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Evil thread Share your most evil acts. I'll start: >be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Evil thread

Share your most evil acts. I'll start:
>be me, 18yo
>grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer
>she's a really shitty person, she used to kill little cats throwing them on the river cuz she didn't want to keep it and was really mean to my dad but for some reason he really cares for her
>going in and out of the hospital for a couple of months, causing alot of trouble for our family who is already fucked financially because of her too
>always hated her, wanted to see her dead but she just wouldn't and was barely sane at this point
>one day the whole family leaves and im left alone with her for like an hour
>decide to end her misery by suffocating her with a pillow
>call my mom saying she's not breathing
>3 years later and everyone thinks she died from her condition
I sometimes leave the toilet seat up
Calm down satan
is this true?? damn dude
Please don't tell me your Jacob
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started to spread this dudes snapchat.
I don't know wich one of you is the most fucked up
It's true.
My Jacob.
Poor Norwegian guy getting snaps from strangers! That is Evil indeed.
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I never put the shopping cart in the corral, I deliberately leave it where it will be the most inconvenient to the most people
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You absolute monster
I knew a deaf girl in elementary school once. I jumped on her backpack and broke her hearing aids.
he's a dick. He deserves it.
I once had sex in the missionary position for the sole pvrpose of procreation.
I'm going to throw you in the fire for that is a sin.
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I post bananas to YLYL threads
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Top kek
Once i wedgied a girl so hard her vagina was bleeding
I do one of two things. Zip tie it to someone's door or put it right in the middle of the road.
Why would you even do that to a girl? YOU CUNT
>be me, somewhere around 14
>be a dumb fag who's sexually attracted to his grandmother
>grandmother was blonde, anorexic-level skinny, about 5'2"
>she takes Ambien to sleep easier at night
>get Idea
>knick about 5 ambient from her multitude of pill bottles
>grind up the ambien
>mix ground up ambient in her coffee while she smokes outside
>next day, family is gone
>she's knocked out on the couch with her dog, Toby
>take Toby and lock him in the bathroom, he sleeps
>shake her a little to see if she's really knocked out
>She's fucking OUT like a light
>strip her down carefully
>she's shaved
>rub clit for about five
>finger slowly
>progress with speed
>she starts to stir and wake up
>She sees me, fingering her old cunt
>"Anon.. what.. What are you doing??"
>"Living the dream!"
>hfw her grandson is fingering her vigorously
>She pulls away slowly
>I smile and walk away
>Let Toby out
>She falls back asleep
>walk back in
>mfw Toby is licking her cunt and she's fucking passed out
You... you are true evil incarnate.
I'm the one who posts all the Andy sixx log of shit breads
fuck you.
I've legitimately got nothing better to do.
And? switch it up post some johnny depp shit or something. LEGIT JUST FUCK OFF
When I was a teenager me and my friend around throwing acid on the door handles of cars. Another time we convinced a 6 year old to tell his parents his brother touched him kek.
Sounds like you could use a nice steamy log of shit about now
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Lying sack of shit
holy fuck you need some therapy or some shit like that
Don't judge me nigger
I shitposted being a normie to have my entire ex gfs family miss her wedding
I killed a guy in Reno and shit
when someone dies in the home they perform an autopsy
forced asphyxia due to smothering
I once found a salamander in a pond close to my home, I took it to a table out back of my house and used a pocket knife to cut off all its legs and tail then shoved it down the hole that hold up an umbrella. I also used to feed firecrackers to baby birds.
Thread posts: 39
Thread images: 9

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