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Dear Internet,

I have been watching videos of Malcom X, James Baldwin and Martin Luther King Jr. I've been so impressed with the philosophical scrupulousness of Malcom X, the psychological and sociological insight of James Baldwin, and the passionate eloquence of Martin Luther King Jr. And I've asked myself: how did we end up with Shaun King (a white man), a kneeling football player, and Oprah (a woman who won't address the real issues) as this generation's replacements?

Where is the intellectual rigor? Where is the scholarly analysis? Where is the lofty rhetoric that pulls the hearts of all people to a better vision, a better world?

And then, I think, I know the tragic answer. For all their virtues, talents and sincere efforts, brothers Malcom, James and Martin failed. I look around at the sad negroes I encounter every day, and I see nothing but hopeless hedonism thinly masking murderous resentment.

All these decades, these centuries of struggle. The Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil War, the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the many SCOTUS rulings, the protests, the riots...integrationism and separatism...So many attempts by so many people on every side, black, white and both, to try to find some sort of peaceable coexistence...And all have failed.

Is it time to give up? What would it mean to give up? What would that look like, to our grandchildren? What kind of lives would they live, in that world? I look at these great men...Malcom, James, Martin. We'll never have voices like theirs again. And they failed. What hope is there for us, now?

What happened is that black folks shifted their historical alliance with Republicans to Democrats. In turn, Democrats expanded the welfare state to "assist" black folks by waging war on poverty. Black folks became reliant on handouts and pretty much became vassals of the welfare state in exchange for votes. Meanwhile the black family fractured because of said welfare program excluded black men out of the picture since the financial aid was supposed to go to unmarried black women. Social welfare programs seeks to expand such to also include healthcare and thus Planned Parenthood stepped in. The crux of that argument is that single black women have many babies, so to lessen such burden on the mother is to give counseling on family planning and ultimately abortion as a tool for such. Meanwhile, educators turn the complicated and nuanced issues of race relations into simplistic term of black vs. white, oppressor vs. oppressed instead of dealing with the human factor in such relationship. This also including blaming all this on Republicans by saying that the party somehow reversed, magically, without offering any proof. Educators also do not expect intellectual rigorousness from black kids from a single parent household and thus have lower expectation from black kids.

So now you have black folks hating whitey, unable to perform basic logic and internalized that killing your unborn offspring is better than planning and care for those about to be born.

This only took a few years. Black folks started to vote for Democrats as a majority since late 20's and early 30's.

The other problem not often discussed is the genetic suicide of black folks through inbreeding.

That genetic suicide is when men having multiple kids with different women but have no incentive to give a damn. They get the women pregnant and left. Many of these kids repeat the same pattern. If you live in the same neighborhood, you hang out with local kids and eventually fuck each other. Some of those kids can be as close as half siblings. Repeat this for a few generations and you get genetic disorders. The pattern keeps on repeating so the next generation is worse off than the previous.

You worry about what your grandchildren might think about the present situation? Worry more about whether they can even hold a drool cup.
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