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So b lets get a Green text/Store thread about when you found

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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So b lets get a Green text/Store thread about when you found a drunk or passed out girl at a party.
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Lol dumb sluts
my parents were swingers and still went to parties when I was growing up. I found out where one was around 14 and rode my bike over after midnight, snuck in through the bathroom. and they were mostly passed out in the living room, the lights were out except some lava lamps, and I fingered, fucked and sucked several laying around.Two I recognized were my buddy's moms, hot as hell to have my way with them. My aunt actually knew it was me on her but never mentioned it.
Sounds like some hot shit going on bruh
going to a party on friday will make one of these threads ifi happen to find something like that
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Terrible writing.
>Pic unrelated.

>Be me.
>Close friend asks if I would like to join his party.
>I have anxiety.
>Joins the party.
>6 hours into the party, everyone gets drunk.
>I didn't drink so much.
>Tries to find a toilet.
>Sees OP's sister blacked out.
>Fills her pussy with beer.
>Leaves the party.

I hate my life.
Story's needed
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>throw party when younger
>little sis wants to be there so reluctantly agree
>party on, have plenty beer, sis drinks a bit
>after a few hours partying no idea where little sis is
Go to her room, see her lying on bed obviously passed out drunk with bottoms pulled down
>see one of my gimp mates fingering her while she snoozes
>tell him to gtfo, that's my little sis
>try and wake her, not much success
>full view of her tight pussy, tempted
>alcohol wins, have a finger myself
>little sis still not waking so get brave and get my dick out
>plan is to finger little sis while fapping
>get far too turned on, alcohol defeats reasoning
>ends up putting rock hard dick in little sis's glorious pussy
>fuck her furiously, immensely enjoyed it
>pull out as I cum, spray her belly
>she starts to stir, I scarper quick like
>back to party, back to drinking
>to this day she has no idea what I did

> met 27yo 130lb blonde waitress
> small talk and a phone number
> waited a couple days
> messaged her about meeting for drinks
> Friday comes and we're at sports bar
> mini drinking competition later we are leaving
> get back to my place and she is fall down drunk
> carried her to bedroom for sloppy make out
> aaaand she's unconscious
> start feeling her up.. Reach into her pants
> smooth and moist
> undress her and pose her a few different ways
> start fucking her mouth and massaging her pussy
> enter missionary.. Enjoy at own pace
> cum across her c-cups and wipe cock on her lips
> clean her up and go to sleep
> next morning she looks bewildered as she gets dressed
> asks if we fucked.. I say I think so
> asks if I used a condom (lie and say yes)
> drop her off at home
>be me 19 at friends house party
>not in a good mood for whatever reason.
>try drinking and hanging out but still in a bad mood subconsciously because of life and all that bullshit
>later in the night i just want to do something fucked up and decide to leave the party but go into the room where the coats are at
>i go in and grab my coat and notice a girl on the floor passed the fuck out.
>i decided right then and there i am gonna do something fucked up and decide to take a piss on her....
>i piss all over her jeans to make it look like she pissed her pants and all over the carpet..
>after my piss i bail the fuck out and laugh all the way to my house
Didn't even feel her up
i should have but didnt. when your in a bad mood your mind is somewhere else. Might i add i pissed a fucking river and the carpet and a few jackets were fucked up hahaha
> when your in a bad mood your mind is somewhere else
yes, hatefuck.
>be 31
>invited at neighboors house
>see this cute loli. she is 11. yay
>play soccer
>hit her with soccer ball
>falls over
>hit her again
>and again, again, again
>go back inside neighhboors house
>snap a pina colada and enjoy the fucking soccer game
I don't get it
she died.
how could you
>enjoy the fucking soccer game
when there is a dead loli on the field, there would not be no game anymore
I am white.
it's not about any fucking morals right here you dumbshit, it just doesn't make any fucking logical sense
>go out drinking with this girl i haven't seen in years
>used to be good friends in school, but not really friends anymore
>she gets hammered while I'm still fairly sober
>get back to her place, she accidentally exposes her breast
>head to bed and she immediately fall asleep
>*she's out cold*
>i put my hands down her pants and grab her by the pussy
>take her hand and start to jerk myself off with it
>keep going for about 10 minutes before i cum
>*cum all over her hand*
>she withdraws her hand away from my dick
>*heart stops*
>is she awake?
>am i busted?
>*wait for 5 minutes without making a sound*
>*nothing happens*
>fall asleep
>she asks me the next morning if we did anything last night
>'i don't think so'
>i got out of there pretty quick
> haven't talked to her since
> mini drinking competition ...

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> be at house party
> tight little blonde is there
> it's a small gathering
> gets down to just four of us
> buddy takes other girl to bedroom
> leaves me with tight little blonde
> she's wasted.. and bored..
> says we can fuck.. but it doesn't mean anything
> we take our pants off and she starts riding me on the couch
> I think she came.. Then just held onto me while I pumped up
> I ask if she's on the pill
> no response..
> lift her head a bit
> passed out
> dick becomes diamonds for some reason
> thrust a bit more and pump my load into her
> decide to pass out too with her on top of me
> wake up to a strange sensation around 4am
> then I realize what woke me up..
> this drunk chick is pissing herself
> I'm in disbelief.. Pick her up (only 110lbs or so)
> lay her over the arm of the love seat
> come back from wiping myself off to her ass and pussy still bent over the seat
> fuckit.. Technically I rape her from behind at this point
> grab my pants and leave her behind with two deposits of cum in her

Actually fucked this girl sober a couple of times too later on in the year. Hot little trashball she was.
>*cum all over her hand*

tickle her nose with a feather
she rubs her nose
smears my cum all over her face

Terrible writing probably makes it more likely to be true
File: 1470315998153.jpg (1MB, 1936x2592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> small gathering at my place
> lots of booze
> eventually just four left
> tiny jailbait, coke dealer, beta clinger, myself
> jailbait is passed out drunk on the bed
> five foot zero.. 90lbs.. About 14 or 15
> all drunk.. Start posing her for funny pics
> start undressing her.. Not a joke anymore
> she's naked from the top down on her back with her head hanging off the bed
> coke dealer unzips and sticks it in her mouth
> I stick my hand between her thighs and feel around
> beta male "uh.. I'm gonna just get going guys"
> hell no bitch.. You're in this too so you'll keep your mouth shut.
> we force him to fuck her mouth too
> meanwhile we pull her pants off
> all three of us stayed dressed..
> but took turns violating her
> beta actually came on the floor after a while in her mouth.. Retard
> dealer fucked her pussy and blew on her non-existent chest
> I fucked her pussy for a bit and played just-the-tip with her ass
> came all over that tiny pussy and ass.. Rubbed it in a little
> cleaned her up.. Dressed her.. Swore secrecy
> she never hung out with us again.. And we drifted apart too
> see each other in public sometimes.. Always that "I remember" stare
reported for illegal content in picture
Pic not related fgt
thats pretty lame.
File: 1487707238471.jpg (20KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pic isn't related dumbass.. It's from a /b/ thread about asses.
File: 109455.jpg (97KB, 1327x654px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not really "drunk" or "sleeping".. But still. Pic related.
>invite petite girl to my house
>watching a movie
>she falls asleep
>carry her into my bed
>lay down next to her
>pulling down her pants
>still asleep
>jerking off to the new view
>getting some oil
>smearing it over my dick
>entering her pussy
>tight as fuck
>still asleep
>starting to fuck her really gentle
>used a lot of oil so shit is smooth as hell
>no reaction from her at all
>keep fucking but can't hold back anymore
>thrusting in deep
>she wakes up
>looks at me
>'what are you doing honey'
>gives me a kiss, tells me she loves me and starts to mourn

I miss my ex
you must be white too
File: 1411409524009.jpg (90KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Run into ex gf at mall
>Its been nearly a decade
>Old wounds
>We start talking
>Invite her out for drinks later that night
>Asks where I'm living these days
>Tell her I have a place just outside of town
>Asks if she can see it
>Get in car
>"Wow, this is really far out of town"
>Old wounds
>Get home to 3 bedroom 2100 sq ft loft style converted industrial building next to former paper mill.
>"Wow, all this yours?"
>Take lift up
>Starts taking off clothes almost immediately after shutting lift gate.
>Sex, sex, more sex
>Says she wants to shower
>Old wounds
>Get chainsaw out of closet
>Start it up
>Kick in bathroom door
>Look of terror
>Cut off her head to muffle her screams
>everything goes black
>Wake up in the morning next to dismembered ex gf's corpse with a spent condom hanging out of her ass
>Old wounds all healed
>Not hers though.
pretty interesting
>stale pasta

You aren't even trying.
It was so fucking easy to make her cum, won't believe it. Made her cum 15 times once. First 30min was just edging her with my fingers not letting her cum and then putting in my dick and fucking her (almost) continous and rough. She was dizzy the rest of the day and just layed in my bed, recovering. She was very shy though.

My new bitch is an absolute sex goddess and total slut, loves to watch herself in the mirror deepthroating me but has a very hard time cumming. In a 1 hour session she cums only twice. And it's not my fault. This bothers me.
>neeting at my close friends apartment for a few weeks while I try to find a job
>she's having a party with her friends
>chilling in her room playing Battlefield avoiding them cuz I'm shy af around people I dont know
>everyone eventually leaves
>start to help her clean up all the food/mess etc.
>Ask me if I want to take a few shots
>she's already a bit buzzed, but I'm like w/e and join her
>eventually move on to pong since the table is still set up
>fill them with shots instead of beer
>blow her the fuck out since I actually started out sober
>talking shit, & she's clearly fucked up now
>tries to rematch a 2nd game, but she quits halfway
>finish up cleaning after while & eventually chill on the couch & watch TV
>doesn't take long before she's out like a light
>eventually have to move her since the couch is where I sleep
>not strong enough
>decide to just sleep in her bed
>suddenly realize she hardly moved that entire time I tried picking her up
>get ballsy
>slowly squeeze her ass a little
>just start on full groping
>dick is hard at this point & I'm literally in heaven thinking of the possibilities
>after double checking again, Immediately scoot up her skirt and move her thong to the side
>anal's my fetish so I start spreading her cheeks & playing with her butthole
>somewhat hairy to my disapointment
>eventually want to try fucking her
>want her butt, but I'm not stupid enough to risk it
>spit on my dick and slowly start rubbing her pussy until it gets wet enough
>slowly slide in and pray she doesn't have a hymen or anything
>in so much fucking bliss I eventually just start pile driving her cheeks w/o caring i and eventually pull out and cum on her butt and crack
>clean her up, pull her skirt back down & bask in the moment
>Try to fuck her mouth later but it's really uncomfortable cause of teeth and angling
>she woke up with a hangover like nothing happened
Only thing I regret is I never tried to get in her butt, too risky though in my mind
>be hs seniors
>have party at my house
>Mormon girls who are being rebellious come over
>hot as fuck untouched virgin athlete
>she gets way too drunk
>a few girls pick her up and toss her into a bed
>top comes off
>take pictures of her sweet sweet nips.

I wonder what happened to those pictures.

She later has a party at her parents place,
>sneak downstairs to use restroom
>notice her room
>steal her panties
>steal her iPod nano
>sniff panties while fapping
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I've had similar experiences.
Mine eventually needed a Hitachi wand and an ass full of dick to cum with any regularity.
Another story
>be DD in girls car
>she gets super fucked up and passes out
>lives a few streets away from me.
>park her car
>she's in passenger seat passed out
>yell her name
>light slap her to wake her up
>spritz her with water to wake her up
>no response
>used her hand to jack me off
>felt her pussy and tits
>came on her feet
>she wakes up next morning with some lady from the neighborhood banging on her window
>random lady drives her home in her car up the street lol

Looking back at it, I should have raped her, but nah I'm not that shitty of a person.
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Does it count if I was sleeping?

Fucked a friend's teen sister when I was 20.

>Was sleeping at her place because I was too drunk to drive
>Get up to go to the bathroom at about 4am.
>Right as I reach the door this kid comes out, and to be honest she might not even have been a teenager yet, probably 11-13 years old.
>she walks past me, i head into the bathroom
>right as I'm unzipping she just opens the door and comes in, quietly closing the door behind her.
>at this point I'm freaking out, my cock is hanging out and a twelve year old just locked herself in a room with me.
>She didn't even fucking talk, just walks up to me and grabs my cock.
>Almost lose my shit, push her away, she looks like she's gonna cry
>Big brother instincts kick in, really want to help her, give her what she wants
>but she wants to touch my cock
>still a bit drunk, now excited, scared, and horny, stuck in a bathroom with a little girl who's about to cry, with her family within earshot.
>half out of desperate self presevation, half out of arousal, I put my cock in front of her face
>I'm getting sucked off by a little girl
>I end up fucking her pussy and ass, both of which where obviously quite used to that kind of treatment, though I didn't make the connection at the time.
>I have a guilty, crying, intense orgasm inside a 12 year old's ass
>she just silently leaves afterward
>A few months later her dad gets arrested, I find out that he'd been fucking her, basically training her to be his sex slave.
>I was dating her older sister by that point, so the kid stayed with us for a couple months until she eventually moved in with her grandparents
>I spend three months quietly sweating whenever this kid is around me, knowing she could ruin my life with a few words.
I don't think she ever told anyone. It's been a few years now.
I fucking kek'd
That's hilarious
Her clit is very unsensitive, that's the problem. Don't think the wand would do it's magic. She only cums by getting fucked really hard and actually bottoming her out. Will try some new toys still, needs to be at least tested.
Just talk to her about it and see if she remembers.
Who knows you might be able to get some free ass w/o her caring
Interesting story but what the fuck does it have to to with sleep molestation or being passed out, nigger
Lucky, in more ways than one
For real. He really should bring it up, worse that can happen is that she says no. Or unless she was traumatized as a child and blocked that part of her memory out, then she's gonna have an existential crisis. Unless she's already coped with it.
Just pointing out that doing this to someone irl would get you 20 years in prison
Only if you get caught
That's why you make sure they're fucked up 1st.
All a jury needs a reasonable doubt. The word of some drunk slut who got wasted at a party? You're scot free
Yeah, that or a fucking photograph
>implying she'll know who took the photograph
Obviously if you're caught, you delete all evidence. If not, then she'll never know
File: 1394486618912.jpg (40KB, 329x498px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Only in the U.S. where women, despite supposedly being considered "equals" are always considered about as culpable for their actions as a toddler, when it comes to their own responsibility in keeping themselves safe, or putting themselves into situations any reasonable and even minimally intelligent adult would recognize as precarious.
Anyone who does this is pathetic scum i hope you get caught and goto jail. How can you be that fuxking desperate
File: 1487964287966.jpg (9KB, 680x299px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Desperate isn't always the case if you've read any of the stories.
Going to accuse a guy of rape when he's five pumps away from cumming when the girl who had consented passes out? Grey area to me newfag.
>Didn't even feel her up
File: 27632412.jpg (2MB, 4320x3240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4320x3240px
The real question is what kind of faggot turns down free pussy?
What if she passes out five pumps from cumming, and decide switch to her butthole w/o asking?
File: 1461074593874.jpg (72KB, 550x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bitch should learn her limits.
Don't pass out around horny dicks.
Personal responsibility.. I wouldn't pass out in a gay bar and expect to wake up not blowing cum bubbles from my ass.
File: 1440541551764.jpg (736KB, 2448x2208px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
736KB, 2448x2208px
> dating girl for a while
> meet her family etc.
> her mom lives in a basement suite
> moms bf is sketchy mofo
> few month's pass
> she's crying, angry, distraught
> mothers bf had been molesting her little sister
> had even begun raping her when opportunity presented itself
> her sister is 8'ish
> mothers bf is m.i.a. with warrant out
> gf agrees to have little sister sleep over until he is caught and mom moves
> few weeks go by
> little sister sleeps like a brick because she's on melatonin in Nyquil
> can't sleep otherwise.
> gf asks if I can watch her alone over the weekend while she settles her mother in a town over
> "sure.. She's pretty self sufficient anyhow."
> terrible thoughts invade my mind Friday night
> I make noise, prod the girl, literally try to wake her up..
> won't wake up.. Best response is grunts and shifts
> Saturday night
> I made sure she had a bit extra of the sleep aides
> the rest.. I'm not saying.

I broke up with my gf shortly after.
Couldn't stand myself in her presence or seeing her family. May be the worst thing I've done.. But at least it's a secret thing.
Stop being a faggot, faggot. green text
>the rest.. I'm not saying.
Why the condom though wtf
> the rest.. I'm not saying.
Do you know where you are?
thank you for your civic duty
File: 1487802287193.jpg (160KB, 1333x1461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160KB, 1333x1461px

Guys.. I had so much adrenalin going.
My cock was dripping like a coffee machine too.

> she fell asleep in an oversized shirt
> just slid it up to her shoulders
> perfect.. like a miniature model
> slightly tanned skin due to ethnic mixing
> absolutely no hair anywhere
> I had asked her to bath before bed and added coconut oil
> she was extra smooth
> after a few minutes of feeling around
> I parted her legs..then I parted her lips
> still the most perfect pussy I've ever seen
> my tongue eventually cramped up
> she never stirred from sleep though
> that was both a relief and a disappointment

Cont? Pic unrelated.
My buddy and I have a thing for each others wives. We would talk openly about our wives and even show eachother naked pics of our wives. I love his wife's giant tits and he loves my wife's big ass. They know we fancy the others wife and are always flirty and touchy with eachother. My buddy and I love it.One weekend of drinking to much and our wives go to the bed rooms to pass out. Me and him are drunk and talking on the couch. We make an agreement that we will go check to make sure each wife is passed out then meet in the living rooms and go into the room with the others wife. We agreed to touch only nothing else. I check on my wife and can tell she's out so I go wait for him. I wait 5 then 10 minutes still nothing. But he comes out shortly after 10 min in his boxers out of breath. Said he had fucked his wife first to ease his tension. I smile and give a thumbs up but ask if she's awake now. He said she was passed out when he fucked her. We agree to come out again after 15 minutes. We go into the rooms and she is laid out on her back in front of me legs open and pussy dripping cum. I wasted no time I just dropped my pants and got on the bed and jammed my dick in her. I pumped her hard while mashing her tits In my hands m. In maybe two minutes I came inside her. I was lost in my drunk lust and kept fucking her after I came till I came again. I had fives minutes left so I got dressed again went out to find him already siting there. I was so worried he knew. He looked up at me sad and afraid and told me he had jerked off on my wife's butt. I let out a huge and breath and laughed and told him it was ok. He and she still have no idea I fucked his wife. I feel bad but I plan on doing it again so...
No ones talking about a girl who passes out midway. I meant finding a passed out girl and just fucking her. Only Pathetic losers who cant get pussy do this
Anyone who isnt pathetic enough to rape a girl becasue they are such a loser thats the only way they can get pussy
Different anon her
The girl I'm fucking never cums, unless I lickaroo her. She only lets me lickaroo a few times a week and says she'd much rather have the d, despite not cumming on it.
She clearly enjoys what she's getting though.
>older sister having a house party
>some of her drunk friends stay over
>chick I've been crushing on passed out on the floor on a pillow
>end up groping her butt
>want more
>slide her leggings down and spread her cheeks
>lick her butthole and try to wiggle by tongue inside
>fucking disgusting
>wipe my tongue and can see some slimy brown on the back of my hand
>brush and rinse mouth asap
>play vidya and go to sleep
Literally killed all thoughts I would've had
I wouldn't call myself a loser, I'm just extremely timid and socially anxious.
Who cares anyway. It's just a penis, their vagina is designed to handle it. They wont't even know
File: 1445620187506.jpg (378KB, 2265x1800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378KB, 2265x1800px


> I had already been using my fingers
> pinky first up to index
> by the time my tongue had cramped she was ready
> I had thought ahead with that bath
> coconut oil as lube
> entering was slow and shallow
> bottomed out before our hips contacted
> I gently turned her over and spread her cheeks while slowly fucking her pussy
> started with my pinky again; this time on her ass
> when that was ready I slowly entered there too
> eventually got all the way inside after shifting her around a bit
> just stayed there flexing my pelvic muscles
> just about came

Cont? Pic unrelated

You don't want shit on your dick, do you?
This is pretty much how I feel about rape. I don't do it for some inflated sense of power or control I do it to get my nut off in the cunt I want. I'm my case it's about the sex.
File: nice-1320x564.jpg (60KB, 1320x564px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 1320x564px
Ditto. Like I don't think I'd ever be one of those guys who beats some chick and rapes her while she's crying etc or something and does it violently.
Passed out though? Sure why not
I get to cum, and she just sleeps. It's a win/win tbh. Everyones happy
>both drunk
>mekking out
>on couch near the rest of the party
>she leans over
>wraps her lips around my cock
>vomits everything she ate that day
>Yell WTF
>dick out i stand up quickly
>she faceplants into a vomit pile on the floor with a loud thud
>leave party
He definitely fucked your wife too
I'll say it once an I'll say it again there no such thing as friends
File: 1476720349190.jpg (1MB, 3600x2023px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3600x2023px

> pulled out after dribbling precum in her ass
> wiped my cock down and turned her back over
> time to nut
> got on top of her and folded her legs up
> this time I was pumping faster
> she finally started to squirm a bit as I was thrusting deeply
> that was it.. I came so hard I could feel it erupt from her onto the bedsheets
> a moment of panic washed over me
> was she awake? No; but I should clean up quick
> I got a towel from the laundry and placed it under her ass
> I pressed and squeezed her tummy but the cum just kept flowing out
> eventually decided some warm water douching was needed
> I then fingered some numbing Preparation H into her ass for good measure
> after a quick shower I came back to the room
> she looked like a little angel that hadn't been touched
> being super horny still I jerked my cock in her mouth for a quick nut
> after cleaning that up too I tried to sleep

Eventually she woke up around noon.
Seemed disoriented. Not sure if it was because of the drugs or the assault.
Either way.. I took her out for frozen yogurt and the park. Got praised and blown by the gf for taking such good care of her sister. Have to admit.. When my gf was swallowing; I was replaying the events of the weekend.
File: t14.jpg (120KB, 961x728px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 961x728px
Definitely a possibility but atleast no cum in her. I checked. I nutted twice in his wife but he had before me so there's no way he could tell. My wife had no cum leaking out, just on her ass.
I remember the thread this pic was in. Wtf am I still doing here.
Pic retaled?
File: 0591685327.jpg (213KB, 1351x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213KB, 1351x900px

Did I just waste my time spilling this story?
Nobody seems to give two shits.
I'm reading it don't worry
I feel the same way about mine,
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