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so within three days, I have gotten a warrant for absconding

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so within three days, I have gotten a warrant for absconding from probation, one of my best friends was blackout drunk and pissed at his girlfriend, who was chilling at my apartment, so he broke down my door so he could beat on her, AND today my methhead trust fund mother who I've estranged from for about a year was reported missing, so I got cops on my ass about her, and I'm almost entirely sure that she went somewhere to go shoot herself.

and the thing is I really hope she's dead. I could use that inheritance she's holding onto get outta this shithole town.

anyways, how have you guys been? haven't been on /b/ for like 4 or 5 years.
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lol it's been a while but I still know how to attract you slugs to a thread
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I'm fine now that you posted this hot girl. Maybe will fap.
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You have good taste maboy. Hope you get out of this shithole you live in.
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yummy butts
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Each one of these bitches.... I would inseminate. They can't resist my Curry-Thunder cock!!!
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the shithole is Idaho. It's still feels like an impossibility.

Everybody I know who has moved away cam right back less than a year later just because of the ow cost of living (not really a plus)
it's a shame this board is way too horny as it leaves genuine threads like these barren. i don't know you anon but i feel for you.
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I've always wondered why 4chan's taste in porn is just so bad. like there's such a multitude of chicks that slut on the internet, but people still seem to gravitate to ugly, old, and/or fat chicks
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>it's a shame this board is

left here a long time ago. just wanted to vent and I know this crowd too well lol
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Sauce on the girl pls
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>shows up for random discussion
>no one is /b/
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I'll give you my sauce
>nudge wink
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>but friend . . .
>you are /b/!
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hey annon welcome back. /b is kinda dead. more porn and sex stuff. sometimes there is a good thread.
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I think she is high on a psychoactive of some sort
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Wtf op here I just got banned
Seriously I got a 2 day ban for uploading copyrighted shit
What is porn not allowed on /b/ anymore? I'm posting from my phone now
yeah, it's been like that now. I gave up uploading things here because of this shit.
B has seen better days
/b/ is no longer 'owned' by Moot
Some asian guy is in control
It seems the site is getting better polishing the Federal Department Of Justice apples.

I got banned for WTF I DON"T KNOW on my phone as well.... so it goes. Hey, at least nobody doxed me and put a steaming bag of shit on my doorstep.
I had a chance to take a look at the front page and I think the obvious conclusion to draw is that I'm not welcome here.

And I
We are cucked by Colored Gentlemen of Variable Endowment, dating Traps, fluffing furries, Touting Trump, Trolling Libtards, Tolerating Trumptards, failing to starve the Trolls, in general....and WTF all else.....


FFS !!!
And I used to think that /b/ was a pile of shit 5 years ago.

Also I fucking hate typing on my phone. The screen is misalligned
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 19

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