Faggot.
>Fuckin' love coffee too.
>Ausfag, just move to city from middle of fucking nowhere. Feels good.
>Disability Support Worker, sounds shit but work actually fun, companies' hiring everywhere, plenty of hours.
>Just waiting on training before I can start.
>Going for military, ACO. Final testing soon.
>Gym, hiking, running regularly
>Lots of volunteering at places
>No gf, dunno if wanna look for one yet cus military
>3 very close friends, all Weebs, can't relate and want to meet more people, but still enjoy their company.

Also landlord is ex bikie and is fucking crazy, but I like my roommates and we're looking for another place in the area.

19 with cancer twice, fuck. Keep on rolling man.
>rehab because heroin and stuff
>would like a normal life, job, gf, dog one day
>cba with anything and bored with life
>had cancer.
>smokes lots of weed.
>just got home after spending so much time in the sun
>has cancer again.
>Make a wish foundation sends me to Florida.
>didn't pack sunscreen
>cancer mutates
>becomes cancer.
>posts on this thread
Seriously though. Glad you beat that shit, bro.
>Uni student
>hate every second of it
>history major, no idea what Im supposed to do with that
>dont want to fuck around and change it because I dont know what I would study as an alternative
>skinny as fuck
>too lazy to go to the gym
>have a 7/10 gf but only because she has ridiculous self esteem issues
>play video games to escape responsibility
I'm dope sick right now man. Shit hurts.
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go to rehab friend, druggie life = sad life
>Went to a college to make games at 18 since I have no motivation to do anything.
>Continued making games full time last year + this year.
>This every single day.
>No money, no spare time.
>Games gonna fucking bomb
>Stuck in a relationship that I'm tired of but I have nothing better going for me.
>Have probably a single friend.
>Legitimately want to die.
I've been.. I cant stop. I know I'm weak but opiates are the only thing that have ever made me feel better
>Survived drug overdose at 19
>No job
>no school
>neet trap GF
>recovering degenerate (sober life) +live and let live
>Wanting to do better, but too burnt out to care
im high on dope as we speak. why do you do that to yourself? you know what happens when you withdraw, why let it happen?

if its because of money id seriously consider getting clean and not laying around with the kicks all day like a retard.
>Love Cola
>GYM 3 times a week (I'm chubby)
>I also read a lot
>play vidja games tons
>work in a warehouse 6 days week
>am a shut in when it comes to people
The gym's good but if you want to cut carbs, you need to lower your soda intake. That shit is like poison to you. Even diet stuff is shit.
Yeah I know but my room mate picks it up everyday at has a 2L in the fridge so its just there wanting me to drink it.

I'll probably stop at somepoint who knows when though.
Im just sick of it running my life. It's destroying me. I'm tired of not being able to get out of bed without drugs.
Bro enjoy 17 cause 18 fucking sucks man.
everything about being an adult sucks
lol nah dude they're sending me to the virgin islands. had no clue what else tonmake a wish on that woukd fallow their rules.

> Eat unhealthy
> Exercise a shitload to make up for it
> Senior web dev
> make over 100k
> own motobikes and cars
> own 2x house
> struggling to see perspective
> travel to countries like india to try and get perspective
> 404 perspective not found
> hate my life and myself endlessly
> regularly contemplate an hero
>never leave house
>havent slept in over 48 hours (do this regularly)
>video games

Repeat ad nauseam. I literally have nothing past this.
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that's because there isn't anything past this sadly.
34, married, no kids (wifu wants, but I don't)
work, make music with hardware synths, party a lot, stopped smoking weed (now using green dragon) because lungs are fucked, work as programmer, fucking hate job, friends who have kids, they dont have time for shit anymore, browsing 4chan on a beautiful sunny day, life sucks and it's beautiful at the same time.
fuck this. it's complicated.
>i do absolutely nothing
>somehow it's always worked out for me
>apprentice auto mechanic
>hopefully get a job when im finished this summer
>got 8/10 gf, better than I deserve, but she loves me so why not
>got a project car that I will keep forever
>use all money on said project car when I should be saving up for house etc.
>dont care because cars are everything to me
>go out drinking sometimes with my friends
>not so much as before tho because they all got gf's and became whipped
then quit the habit. the hardest part of quitting opiates is getting in the right mindset, you gotta want to quit. if you dont want to or aren't ready, like me, then you'll never drop it.

you just gotta get past the first few days, those are the days you'll be sweating and shaking and kicking. after that, you will start to feel better. you still won't be FULLY recovered including mindstate for another 6 months to a year, and you will have cravings the rest of your life. that's just a part of who you are now unfortunately.

If i can quit dope cold turkey during bootcamp for the navy, then you can do it at home. its all about that mindset bro.
We are the same person
> Wake up
> Take laptop to school and play overwatch, skip classes
> Get home
> Play overwatch for another 10-12 hours (Snacks inbetween)
> Sleep
> Repeat
>Electrical construction worker
>Big guy from both fat and muscle
>Dating same girl for 9 years
>About to buy our first house
>Large group of friends we party with a lot
>Smoke weed a lot, haven't done too many other drugs in a while
>Hate living but too much of a pussy to kill myself
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>no job
>no education
>no friends, not even internet friends
>kissless virgin
>spend days by playing vidya, smoking weed and watching anime
>no dreams or goals, fed up with people and world in general
>lovin parents and siblings who support and help even though a complete waste of air and space
>Work as a helper for people with brain injuries
>Live with girlfriend
>Work almost every day
>When I'm not working I'm playing/streaming video games
>Co-writing a sitcom with a friend who wants to be a director
>Making plans to design a website and group YouTube gaming channel with a few friends
>Future looking like we're laying ground plans for a small production company
>Going to patent a card game we made for side money/start up costs
>blend with the alphas and betas not really either
>studying full time
>"never have time to go out" really should
>meet tons of sweet ass regularly yet seem to get minimal ass
>live great life (nice holidays skiing etc)
>studying engineering
>wasting pussy slaying potential at uni by not partying etc

>tl;Dr beta af but mingles with alphas
Best history teacher i ever had told me to only study history if i wanted to be a history teacher because theres fuck all else you can do with it. If thats the case, gtfo; dont waste your life
Truth, but it grinds you down.
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>In military
>Recently diagnosed with disease that will most likely jeopardize my career
>Waiting to be kicked out any day now
>Drive a pretty nice car though
>Relatively happy with my apartment
>Dont know what I'll do once I get kicked out, I'll probably neck myself
>No family
>No friends
>I like video games though.
>no gf
>reasonable car (not relevant)
>needs to get out and stop "studying" (sitting at home)
Rules? Im curious. Youdve thought there wouldnt be a ton of regulations for literally kids with cancer
>hate coffee
>fat fuck
>working at research lab
>write code daily
>weekends with friends, Bars and weed
>ugly but money so i can still fuck hot girls
>have everything i want
>doing my PhD
>getting fat because of Job at UNI
>want to work out but tired because of Job
>good gf

i never understood this, perhaps you could explain it

be in military
average income
ZERO expense
enormous disposable income

blow it all on frivolous shit like nice cars
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>Live in trailer with parents
>work at McDonalds
>Don't have a license.
>smoke weed everyday
>no gf
>drink miller lite
>get yelled at by mom for not cleaning room
>wear trenchcoat
>spend all money on cigarettes and games
>have a dog
>start to study Game Design in September
>live with boyfriend
>want to start to work out but don't like the gym
>no space for shit in our small apartment
>miss family like crazy because boyfriend lives in another country
>love my aquarium
>figured out i mean shit to all the "friends" i had in my home country
>didn't make any friendships here that matter so far
i made a board game with my friends once, we got told that there is not much money to be made by this. You get about 3% maximum...
Alright, I'll help

>be in military
>average income
>ZERO expense
No, still have to pay bills, taxes(state and federal), etc.
>enormous disposable income
Not really, after bills and taxes its pretty average, unless you go on back to back deployments

Its not like a drive a ferrari, I paid 20k for it and take good care of the car, so I like it.
>Interaction design
>Hate everything
>GF left
>No will to work
>Try making games
>Fail at everything
>0 Friends
>Don't go out
>Belly starting to show up
Who told you that was the best deal you could get? Also who offered you a deal?
Day trading ain't getting you nowhere anon

fair enugh

in Australia the military boys basically live a tax free life since everything they buy on base is subsidised. Even with mediocre incomes they can pile fat stacks if they were actually sensible with their money
>Studying CS
>I hate IT, but programming and math are the only things i can do
>Friends are abundant, but they are not real
>The few girls in class are either already taken or 1/10
>Smoking smells disgusting so no.
>Drinking produces code 10fold overnight
>Might join the games industry
>Degree in Economics
> Started buying stock when i was 17
> Just got a job as Investment Advisor
> Bought my own apartment in a nice neighborhood
> Only have a couple a close friends I speak with sometimes. Dont speak with my family. Kind of a introvert
> never had a gf. Mix of don't caring and me dont have the balls to be rejected. Working on fixing that now.
> Do push ups and the plank to be in shape. Smoke alot though.
> Get up 06:00AM nowadays to study for my finance licence while working
>loves dolphins
>my mum is really sick and might die
>have to go to egypt to fight an enemy of my family with my punching ghost, my grandpa and some other guys
a guy who worked in the buisness for a long time. he was the head of a convention where people show their board games to companies to try and get them out.

we are still working on the game (its for blind people) since our version was too complicated to be produced. Im not having much hopes that we will actually make it anymore
>Addicted to soda
>At least 4 litres a day
>Work full time
>Photocopier engineer
>Work 8 to 5, come home and play vidya
>Isolated with computer after work
>Earning money for living an existence, not a life
>End me please
Gtfo underaged jotaro

> photocopier engineer

people like you are why "engineer" doesn't mean shit anymore
You don't realize the stress of living too much. When you're addicted to something stronger than Mr. Pibb and you aren't paying neighborhood dogs to fuck toy, we'll talk
Trips checked. Also, you're mixing business and friendship, prepare to lose both
fag liar eat shit
>college student
>trying new shit
>trying to survive w/rlly terrible mental health
>just happy to be here

>Work 8-430
>Muay thai 515-930
>Sleep 11-6
>Sleep 14 hours a day on weekends
>Date if possible on Sundays
>a few un-diagnosed things going on mentally
>constantly missing highschool, was a top dog and its as great as the movies make it seem
>went to military academy hated it not coming back
>no direction in life, which was built around pleasure and nothing else
>probably going to go to europe this fall
I'll be building up my private channel and interests before investing all my effort in this project. Whatever happens I'm confident my position will be secure because I'm valued in my friend group as the most entertaining to watch game and most talented actor for the sitcom/shorts. If it doesn't pull together I'm sure I'll be fine on my own.
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>In UNI doing a course on videogame design
>Thinking about going on erasmus to finnland to learn more about game design and meet more people.
>huge group of friends, small group of really good friends.
>I really lack some self esteem ( i was really obese and bullied for being so through my teen's but at my 20's I decided to exercise and eat healthy , nowadays I weight 70kg, less 40kg than I did before, and am in almost perfect shape, just a few more months of gym to go.)
> Smoke weed all the time
> Do alot of projects for UNI so I keep my mind occupied
> Having some problems with girls vs my self esteem but im slowly getting there.
> Feel miserable almost all the time even thou I know I really shouldn't.
> Im afraid of finishing UNI and ending up a loser without a job in the game industry and having to work in McDiabeetus to live.
>One day at a time I guess...
>Implying my job isn't as important as anyone elses

Cool bro. Least I'm honest on the internet.

>Paying neighbourhood dogs to fuck me

Pardon? Are you ok hun?

>Doesn't realise the stress of life

I've been living on my own in a shitty one bedroom apartment for 10 years, I don't work for a living, I work for an existence. I don't eat enough to live. I'm all too aware of the stress of trying to accomplish something almost impossible.
Eat* earn
>work full time (barely)
>college full time (barely)
>smoke weed, take opiates
>sell drugs
>hang out with gf or few friends i trust

Ill probably die young
> 22.
> Grad school for physics.
> Recently broke up with gf, trying the dating scene for the first time.
> Smoke occasionally, more of a fan of alcohol and MDMA though.
> Salsa dancer.
> Organiser for a socialist society.
>First year at university
>Study business and I.T., dual degree
>have gf of 2 years, relationship good
>work part time and am launching my own business currently
>no fucking money though

what do
>Live with my mate in a small apartment.
>No job, no degree, live off flipping electronics(mostly laptops/phones) on Craigslist.
>Out of shape (skinnyfat)
>smokes weed a lot, no alcohol(had to go cold turkey on it because of my drinking problem)
>love food
>Average GF 6/10, wasting time, will probably leave her soon.
>Maybe a couple of real friends
>No goals, no perspective, no vision, CBA
>An hero will happen sometime down the line probably if I don't get my shit together
Seem like a chill dude. Which school?
>Work at uni
>Run every night
>Gym every night
>Have me medical for the Royal Marines on Wednesday
>Like coke and bars/clubs
>smoke 20 a day.
Everything I do working hard running and lifting is just a waste because of my habits but... I don't seem to care or have urgency to stop because I'm fit anyways..
>can never be fucked to go gym
>want to become rich guy but dunno if i'll make it
>fat fuck
>High School France
>Part Time job at a campsite
>Work 8am-6pm every day other than sunday
>Piss and stone my time away at school and week-ends cause nothing better to live for
>Distant from family
>Physically, Socially and Mentally out of shape
>Only pleasure in life is when I drink myself to sleep
Show us pics of your girlfriend
>chill with friends
>smoke weed & do other drugs
>go to parties
>love weed,
>play a lot of videogames
>have a good metabolism and genetics so i am skinny
>play guitar
>listen to music, from death metal to reggae
>to lazy to work so I just wait till my bday or xmas
Then you will die like a worthless piece of shit
hope u r ok with that
Underage B&
>Enlisted in the Army
>Custodial Specialist
>Work out
>Work out involuntarily
>Shoot, run, and ruck for E2 pay
>Wish I had gone to college and commissioned as I'm officer every day
>no work or school
>lives with mother
>anime everyday
>tries to go to the gym 4 days a week
>no alcohol or drugs

yes I know how it sounds
what am i a fucking cuck
Can't be B& cause nothing on /b/ is to be taken "seriously"

Don't want to give out specific info. I'm at a UK Russel group uni. Don't know why I said grad school instead of PhD, it isn't really a common thing to say in the UK.
She's probably fat and gross anyway
File: IMG_9416.png (293KB, 388x392px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
293KB, 388x392px
>16 in a few days
>rainbow 6 siege
>training to become a lifeguard
>Had a job interview for summer camp counsellor position
>Dump gf because she's immature
>Not happy, not depressed
>Content right now
>Jerk off 1-2 times a day
>Work out 3-4 times a week
>Play piano with my dick
>Dad walks in

The doctor said my anus would never be the same.
Nice try. 8/10 petite
Lol fucking kid got b&. This is a place for adults. Remember that.
>school (fucking hate it)
>recently started drinking energy drinks haha
>sleep, (normally at midnight mostly)
Fuck off I'm old enough to go of to a shithole to die for my country where I come from so least I should be able to is get pissed or go on 4chan with you bunch of depressed fags
We don't have anything on sound cloud yet. We're going for a modern progressive rock feel but it's hard to put labels on anything. Also progress is slow because we need a singer. I wanted to go instrumental, but my guitarist isn't willing to put enough effort into the songwriting process and my drummer doesn't know what dynamics are.
So do it faggot.
Does mummy have to buy you your call of duty?
>partial program on weekdays for anxiety and depression
>read a lot
>very lonely
?? fuck off lol so what everybody grows up sooner or later, I'm actually mature for my age
I've been thinking about it

And no she doesn't that's why I have a job
25 - Brazil
Trying to get a MSc degree in hydrology of natural disasters.
Out of shape, but getting better.
GF 9/10. Amazing relationship.
Dream of being a professor/researcher and going to japan.
Addicted to porn.
>only drink water
>eat like shit
>work in hot deli
>sweat/walk off all the shitty food
>smoke/drink at work all the time
>have qt gf, 10/10 sex all the time
>good friends
>love music, play guitar and drums

now, if I were to post a picture of myself, you wouldn't believe anything I just said.
But you're not old enough to buy it? Crazy.
File: IMG_7190.jpg (51KB, 581x767px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nice dude
but do you even meme, bro?
Do it.
>plays videogames whenever i have free time
>hate people
>watches anime but hates weebs
>browses /b/ in school
Military isn't worth it. Big mistake, yuge.
If you do, become an officer and be a POG so that you have some sort of marketable skill when you ETS.
> 18 yo
> 6″3
> born in germany ( half russian and nigerian - dont ask)
> love playing counter strike
> school every day
> gym 3 times a week
> chubby but gains
> hope to get thin in summer'17
> love drugs ( weed , mdma , lsd, xanax)
> my fav genre is cloudrap , metal and hardstyle
> tumblr faggot
> kinda depressed
> want a cute tumblr gf
> hope i die one day on drug overdose
lmao duhh I'm a meme machine xD have you heard that song by fitlhy frank? I rave so hard to it it's so lit

also fuck 9fag I don't go there, or reddit
>dick around internet
>smoke pot
>wonder why I'm too pussy to go to a doctor and repair my hernia
>smoke pot
>fall asleep
Alpha af
And let your wife take it in the divorce afterwards. After you spent years and years contributing towards your retirement.
True but fuck it it's Europe anything goes
File: XsHK8I7.jpg (137KB, 960x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 960x640px
>Married, no kids
>House, dog the whole stereotype American
>Shit tier manufacturing job
>Wife keeps buying shit she never uses
>Eat, sleep, work
>Paronoid and prone to anger
>I'm ready to leave it all
File: IMG_5103.jpg (58KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 640x640px
yeeee boiiiii xdddd
Then stay on tumblr u faggot
>Spend all day on computer
>Have a few more months until college
>Play vidya/draw
>Chat with friends
People who live at the gym are fucking sheep. you do realise that because everyone goes to the gym will all look the same and have the same chance of getting a girl, before they went to the gym. Anyways.
>stay at home dad (7months)
>plays PC games, watches movies most days. steam: moneymanbake
>Gf works as a sous chef. 8/10
>likes activities such as, cycling, football, pub
>dream: to have my own place with a lot of land whilst having a manual labour job like, working at a timber yard.
just do it
File: 1482231120741.jpg (122KB, 750x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 750x1024px
lol tru I dab also, and check these epic dubs
>People who live at the gym are fucking sheep. you do realise that because everyone goes to the gym will all look the same and have the same chance of getting a girl, before they went to the gym. Anyways.
>t. Dyel
Bartender - $11.50 an hour +tips
Budtender - $12.50 an hour +tips
A writer and Pokemon Go trainer when I'm off work. Smoke a shitload 24/7. Productive Stoner and Champ beer drinker. Work out 5 days a week...in good shape but not buff. Going to Vegas this summer. Check out my dubs
tumblr > reddit > 4chan
File: IMG_7331.jpg (24KB, 406x362px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 406x362px
ha ha close enough
File: image.jpg (234KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234KB, 1280x960px
>work for big outdoors store
>love hunting, fishing, generally being outdoors
>play vidya at night
>MFW div 1 in battlefield 4
>Moving to Alaska in 2 months
>prolly be eaten by bear

I'm excited /b/
except not everyone does go to the gym. Also getting a girl is not the only reason, or even a good reason
i bet you're one of those "alpha" males aren't you?
>split my time between shitty job in a busy restaurant and teaching yoga
>practice yoga 2-3 hours a day
>shitty diet so still gross
>same gf for 3 years
>about to move but have no money because video games
you can absolutely see gains and drink sometimes. Drinking may slow down your gains to some degree but it's not like having even a drop of alcohol completely wrecks you
>sold my first concept to a major movie studio
>writing a new series so i can sell another one
>work in a bakery
>spend my free time writing or watching documentaries about interesting stuff
>about to adopt a brother for our cat
>only negative is the undiagnosed autoimmune disorder i seem to have, but we're working on that
so i mean yeah i'd say i have it pretty good
Well most people do go to the gym to get girls or to try and show off to their friends thinking they are alpha. if you go to your nearest city you will understand what i mean.
theres not that much to do in Witcher 3
I'm not gonna lie, I'm not alpha as fuck but at the same time I'm not a beta
File: IMG_7176.jpg (87KB, 774x864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 774x864px
No one asked your opinion on gyms, yet you stated it and would you look at that, now everyone knows just how stupid you are. Congratulations. Are you proud of yourself? Did you take any joy from embarassing yourself like that? So long you are happy, whatever floats your boat right? Oh wait, you are on 4chan, you are 21, leeches your girlfriend who has a job and you are a stay at home dad, that doesn't sound so fullfilling. Oh well. Atleast you are better than everybody, as you don't go to the gym. Pathetic.
>Can't remember my age
>Expert in jungle warfare and Guerrilla tactics
>Spend my days driving through the jungle in a jeep with a machete
>Fuck chimps
>My best friend is coke
>Probably spend too much time playing Far Cry
>Hope I die alone of a drug overdose
I hope the FTC sees you day trading and pounds you in the ass hard for not having $250k. You deserve it for being so monumentally retarded thinking that you will get anywhere trading.
why would he be embarrased when he's le anonymous
hes mad he can't convince his gf to buy him a bowflex so he can work out while babby naps
>graduated from high school last year
>now working in a milk manufacturing plant
>going to move to other side of the country at this autumn for study
>don't have motivation tho
>apartment is a mess, dont have money
>finally dating a person i have loved several years now
>Database admin
>Hacker in my free time, working on changing jobs to NetSec
>Gr8 gf, 6/10 looks but 10/10 match for me
>Have sex and spend time in bed digging up dank memes with her
>Play magic in my free time
>Own lots of guns
>No weed
>Drink a lot of beer on weekends
>Currently hungover as fuck
>love chips
>lazy and fat as fuck
>in school
>play video games a lot
>no friends and no social life

really want to lose weight but with the closest gym being 40 minutes away and me not having lots of money or time makes it hard
>Living in Slovenia
>IT School
>Going to work IT in the summer
>Atending a lot of Music Festivals in the summer
>Outgoing person
>Had Gf
>Want a serious relationship
>Lots of Friends
>Just a hand of them close friends
>Going out a lot
>Likes to drink, meet new friends
>Ocasionally DJ
>Loving life (Yes it sucks at time but look at the positive site)
>First greentext
You don't have to ask permission to give an opinion, go learn how to live. They don't sell books at the gym so good luck.
>joined marines at 18
>5 deployments in afghanistan and iraq as an EOD specialist
>same ragheads we gave food to would shoot at us at night
>saw a guy get blow to bits a few meters from me
>flying shrapnel into cheek
>now look like some bond villian
>sandniggers regularly rape little boys in broad daylight
>massive fields of pot everywhere
>hurt locker was full of shit
Probably gonna try and get into ranger school
>GYM(3 years)
>Karate(1 month)
>Competitive Gamer (pro in 3games)
>College student (2nd year "hate it might stop going to college)
>Look superior because of muscle but still beta because i didnt have a gf :/
>Good social skills i can talk to anyone
but i cant make a long conversation when it comes to a girl
>Struggling to lose weight
but still lose 10kg in last 2 months still good tho
I know my life isn't fulfilling yet. But i will let you know along the way :). Like the other guy said, why would i be embarrassed? are you going to find out who i am and shame me? I was just expressing my opinion on all these people who go at the gym 24/7, notice how I said "live at the gym" not just some guy who attends a few days a week. learn to read.
>Cool bro. Least I'm honest on the internet.
true yeah sorry.
File: 1412213671369.png (241KB, 435x431px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241KB, 435x431px
>cryogenics technician
>looking for phd
>currently horny
>why am I on 4chan
>I need a shit
>be 19
>College for Aerospace and mechanical Engineering dual degree
>either studying or sleeping
>recently developed minor health issues
>gym 2-3 times a week depending on said issues
>live in dorms with fat ogre hick
4chan users should go to the gym
because if you feel depressed and lonely

gym is depressed reliever
and you can have more friends
and experience
you will feel good about your self and etc
36 here same exact fucking schedule. Damn i thought it would change before i hit 40. Shit.
File: 1482063179337.png (37KB, 1127x685px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 1127x685px
yea. but im still depressed. i just want to be thin and get a cute gf
>cant get a job cause fighting anxiety atm
>cant go to college because fighting anxiety atm
>forcing myself to go out and meet people
>trying to keep a routine so im ready for working
>do sports every week
>play snooker and football(britfagfootball)
>just trying to get my life together
>anxiety caused by break up 3 years ago
>not been myself since that day
>still not been tempted to an hero
>probably my biggest achievement is being here today
>Major depressive dissorder
>addicted to weed
>community college just above failing in my classes
>no job but plan on working at ups in the summer
>lives at home and takes vyvanse to smash noobs in counterstrike
>20 year old girlfriend of 5 years where expectations of support and love are mutual
>also drive a 2002 Bmw M5 and fly by mustangs on the daily
>i just want to be thin and get a cute gf
you think you'll be happy then?
idk man,
File: 1486856832371.jpg (43KB, 750x747px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 750x747px
>Wake up
>get on the computer for 12 hours
>Tell myself I'm going to do something with my life
>Go to sleep
So true. And you will be tried as an adult for any crimes you commit too
> be good at school
> have a cute gf that understand me
> be thin
i would be happy as fuck
>love fapping.
>read only one book voluntarily
>live with parents
>animefag. But nobody knows about that.
>weekend watching anime/hentai loli doujin and fapping in tissues.
>still want to be rich
Go to class you faggot, most important time in your life and you're throwing it away playing a shit-tier game
#1) You have to work hard.
#2) You just can't. You have to learn to be content with what you have. You can't be an ugly bastard and expect nice looking bitches to fall on your dock.
#3) You either have to stop visiting 4chin OR make things worse and go to >>>/fit/
>want to live in us, born unfortunately in south eu
>good at school, learning a lot
>no exercise, but ok looking
>no real friends, cause autism
>could have cutest girl in class, but fucked up a told her that i have anxiety, and im too bad for her
> i want to die since then
>first year of uni
>work in bar in city
>become casual alcoholic because cheap drink, drunk 4 nights a week
>gym because kickboxing since 6 YO
>hot gf, wrapped around my finger
>still not enough
>fuck anything i can
>yoyo between complete lack of morals and crippling guilt
What are you studying?
Engineering, hopefully end up working with nano-tech
>Play Music
>try to get a gf
>no gf
1 yea.. i know and i try it
2 she dont have to be a 10/10 lmao, just kinda cute and should have the same humor or music taste. im not a ugly bastard :(( 6'3/1,90 tall, half black- still chubby but got gains.

3. i go to the gym. lost 15kg/33lbs last year but still have to loose 10kg/20lbs to be thin

>dont know.. depression make everything harde
>i hate school
>found the perfect gf but she is in love with my best friend :^^^^^^)
>i act like 14 yo depressed tumblr hoe
Unless your hernia is cutting off blood or has intestine getting trapped in it theres not much of a rush. Just get on it when you can.
>just turned 18
>graduated high school early and was told that I could very last minute
>didnt apply to any universities
>currently at a community college but transferring to FSU this summer
>double majoring in cs and math
>currently have all online classes
>go to downtown and fuck around everyday while waiting for June to move
I'm pretty sure one of the rules of prog is that you are technically proficient with you instrument.

You need a whole new band for prog, yo.
Bad b8 is bad
>No gym
>Skinny cause of antidepressants
>10/10GF (34DDD tits and plump ass and skinny af and literally into the same shit as me like video games and kinky af)
> go to school
>work 3 days a week
>play Xbox when bored
>smoke at bus stop
>pop xanax at school when bored
>brit fag in Vegas
> skinny and some muscle
>go on 4chan when boredom is to much
> post nothing and when I do it's probably cancer
> mfw my life is so boring that I have to resort to /b/ for entertainment.... but totally worth it
best ways to get rich are in real estate, flipping houses. its pretty easy, and you can make a million dollars quick. thats how i got rich i live in a big house in beverly hills with nice clothing
File: nudeemma.jpg (183KB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Wageslave as an apprentice electrician (couldn't find a job after graduating college), but make good money (401k match, health insurance, etc.)
>Don't do much during the week besides play vidya and smoke a little weed
>Just bought a house with my gf, have my own office for vidya and just finished my home gym
>Drink beer with on the weekends with friends
>Taking the GRE in under a month to try and get into business school
>Not bad I guess......
File: 744.jpg (29KB, 338x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 338x600px
>steam games
>wannabe prop-maker
>no sleep
>Plays guitar
>School everyday
>Recently good got at getting gfs, 5 so far
>Still a virgin tho
>Starting to cut out a lot of friends out of my life
>Smoke weed 1-2 times a month
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