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s/fur What's a cool game idea you have? Also, the way to

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What's a cool game idea you have?
Also, the way to filter out blank posts is /^$/
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Checking in.

And I don't really have a game idea. My ideal game would just be photorealistic and walking around doing nothing.
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yay thread

in terms of smut or in general?
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Pretty much.
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New episode of samurai jack get to it

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Never was a huge fan of Samurai Jack.

Is this considered furry porn?
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>No monthly fee
Until they added tax feature in later updates
>Incredible AI
In some locations, yes. Other locations are just heinous.
Forgot the E for environment. Mother nature doesn't fuck around.

You're 2 hours late, came out on Toonami
Pretty much, except you get to respawn.
The point of it is being extremely simple in theory, and extremely complex in practice.

For example, say you're making a tunnel towards the core of the mountain, as is the goal.
Others will want to leech off your efforts, so you have to dig out a maze which winds around a lot, and doesn't have any dead-ends, and is shaped so that the strategy of taking every left turn will not take you through every point of the maze (e.g. the exit to the maze is an upwards slope in an "island" of the maze).

And if you're looking to leech, then you might try stealthily pursuing a player, or digging in wide arcs around the Arkenstone hoping to come across a tunnel which goes straight to it.
Man, now I really want to play this game, and it doesn't even exist.
I forgot about it and after being dumped I just remembered
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Sorry to disturb game talk. BUT my drive failed so i lost it all. im wondering if anyone is willing to share any bdsm type pics?
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Unfortunately my collection is not arranged in a way for me to provide /r/s. Sorry!

yeah I'm not a big PvP fan which I'm guessing means avoid Chicago
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I've got some bondage, but its mixed into my stuff/hard to find. No promises I post much
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A game that pretends it's single player but the bosses are actually other player characters and you don't know it.
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Nice feet.

Also, nice dubs.
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Straight up Ender's Game shit there.
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>When you hate the meme but can't deny she has nice feet
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the hard part would probably be making the fights believable for that. You could set it up where the boss room(s) don't open until the game pairs two players and you could strip identification, disable messaging, and even adjust the visuals on the other character to make them look less like the playable sort. But you'd need to make sure the characters are different enough from each other for it to be less obvious, goofy powers with a multitude of combinations.

also you'd need an excuse for forcing players to only run it while online
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I don't really have one, I'm not a very creative person.
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I've been dreaming of this Chivalry/ For Honor and Minecraft/Medieval Engineers/The Forest mix, with vikings.

You build settlements, and if you want to you can build boats and go raiding across the ocean, or even other viking settlements.
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>Clan farms for hours to build a giant siege machine
>rolls around raping everybody to death until server wipe

I guarantee it
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I've thought about that, so you would need servers where destroying other players shit isn't possible unless you are at war with them.
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Pretty sure that one is gay, dude.
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Here's my game idea:

You start off as whatever species you select. You are stranded on a small remote island, and survived a plane crash (Sort of like "The Forest"). You are forced to get along with this girl/or guy you got into a fight with on the aircraft.

Eventually, you end up becoming good friend and try to make a good life on the island. Falling in love in the progress.

Now here's where it gets good!
A plane comes to look for survivors after about a month and a half of trying to find the flight patterns to see where the plane crashed. As the team rescues you and your new found lover, you board the aircraft and fly safely home.

Now for the best part!

Male/Female Ending: She ends up pregnent and you start a great life together. But eventually she find a guy named Jeff at a night club and gets railed hard by him. She leaves you, taking the kid and getting 100% custody and child support.

Male/Male: You die of AIDS
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A month and a half is not a long enough period of time.

Up it to like, a year or two for maximum effect.

why do you want unsatisfying endings?
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I honestly bullshitted this but now am interested. Hell I ain't even a furry.

A year is way too long. Trying to be realistic, a search team would never show up after a year and a half. They normally give up after a few months of searching.

Also a remote island would only have enough resources to help you last; at the most 8 months.

Mostly to see how many people you could piss off. Also I have a thing for sad/ horrible ends.
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I mean, it all really depends on the resources and size of the island. You could totally live for an extended period.

But you are right, after a year+, it's not a search-and-rescue mission that would find you. It would more be a chance plane or ship flying by seeing a smoke from your fire randomly. Still possible.
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come on and slam.png
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Hey Mous.
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classy lady.jpg
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Heya hotshot. I post in thread so I would be able to notice the tab when I get back. Gonna go grab some liquor from a buddy's house, then I'll be back.
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Sounds like a party. 10-4
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i love rabbits!!
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Not trying to deconstruct you, just answering at this point.

The chances of a random fly-by are even more slim. I hate this cliche a lot. And yes you are right, the island size does depend.

A while back I posted on /b/ about a Island sim game, damn I miss those days. I had the game planned and everything. Shit, even people posted a game cover art.

Update: Holy shit I found the old twitter page!
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Oh wow, look at that.

sounds reasonable
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I actually have the old artwork, I am surprised the page has been up since then.
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I used to want to make a slow-paced giant robot game, a hybrid of RTS and mechwarrior, but with larger spaces and sparser info.
Inspired by Ultrabots and Janes 688(i).
But I realized I'm probably the only person who would get it
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>accidental boner
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