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Anyone have any tips for using dmt? Have a volcano vaporizer,

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Anyone have any tips for using dmt?

Have a volcano vaporizer, it's ok.. freebies out of pipe with it sandwiched between weed and kief, shot is cash...

Have been doing dmt daily with my gf for the past 3 days, have had many experiences... AMA... here is one on my face experience

>>be sitting in bed with gf
>>packing pipe with a little weed in the bottom, drizzle layer of dabs on that, sprinkle with dmt, add kief, then fill bowl with more weed
>> pass pipe back and forth 3x
>>after 3rd hit slide down into bed, extend left arm to behind gf, and say "join me"
>>she does, her head on my chest and limbs intertwined
>>fur blanket (fur side down)I pull completely over us
>>feel like me and gf are melting together almost like back in the womb, but with someone else.
>>gf said "it feels like we're melting together and I am ok with that"

Have many more experiences... just ask
Fuck I wanna try DMT so bad, how the hell can I source it?
Dark web...
Dream market
I found this yesterday, but it's surface web so I'm kind of suspicious
She got me annoy of day for my birthday...

>> be me, in bed with gf
>>her head on my chest
>>experiencing visuals
>>playing with after images
>>looks like I am trying to cast a spell
>>day to gf "sorry in advance if I cast fireball"
>>she could not stop laughing, and replied "you would have to roll a 11 or higher for a working fireball, but no battle magic at all...
Watch out for the clock people. They opened up my chest and tried to turn me into one of them by installing gears in me at my apartment/their space ship.

That's all I have to say from my trip.
I've been researching DMT for over a year now, I want to do it so bad, but I don't know if it's a good idea for me, I know how badly trips can go for me, admittedly I've only ever had two bad trips, but one put me in hospital, and the other I tried to kill myself, these were both over a year ago, I've tripped safely every time after that, but based on the fact that I've had psychotic breaks is it worth the risk? Or could it permanently fuck my head up?
If you don't mind ordering from a DEA honey pot go for it...
This is more like augmented reality as opposed to virtual reality... if that makes sense...
Well that's why I haven't, thought it seems sketchy as fuck, but I've never used dark web before, not to buy shit, so I'm wary of that too

Rules for the dark net
1 >>On dark web, only buy from escrow sellers, little chance of getting ripped off.

2 >>buy new pos laptop to only use for dark web stuff

3 >>Research seller on Reddit

4 >>Sellers use stealth shipping (dmt came in a sealed tea bag) so use your real name and address (otherwise it's suspicious and you may not get package)

5 >>PUBLIC WI-FI! So purchases not linked to you

6 >> if they bring the package to your door for signature sign for it while saying "huh, wasn't expecting a package"
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dank weeb?
Thanks man, appreciate the advice
this almost made me puke.
kill yourself.
>>be me in bed with gf
>>high on dmt and weed
>>blanket over heads
>>see tunnel of my life
>>went to different memories from my life and relived them (fishing with my grandad that died when I was 12, my grandad giving me my first toy, ect...)
>>Pure happiness, tears
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u druggy punks deserve JAIL !!!
Anything for a fellow psychunough
3/10 troll is 3/10
Made me relpy...
>>thanks for the bump noob
Please feel free to share your own stories

>>be me in bed with gf on DMT
>>everything has chasing light border
>>listening to Daft Punk
>>say to gf I feel one I could shoot a fireball
>>gf is all like I got a better idea
>>she gives me epic bj
>>she then climes on top of me and rides me to the most vivid and intense orgasm ever
Anyone here?
no one cares about this boring shit.. tell us about your hobbies and work life.
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see my better meme u dip

I work 7am- 5pm wed- sat, then 3 days off in a row... I work at a donation acceptance center for a 501c3... I maybe do an hour of work a day, vape wax all day and make 30k a year...
Dark web...
Why not teach us muggles how...
Dab that shit! Or second best a bong. Don't mix it with weed. If anything mix with tobacco if you must. Your experience sounds dull... Where's your realization everything is intertwined? where's the secret languages? Where's the other beings sharing "our space"? darting around the room seen out of the corner of your eye. Be careful when you do it too much, they can become spiteful that you are peeking into their world, it's a gift not a game, dont abuse it.
Using too much thx in your bowl just use weed and dmt get really high before if necessary, take three quick large hits out of your bong and blast into a new reality. Extra points for following the correct diet for psychedelic experiences but not 100% necessary.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 5

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